Dinar RV Testing – Grumbling by Dinar Holders Continues

frank26 & Mnt Goat
Fri, Aug 30, 2013
Subject: Dinar RV Testing

New Mtn Goat Post 8/28/13 AM Hi Everyone,

Did you ever get a chance to visit the Zugspitze in Bavaria? It is amazing. Once you finally arrive at the summit it feels like you are on the top of the world…and you almost are since this is the highest peak in the Bavarian Alps. There is v. schneien in the middle of Juli. I could not help but think about my past adventure today when I am reading many of the posts from these intel providers about the Iraq dinar revaluaton. Seems they all think they are on the top of the Zugspitze and can clearly see from their vantage point but this simply is just not true. They are visiting the summit on a cloudly day and do not see all they need to see. There is something blocking their vision. It could be ego or they just plainly do not recognize the evidence. Yes the details are all there for everyone to understand but why don't we all see it?

Let me now bring you on yet another journey of mine. This trip will take us back to many of my past posts. If you can remember I have said that the dinar revaluation process is now and has been out of the hands of Iraq for many months now. This has, by the way, been proven many times and is not a debatable issue or rumor any longer. I have attempted to explain also to you why we have not yet seen the activated rates at the bank. Do you remember these posts. Kindly go back and find them and reread them. It will really help you very much to understand leading up to what I am about to tell you in this post.

There are some schools of thought concerning this revaluation process and timeline. If you are a prudent persn you listen to many intel conference calls to gather your senses and wits about what is happening. I would of course prefer you to only listen to TNT now but that would not be fair for you. I know I too often do miss pieces that I forget to tell you since this is complicated and I try to simplify it somewhat.

*So what are these schools of thought:*

1. Iraq has total control over the RV. Politcal situation if holding it up. 2. The pending war with Syria is holding it up. We are waiting to see what happens before they trigger the RV 3. It is out of the hands of Iraq, all is done and we are just waiting for some mystical power behind the scenes to activate our rates. This one really bugs me since if you ask them what "*all is done*" means they do not even know but they preach this stuff to us. We get on the rollcoaster and expect it any second now. We are kept on a constant edge…not me of course…I know better.

Each of these schools of thougth are of course absolute non-sense and rediculous. There is another alternative. Remember "*The Road Not Taken"? *Could it possbily be that the RV was released to the IMF for implementation months ago? I am talking around April 2013 timeframe. Why is this so hard for some to believe? It is a practical bit of information and makes total sense.

Could it be that IMF them contracted it out to a primary contractor (now WF) who in turn sub contracted pieces of it out to third parties to perform the work they themselves could not provide? Does this make sense to you? How else could they implement the RV? If you are still telling yourself mntgoat is full of it then you tell me what is holding it up? Go ahead smartly pants I want to know? Oh…its some guy behind some mystical curtain waiting to pull the trigger ? ……lol. ..lol…lol….how rediculous!

So let us put this is practical, real terms and get ourselves out of this disney fantasy. It is common practice in the government to contract out work. They do it all the time. How could the IMF possibly implement this on their own? How could they possibly even begin to do this work unless they have help. They are not an IT shop. They are part of the United Nations? Have you ever been in their buildings. Do you see IT people running around ? No you see diplomats. That is what they do. They do not have the IT office space, the programmers, the database people not do they know all the pieces on how to roll this out.

Why am I telling you all this. I am telling you this because believe it or not there are still hunderds of thousands of people who still think this is in the hands of the IMF or Iraq for implementation. They think the CBI has to do all the programming changes to make this happen. They think its all in their hands…..how rediculous. Use some common sense.

Why am I telling you all this? What I am trying to do here in this post is make you realize that this project to implement the revaluation is in fact in progress and has been for many months now. It would have to have been started long before June. It makes total sense that for confidentiality they would hire a banking firm to do the work since they already have connectivity and access to some of the pieces. We are not waiting for the govenment of Iraq or the CBI to give its approval or Maliki to resign. The rates can somewhat be negitiated but the final rate is driven by the new software and must consider all the assets of Iraq and other countries in the database. Banks do not decide this rate nor does the USA. Plain and simple! This is not being held up because of negotiations for higher rate in USA or a pending war with Syria or any other reason other than its just more than they anticipated and planned for.

