Obama Watch – NWo Financial Squeeze

Dave Cleveland
Mon, Aug 26, 2013
Subject: Obama Financial Collapse

Firefighters to protect Yosemite 'no matter what it takes'

U.S. preps for possible cruise missile attack on Syrian gov't forces

Netanyahu: On Syria, Israel’s finger on pulse and trigger

U.S. official: Almost no doubt Assad regime used chemical weapons

Hypocrisy: US
Forces 'Used Chemical Weapons' During Assault on City of Fallujah
CNN – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtvobBbn_Fg

Iran warns of 'harsh consequences' if US acts on Syria

UN Syria Chemical Team May Fabricate Evidence

Israel To Turn Historic Jerusalem Mosque Into Synagogue

Colin Powell questions Trayvon Martin verdict as he urges Obama to be 'more passionate' about race issues

How the West could smash Assad's arsenal:
US military chiefs draw up a list of targets with UK for precision-guided bombs and missiles

Children Hit By Agent Orange…40 Years Later

The boy with the body of a 110-year-old: Ali, 14, suffers from rare 'Benjamin
Button' disorder that's killed five of his siblings

World's first pocket calculator goes up for auction:
'Exceptionally rare' 17th century machine made of wood could fetch £100,000

10 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon Peels

Navy ready to launch first strike on Syria
Britain is planning to join forces with America and launch military action against
Syria within days in response to the gas attack believed to have been carried
out by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces against his own people.


Greece will get another 10 billion euros’
A German official says a fresh bailout package by the so-called troika for the recession-hit Greece will be a little
over 10 billion euros (USD 13.36 billion), amid economic slump in the European country.

15 Signs That Obama Has Already Made The Decision To Go To War With Syria
Economic Collapse – The Obama administration seems absolutely determined to help radical Islamic jihadists that have beheaded Christians, that have massacred entire Christian villages, and that have pledged loyalty to al-Qaeda topple the Assad regime and take over Syria.

US military removes commander of nuclear weapons unit over loss of confidence
ABC News – The Air Force has removed the commander of a nuclear weapons unit at a Montana base following a failed safety and security inspection that marked the second major misstep this year for one of the military's most sensitive missions.

NSA paid millions to Internet companies to cover surveillance program costs

Parents charged with murder of baby that was actually killed by vaccines
(NaturalNews) Parents in South Africa could face life in prison if convicted of murdering their baby girl, who died just days after being given what reports say were routine vaccinations.

New Encryption Company May Go Offshore – "Privacy rights don't exist in US anymore" Chris Kitze gives exclusive interview to RT.

Germany Govt WARNS: Windows 8 NEVER USE! Microsoft can control computer – gather ALL Data and a Never Get Rid of Backdoor for NSA Sherrie Questioning All – The German government released a WARNING yesterday about Microsoft's Windows 8. They are Warning all people and companies NOT to use it. They have revealed that Microsoft can completely control and take over a computer with Windows 8 and it has a backdoor for the NSA that can never be gotten rid of!
* Related Article from Reuters: German agency warns Windows 8 PCs vulnerable to cyber threats

Dem: We Will Ignore Congress on Syria Attack Calling on President Obama to launch a cruise missile attack on Syria, Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., the top Democrat on the House Foreign Relations Committee, told Fox News that Congress would not be consulted on the move and that lawmakers would have to “assent” to it at a later date.

Air Strikes on Syria “Within Days” London Telegraph | Britain is planning to join forces with America and launch military action against Syria within days in response to the gas attack believed to have been carried out by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces against his own people.

Prepping For ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ High level government documents reveal that the Pentagon is preparing in full force for ‘large scale economic meltdown’ and massive revolt via the US public — exactly what we are criticized for doing.

Big Pharma invents yet another disease to sell deadly drugs Ever heard of “shift work disorder?” It’s a new disease being played up by the pharmaceutical industry to sell drugs so dangerous that even the home page of the drug website admits the drug may kill you.

