Top 10 Liberty Questions – Obama May I

Dave Cleveland
Thu, Aug 1, 2013
Subject: Obama May I

Have We Outgrown Freedom – Wisdom from 1948

Effort to get NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s father to Moscow collapses Video- Lon Snowden says he does not believe his son will ever get fair treatment from the U.S. government for revealing intelligence secrets.

Edward Snowden's Father, Says He's Thankful To Putin For Protection

Quietly, Obama Begins 'Regionalizing' America forcing Americans to live in denser urban areas as part of state and federal initiatives aimed at slowing global warming by restraining suburban growth.

Feds Hires Internet Shills & Agents For FB And YouTube

Government can grab cell phone location records without warrant, appeals court says

Watch Americans Sign A Petition To Murder Senior Citizens Mark Dice asks random people if they’ll sign a petition to support the “mandatory” euthanasia provision in Obama Care to help keep healthcare costs down by putting senior citizens to sleep. Shot in San Diego, California.

New EPA Chief – Embrace ‘Opportunity’ Of Climate Change

Bank Of Cyprus Depositors To Lose 47.5% Of Savings Bank of Cyprus depositors are set to lose 47.5 percent of savings on accounts holding more than 100,000 euros (USD 132,000) as part of an EU-led bailout plan aimed at saving the Cypriot government from bankruptcy.

Obama to spend lavish vacation at $7.6m resort, over 75 rooms reserved

Horrifying aerial pictures show full scale of destruction of Syrian city of Homs

China's coastguard confronts Japanese ships near disputed islands China says its ships 'sternly declared' sovereignty over the islands, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China

Monsanto GM Retreat From Europe – Don't Believe It

Arkansas school district buying guns for 20 teachers and staff

DHS Builds Own'Pentagon' While 101 Million Get Food Aid

Homosexuality – Russian Patriarch Kirill vs Pope Francis

US lawmakers seek to delay Congress bill to ban Iran Press TV – Democratic representatives Jim McDermott, John Conyers, Keith Ellison and Jim McGovern are collecting signatures for a letter to urge the House leadership to delay the scheduled Wednesday vote on H.R.850 bill which would tighten economic and diplomatic restrictions against Tehran.

Breakdown of GMO Labeling Laws in Each Country (Global Map)

In Utah, it’s your marijuana prescription or your concealed gun Federal, Utah gun laws trump medical-marijuana licenses from other states, but conflicts are a rarity. Medical marijuana and concealed firearms are gaining in popularity, but in Utah, they’re in conflict. Utah, complying with the federal Gun Control Act, denies or revokes concealed-carry firearms permits for anyone with a prescription for marijuana. While Utah doesn’t allow marijuana to treat ailments, eight of the 31 states that recognize Utah’s concealed firearms permit do…And it’s not just the right to carry a concealed weapon that can be in jeopardy if you have a prescription for marijuana. People can be denied their Second Amendment rights for up to a year after they’ve been caught with illicit drugs or abused legal ones, such as driving under the influence of a heavy dose of prescription pills.

Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy, faces 130+ yrs in jail on other charges RT – A US military judge has found Army private Bradley Manning "not guilty" of aiding the enemy. However, he was found guilty of 20 remaining charges, meaning that he still faces the possibility of up to 136 years behind bars. Sentencing begins tomorrow.

NSA surveillance programs to be partially declassified RT – The US government will declassify documents about the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs in a “deliberate” attempt to provide the public with additional information after whistleblower Edward Snowden first revealed NSA spy tactics.

Appeals court strikes down NYC's big-soda ban An appeals court ruled Tuesday that New York City's Board of Health exceeded its legal authority and acted unconstitutionally when it tried to put a size limit on soft drinks served in city restaurants.

Obama: Top Tax Rate Should Be 28% for Corporations, 40% for Small Business The New York Times reports that President Obama is reviving an old proposal to lower the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 28 percent (and 25 percent for manufacturers). Obama's push to lower the corporate tax rate to 28 percent comes less than a year after he raised the top individual income tax rate, paid by many small businesses, to 39.6 percent.

JPMorgan to Pay $410 Million in U.S. FERC Settlement Bloomberg – The bank agreed to pay a U.S. civil penalty of $285 million and return $125 million in ill-gotten profits to electricity ratepayers, according to a FERC order today. JPMorgan also agreed to give up claims to $262 million worth of disputed payments from California’s grid operator, the state authority said in a separate statement.

