Top 3 NWo Losses – Bilderberg Meeting Near London Next Week

Dave Cleveland
Sun, Jun 2, 2013
Subject: Feds Announce They're Screwed

Jesse Ventura TV: USA Concentration Camps
YouTube Preview Image

announces first case of SARS-like coronavirus Reuters) – Italy reported its first case of the SARS-like coronavirus on Friday, a 45-year-old man who had been travelling in Jordan, the health ministry said.

Are DRONES the future of delivery?
U.S. firm plans vast network to deliver everything from drugs to post

IRS Ignores Senate Deadline to Answer Questions About Scandal
The questions had been submitted jointly nearly two weeks ago by Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) and Ranking Member Orrin Hatch (R-UT).

The IRS, Glory Days And Its Checkered Past

Walmart workers rely on food stamps: Study

Syria 'will not receive Russian S-300 missiles for at least a year' Russian media quote defence sources as saying contracts signed with Syria in 2010 stipulate S-300 delivery by spring 2014

Syria No-Fly Zone Would Be Act Of War – US General

Russia To Sell MIG-29 M/M2 Fight Jets To Syria

68% Of Americans Against US Military In Syria

Russia To Send Nuclear Subs To Southern Seas

Tehran Says US, Not Iran, Sponsors Of Terrorism

Cost Of Reactor Dismantling Dumped On Japan Public

Protests Spread Throughout Turkey

Starbucks Bans All Smoking On Premises

Harassed For Photography At Port Of Tacoma – Vid video, the two wonderful security guards called U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers on me. Officer
"Daniel" arrived first but refused to give me his badge number. He did, however, draw his firearm on me where I was LEGALLY open carrying my firearm in a legal place to do so.

Harassed for photography and opencarry (Port of Tacoma)

Hepatitis A cases linked to frozen berries sold at Costco Costco pulls product from shelves

Man in Waco, Texas, gets 50 years in prison for stealing a $35 rack of ribs

Woman Records Cops Barging Into Her Home – Vid
A disturbing video of police barging into a woman’s home without a search warrant, demanding her identification – only to learn she was not the person they were looking for – has emerged on Youtube, demonstrating just how unprofessional police can act when they don’t realize they are being recorded.

Bilderberg party comes to town Eyes will be on the north west of London next week when the Bilderberg party comes to town. But a greater conspiracy is how we allow behemoths like the BBC to be so unaccountable

Stealing from the gods: Bilderberg and the new dawn of man | Every year the same question is posed or answered in different ways: What is Bilderberg really?

Three storm chasers including father and son killed by Oklahoma tornado as 12 confirmed dead

Amateur historian proves '15th century map' that showed Vikings discovered America before Columbus is a FAKE

  • Vinland Map hailed in 1950s and 60s as earliest depiction of New World
  • Map divided historians with some believing it was genuine
  • Researcher John Paul Floyd uncovered new evidence about its provenance
  • He said the Vinland Map is likely to be an elaborate fraud
  • Says map was drawn on genuine 15th Century parchment

Now a Scottish independent researcher has used simple Google searches to investigate the map and claims to have uncovered new proof that suggests it is an elaborate fraud.

California wildfire TRIPLES in size overnight with 20,000 acres now ablaze as thousands flee their homes… and hundreds more at risk in blazes in New Mexico

Tony Blair says murder of Lee Rigby PROVES 'there is a problem within Islam'

Genetically Modified Food Giant Monsanto Gives Up In Europe The “March Against Monsanto” in 52 countries, an unapproved strain of its genetically modified wheat growing profusely in Oregon, cancelled wheat export orders … it’s been a rough week for Monsanto.

Marc Faber: “People With Financial Assets Are All Doomed” Zero Hedge | As Barron’s notes in this recent interview, Marc Faber view the world with a skeptical eye, and never hesitates to speak his mind when things don’t look quite right.

Real Wages Decline Again — Literally No One Notices

Wealth of most Americans down 55% since recession

Keiser Report: Debt Death Camps (E452)

Fed's Advisory Council Admits We're Screwed
The only thing more amazing than the admission is how long it took them to figure it out! The Schiff Report (6/1/13)

Motorola shows off tattoo and swallowable password hardware Motorola has shown off an electronic authentication tattoo and an FDA-approved pill that uses the body to transmit passwords, and says it wants to see a new generation of smartphones geared towards such wearable – or edible – technology.