Is Fukushima Radiation Contaminating Tuna, Salmon and Herring On the West Coast of North America?
Washington’s Blog | Demand that Fish Be Tested for Radiation

Churches changing bylaws after gay marriage ruling NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)– Worried they could be sued by gay couples, some churches are changing their bylaws to reflect their view that the Bible allows only marriage between one man and one woman. "I thought marriage was always between one man and one woman, but the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision said no," said Gregory S. Erwin, an attorney for the Louisiana Baptist Convention, an association of Southern Baptist churches and one several groups advising churches to change their bylaws. "I think it's better to be prepared because the law is changing. America is changing." http://www.gopusa.com/news/2013/08/26/churches-changing-bylaws-after-gay-marriage-ruling/

Activist To Obama: ‘Don’t Drone Me Barry!’

Burma: Buddhist mobs burn down Muslim homes and shops Sectarian violence breaks out again in north-west of the country after rumours of a sexual assault http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/aug/25/burma-buddhist-mobs-burn-muslim-homes

Investigation suggests 'multiple partners' coming norm Several prominent individuals in those nations have warned that society’s fast adoption of same-sex “marriage” also would break down barriers to legalizing polygamy. http://www.wnd.com/2013/08/investigation-suggests-multiple-partners-coming-norm/

Chinese Gold Imports – China Imports 104 Tonnes of Gold in June China just imported 104 tonnes of gold in June and their cumulative imports are clearly exponential as they are gobbling up gold at the recently low prices. http://ltinvesting.com/investing-blog/chinese-gold-imports-china-imports-104-tonnes-of-gold-in-june/

U.S., China and an unthinkable war Both have planned for a conflict they hope to avoid. The specter of economic doomsday makes war between China and the United States as unthinkable as fear of nuclear doomsday made Soviet-U.S. war. Or does it? In fact, Chinese and American military planners are thinking in exquisite detail, as they are expected to do, about how to win such a conflict.

Murray man stabbed walking home, in critical condition A man was in critical condition Sunday at a Murray hospital after he was stabbed, apparently at random while walking home from a family member’s house. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/56780437-78/christiansen-murray-police-victim.html.csp

Mormon missionary from Roy dies in Malaysia 19-year-old dies a day after being hit by a car while riding a bicycle in Kuching.

Wall Street West: How Salt Lake City became Goldman Sachs’ 4th largest global office Finance » Bank’s Utah workforce has grown “exponentially” to 1,775. SALT LAKE TRIBUNE – 8-26-2013 Many of the new hires will be graduates of Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. BYU provides more graduates to Goldman than any other university in the U.S.…Goldman may feel welcome in Utah, but the company has lots of critics elsewhere. Rolling Stone magazine printeda lengthy polemic by journalist Matt Taibbi, who called "the world’s most powerful investment bank" a"great vampire squid" that had brought about every major market gyration since theGreat Depression of the 1930s. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/money/56759646-79/goldman-lake-salt-office.html.csp

Middle class slowly being squeezed out of housing
SALT LAKE CITY — While rising
home prices may be an encouraging sign for the housing market, some industry
insiders say there is a downside to it.
Some analysts say, in a way,
the middle class is slowly being squeezed out of the housing market.
"Incomes are fairly
stagnant," said Republic Mortgage Loan Officer Al Bingham. "They're
increasing, but nowhere near (enough) to help them buy a house." …"The credit score requirement for home buyers has gone up
a lot," Bingham said.

Japan's nuclear
crisis deepens, China expresses 'shock'
China said it was
"shocked" to hear contaminated water was still leaking from the
plant, and urged Japan to provide information "in a timely, thorough and
accurate way".

Now Begs For World To Help…2.5 Years LATE

Manning – ‘I Am A Female’
Bradley Manning plans to
serve WikiLeaks sentence as a woman

Russia – Manning's
Sentence Unjustifiably Harsh

Warns Not To Use WINDOWS 8…Tied To NSA!