Gov't Sends Letter To Veteran Telling Him He's Dead Breitbart – A local veteran and his wife are in disbelief and want answers. Over the weekend, they got an official letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs stating his benefits were coming to an end because he was dead. The only problem is the information's wrong – he's alive.

Detroit family home still for sale after 519 days despite being on the market for just $1 Daily Mail – The home is symbolic of the entire city, which earlier this month filed for bankruptcy. It is one of a number of homes across Detroit on the market for $1.

Why Are The Chinese Gobbling Up Real Estate And Businesses In Detroit? Something very strange is happening to Detroit. Once upon a time, it was the center of American manufacturing and it had the highest per capita income in the United States. But now the city is dying and the Chinese are moving in to pick up the pieces.

Strawberries provide outstanding protective benefit against cancer, diabetes and more A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry discovered strawberry extract decreased proliferation of both colon (HT29) and breast (MCF-7) cancer cells. Inhibition of HT29 cells was 53 percent while MCF-7 cells averaged 43 percent. Researchers believe abundant phytonutrients, ellagic acid and ellagitannins present in the fruit are responsible for the findings. Organic strawberries had higher anti-carcinogenic characteristics than conventional varieties.

The Rand Paul-Chris Christie Fight Is Getting Nasty Business Insider | Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) took the latest shot Tuesday in an ongoing feud with New Jersey’s Republican Gov. Chris Christie, calling him the “king of bacon”…Christie responded in kind by chiding Paul’s state of Kentucky from benefiting off pork-barrel spending, due to the fact that it receives more benefits from the federal government than it pays in taxes. Christie said that while Kentucky gets back $1.51 for every dollar it sends to Washington, the Garden State only gets back 61 cents.

Graphic: How Just 6 Corps Own 90% of The Media

McCain: Voting between Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton would be ‘tough choice’ The Hill | Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) joked that it would be a tough decision to vote for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) over Democrat Hillary Clinton if both won their party’s presidential nomination in 2016.

Infowars Film Fest: Movie on Drone Murder Wins Second Place Bank Of England Helped Reichsbank Sell Its Nazi Gold Zero Hedge | In yet another one of the ‘darkest episodes in central banking history’ the FT reports, the Bank of England facilitated the sale of gold that was looted by the Nazis after their invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1938.

WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH: Kerry: Second round of peace talks in two weeks; all core issues on table Secretary of State holds press conference after start of talks in Washington; Obama holds joint White House meeting with Israeli, Palestinian negotiating teams.

Obama joins new Israeli-Palestinian peace push

Kerry in secret final-status talks with Netanyahu and Abbas on borders, security, Jerusalem, Jordan Valley. The ceremonial launch of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations early Tuesday, July 30, over the Muslim iftar meal in the State Department Jefferson room, made a photogenic front for the real brass-tacks bargaining on core issues of the long Middle East dispute, which Secretary of State John Kerry has been handling discreetly with the principals, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas

Bill Seeks to Advance US Embassy Move to J’lem – Members of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus have introduced legislation in the United States Congress that would move the U.S. embassy, which is not located in Tel Aviv, to Israel’s capital– Jerusalem.

Opponents of NSA surveillance aren’t giving up after House vote

FBI to Rand Paul: Domestic drone surveillance doesn’t require a warrant Drone surveillance in the United States does not require a warrant, but the practice remains limited, the FBI told Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., in a letter after he placed a hold on James Comey’s nomination to be the new FBI director.

Pope Francis calls for inclusion of gays in society, saying he has no right to ‘judge’ (sin)

Atheist Group Demands School Stop Prayer Caravan For the past two years hundreds of people in Cullman, Ala. have voluntarily gathered on the weekend before the start of the new school year to pray on every school campus. But now a Wisconsin-based group is demanding the school system end the practice, claiming the district is forcing religion on students.

