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Mon, Aug 5, 2013
Subject: Congress exempts itself from ObamaCare

Moments before shuttering Capitol Hill for a month-long recess, Congress exempted 11,000 members and staff from ObamaCare. News of Friday's last-minute deal making is especially frustrating since part of ObamaCare's original sell to the American people was that lawmakers and aides had to use the plan.

According to *The Wall Street Journal, *both parties went ballistic when they learned staff would incur dramatically higher healthcare costs. "Democrats in particular, begged for help," and President Obama lept into action telling them in a closed-door meeting that "he would personally moonlight as H.R. manager and resolve the issue."

He did … for Congress.

"A behind-closed-doors deal announced after Congress is safely away from the crime scene. This is exactly why America rightly hates Washington," charged Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) in a press release posted on his official website. "Obamacare's a train wreck, even for Congress. So it gets fixed … FOR CONGRESS ONLY" (emphasis in original).

Vitter is right. *All *Americans should be extended the same "resolution" that Congress is getting.

But with Congress safely tucked away in their districts, the countdown continues for the "less fortunate" Americans who, on October 1, start enrolling in ObamaCare.

*Days ago, a national petition to defund and delay ObamaCare was launched. And in the days since, an incredible 255 citizens per hour are adding their names*!

Click here now to join tens of thousands of freedom-loving patriots who object to Obama's health care tyranny

In all likelihood, this *is* the final push for grassroots Americans to rise up and defeat ObamaCare before it can do irreparable harm to our nation, our economy and our way of life.

When Congress returns on Monday, August 9, these petitions will be hand-delivered to House and Senate leaders, as a way to ratchet up grassroots pressure on lawmakers to take immediate action to defund and delay ObamaCare.

**sign the "Defund and Delay" petition ** and call on your elected officials to stop ObamaCare :* Your Friends at Grassfire

P.S. Again, conservative patriots only have about two months to stop the President's massive health care takeover. Click here now to sign the petition demanding that Congress defund and delay ObamaCare .

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