How to Keep the NSA Out of Your Computer
Sick of government spying,
corporate monitoring, and overpriced ISPs? There's a cure for that.
He and his fellow Athenians
built it. They did so by linking up a set of rooftop wifi antennas to create a "mesh," a
sort of bucket brigade that can pass along data and signals. It's actually
faster than the Net we pay for; Data travels through the mesh at
no less than 14 megabits a second, and up to 150 Mbs a second, about 30 times
faster than the commercial pipeline I get at home. Bonicioli and the others can
send messages, video chat, and trade huge files without ever appearing on the
regular internet. And it's a pretty big group of people: Their Athens Wireless
Metropolitan Network has more than 1,000 members, from Athens proper to nearby
islands. Anyone can join for free by installing some equipment. "It's like
a whole other web,"

Ducks played key role in China's H7N9 flu outbreak, scientists say

UPS to drop 15,000 spouses from insurance, cites Obamacare
The Atlanta-based logistics company points to the Affordable Care Act,
or Obamacare, as a big reason for the decision

Russia suggests Syria
‘chemical attack’ was ‘planned provocation’ by rebels

Turkey says all 'red
lines' in Syria have been crossed
(Reuters) – Turkish Foreign
Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Thursday "all red lines" had been
crossed in Syria and criticised international inaction
after the opposition accused Syrian government forces of gassing hundreds in a
chemical weapons attack.

Al Jazeera America sues
On its first day on the air,
Al Jazeera America sued AT&T for dropping it from the U-Verse TV service
package of channels.

Russian military
hovercraft ploughs into crowded beach – video

F-35 Lightning II Program
Lockheed Martin’s F-35
Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter program. The Pentagon was planning to build
over 2,400 of these advanced technology aircraft for use by all branches of the
U.S military…its estimated cost of $1.5 trillion; administrative
problems, cost over-runs, and technical glitches; capabilities and mission; and
congressional support and oversight

the Media Covering Up the Beginnings of a Race War?
No national debate over spate of black on white crimes
Despite engaging in a
seemingly endless and racially-charged national debate about the Trayvon Martin
case, the US corporate media has shown no interest in reviving this obsession
despite a spate of black on white murders, at least two of which indicate a
racially-charged hate crime motivation behind the killings.

World War Two white veteran, 88, dies after being brutally beaten by two black teenagers in 'random attack' in parking
Belton, 88, was set upon in the parking lot of the Eagles Lodge in Spokane,
Washington on Wednesday night

Incredible map that plots the racial profile
of every single person living
in the United States of America…the segregation between races becomes more apparent. White, black or Hispanic neighbourhoods are clearly visible.

Jesus Christ warning
that in the last days there would be race wars.

dispatches ships for rare drills with US Navy
RT – A task group of three Chinese
warships has set off for Hawaii Islands to participate in search-and-rescue
training with American Navy, a rare event in US-China naval interaction. Later,
People’s Liberation Army ships will visit New Zealand and Australia.

DOJ wants
Bush, senior cabinet members exempt from Iraq War trial
RT – The United States Department of
Justice has requested that former President George W. Bush and the highest
figures in his administration receive full exemption from being tried for the
Iraq War, which the DoJ says was in line with international law.

'We don't have kings in America': Parents' outrageforces elementary school to scrap policy requiring students to KNEEL
before principal
Dana Carter is neither king nor pope, but until this week, the principal
of a California elementary school had a policy in place requiring his students
to kneel before him.

Monsanto stock not looking good, dumped by hedge funds
Constant news of harmful products and
irresponsible practices has caused Monsanto tough luck with its stocks.
Investors are picking up on the bad publicity and pulling hedge funds from the

They Actually Expect Us To Have Faith In These Financial
Markets After This Week?
Economic Collapse – What in the world is
happening to our financial markets? Trading on the Nasdaq was halted on
Thursday for more than 3 hours, and the only formal explanation that we got was
that it was a "technical issue". On Tuesday, Goldman Sachs made
thousands of "erroneous trades" that are now being canceled.

This Pharmaceutical Company Used NSA-Like Tactics to Monitor Parents’
Concerns About Vaccines
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) hired a text
analytic software company, called Luminoso, to find out what parents were most
concerned about with vaccines.

War Looms: Hundreds of American Troops and CIA Operatives Have Entered Syria
Is this what we’re seeing
play out right now?