Lutheranassembly elects first openly gay bishop LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America elected its first openly gay bishop to a six-year term on Friday at an annual assembly in Southern California, officials said.

Obama to Sign U.N. Firearms Treaty on June 3rd

New twisters kill 5 in tornado traumatized Oklahoma

Russian missiles put Israel at risk: US, Germany US Secretary of State John Kerry and German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle say Russia’s delivery of S-300 missiles to Syria will hamper efforts at planned peace talks in Geneva and put Israel at risk.

Crushing Student Loans And Worthless College Degrees

Couple Cuffed For Engaging In Free Speech In Front Of Independence Hall Mark and Barb, a couple who were engaged in handing out flyers and talking about ending the Federal Reserve system in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were detained and hand-cuffed for passing out flyers and engaging in free speech.

Another Child Stolen By State…1 Day Old – Vid
They took this baby on the grounds of "possible future emotional harm" because of the mother's learning difficulties. The parents are good people, who´╗┐ have done nothing to cause harm to anyone.

Ex TN Cop Shoots, Kills Pharmacist During Pill Robbery

Jesse Ventura sues the widow of the 'American Sniper' saying that Chris Kyle defamed the former wrestler by writing about how he 'punched him in a bar fight'

Drink three litres of water a day or risk kidney stones The condition affects around 10 to 20 per cent of men and 3 to 5 per cent of women between the ages of 30 and 60

Now Texas Army veteran accused of sending ricin laced letters to Obama and Bloomberg blames actress wife for mailing poisonous notes

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto Crops Label Shows Kraft Mac & Cheese Has GMO Wheat! Kraft’s flagship product “Macaroni & Cheese” sold in the UK requires a warning label stating the product may cause an adverse effect in activity and attention in children and is made with GMO wheat.
(Note: GMO wheat is illegal in the US.)

Japan and South Korea Bar Imports of U.S. Wheat Japan and South Korea suspended some imports of American wheat, and the European Union urged its 27 nations to increase testing, after the United States government disclosed this week that a strain of genetically engineered wheat that was never approved for sale was found growing in an Oregon field.

Former IRS Chief Visited White House 157 Times

Russia To Sell MiG Jet Fighters To Syria Obama Betrayed Moscow Over S-300 Deal With Iran – Russia Syria's New S-300 Missiles Are Game-Changing – Analysts Israel Could Hit S-300 Missiles In Syria, But With Risks S-300 Missiles Won't Reach Syria Until Fall Says Official Iran Will Not Allow Overthrow Of Syria – Iran Deputy FM

Could artificial sweetener
CAUSE diabetes?
Splenda 'modifies way the body handles sugar', increasing insulin production by 20%

Jay Leno’s 3D Printer Makes Old Car Parts

Solar Industry Anxious Over Defective Panels

Russians Find Mammoth Carcass With Liquid Blood Russian researchers say they have discovered a perfectly preserved woolly mammoth carcass with liquid blood on a remote Arctic island, fueling hopes of cloning the Ice Age animal.

Jesse Ventura for president? Former governor toying with idea

Bilderberg to Greet Alex Jones with Extra Security Hertfordshire Police are wary of potentially violent provocateurs that could hijack peaceful protests at the site of the 2013 Bilderberg Group meeting in Watford, UK

The Bilderberg Group’s meeting in Britain this year could prove to be a spectacle, as protesters and journalists aaccumulate over security budget concerns.

CNN: IRS collects docs from 88 employees in investigation

Obama to Sign U.N. Firearms Treaty Rejected by Senate President Barack Obama will soon sign an international arms trade treaty previously rejected by the United States Senate.The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) establishes regulations for international arms sales… Obama intends to sign the treaty on June 3rd.

