Top 3 New Terror Strikes – CISPA, Surveillance Actions & Obama Gun Ban Orders

Dave Cleveland
Fri, Apr 19, 2013
Subject: Boston Bombing Surveillance Justification

RJ, The Boston Marathon massacre was surely an inside job. The signs were evident and this video describes them well:

The whole video is disturbing and a must listen…
"government at odds with each other" ³Boston bombing was a false flag/Blac Op² ³from elements of our government² ³dangerous time since Kennedy ³FCC controlled by the CIA²

Listen to Lieutenant Colonel Potter Please!

Colonel Potter¹s youtube…

Boston 'bombers' are brothers from CHECHNYA: One suspect is killed in shoot-out and second is on the loose with a BOMB strapped to his chest after running gun battle that left cop dead. Both suspects are 'brothers from the Russia region near Chechnya and had lived in U.S. since 2002'

CISPA passes U.S. House: Death of the Fourth Amendment
The Bill was passed 288-127 in favor of the Bill after two days of debate and discussion on the House floor. Only 18 members of the House abstained from the vote. CISPA will allow private sector firms to search personal and sensitive user data of ordinary U.S. residents to identify "threat information," which can then be shared with other opt-in firms and the U.S. government — without the need for a court-ordered warrant.
This means a company like Facebook, Twitter, Google, or any other technology or telecoms company, including your cell service provider, would be legally able to hand over vast amounts of data to the U.S. government and its law enforcement — for whatever purpose it deems necessary — and face no legal reprisals.

Emotional Obama vows gun control 'without Congress'

Biden: 'The President Is Already Lining Up Some Additional Executive Actions' for Guns

Lens Flare Or Did Something 'Help' Explode Waco Plant? – Vid

VIDEO: Missile Used In Texas?
Conspiracy Theories – The bullet whiz sound just prior to the boom reminds me of the Air Show when the Blue Angels do the sneak attack low fly over extremely fast..

Waco Blast Death Toll Now At Least 35 – Vid

Venezuela To Audit 46% Of The Vote

Karl Rove Heckled Throughout Speech In Massachusetts, Called Murderer, Terrorist
CBS – Calls of "murderer" and "terrorist" rained down on Rove, while others held signs that read "war criminal." Rove faced a similar confrontation by opponents in 2010, when demonstrators actually forced Rove to abandon a book signing in California.

7.0 Quake Hits Off Northern Japan
World's First GM Babies Born

Russia Asks China For H7N9 Flu Sample

Obama Passes Law Making Insider Trading Easier

N Korea Demands Total US Withdrawal Before Talks

Video appears to show looting after Boston Marathon bombing
Were people taking advantage of a tragedy, or were they grabbing the expensive marathon jackets to help comfort people after the bombing?

US Mint Sells Record 63,500 Oz Of Gold In One Day
Japan provokes tensions over islands’
Press TV – China has accused Japan of heightening tensions in the East China Sea by its increased use of fighter jets to patrol the disputed chain of islands that are claimed by both Beijing and Tokyo.

Violence getting worse in Afghanistan’
Press TV – The International Committee of the Red Cross has warned that violence is increasing significantly in Afghanistan as the Taliban are stepping up their spring offensives.

US military deaths in Afghanistan at 2,200

Nigel Farage:
"This EU is the New Communism. It is Power without Limits."

Gitmo Is Killing Me
Ny Times – ONE man here weighs just 77 pounds. Another, 98. I will not eat until they restore my dignity. I’ve been detained at Guantánamo for 11 years and three months. I have never been charged with any crime. I have never received a trial.
Supreme Court Strikes Down Warrantless Blood Tests In DUI Cases
Police following up on drunk driving investigations will no longer be able to draw their suspect’s blood without a court order authorizing the search, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday. In a 5-4 decision…

Napolitano: Drudge Report is not credible
Washington Examiner – During a House hearing this morning, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano criticized the Drudge Report for highlighting stories about the department’s purchases of ammunition and MRAP (mine-resistant, ambush protected) vehicles.

Immigration Bill Contains Free Cell Phones
Breitbart – The 844-page immigration reform bill the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” dropped in the dead of night contains a lucrative handout that would give taxpayer-funded free cell phones to some people who live or work near the U.S. border with Mexico.