Rebels Moved Towards Damascus Days Before ‘Chemical Attack’

investigating Princess Diana SAS murder inquiry contact Prince Charles
inquiry into claims that the SAS killed Princess Diana moved a step closer last
night as Prince Charles was contacted by police.

defense experts doubt US will intervene in Syria
Jerusalem Post | Despite pressure on Obama to intervene in Syria
following the large-scale chemical attack, an American military response
remains unlikely.

shopping days left: Retailers start Xmas deals
CNBC.COM| Even before the school bells are ringing for many
families, retailers are sounding sleigh bells.

The New Common Core Obama Math Standard: “3 x 4 = 11″
Mac Slavo | Earlier this year President Obama detailed his new
educational initiatives aimed at “closing America’s school readiness gap.”

immigration reform may make immigrants cheaper to hire than citizens
Washington Examiner | Would it be cheaper for U.S. companies to hire newly
legalized immigrants instead of Americans, as immigration-reform legislation
pending in Congress would allow?

defeats school district over microchipping
A student who was expelled
from her magnet school program when she refused the district’s plan to
microchip students is being reinstated after the district dropped the
student-tracking strategy.

Supreme Court Finds Refusing to Photograph Gay Wedding Illegal
New Mexico Supreme Court ruled on
Thursday that, by refusing to photograph a gay wedding, a photography
studio violated the New Mexico Human Rights Act (NMHRA).

WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
Agreement Closer Than Ever
Israel and the Palestinian
Authority are closer than ever to reaching a diplomatic agreement, says Dr.
Yair Hirschfeld, one of the thinkers behind the Oslo Accords.

Holy Roman Empire Rules Today

Ukraine Creeps Closer to EU
Ukraine is moving closer
to finally agreeing a key first step towards joining the European Union,
sparking concern from Russia that Kiev is decisively shifting away
from the Kremlin, analysts said.
There are mounting signs that
Kiev will finally ink an Association Agreement with the European
Union at a summit in November, in a historic first step for the ex-Soviet
republic towards joining the bloc, analysts said. “The train is moving. There
is a 90 percent probability that Ukraine will sign an Association Agreement
with the European Union in November,” said Oleg Ustenko, executive director of
the Blazer International Fund in…

iCloud and iMessage suffers major 11-hour outage

Buchanan: U.S. has been ‘de-Christianized’

Obama 'perilously close' to impeachment
Says administration has
violated law
Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla, who
said Wednesday the president is getting “perilously close” to qualifying for
impeachment…Speaking at the Muskogee Civic Center in Oklahoma, the senator
said, “What you have to do is you have to establish the criteria that would
qualify for proceedings against the president, and that’s called impeachment.”…Coburn
is just the latest lawmaker to openly speculating about the possibility of
impeaching President Obama.

still homeless after Philippine floods

Russians Train To Disarm
US Citizens On US Soil

Mailman arms
himself with tennis racket to fend off hawks

Yahoo Beats Google in US Web Traffic
For the first time since
2008, Yahoo! has topped Google in U.S. web traffic, according to the latest monthly figures from ComScore. Those
numbers show Yahoo! sites edging out Google sites for the month of July, with
Microsoft, Facebook and AOL sites rounding out the top five.

'…A Heavy Price To Live
In A Free Society' – Manning

The Chemical Trails – Vid

Dead Actors You Never Knew Were Gay
This is only the tip of the
iceberg. Homosexuality runs rampant in music and motion picture business.

Michael Jackson
Was 'Obsessed' With Adolf Hitler

Doesn't Know What Edward Snowden Took

FBI works to train police on
mass killing response
The FBI is taking an active
role in training local police departments in the US to respond to mass

Federal Reserve owes more
than $2 trillion in US debt
Federal Reserve has set a new
record, but it’s not one exactly worth celebrating. For the first time ever,
the Fed is carrying more than $2 trillion in US debt. According to the Fed’s
latest weekly account, the central bank currently is holding roughly
$2,001,093,000,000 in US Treasury securities.

US Lawmaker
US Republican Darrell Issa
from California is the wealthiest member of Congress, worth at least $355
million in 2012, according to a ranking by The Hill.