This implementation is simply BIGGER than expected. Once they got the new Babylon II software coded (taking the old Babylon I and making the needed rate algorithm changes) they could them begin the process of testing and tried to implement the newly generated rates by pushing them downstream to where they needed to go…to the banks and to the exchanges worldwide. This is where the issues began and they realized this project was in trouble. Remember we began hearing about the new algorithms back in 2011 and most laughed at Okie for the news he presented. Remember the intel from Okieabout the back screens showing very high rates? They were testing this software back them is all. Again we relied too much on the banks for intel, thus we thought it was going to RV any day. We were all so wrong back then because we didn't know what we didn't know. Well many IMF people have come forward now to help us out and provide what is really happening.

Truely and wholeheartedly I believe that they planned and wanted to pop this RV shortly after the announcement of the release from chapter 7. Only based on what I just said it has been one delay tactic after another so they can discover the issues (by testing) and then fix them. There was not even one (1) person who knew the entire process and all the changes that would have to be made to implement this RV. It was through trial and error that they would discover yet another piece that needed work. Unfortunateythis all takes time.

So what is the current progress of this project to implement the RV? In the past they had many issues getting the full implementation done so all the pieces are connected, files loaded and systems can not talk to each each other (fully integrated). I talked about this in one of my recent past posts. Kindly go back and refer to the reasons why they are late on delivery. We should have had this RV by now. This is a fact. It is not an easy project since they are dealing with 190+ different countries with varied platforms, software configurations and applications. Also its not that they have to get this working just one time to implement, instead this RV process must be able to work to revalue hunderds of currencies at once in an ongoing basis as an effort to maintain the balance of all the currency values going forward post RV. It is a brand new process. Integrating all the exchanges and banks with CIX is also complicated.

I wish I could get a daily progress report from my IMF contact but this person is just too busy to give me what I need for you. But I do a touch point from time to time and I did one yesterday.

Here is what I was told: The NYSE and NASDAQ were loaded, then Canadian exchange (Toronto), then South American (Brazil), next Australia, then the Eurex. Many of them experiences some degree of down time in the progress. Yesterday the exchange in Franfurt also had a hic-up and *I said a big fat WOW *! (meinHubby even heard me.. lol…) from across the room. I know that this was the last exchange on the list of many to complete. This gives us all a sense of where we are in the process. That was yesterday, today is Weds. I was told they are still on track and feel confident that the final activation could happen prior to Sept 1st and are reaching for this Thursday. I do not hear anything about today as a possbility and I do not know why the banks are being notified that it could go today.. Maybe it will and they know something I don't?

Now for the bad news I also heard from a planning resource that now that everything is integrated with the banks and exchanges, they decided to push the rates and other data one more time and verify results and get signoffs once again. If all testing is not successful they will continue to test over the coming weekend (I believe you have a holiday in the USA?) and would activate early next week instead. This is of course pending all tests are successful. The IMF does not like this idea. I heard lots of grumbling….This is actually good news cause I know that this is still on track and very, very close. If these tests all go well we are in the money……

I even hate to give you any timeframes since I am not in control of this project or have any say. All I can do is pass on the news to you. I hope you use it wisely.