Sex Offenders In Florida Now Have Warning Signs Outside Their Homes

Last week, 18 sex offenders in Bradford County, Florida, found large red signs outside their homes that read, "a convicted sexual predator… lives at this location." The Bradford County Police Department installed the signs.

IRS workers accused of stealing jobless benefits and welfare
RT – Two dozen Tennessee-based IRS workers have been accused of fraudulently obtaining unemployment benefits, food stamps, welfare and housing vouchers, illegally receiving a total of $250,000 in government benefits.

Ben Swann: Senate moving forward on Internet Tax Mandate – April 17, 2013
(FOX19) – Between the Boston bombing and the ricin laced letters sent to members of Congress and the White House, it might be easy to miss a bill moving forward in the U.S. Senate. One that would mean every product you buy online will more expensive. Senators say this bill is about 'fairness', but is it?

52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat
We all know our vegetables and fruits are safe to eat, but what about other wild edibles? Here are a few common North American goodies that are safe to eat if you find yourself stuck in the wild…

Bombing Suspects’ Uncle: They Do Not Deserve To Live On This Earth
Tsarni, who says he hasn’t been in touch with the brothers since around 2009, tells WBZ-TV he believes that the brothers’ parents may have moved back to Russia.
He described Tamerlan as a “loser.”
Tsarni was shocked when he was informed of the unfolding situation that left Tamerlan Tsarnaev dead in a shootout.
“He deserved his. He absolutely deserved his,” Tsarni said. “They do not deserve to live on this earth.”

The End of April: A Time of Human Sacrifice
Vigilant Citizen | The Cult of Baal Never Disappeared.

Why Your Next Phone Will Include Fingerprint, Facial, And Voice Recognition
In fact, it is an almost certainty that within the next few years, three biometric options will become standard features in every new phone: a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, facial recognition powered by high-definition cameras, and voice recognition based off a large collection of your vocal samples.

Global Warming Hoax Finally Falling Apart.

Virginia: Ground zero for same-sex unions?
Events are converging to make Virginia ground zero in the battle over same-sex marriage this year.
For the first time in southern political history, Democrats will nominate a gubernatorial candidate – Terry McAuliffe – who says there is a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

We Need More Cameras, and We Need Them Now
The case for surveillance. Yes, you don’t like to be watched. Neither do I. But of all the measures we might consider to improve security in an age of terrorism, installing surveillance cameras everywhere may be the best choice

Pelosi: Tougher gun controls ‘inevitable’ – The Hill.
FBI, Federal Agents Raid Pilot Flying J Headquarters
The raid is a result of a criminal investigation stemming from some trucking companies claiming that they weren’t paid the rebates they were owed for purchasing fuel from the truck stop chain. Despite the fact that the IRS was involved, CEO Jimmy Haslam has said that “it does not involve any tax issues.”

Russia to Get New ICBM Later this Year

Genola area rattled by minor earthquake
Residents of the Genola-Santaquin area awoke to a minor earthquake early Friday morning.
The University of Utah Seismograph Stations confirmed the region shook at 12:14 a.m. with a temblor registering a magnitude of 2.8.

Survey: 8 in 10 workers are stressed
Stressors » Low pay and unreasonable workload tied as No. 1 source of stress on the job.

Warrant issued for driver charged with DUI, texting while driving
DUCHESNE — A judge has issued an arrest warrant for a man who police say was driving under the influence and texting when he hit a Roosevelt woman in January, nearly severing her left leg.

Prairie dogs invade Cedar City; town strikes at feds (AGENDA 21)
CEDAR CITY — Cedar City and a group of its residents are seething with frustration over the damage inflicted to their property by the Utah prairie dog and are striking back with a federal lawsuit.
The complaint was filed in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City on Thursday, asserting the U.S. Department of Interior has overstepped its constitutional authority by regulating what happens to the animal on privately owned property — not just land owned by the federal government.
"Cedar City is a community under siege by a proliferation of prairie dogs and by federal regulations that prohibit reasonable measures to control the prairie dog population," Wood said. "The town has been inundated with prairie dogs that are leaving parks, gardens, vacant lots, the golf course and even the local cemetery pockmarked with burrows and tunnels."

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