Sells Shuttle Launch Platforms

Syria 'Chem Attack'
Conveniently Just As UN Observers Arrive

1953 Coup Against Iran Goes On

Mexican Women Take Up Arms To Defend Village

Hawaii Shark Attack In Week, Woman On Life Support

Mubarak to be put under house arrest if freed
Former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak
will be placed under house arrest if he is freed from prison, the interim
government has ordered.

Vaccine Inventor & Genetic Engineer Jokes About
Depopulation & Biological Warfare
Edible vaccine supporter and head of
the Biodesign Institute for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, Dr. Charles
Arntzen has recently responded to questions about the issue of overpopulation with
the following sardonic remarks, “Has anybody seen Contagion? That’s the answer!
Go out and use genetic engineering to create a better virus [to wipe out the

57 ships Anchored off shore of NJ, MD/VA
Not sure what’s going on, might be
nothing. 4 days ago there was 12 ships anchored in a group 100 miles offshore
of MD and VA. Right now theres 23 ships anchored in this group. The last 2 days
another group of ships, but spread a bit further apart is anchored off the NJ
shore starting from 25 miles out to aprox 150 miles off shore. In all 32 ships
are anchored.

US encircling China with military bases: Report
Press TV – As part of a new strategy to
“pivot” increased US military presence in the Asia-Pacific, the United States
is encircling China with a chain of small air bases and military ports, a
report says.

asks Obama for pardon, but ready to pay 'heavy price for living in a free
Three hours after a military
judge sentenced Pfc. Manning to 35 years in prison for disclosing sensitive
government documents, attorney David Coombs said the appeals process will begin
in a matter of days.

8 real spies treated better than Manning
Was the judge's sentence overly harsh?
Does Manning deserve to be jailed at all? Below, take a look at how his 35-year
sentence stacks up to those handed out to other criminals, many of whose crimes
were arguably more severe than Manning's.

drone pilot demand outstrips supply
RT – The US Air Force is now facing a
shortage in the number of pilots able to operate the military’s quickly
expanding drone fleet, according to a new report published by a top Washington,
DC, think tank.

NRA built massive database of gun owners while
opposing national gun registry
The National Rifle
Association has frightened Americans about the prospect of a federal registry
of firearm owners, but the NRA itself has secretly created a database with
information from tens of millions of Americans who do not hold a membership. The
NRA has spent years secretly collecting information about gun owners from state
and local offices and has built the country’s largest privately held database
of current, former and prospective gun owners…Three million Americans are
members of the NRA, but the database has information from tens of millions of
people, NRA lobbyist Richard Feldman told BuzzFeed. NRA officials refused to
share an exact number or go into the detail about their data-collection methods

NSA Using Copyright Claims To Crush Free
Ben Swann – Can a government agency block
criticism by claiming copyright infringement? Sounds a bit ridiculous but it is
happening. The NSA is effectively stopping one small business owner from
criticism, claiming that by using its name he has infringed on their copyright.
Can they do that?

10 Signs We Live In a "Minority Report" World
With the quickening pace of technological
advancement it is no surprise to see "ideas" become reality quicker
than ever before.

Spending to Fight Raging Wildfires Tops $1 Billion
NBC News – Wildfires burning in Oregon,
Idaho and Montana are taxing national firefighting resources and helping to
push spending past $1 billion for t

Wild and Dangerous Weather — 29,000 Lightning Strikes in Two
LA Times – A storm front that worked its
way north through California early this week produced an unusual — and
potentially dangerous — result: nearly 29,000 lightning strikes in two days,
which sparked about 150 fires, Cal Fire officials said Tuesday.

CVS pharmacies 'bribing' customers to abandon medical privacy
The CVS/pharmacy corporation recently
launched a new pharmaceutical marketing scheme that pushes customers to fill
more drug prescriptions at its stores by enticing them with cash prizes and
other rewards, an initiative that is now part of the company's "ExtraCare
Rewards Program."

5 Things You Should be Eating to Protect Your Brain as it Ages
Don't underestimate diet as a means to
keep your brain sharp as you age. Here are 5 foods to consume forever and
always to maintain memory and brain health.