Unemployment hits record high across the Eurozone at 12.2%, leaving nearly 20 million people out of work

Thousands blockade European Central Bank in Frankfurt (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In California, Obamacare To Increase Individual Health Insurance Premiums By 64-146%

California Senate Approves Background Checks, Permits and Fees for Ammunition Purchases
( – The California Senate this week approved a collection of bills, including one (SB 53) that would require background checks, permits, and fees for the purchase of ammunition…SB 53 will do nothing to stop criminals from purchasing ammunition,” said Sen. Tom Berryhill. “These restrictions – like most of the gun legislation we are seeing here today – won’t do a thing to stop crime. They will only hurt the law abiding citizens like hunters and sportsmen who, for the record, contribute millions to the state’s economy.”

Monsanto and GMOs Continue to Make Us Sterile While Infertility Business Booms

Moscow‘s smoke screen obscures Assad’s next Syrian war moves

Assad: Arab world ready to join fight against Israel
Syrian president says Russia committed to military deals, claims that government forces are gaining upper hand in fighting rebels.

Russia to ban foreign adoptions for same-sex couples MOSCOW – Russia will ban foreign same-sex couples from adopting Russian children, an official said on Saturday, underscoring a growing rift with the West over gay rights under President Vladimir Putin.

UK ready to arm Syria rebels if peace talks fail Britain is prepared to send arms to Syrian rebels should peace talks set for June fail to bring about an end to the conflict

Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you (and they include 'pork', 'cloud' and 'Mexico')

After vote allowing gay kids to become Boy Scouts, some families call it quits Boy Scouts were not honoring their own law,"Butler said, referring to the BSA oath that he interpreted as barring gay people. "They say it — 'On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep [myself] physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight,'” he said.

God’s New Banker Brings Teutonic Thoroughness to Vatican

WW3 Prophet
Zechariah's Warning! WATCH: Abbas Admits
He's Under Pressure to Drop Preconditions PA Chairman admits he is under international pressureto resume talks with Israel and drop demands for a construction freeze. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is reportedly between a rock and a hard place as he ponders whether to accept a request by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to resume peace talks with Israeli. Abbas has reportedly told advisers that as the U.S. tries to restart Mideast peace talks, he is under intense international pressure to return to negotiations with Israel…As part of his efforts to lure the sides back to the negotiating table, Kerry unveiled a plan to boost the Palestinian Authority’s economy by attracting $4 billion in private investment.

Yahoo to Users: Let Us Read Your Emails or — Goodbye!

70,000 North Carolinians to lose federal unemployment benefits in June

Fatal 'Valley Fever'spread by toxic soil dust which will increase in dry, windy conditions forecast forsouthwest

  • Doctors have warned that a dangerous season for Valley Fever may be ahead for many parts of the Southwest
  • The potentially fatal condition is caused when sufferers breath in fungus carried by soil dust known as coccidioides
  • More than 160,000 people living in arid areas get the illness every year
  • Drier conditions and drought increase dust causing more fungus to be spread

Risk of Bank Failures Is Rising in Europe, E.C.B. Warns

Judge orders Google to give customer data to FBI (AP) — A federal judge has ruled that Google Inc. must comply with the FBI's warrantless demands for customer data, rejecting the company's argument that the government's practice of issuing so-called national security letters to telecommunication companies, Internet service providers, banks and others was unconstitutional and unnecessary…FBI counter-terrorism agents began issuing the secret letters, which don't require a judge's approval, after Congress passed the USA Patriot Actin the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Another, more outspoken Mormon group steps up its fight for gay rights As many as half the Mormons in last year’s Salt Lake City parade in Salt Lake City were with the Equality group rather than Bridges

Kennecott workers brace for big layoffs Mining
Light response to buyout offer may mean bigger cuts, company says.

The yoga question: Is it a religion?  Body  & soul
It certainly has faith roots, but even Utah Hindus say the practice stretches beyond spirituality. Southern California school district on behalf of parents for teaching yoga, arguing that it violates the separation of church and state…For its part,the Hindu American Foundation also sees a connection between Hinduism and yoga… "Yoga, as an integral part of Hindu philosophy, is not simply physical exercise … ," according to the foundation, "but is in fact a Hindu way of life."…Utahns, like the rest of the nation, have joined the yoga craze

In Somalia, some parents say no to polio vaccine MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) – Islamic extremist rebels are fighting a campaign in Somalia to administer a polio vaccine,charging that it contains the virus that causes AIDS or could make children sterile,a battle of words that is frustrating health workers.

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