NSA Slippery Slope to Hell – Snowden Showdown for Truth in DC

Dave Cleveland
Sat, June 15,
Subject: World War 3 NSA Surveillance
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Google begins launching Internet-beaming balloons
(AP) — Google is launching Internet-beaming antennas into the stratosphere aboard giant, jellyfish-shaped balloons with the lofty goal of getting the entire planet online…via translucent helium balloons that sail by on the wind 12 miles above Earth.

I cant believe that this is a real bear

How NSA Access Was Built Into Windows (1999!)

Morgan Freeman Destroys PRISM – Vid

Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner – America Is Gone – Vid

Obama Tumbles Down Syria's Slippery Slope

Easy To Read List Of GMO Products And Companies

Gold Buying Panic In China – 10,000 Wait In Line

Jeb Bush: ‘More fertile’ immigrants needed to care for aging Americans

How Your Supermarket Would Look If All Bees Died Off

What makes good people do bad things?
Themere smell of money can makepeople behave unethically
* Researchers from Harvard and University of Utah found that the mere promise of money is enough to cause people to make unethical decisions
* Results of the study found people would engage in insider trading and lying if they stood to gain financially, but they wouldn't if there was no money involved
* Participants 'completely lost track of everything' in the effort of pursuing cash

Polls show Obama's real worry: NSA leaks erode trust in government With the NSA revelations doubling down on the IRS and AP scandals, the president's approval rating is hitting new lows

Smith & Wesson gun sales hit an all-time high in year after mass shootings At six-month anniversary of Newtown shooting, guns manufacturer reports its sales are up 43% over last year The arms manufacturer reported this week that sales for the year ending 30 April had hit a record $588m, a 43% year-on-year rise

Obama’s extended trip to Africa to cost taxpayers up to $100m, report says Obama is expected to travel with his family, making stops in Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania, from June 26 to July 3. US officials will be providing nearly all the resources instead of relying on foreign assistance.

Russia’s Putin Calls for IMF Overhaul, Bigger Role for BRICS In particular, he said that the voting system used at the IMF to determine policy should be changed to “enhance the role of developing countries,” with new weight given to the so-called BRICS group of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The IMF has played a key role in international finance since it was set up in 1945.

Democrats and Republicans Agree: America’s Stasi Surveillance State is a Good Thing We are now very close to witnessing the final extinction of the Bill of Rights.

Ron Paul on Obama’s Syria WMD Claim Former Congressman Ron Paul breaks down the lies over Syria.

White House announces it will not send troops into Syria, deploys them to the border

Assad Prepares Offensive as Obama Promises Rebels Arms President Barack Obama’s decision to send some light weapons to Syrian rebels may be too little and too late to thwart a regime offensive to retake Aleppo, the nation’s largest city and commercial capital…decision to provide limited amounts of small arms and ammunition to the Syrian opposition is enough to drag the U.S. into a third Mideast war but not enough to win it.

IMF Wades Into Fed Exit Debate, Urges No Change Through 2013 Wall Street Journal | IMF suggests Fed should continue its $85 billion a month bond buying until at least the end of 2013.

Detroit manager pitches debt recovery plan to creditors involving halt of debt payments Detroit Free Press | “We’re tapped out,” Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr said.

Too Much Prozac Turns Minnows Into Killers ABC News | Changes seen in single dose dissolved in 5,000 gallons of water.

Police arrest woman after request to see warrant My Fox Lubbock | Police say they will apologize to her, as long as she
agrees not to file a lawsuit.

Pentagon Insider Writes Novel About Bohemian Grove and Globalist Plot Col. Shaffer: “There’s certain elements of the government who may work against our own people’s interests, and it’s tied to Bohemian Grove.”


Ecuador To Sell A Third Of Its Amazon Rainforest To Chinese Oil Companies

Bond Bubble Threatens Global Financial System: Bank Of England's Andy Haldane Warns

El Paso sheriff refusing to enforce some gun laws COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said he plans to ignore some new gun laws being considered by lawmakers, unless the county could be held liable for any damages caused by his department's lack of enforcement.

Parker Jensen cancer free 10 years later
OREM — In 2003, the Utah boy made national news when doctors diagnosed him with a cancer called ewing sarcoma. His parents didn't agree with the diagnosis and the state tried in vain to force Parker Jensen to undergo chemotherapy. Fast forward a decade, the now 22-year-old and his bride-to-be just tied the knot.

WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
Could Syria ignite World War 3? That's the terrifying question as the hatred between two Muslim ideologies sucks in the world's
superpowers UK, France and U.S. taken different side to China and Russia

Obama to step up military support of Syrian rebels WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has authorized sending weapons to Syrian rebels for the first time,

U.S. Military Plan for Arming Syrian Rebels Includes No-Fly Zone The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S. military’s hypothetical plan to arm the Syrian opposition will include a no-fly zone in part of the country

FBI Say US Will Hold Snowden Responsible For NSA Leak

Snowden and the real issues Both House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein (D-Cal.) have called him a traitor, which only shows how ignorant they are. Under our Constitution

The Nazi commander living in Minnesota: Notorious SS leader who 'burnt villages filled with women and children' is tracked down after living in America for SIXTY YEARS

Whistleblower Edward Snowden smuggled out secrets with an everyday thumb drive banned from NSA offices

'Bank robber' says snooping NSA must have phone records that could clear his name

The EYEBALL LICKING craze that's sweeping Japan and causing a surge in eye infections

Home health care business owner 'shoots dead three of his employees in his small St Louis office during heated row before turning the gun on himself'

Effects Of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Now Hitting CA

Bolivia – McDonalds Has Closed Down All Its Restaurants

Farmers fail to feed UK after extreme weather hits wheat crop Wet  autumn followed by cold spring has led to one of the smallest harvests in a
generation, hitting food production

The End Of Root Canal Torture?

The Constitution Doesn't Guarantee Safety, It Guarantees Privacy

Israel Plans 1,000 More Illegal Settler Units On West Bank

Kerry Vows US Aid To Syria 'Rebels' After Huge Losses

More Immigrants Have Jobs Than Indigenous Brits

US Complicit In South America Drug Trade

Jennifer Lopez – 'Latinos Realizing Our Power'
WASHINGTON (AP) — Jennifer Lopez says Latinos in the United States are starting to realize their power in politics and media

Why Germany is now 'Europe's biggest brothel' Legalised prostitution, cut-price offers and a boom in sex tourism mean Germany's red light districts are thriving. But not everyone is happy with the country's liberal legislation

Colorado Springs Area Wildfire Destroys 360 Homes

Cop Sex Assaults Woman, Arrests Her For Protesting – Vid

These Tricks Are Played to Get You to Vaccinate Your Child

US decides to keep fighters in Jordan The United States has decided to keep F-16 fighter jets and Patriot anti-missile weapons in Jordan after ending a joint military drill there this month.

Russia slams ‘fabricated’ info on Syria A senior Russian lawmaker says information on the use of chemical weapons by Syrian forces against militants is ‘fabricated.’

Man Behind Syrian ‘Chemical Weapons’ Claim Is Fiction Writer Who Ran Benghazi Cover-Up Ben Rhodes, the White House national security advisor behind the claim that President Bashar Al-Assad used chemical weapons in Syria, is a fiction writer with zero educational background in government, diplomacy or national security who also played a key role in covering up the truth behind the attack on the US consulate in Bengha

‘Harmful for children’: Turkish TV channels fined for live coverage of protests RT – Turkey’s TV watchdog fined four TV channels over their live coverage of the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul, citing that the broadcasts were "harming the physical, moral and mental development of children and young people."

Is Obama Starting A War With Syria Just To Distract Us From All The Scandals? Economic Collapse – Well, isn’t that convenient? At the moment when the Obama administration is feeling more heat then ever before, it starts another war.  Suddenly everyone in the mainstream media is talking all about Syria and  not about the IRS scandal, Benghazi,NSA snooping or any of the other political scandals that have popped up in recent weeks.

With Scandals Raging At Home, Obama (Conveniently) Discovers Chemical Weapons Use in Syria Barely a week after President Obama announced the ascendance of the left-neocon, humanitarian interventionist cultists Susan Rice and Samantha Power to the top of his foreign policy team, and in a time of choking scandal, alas a light at the end of the tunnel has appeared for the Obama regime: his old friend war!

Maine House Crushingly Supports GMO Labeling: 141 to 4 Vote

Obama ‘Strongly Objects’ to Religious Liberty Amendment Fox News – The Obama Administration “strongly objects” to a proposed amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act on Wednesday that would have protected the religious rights of soldiers – including evangelical Christian service members who are facing growing hostility towards their religion.

Reality Check: Process for Government Assassination Of U.S. Citizens Can the office of the President play the role of judge, jury and executioner when it comes to terror suspects, even U.S. Citizens? A leaked Justice Department memo asserts that the U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are suspected to be senior operational leaders of Al Quaeda.

State Department Hired Agents with Criminal Records Breitbart – And now we have a third scandal emanating from Hillary Clinton's State Department. A shocking memo obtained by the New York Post says that the State Department hired an "alarming number of law-enforcement agents with criminal or checkered backgrounds because of a flawed hiring process."

Ben Swann Naming Names In IRS Scandal On Hannity

IRS Employees Abused Charge Cards and Wrote Bad Checks

Obama Justice Department Silent On NY Cops Violating Fourth Amendment

Complaint Challenges Constitutionality of Florida Prescription Drug Database Florida’s prescription drug monitoring database program violates the state’s constitution, invades the privacy of residents and subjects them to unreasonable searches, according to an amended complaint filed Wednesday in circuit court in Volusia County.