The Failed Medical Experiment: PSA Screening for Prostate
PSA screening for prostate cancer has
been a failed medical experiment leaving behind 1 million male victims treated
unnecessarily for a type of prostate cancer that was clinically insignificant,
providing little or no benefit in terms of lives saved.

Extend the Season—Build a Coldframe
Building a coldframe is a great
end-of-summer garden project. With a simple coldframe, you can extend your
season by a month or more on either end—in some climates, you can grow right
through the winter with one. There are a few different methods. Find out which
one is right for you.

Chemical Weapons Victim Footage Appears “Set-Up”
Behavior of victims not
consistent with alleged injuries.

Hastings Feared His Mercedes Had Been Tampered With
Day before crash: “He was afraid to drive his
own car”.

Has “Strong Indications” Assad Used Chemical Weapons; Russia Says Rebel False Flag

Meeting Signals Catastrophic Event
President Barack Obama held a
special, closed door meeting with the heads of the U.S.
government’s financial, monetary and oversight agencies. It included members of
the Federal Reserve, the FDIC, the CFTC, the SEC, and the Federal Housing
Finance Agency.
This has left many wondering
what is really going on – and if a serious event is about to take place yet
again…the last time the President of the United States had a meeting with all
of the bank heads, and two days later the price of gold was smashed for over

You Could Make More Money By Going On Welfare Instead Of Working, Would You Do
Economic Collapse | If you could stay home and relax all day and
actually make more money than you do at your current job, would you do it?

Theories Crumble as Data and Experts Suggest Global Cooling
New American | So-called global-warming alarmists are in a frenzy.

immigration reform may make immigrants cheaper to hire than citizens
Washington Examiner | Would it be cheaper for U.S. companies to hire newly
legalized immigrants instead of Americans, as immigration-reform legislation
pending in Congress would allow?

A Foundering India About To Flood The Gold Market With 200 Tons Of “Leased”
Zero Hedge | The truth behind the saying “never let a crisis go
to waste” transcends both time and space.

This Homeland Security
Employee Is Preparing for a Coming Race War
The Atlantic | DHS employees have to get outside activities
approved by their supervisors. The mass murder of white people. His site says, "warfare
is eminent, and in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we
are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our christian hearts can
possibly count."

Rules Spying, Photographing Neighbors Is Protected ‘Art’
It is okay to spy on your
neighbors and take pictures of their children in their homes without
permission, as long as you do it in the name of “art.”

benefits soon to be withheld from parents who don’t vaccinate children
Slowly, but very surely, the
world’s Great Power democracies are slipping into totalitarianism, all the
while swearing that the transition away from liberty and freedom is for our own

DHS Has ‘Deferred’ Deportation of 430,000 Illegals; Approved 98.3% of
Applications Reviewed
Homeland Security Secretary
Janet Napolitano says that over the past year the Obama Administration has
exercised what she calls “prosecutorial discretion” in allowing 430,000
self-declared illegal aliens to stay in the United States without any worry
that her department—which is charged by law with enforcing the immigration
law—will take action against them.

Fast-food workers urged to
stage nationwide strike
(MoneyWatch) A coalition of
labor, religious and other groups are calling for a nationwide strike of
fast-food employees on August 29.

team performs realistic hijacking drill on school bus filled with children

TO COUNTER MUSLIM MARCH Grass-roots movement plans to descend on Washington on
“How appropriate. A million
muslims surrounded by 2 million hogs!”

video shows sinkhole swallowing up trees in less than a minute
The sinkhole in Louisiana has
been swallowing up land and trees since it opened last August

Abandoned Dogs Roam
Detroit in Packs as Humans Dwindle
As many as 50,000 stray dogs
roam the streets and vacant homes of bankrupt Detroit, replacing residents

‘HATE THEM’: Here’s What
Teen Accused of Murdering Australian Student Had to Say About ‘White’ People,
Guns and Killing on Twitter
In one outrageous tweet,
Edwards writes: “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”
In another, he claims he
“knocked out 5 woods since Zimmerman court.” The word “woods” is also a derogatory term used to describe white people.

