Jesus Aiive and Well in Australia – Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

Pamela Johnson
Sun, June 9, 2013
Subject: NWo Destroyed by Golightly





HAARP/DOPPLERS CAUSING BAD WEATHER(covert Military and Meteorologists causing bad weather) Bad weather: Tornados, Tsunamis, major Floods, major Droughts, major Earthquakes, Hurricanes, major Volcanic eruptions. See You Tube channel: WeatherWar101.


Jesus Christ/Yahweh is in Australia. His name in this reincarnation is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. His books are @ His sites on Facebook and various other Saints: Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall; Martha Marshall; Pamela Golightly Marshall. His and some of the other Saints You Tube channels: peacenowwhitedove; NibiruDestroyer; TheTruthisBrian 1-3 channels;TheMostRoyalManAlive; SwordofTruth888 (currently running channel of Yahweh's, you can email him there );; TheChildofYahweh; BrianisGod1; MrCapstoneProduction; 11Chooka'sChannel; NibiruMyAngelGabrielUltiimateProphecy; NibiiruClose; Yahweh2012; 3168Angel; MsSherrieLeaLaird (Marilynn Monroe reincarnated) plus more sites. My other site is Yahweh/Jesus Christ has 7,000 videos and 35 books to prove who he is. Other You Tube channels of interest: ViralTrends "West Texas Plant Explosion (Update 9/11 tapes); StormCloudsGathering; FromBableToIrealnd "The NWO Global Endgame Agenda- Your World is Changing"; AlternativeNews4u "West Texas Fertilizer Bombing-Forensic Evidence"; TheJohnathankleck; HenningKemner; TheCountdownback-upHenningKemner; SuspiciousObservers; WeatherWar101; Stormy13Wizard13 and more. 6/14/2012 an international "Notice to Cease and Desist" and "Yahweh's Claim to the Throne of England and United Kingdom of Israel" sent out to various world governments/entities.; (onlline radio/internet of RJ Henders, who is Isaiah reincarnated). You Tube topics: New World Order; Free Masons; Secret Societies. See weather updates at You Tube channel: SuspiciousObservers. Evidence of reincarnation internet and these You Tube accounts: Akashic Records; information by Dr. Brian Weiss; and Dr. Norman Finklestein (the Psychiatrist who proved through retrograde hypnosis that Sherrie Lea Laird is Marilynn Monroe reincarnated). My email:
Yahweh's email:

Praying the Fallen Angels down: do DAILY @ 9AM AND 9PM:

1)"Lord's Prayer .In Yahweh/Jesus Christ/The Holy Ghost/ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshalls names."


2) "Marshall Law declared, civil war declared, the jail doors open, all prisoners set free, no shots fired. In Yahweh/Jesus Christ/the Holy Ghost/ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall's names."

3) "The Evil Empire of the fallen angels will fall and be destroyed, the Heavenly Angels will do the reaping" (Repeat in his names) Yahweh…,…,…,…"

4)" I pray for the protection of the body, soul, mind, and Holy Spirit of the righteous, innocent, meek, truly repentant, the Tribe of Judah/House of David, the Heavenly Archangels,Heavenly Angels, Saints, the innocent children and grandchildren. (Repeat) In the name of Yahweh…,…,…"

5) "I pray for peace and love. Healing of the body, mind, Holy Spirit, and Soul. (Repeat) In the name of Yahweh…,…,…"

6) "Divine retribution, retaliation, and justice against the evil, wicked, non-repentant illuminatis and satanists. (Repeat) In the name of Yahweh…,…,…"

7) "I pray for miracles, blessings, prosperity, and wealth for the righteous, innocent, meek, truly repentant, the Tribe of Judah/House of David, the Heavenly Archangels, Heavenly Angels, the Saints, the innocent children, and grandchildren. (Repeat) In the name of Yahweh…,…,…"

8) "I rebuke the Demons, Demonic spirits, Demonic entities, and the fallen angels. Bind them up. Cast them away, and destroy them. (Repeat) In the name of Yahweh

Internet sites and You Tube video topics of interest:

Internet:; New Madrid Fault Line, HAARP. Chemtrails; 9/11 Truth; Scholars for 911 Truth; Pilots for 911 Truth…

You Tube: Georgia Guide Stones; Planet Nibiru; HAARP; Chemtrails; Elf Towers; ILLUMINATIS; Secret Societies; Free Masonry; Topics about the Satanists; False Talmudic Jews/Khazarians/Zionists; Protocols of Zion; Jesuits; Bilderbergs; CFR; Trilateral Comission; Commitee of 300; Club of Rome; and more. You Tube channels: BrotherNathaneal; WeAreONEbigFamily; FromBableToIreland videos series 1-17 entitled "The 9/11 Global Endgame Agenda -Your World is Changing": ViralTrends : "West Texas Fertiilzer Explosion a Missile" and conspiracy behind it, look-up; AlternativeNews4u, videos about "West Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion-Missile": 1john4six; Walter J. Veith Islam and the Catholic Connection; Brother Nathanael; plus Secret Societies and more videos.