Homeland Security loses track of 1 million foreigners; report could hurt immigration deal – The Homeland Security Department has lost track of more than 1 million people who it knows arrived in the U.S. but who it cannot prove left the country, according to an audit Tuesday

Missouri rancher suspects something out of the ordinary is mutilating and killing cattle

J P Morgan and Commodity Manipulation

American Dream Slipping as Homeownership at 18-Year Low

Judge calls for arrest of ex-University of Utah football player Courts » Former Ute lineman failed to show up to a sentencing for beating his wife in the presence of their 2-year-old.

‘Sister Wives’ say they’re accepted in Las Vegas

Utah man builds micro shelters for the homeless PLEASANT GROVE — Gary Pickering can enjoy sitting in the shade on his front porch on a hot summer day, but it's something he hasn't always been able to do. At one time in his life, after a divorce, he was homeless.

Man saw 'dollar signs' in stolen shotgun shells, deputies say DUCHESNE — A Heber City man is scheduled to appear in court next month after sheriff's deputies said he stole 15,000 shotgun shells from a pheasant hunting preserve in Duchesne County.

NSA chief asks a skeptical crowd of hackers to help agency do its job “We stand for freedom,” Alexander told the crowd in a vast ballroom at Caesars Palace. “Help us to defend the country and develop a better solution.” Some in the crowd weren’t buying, and one hacker hurled an expletive back at him. “I’m saying I don’t trust you!” a voiceshouted.

Security Consultant Heckles NSA Head: Shouts “Freedom!”; “Read The Constitution!” The NSA head General Keith Alexander faced a hostile crowd Wednesday while attempting to defend mass surveillance programs at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas.

US Outlines NSA Culling Of Data For All Domestic Calls

Anti-war website sues FBI for spying on them RT-, is fighting back and suing the FBI for spying on the media

Why Is China Hoarding Hollywood Box Office Profits? As Hollywood movies have raked in hundreds of millions of dollars playing in Chinese theaters in 2013, the films’ studios have apparently enjoyed none of the profits. A state-owned distributor, China Film Group, is refusing to share any box-office payments

Berlin Type Wall Being Built In Los Angeles – Vid it's just a gated community, it keeps crack dealers, thieves and people who throw trash on the ground out…But don't worry, that fence and gate with two bolt locks is simply a false sense of security for the rich folk, it won't protect anyone if shtf…

Queen's WW3 Speech – Rehearsal For Disaster

Parasitic Infection That Has Sickened Almost 400 Linked To Bagged Salads prepackaged salad from Iowa and Nebraska could be the cause of the recent outbreak of the parasite Cyclospora, which has sickened at least 370 people across 16 states

Growing Food Backyard Farmers By Necessity – Vid

Emergency Water Storage For Short And Long Term

Were Children Smarter A Century Ago?

Assange – Manning Conviction A Dangerous Precedent

US Economic Growth Under Obama Falls To 1 PERCENT

Student abandoned in prison cell gets $4.1m payout Daniel Chong faced no charges but was seemingly forgotten and endured four days locked up in isolation without food or water…Daniel Chong drank his own urine as he endured four days alone in a police cell without food, water or anyone seeming to know he was there.

Man Gets His Face Stomped In By LAPD for Riding His Bike Without Lights

Myrtle Beach Outlaws Feeding the Homeless on Public AND Private Property

Cities Use Eminent Domain to Protect Homeowners

Dog Surprises Officer After Being Freed From A Fence – Vid

US to conduct joint military exercise in Egypt The United States is determined to go ahead with a major military exercise in Egypt despite the deadly violence in the wake of a military coup that brought down the government of Mohammed Morsi.

Eurozone on brink, again — investors, analysts Dow Jones Market Watch is warning of major problems emanating from the Eurozone. This comes amid the latest data from Spain where the economy contracted yet again, this time by 1.7 percent in the second quarter on a year-on-year basis. More problems were reported out of Greece, Italy and Germany.

'July deadliest month in Iraq since 2008' According to figures compiled by the Health, Interior and Defense Ministries, a total of 989 people were killed and 1,567 others were wounded in terrorist acts throughout Iraq in July, AFP reported on Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton Receives the American Patriot Award…No, Really In a move that could only be topped in irony by President Barack “Drone-the-Children” Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been honored with the American Patriot Award from the National Defense University Foundation.

Big California corporations parking $262 billion offshore The Sacramento Bee – A dozen of California's largest corporations are holding nearly $262 billion in foreign earnings in offshore subsidiaries to shield the money from American taxation, according to a new study by a consumer advocacy group.