German municipalities face
The financial situation is so
tense that the municipalities are offset almost paralyzed with shock. Around
50 to 60 of the municipalities with around ten million inhabitants are so
deeply in debt that they "are scarcely able to act,"

Alabama city destroying
ancient Indian mound for Sam's Club
City leaders in Oxford, Ala. have approved the
destruction of a 1,500-year-old Native American ceremonial mound and are using
the dirt as fill for a new Sam's Club, a retail warehouse store operated by

Unidentified 13ft-long sea
monster with horns washes up on beach in Spain and has marine biologists

the Video that Youtube Banned!
"Has Perversion
Become Normal in America?"has
just been BANNED by YouTube that has classified it as HATE SPEECH. It
looks like the 1st Amendment is on its last leg, folks. Here's the
video that YouTube BANNED… http://www.ptsalt.com/

Gun Confiscation Begins In

Author says Utah publisher
refused to include gay partner in bio
The publisher says it feared
the “effect it would have with our LDS buyers.”
Two Utah authors say Cedar Fort Publishing’s
Sweetwater Books canceled publication of their young-adult fantasy novel "Woven" because one
of the authors is gay and wanted to reference his partner in his bio.

Boston bombing suspect was shot in the FACE by police during his
arrest and left with a fractured skull
Accused Boston Marathon
bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was badly injured when taken into federal custody with
multiple gunshot wounds including one that had fractured his skull, according
to recently unsealed court papers.

North Colorado 51st State
Initiative Makes It Onto Weld County Ballot
The initiative, which calls
for the creation of the state of North Colorado, has already made it onto the
ballot in Cheyenne, Sedgwick and Yuma Counties. Logan, Phillips, Washington and
Kit Carson Counties have also set dates to vote on the initiative.

Model S – Highest Safety Rating Of Any Car EVER

SF fire chief bans helmet
cameras in wake of crash
San Francisco's fire chief
has explicitly banned firefighters from using helmet-mounted video cameras,
after images from a battalion chief's Asiana Airlines crash recording became
public and led to questions about first responders' actions leading up to a fire rig running
over a survivor.

Rim fire near Yosemite out
of control, threatens 2,500 structures

Cyber Pearl Harbor: Why
hasn’t a mega attack happened?
Despite many warnings, no
major attack has taken place on the United States. So it is logical to ask why
this hasn’t happened yet, and if it ever will.

The minimum wage scam
Half of minimum-wage jobs are
held by adults over 25 years old, and asking adults to live on $7.25, or
$14,500 a year, doesn't leave them with enough to rent an apartment, commute to
work, raise a child and participate in society in any meaningful way.

Parasites That Can Invade Your Brain

Ex-pope Benedict says God
told him to resign during 'mystical experience'

Radiation levels in
Fukushima bay highest since measurements began – reports

Workers Contaminated With Radioactive Dust

Syria Refugee Photos Show
Terrifying Extent Of Crisis

Officials Now Prohibited From Having Foreign Bank Accounts
but the bill was softened in
parliament to allow ownership of foreign real estate.

Covers Show Why Americans Are So DUMB

Brain, Right Brain Personality Theory Debunked

A Food Packaging Making Children Fat?

behind Egypt coup’ – Turkish PM
RT – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
Erdogan claims Ankara has proof Israel was behind the July 3 military
"coup" that toppled Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, Turkish media

West Coast of North America to Be Hit Hard by Fukushima
Washington's Blog – While many people
assume that the ocean will dilute the Fukushima radiation, a previously-secret
1955 U.S. government report concluded that the ocean may not adequately dilute
radiation from nuclear accidents, and there could be “pockets” and “streams” of
highly-concentrated radiation.

nuclear agency upgrades Fukushima alert level
BBC – Japan's nuclear agency has upgraded
the severity level of a radioactive water leak at the Fukushima plant from one
to three on an international scale.

Facial Scanning Is Making Gains in Surveillance
NY Times – The federal government is
making progress on developing a surveillance system that would pair computers
with video cameras to scan crowds and automatically identify people by their

Release of Michael Hastings Autopsy Report Only Prompts More
The autopsy report states that Hastings had
small amounts of marijuana and amphetamine in his blood, but that this would
not have impaired his driving at such low levels. It also twice references two
empty alcohol bottles found at the scene of the crash as if to suggest that
they could have belonged to Hastings despite the fact that no alcohol was found
in his blood.

