Top 800 FEMA Prison Camps – Are 30,000 Guillotines Enough?

Charles Magus
Wed, May 1, 2013
Subject: Guillotine Picture for EEMA


1300 People Murdered at Bohemian Grove

Only our focus on the presence of God can defeat the Evil that rules this world.

"Human capital" – Ex Order 13037 March 1997

Go to section 2 subsection b –

"(b) The appropriate definition of capital for Federal budgeting, including: use of capital for the Federal Government itself or the economy at large; ownership by the Federal Government or some other entity; defense and nondefense capital; physical capital and intangible or human capital…"

Best explanation of Federal Reserve, SS#, birth certificate etc…

RJ, I found this interview after hearing a live interview with Winston Shrout last night.

This interview with Winston Shrout from last week is the best explanation I¹ve heard of the Federal Reserve/notes, banking, US Corp, IRS, US Citizens, SS#, and birth certificate ­ basically all of those said items make up they system you do not have to partake. You do not need a birth certificate, SS# nor sign up for and an be in the private system volunteering monies for the IRS, which has nothing to do with the government of the united States of America.

Shrout is optimistic a better system is near, stating the Federal Reserve is no longer valid/operating and Basel III is in place.

You¹ll get most of the skinny within the first 50 mins ­ Q&A kick in after that and another guest, Dean Clifford.

Santos Bonacci's Interview with Winston Shrout 3/19/13

Barry Soetoro, Foeign Student

RJ, This just surfaced. If real, it truly is damning evidence. Apparently, Barry Soetoro attended Columbia Universty as a foreign student. If so, he sure wasn't a natural born US :citizen, nor was he naturalized at the time. We still have no documentation of Barry officially changing his name to Barrack Obama, to prove they are one and the same, but the picture on the card certainly matches the President. The trail of false identities has double or triple agent written all over it.

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