Guantanamo costs US taxpayers over $5 billion: Report A new report says the Pentagon will have spent a whopping $5.242 billion on its notorious detention facility at Guantanamo, Cuba by the end of 2014.

Massive solar flare narrowly misses Earth, EMP disaster barely avoided Washington Examiner – The earth barely missed taking a massive solar punch in the teeth two weeks ago, an "electromagnetic pulse" so big that it could have knocked out power, cars and iPhones throughout the United States….TwoEMP experts told Secrets that the EMP

EMP threat toAmerica Washington, D.C.: On July 29th, President Bill Clinton's former Director of Central Intelligence, R. James Woolsey, led a panel discussion on the growing — and perhaps imminent — threat of a natural or nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to the U.S. electric grid and other critical infrastructures that sustain modern civilization and the lives of millions of Americans.

Future Earth: Agenda 21?s ‘Forbidden Zones’ A new article up at Forbes “Earth’s Future Forbidden Zones?” begins with all manner of coming world doom… Science fiction is rife with planetary ‘forbidden zones’ — whole regions of a planet that have become virtually uninhabitable due to changes in climate; politics; nuclear, chemical or biological warfare; pollution; technology gone amok; or something even more exotic.

Coming soon to a restaurant near you: Lab-grown synthetic hamburgers Food scientists from Maastricht University in the Netherlands will very soon be unveiling a laboratory-grown hamburger made from fake meat and fat that they hope will be a prototype for an eventual commercial release of this culinary abomination.

Snowden’s Father Calls Out Obama On Nuremberg Crimes U.S. national security state media refused to run open letter sent to Obama.

The Most Important Number In The Entire U.S. Economy Economic Collapse | There is one vitally important number that everyone needs to be watching right now, and it doesn’t have anything to do with unemployment, inflation or housing.

Government Report: TSA Corruption, Misconduct Soaring

Snowden Granted One Year Asylum in Russia RT| Snowden finally leaves transit zone of airport where he had been staying since June

NSA Spying Directly Harms Internet Companies, Silicon Valley, California … And the Entire U.S. Economy Washington’s Blog | Mass Surveillance Is “Killing Our Most Productive Golden Goose”.

Syria’s Assad lauds his army, says he will win war

Your location history is like a fingerprint. And cops can get it without a warrant.

Thousands of People Will Die Every Year’ Under Obamacare | CNS News. “Thousands of people will die every year” and “costs will continue to go out of control” under Obamacare,

Kenyan lawyer takes State of Israel, Jews to Hague over Jesus' death A Kenyan lawyer has filed a petition with the International Court of Justice in The Hague, suggesting that the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ was unlawful, and the State of Israel among others should be held responsible, Kenyan news outlet the Nairobian reported on Friday….“Evidence today is on record in the Bible, and you cannot discredit the Bible,” Indidis told the Kenyan Citizen News.

Will you be ready when the lights go out?.

Gay couples get hitched in Minnesota, Rhode Island

States deal with gay marriage aftermath. In June, the Supreme Court issued two rulings favourable to marriage equity for gay couples. Now, US states must work through the consequences of those rulings.

WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH: US general already working on security aspects of future Israeli-Palestinian accord | JPost The Israeli-Palestinian negotiations may have only just begun, but US Gen. John Allen is already on the ground working on security arrangements that might be part of a future agreement, a senior US official said Wednesday.

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: Nine-month deal goal. Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will aim to reach a “final status” agreement over the next nine months to end their long conflict, the US secretary of state has said.

Analysts predict Iran able to produce atom bomb by mid-2014 | JPost |

Black man in hoodie stabs white girl 11 times 'She came home from work, and her body was full of holes'

Gay and lesbian hall of fame honors FAG athletes Chicago • What organizers say is the first-of-its kind hall of fame for gay and lesbian athletes in the United States is set to induct its inaugural class in Chicago.

Russia will enforce anti-gay law during Olympics Russia will enforce a new law cracking down on gay rights activism when it hosts international athletes and fans during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi,

Utah cherry crop will be smaller this year Tart cherry production nationwide is up significantly, causing a drop in prices by as much as half while the sweet cherry crop in Utah and the Northwest is smaller than last year, pushing prices higher.

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