Missouri Police Tackle and Arrest Peaceful “Impeach Obama”
yet another example of political suppression overtaking Missouri, a startling
video shows the Missouri Highway Patrol tackling and arresting peaceful
protestors for refusing to leave a public area.

November 2013 – America's "Power Grid" Scheduled for
Nationwide "Drill"
One goal of the drill, called GridEx II,
is to explore how governments would react as the loss of the grid crippled the
supply chain for everyday necessities. “If we fail at electricity, we’re going
to fail miserably,” Curt Hébert, a former chairman of the Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission, said at a recent conference held by the Bipartisan
Policy Center.

78 Reasons Every American Should Wish Ron Paul a Happy Birthday
Tuesday (Aug 20) is Ron Paul’s 78th
birthday. The former Texas congressman has had a long career as America’s most
ideologically consistent politician. Love him or hate him, he always speaks his
mind, and refuses to pander to the crowd.

Biting Our Tongues Doesn’t Keep Us Safe … It Only INCREASES
Danger In the Long Run
Washington's Blog – First They Came …
Preface: German pastor Martin Niemöller initially supported Hitler. But he
later opposed him, and was imprisoned in the Dachau concentration camp for
years. Niemöller learned the hard way that keep your head down doesn’t keep one
out of trouble … in the long run, it increases the danger to all of us.

Oregon wildfire burns across 5,000 acres, threatens dozens of
Fox News – A wildfire in Oregon has
burned across 5,000 acres in the Columbia River Gorge, forcing the evacuation
of several dozen buildings.

Secret Document That Proves China Considers The United States To Be A Mortal
American Dream | If you believe that China is our “friend”, then you
have been deceived.

Shocking Facts Which Show How Badly The Economy Has Tanked Since Obama Became
Economic Collapse | Barack Obama has been running around the country
taking credit for an “economic recovery”, but the truth is that things have not
gotten better under Obama.

The NSA Scours 75% Of The Nation’s Internet Traffic – In One Chart
The system has the capacity
to reach roughly 75% of all U.S. Internet traffic.

PA Negotiators Met Secretly Today
Israeli and Palestinian
negotiators met secretly in Jerusalem on Tuesday, a senior Palestinian
Authority official said, a week after US-brokered peace talks were
relaunched in the Holy City.

Syrian opposition claims
1,300 killed in chemical attack
will go to the United Nations over claims of a nerve gas attack near Damascus
that rebels say has killed over 1,000 people, with William Hague saying the
reports would mark a "shocking escalation" if proved true.

Kids snatched 'without warrants,
without evidence'
organize to fight child-services-agency abuse

One By One, California Agents Track Down Illegally Owned Gun
In California, officials are
ramping up a unique program that identifies and seizes guns from people who are
prohibited from keeping them. Under state law, a legally registered gun owner
loses the right to own a firearm when he or she is convicted of a crime or
becomesmentally ill.

401(k)s: Delivery Problems
of a Different Nature


For the first time in a decade, Fox 13 doesn’t air
On Tuesday night,
KSTU-Channel 13 did something unheard of in local TV news — it failed to
present a newscast. "We live by the computer and die by the computer," he said. "And we’re having computer issues." Pretty serious computer
issues, clearly.

Manning sentenced to 35 years
in prison for WikiLeaks disclosures

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio:
Armed militias beware or be shot
Phoenix • Tough-talking
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is warning civilians who embark on armed patrols in
remote desert terrain that they could end up with "30 rounds fired
into" them by one of his deputies.

Gun lobbyist given stalking
injunction, allowed to keep firearms
JORDAN — A West Jordan judge has ruled that Clark Aposhian must stay away from
his ex-wife and her new husband, but Utah's top gun lobbyist will get his
firearms back.

Men impersonating LDS missionaries rob Vegas resident
VEGAS — Police here are looking for two men who allegedly robbed a man while
posing as Mormon missionaries…After talking to the phony missionaries for five
minutes, the victim was "jumped and punched," held at gunpoint and
robbed, police stated.

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