Peace and Luv to ya all, mnt goat

Frank26 IQD Conference Call after Bible Study Tuesday, August 27, 2013

IQD update

• Post 177 by BDF65 recaps the article in post 110 with commentary regarding the significance of the deal between Iraq and India; Forum member replied with definition of “exotic currency” from Investopedia: currencies which lack market depth, traded a low volumes, bid/ask spreads are large, not considered major currencies, and the IQD was used as an example; he went on to say the information we have today people would have given their eye teeth for 2 decades ago, we have a rare gift of free information at KTFA • NASDAQ disagreeing on why they shut down, giving different excuses, don’t believe these things! Don’t pay attention, they cannot be that ignorant to their own systems and processes • Jack Lew: O not negotiating over the debt limit; either O does not care about the USA and its citizens or he’s aware of something going on that will resolve our debt issues • Frank will not speak about Syria due to the sensitivity of the situation with our troops involved • Article: Iraq continues to be exposed due to its reliance on only oil for their nation’s revenue; however, this is not an example of “Dutch disease” meaning relying solely on 1 export because Iraq is oil, with an almost limitless supply • Relationship between India and Iraq allows them to do business in local currencies – this is what the IMF mandated • Andy5252 came on the line and stated he tried to call his congressman in his DC office and asked questions about the Dodd-Frank Law, and he got the run around, deflected the questions, promised to return calls, but no reply • post by SeniorTour about the Marshall Plan, where will it be applied next time? With USA getting involved in Syria, is this the next target for the Marshall Plan; Frank said Kuwait and Iraq were different, the USA was invited there, but not Syria or Egypt; Afghanistan is a different question, needs further study • M wants to run for a 3rd term – many similarities between M and O • Article 40,000 Iraqis have died this year under M’s government • When Frank brought us Delta’s report, he erroneously used the word “spread,” he should have stated it was a fee, or service charge; banks will make money from the spread, and also from the fees/service charges; so, what do we do? Pay the tax. Don’t be greedy, or you will lose even more; give the first fruits to the Lord and then tithe, and he will multiply it back; if banks want to charge fees, talk to them! Go in prepared with information, don’t go in asking questions, be bold and don’t let them push you around, insist on answers, ask for the manager’s phone number, work from a position of strength – get into the banks and do our homework, determine what bank we are going to deal with; pay attention and find out what you can now • Frank reminded that it’s not imperative to set up vehicles now (annuities, trusts, etc), it can be done after the RV, but we must investigate now, and know that we will need more than one vehicle, we will need more than one bank • Frank reminded that KTFA Premium has a terrific amount of resources, and is very valuable for our education; Frank invited KTFA Premium subscribers to post of the forum rating the Premium side; cost is $15 per month, and if one truly cannot afford it, please speak with Frank • Ramjet post about the intel yesterday of 30% tax on exchange: he told another person about this investment and encouraged this person to contact Frank for his IQD; this man had purchased currency from Travelex previously, and was charged a service fee – one of the ways the banks will pull themselves out of financial trouble is these fees • Frank has a friend who is ex-military and who is invested in the IQD; this man has well-placed connections in the UN in the IMF; according to this man’s sources, Iraq was given 30 days to get the RV done after release from CH7, and then they were given article 8 and another 30 days and they blew it, so the IMF is now in control; the greed of those in gov’t and banking in Iraq have led to the delays, and now the IMF is in control • Frank said the next window of study is Sept 3 – 8 • The “glitches” the NYSE said there was too much info on their boards and it crashed. This is smoke, they were downloading software; what is important about this is, what time of day did NASDAQ crash? 12:00 pm ; when testing is run, they do it behind our backs in the wee hours of the morning – notice, this time, they did it in real time, when trading was live, right in front of us; this is significant; when it’s time for the RV to happen, the systems need to be tested in live in real time. What time did they come back? 3:00 PM ; why? Do our homework and look at the pattern when Kuwait RV’ed in the 1990’s, it happened at 3:00 PM; rate changes must be posted by 3:00 PM; this was a test run in real time; Kuwait was turned back at 3:00 PM on a Thursday in the 1990’s; think of the billions lost when trading was shut down – why would they stand for this? The money in banks was locked up, trading stopped, and no way would this be allowed if it wasn’t for something BIG (pending RV) • The amount of information downloaded was HUGE, taking 3 hours, and we saw this happen in the Eurex as well; the rate change for many currencies for many countries is a tremendous amount of data; the entire world’s money in the NASDAQ was shut down and tied up; this is dangerous, contracts and futures had to be redone; this go-live test was extraordinary; shutting down the world’s financial markets is the last step before an RV; these are epic times • Delta’s update (voice message): all is well with him, update is M went to India, it was very successful, M is back in Baghdad, M signed many contracts with the most significant being the deals in local currency exchange, significant because the IQD is not international, so obviously something is about to happen; M talked about finances, which was significant; the MoP has a 5 year plan, and it was to be implemented in January but did not; the MoP is saying on Iraqia TV that the 5 year plan will be implemented in mid-September, again a HUGE sign something is about to happen; the governor of the CBI announced about coming budget of 2014 with the GOI

Frank ended the call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast

BulldogFord65 "I am one of His witnesses, and in a coming day I shall feel the nail marks in His hands and in His feet and shall wet His feet with my tears. But I shall not know any better then than I know now that He is God's Almighty Son, that He is our Savior and Redeemer, and that salvation comes in and through His atoning blood and in no other way." Elder Bruce R McConkie AMEN, AMEN and AMEN!