THE POWER OF THE SHERIFF, GOD WANTS THE FORECLOSURES TO BE STOPPED, THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS A PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK RUN BY SECRET SOCIETIES. THE TARP FUNDS THAT WERE GIVEN TO THE FRAUDULENT BANKSTERS, WOULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH TO PAY OFF ALL THE DEBTS OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS FOLLOWING GOD'S LAWS, IE. MARSHALL LAW. ALL DEBTS ARE TO BE FORGIVEN. WE DON'T WANT THE LITERAL "GRAPES OF WRATH" SCENARIO. WE HAVE TOO MANY TENT CITIES IN AMERICA, AND HOMELESS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. All children born since 1980 are perfected, righteous in the image of God, unless they have been misled. We have been dealing with a battle between the Seeds of Cain, fighting against the Seeds of Seth and the Seeds of Shem. There have been Demonic spirits trying to influence and possess humanity. The Seeds of Cain had skewed DNA, from inbreeding, marrying 2nd cousins, leading to mental illness literal psychopaths/sociopaths.


Homeopathic medicine topics on internet and You Tube:

Colloidal Silver; (calcium hypochlorite); Maple syrup and baking soda and more. Google: 4647773 (how the AIDS virus was made). All acquired diseases were made in labs.

Free Energy concepts on internet and You Tube:

Zero Point magnetic motor; Reverse magnetic motor; water fueled cars; electric cars; solar energy and more.

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro proven to have false credentials by Arizona Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, look up information on Obama's birth certificate.

Some good infomation @ (Alex Jones is a double agent/Zionist)

You Tube: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura from TruTv: FEMA Camps,Tube: GeorgiaGuidestones.

Saint Muamad Ahmadinejad is Mohammad reincarnated, Saint Vladimir Putin is Nicolas Romanov and Michel Romanov reincarnated. Per Yahweh: DON'T TAKE VACCINATIONS, CONTAMINATED. INCIDENCE OF AUTISM WENT FROM 1:10,000 TO 1:100. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

You can send a pre-paid postage $3.00 dollars and a large business envelope to me to obtain copies of the "Notice to Cease and Desist" and "Yahweh's Claim to the Throne of England and United Kingdom of Israel".

Pamela Esther Golightly Marshall

Saint/Queen of America/General

Tribe of Judah/House of David

My mail address:

Post Office Box 4638

Corpus Christi, TX 78469

Ph: 1-920-747-0702 (cell)

— On Mon, 6/10/13, YouTube Service wrote:

From: YouTube Service
Subject: Pamela Golightly Marshall sent you a video: "New earth axis revealed means death"
Date: Monday, June 10, 2013, 2:00 AM

Pamela Golightly Marshall sent you a video: "New earth axis revealed means death"

Pamela Golightly Marshall has shared a video with you on YouTube

New earth axis revealed means death

by SwordOfTruth888

The last warning, unrepentant men and women will soon become aware of what they have become and it will be too late, the offence to the Holy Ghost Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall the Lord Jesus Christ is so great that unless every knee bows there will be no hope for the majority, the harvest of souls the supper of God the fowls of the air feasting upon the flesh of unrepentant man. Going underground will be no escape, ground to dust will be those who do go. There is no escaping the judgment of God rejected by mankind. Matthew 10:28 "fear him who can kill both body and soul in hell"….no other place is hell it is here on the earth, mankind deluded by the enemy of their soul prefers the darkness rather than coming to the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ who has been on the earth since his re-birth date of 11th of January 1944 at 2;22am, the day and the hour he as the Father this time has been revealing to a world gone mad, deluded by religion that preaches from the Talmud influenced Bible the trap for the unwise and perverted by the same devil in men who have deceived the whole world Rev 12;12 are the Jew who call themselves Jews and are not, John 8:44 the sons of Cain their father the first murderer and liar from the beginning. The Christ recognized announced by Pope Benedict XVI is the Holy Ghost and the unpardonable sin is to offend him and he is offended by Judaism, the greatest lie that has ever been told is that he Jesus was a Jew, he was and is an Essene and now the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not have the Christian churches preaching their gospel that they are the chosen race of God…well they are chosen alright by their god Lucifer, the first 5 books of the bible the Torah the god of which is lucifer……the Great Whore the Catholic Church has elected the stupidest man on the earth, the antichrist Francis the talking mule who has not a clue, treats as a joke the position he is in, a man of no substance, no intestinal fortitude playing with the lives of every man woman and child on the planet by denying the world the only news that will bring an end to the madness of hell…Francis is denying the world the knowledge of the Christ returned and identified by Pope Benedict XVI, Francis is sitting on the news and plays games of praying for the sick when the Christ can heal them, blessing the ungodly in the Jews who are not forgiven and will be cast off the earth along with all who support Israel, a man of low intelligence, the thing great about him is his power hungry ego all the while playing the role of a servant of Christ, he is the one responsible for the devastation about to come upon Europe….as the nations rise up against each other as the blood pours as the bodies of flesh become the pickings of vultures, there is one man to blame, Francis the Antichrist, talking mule and his investigators he has surrounded himself with, they have proclaimed themselves antichrist in helping Francis pull off his plans to conceal the news of the returned Christ, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall.

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