House Committee Approves 20-Week Abortion Ban Breitbart – The House is girding for another wrenching debate on abortion after a House panel on Wednesday approved legislation that would ban almost all abortions after a fetus reaches the age of 20 weeks.

Former Tea Party Governor Makes Possession of Bong a Felony It’s another sign that the Tea Party meme is an excuse to institute more statist coercion. Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed legislation that will make possession of a pipe a third degree felony beginning July 1. A third degree felony in Florida could result in a five year prison term, a loss of the right to vote (for career politicos like Scott), and a lifelong criminal stigma.

Feds to Grab $130B in ObamaCare Fines Breitbart – The federal government is set to pick up $130 billion in penalties over the next decade from companies once Obamacare kicks in, according to estimates provided by the government. Those penalties will land on companies that either don’t provide employees health insurance or what the government considers to be “inadequate” health insurance.

Guys: raise your testosterone levels naturally by eating more pumpkin seeds (NaturalNews) Rich in vitamins E, C, D, K, and B, pumpkin seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition capable of supplying men with high doses of the substances they need to maintain optimal health.

Improve your athletic performance naturally with beets: Research (NaturalNews) Beet juice is naturally high in nitrate (NO3), which the body uses to make both nitrite (NO2) and nitric oxide.

Former DOJ Prosecutor Files $3 Billion Suit Against Obama, Holder, NSA, Verizon Over PRISMGate The suit specifically alleges the defendants violated the 1st, 4th, and 5th amendments of the US Constitution, and is an outrageous breach of privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of association, and the due process rights of American citizens. Any Verizon Communications customer is welcome to join the $3 billion class action suit.

7 Simple Ways To Help Honey Bees

20 Examples Of How America Is Rapidly Going Down The Toilet Economic Collapse | Deep corruption is eating away at every level of American society like cancer.

Video Game Casts Tea Party and Patriot Groups as Enemy Terrorists Magazine article literally asks, “Do you have what it takes to pull the trigger on a fellow citizen?”

Lindsey Graham: Ron Paul’s Policies ‘A Threat to America’ Graham said that “Ron Paul isn’t a threat to America. His policies are.’”

Rand Paul: Your Taxes Fund Regimes That Kill Christians ‘for Blasphemy Against Islam’
CNS News | Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said he was angry over the fact that U.S. tax money is used to support foreign regimes where Christians are killed.

Look What This ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Had To Say Back in 1984: “A Disgusting Procedure For A Professed Free Society” They were doing it 30 years ago with limited processing capabilities and data storage.

Thousands Of Firms Trade Confidential Data With The US Government In Exchange For Classified Intelligence The rabbit hole just got deeper. A whole lot deeper.

Britain issues global warning to airlines not to let CIA leaker Edward Snowden board a flight to the UK

Obama: 'Gov't Can Help by…Educating our Children From the Earliest Years' The private sector may drive the economy, but government also has a key role to play, President Obamaeducating our children from the earliest years, keeping them safe from gun violence, rethinking our high schools…

France Mayor Faces Jail Time After Refusing to Marry Gay Couple For this refusal, he could face up to five years in prisonplus forced to pay a 75,000 euro fine…Mr Colo has said he is willing to pay the price of his convictions rather than give it up for popularity votes. "I will go to the gallows."

U.S. Supreme Court rulingson DOMA, gay marriage could be announced soon The highly anticipated U.S. Supreme Court rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and the constitutionality of California's Proposition 8 may come by the end of the week, at the earliest.

WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH: Olmert's Peace Plan: Now or Never? Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says Israel is more secure now than it has ever been and the time has come to make peace with the Palestinians. But Israelis and Palestinians are still far apart on what a peace accord would look like, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry may have a hard time getting peace talks started, much less much less reaching a successful conclusion…because it called for makingJerusalemthe shared capital of two nations– Israel and a sovereign Palestine mainly occupying what is now the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

California Votes to Allow Boys to Shower with Girls in Public Schools

Animal rights group releases anti-fur guide, threatens Utah farms SALT LAKE CITY — Anonymous animal rights activists have published a “guide to destroying the fur industry,” which lists numerous Utah fur farms as targets.

Cowboy shooters compete in state championship
SALT LAKE CITY — They use guns from 100 years ago but say they're faster than modern guns. More than 100 people are participating in the 2013 Utah State Championship of cowboy action shooting.

Zions Bank says it had no knowledge of scammers Courts
» Plaintiffs say the bank ignored signals on subsidiary’s dubious dealings with Internet con artists. own employees that over a period of several years it was involved with dubious Internet merchants ripping off consumers — or there were few concrete signs anything was amiss.

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