8-28-2013 Intel Guru TD Make no mistake about it these are VERY proud people with rich resources and a great future ahead…But it is THEIR ball to play with ! According to my source, The US & it's allies have received the necessary logistical help from Iraq, Turkey & others concerning the Syrian crisis. A timeline of fireworks is evidently established for this weekend/labor day and hopefully things will start simmering down by late next week as diplomatic solutions are on the table for discussion after a severe wake up call. Once the dust settles, Iraq was told to re commence it's plans of progress. Until then we are in a holding pattern. [Post 2 of 2]

8-28-2013 Intel Guru TD Iraq is a sovereign country…NO currency reform program would have been allowed to start till this milestone event (release from chapter 7)occurred… they in fact DID operate under a program rate of 1166 or more for a decade…having massed over $70 billion and at least did not collapse economically during that time. So it's not impractical for the development of a reborn nation to take time to further establish itself internationally. Especially one that is lagging in many respect among it's peer 3rd world nations. So to go from 1166 currently to $23.50 is just pie in the sky dreamland talk folks! …The ONLY technical glitch to be real in the days ahead will be with Syria's communication & military installations [Post 1 of 2 stay tuned]

8-28-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony …The banks, UST, govt', 3-letter agencies, are all on high alert for today. Am I looking for it today? Yes. The only problem today is thatthey are looking for certain things to happen…I do believe in my sources, multiple sources… They are all frustrated that this hasn't happened. They have lives and dreams just like us… Every hour we get closed to Saturday the pressure is on and we have to see something before Saturday. I think we're coming up to the point where they have to manually correct any tech issues. Nothing is stopping this, in fact they're pushing even harder to get this done by Saturday.


8-28-2013 Newshound Guru Adam Montana I don't really think the CBI is going to submit to any pressure, but just the same – it looks like they are trying to put it on them…The Iraqi people want the CBI to take serious action on increasing the value… and I'm looking forward to seeing how the CBI responds…In my opinion, the CBI is doing a great job of maintaining their value, and if they decide to crank up the value they will do a great job of maintaining the higher value…

8-28-2013 Intel Guru Mnt Goat heard from a planning resource that now that everything is integrated with the banks and exchanges, they decided to push the rates and other data one more time and verify results and get signoffs once again. If all testing is not successful they will continue to test over the coming weekend … and would activate early next week instead…This is of course pending all tests are successful…If these tests all go well we are in the money…All I can do is pass on the news to you. I hope you use it wisely.

8-28-2013 Intel Guru Loechin I was told it could go anytime after midnight [Tuesday]…Know that it's coming.

8-28-2013 Intel Guru Bluwolf logic tells me…the U.S. is totally broke and so is the world powers. We now face a threat of another war but we have no money to pay for it, we have stretched our limits, we know we can feel it in our pockets things are bad all over. Media is saying possible intervention towards Syria is on thursday, logic tells me we should rv tonight before all hell comes loose in the Middle East… Logic saids today stretching towards tomorrow in the afternoon lets see how smart the ptb really are for if not…….now thats another story.

8-28-2013 Intel Guru Jester [High Alert?] WE ARE TRACKING A WINDOW… THINGS LOOK POSITIVE… [am I understanding that there are only going to be 2 countries that are going to RV? Dinar and dong? What of others, rupiah, ZINBABWE ect…] IT IS MY UNDERSTANDING THAT 192 COUNTRIES ARE SET TO GO AT THE SAME TIME. WE ARE ON THE BRINK.

8-28-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG [Guru TD Quote: “there is no such thing as a 190 + global reset.”] I, also, have discussed this at length with several contacts (in the ME) – Their typical response is to heartily laugh at this notion. The label they have chosen to use for a “GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET” is “INTERNET MYTH”.

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