Obama Watch – Miley Cyrus & Football Upstaging Gov’t ShutDown

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Mon, Oct 7, 2013
Subject: Gov't Shutdown Mess

No End to Government Shutdown Without Concessions
"The President just
can’t sit there and say, ‘I’m not going to negotiate'"
Says US Will Default If Obama Won't Budge
Cruz: Use
debt ceiling debate for leverage
to recall most furloughed employees despite shutdown
Pushing Trans-Pac Partnership Despite Shutdown
Border Patrol Rep Claims
Agents Being Ordered to Stand Down
Looters Get Tax Breaks Too
Syria chemical weapons
disarmament begins
Inspectors begin work to
destroy Syria's chemical weapons arsenal, with nine-month
deadline to complete mission
The Truthseeker: 'Worse
than Hiroshima':
US war chemicals and
'stinking hypocrisy'
Kerry says US raid in Libya was ‘legal’, vows such operations will go on Secretary of State John Kerry has justified the capture by US forces of a terrorism suspect in Tripoli as ‘legal and appropriate’. He thus responded to Libya governments’ demand for explanations over what happened.
As U.S. Struggles With Health Reform, The Amish Go Their Own Way (Reuters)
A little-known provision of the law with its roots in a 1950s battle over Social Security exempts these communities from the individual mandate, an element of the Affordable Care Act that requires most Americans to purchase health insurance in some form. But it is not the idea of health insurance the Amish reject – the close-knit communities essentially insure themselves…In 1965, Congress passed a law giving certain Amish and Mennonite religious orders the right to opt out of Social Security, Medicaid and a host of other government benefits. "The basic religious reason driving their resistance is that, as a religious faith, the church community should take care of its own members," said Kraybill. "If there's a disaster like a tornado, fire or hospital bill, the community should come together for that."
Eye Witness: Police pulled child from car THEN executed woman!
Wolf Blitzer talks to a woman who witnessed the Capitol Hill shooting and describes the barrage of gunfire….
Family NOT Allowed To See Body Or Daughter Of Young Mother Kill.
Brian Aiken Lost Everything When He Was Sent to Prison Despite Not Breaking Any Laws
The law specifically outlines an exemption clause which allows the transportation of legally owned firearms while in the process of moving. During the trial, the jury even asked the judge 3 times if they could rule based on this law but the requests were denied!…
Epic fail: 99% of Obamacare applications can't be processed,
'nightmare scenario' coming in January According to insurance industry insiders who spoke to CNBC, 99 out of 100 applications don't contain enough information to result in enrollment. "…federal officials could face a situation in January in which relatively large numbers of people believe they have coverage starting that month, but whose enrollment applications are have not been processed," reports CNBC.
Survey – 83 percent of US doctors have considered abandoning their practices over Obamacare
Police Remove Vietnam War Veterans at Memorial Wall
After one group of veterans went around the barricade, "the park ranger told them the wall was closed," NBC's Mark Seagraves reported. "Later another group of vets showed up and moved the barricades. At that point, the memorial filled with vets and tourists. That's when police came and moved everyone out."
Military keeps Camp David open, cuts NFL, baseball coverage to troops overseas
Washington Examiner – President Obama has visited the Navy-run presidential retreat Camp David in central Maryland only 32 times, but it is being kept open during the government shutdown for his entertainment and security at the same time the Pentagon is cutting sports coverage to hundreds of thousands of troops around the world.
Massive Tornadoes Invade Western Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota; Multiple Injuries
The True Cost of a Flawed Health Care Paradigm
Americans spend twice as much on health care per capita than any other country in the world; more than 17 percent of US gross domestic product, or $2.7 trillion dollars every year, is spent on health care.

Health Basics: 50% of gluten-free foods still contain food toxins
Many gluten-free foods still contain MSG, aspartame, Sorbitol, Sucralose, maltodextrin, GMO corn sugar and other genetically modified additives
Careful what you tweet: Police, schools tap social media to track behavior
NBC News – Marketed to police department, BlueJay Twitter-monitoring tool "has no IT requirements," explains the sales literature. "All you need is Internet and a browser." Also, $150 a month.
Farmer loses land battle, though military grants him one last harvest
No matter how many federal bureaucrats knocked on his door—or how much cash they offered to pay—the 85-year-old farmer refused, again and again, to sell his beloved land. As he likes to say: “You can’t eat the money.” But as Frank Meyers learned today—in  a heartbreaking moment he’d been dreading for years—you can’t stop the government, either.
GMO Corn Farmers are Losing Land, Swimming in Debt Says New Research
Best Crops and Varieties for Winter Gardening
Americans More Interested in Miley Cyrus, Football Than Obamacare or Govt. Shutdown
Vast majority content to watch pop star lick sledgehammer while country collapses.
ATF tries to block whistleblowing agent’s Fast and Furious book Washington
Times | 1st Amendment battle over ‘gun-walking’ expose.
Veteran New York Times Reporter: “This Is Most Closed, Control-Freak Administration I’ve Ever Covered”
Washington’s Blog | Seasoned CBS News Anchor: “Whenever I’m Asked What Is The Most Manipulative And Secretive Administration
I’ve Covered, I Always Say It’s The One In Office Now”.
Russia planning ‘near-total surveillance’ of visitors, athletes at Sochi Winter
Olympics London Telegraph | US State Department has advised Americans headed to Russia to leave smart phones and
laptops at home, an investigation has revealed.
Markets Tumbling All Around The World — Economy Set To Slow — Debt Ceiling Crisis Grows
Business Insider | Good morning! Markets are tumbling around the world.
Gasp! CDC Finally Admits the Age of Antibiotics is Finished as Super-Bacteria Take
Over In a startling moment of truth, the CDC now openly admits that antibiotic prescriptions have led to the death of more than 23,000 Americans every year.
Greece Considering Confiscation Of Private Assets
Typhoon Fitow Hits China: Half A Million People Forced To Evacuate
Gold Fever In China: A Signal of The Next Financial Crisis?
As reported by Forbes, 25% of world production ends up in China. The dragon is in fact one of the advocates of the return to increased gold reserves in its central bank…First, the government could play this card to protect domestic investments, diversifying the excessive money stock generated by exports. Anyway, the main investment was represented by the U.S. dollars and T-bonds: China holds the largest dollar
reserve in the world, more than 2,800 billion, and owns the highest share of U.S. public debt (additional 1.16 trillion).
Secondly, this accumulation could hide the need to protect themselves against the high prices of agricultural goods. In this sense, the FAO warns against soaring costs, and the World Bank in its recent report predicts shortages of food and possible patchy rebellion.
Leaders say Mormons cannot condone same-sex marriage
(Even the Salt Lake Tribune is not finding much to report on the Lukewarm conference…I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Revelation  :15-16)
Underwear Run trots through downtown Salt Lake City Runners dressed only in their underwear began their run at 5 p.m., about an hour after the Mormon church’s final conference session dispersed for the weekend.


Witness – 1 Yr Old Taken From Carey's Car Before She Was Killed A witness says that the
1-year-old child in Miriam Carey's car was removed from her vehicle before police "let loose" with gunfire on Carey, killing her
Man Who Set Self Ablaze At DC Mall Dies

Liberal New Republic suggests Obama use military against Tea Party
On Tuesday, the liberal New Republic published an article that was a not-so-subtle suggestion that Barack Obama use military force against the Tea Party in the same manner Boris Yeltsin used it against hardliners in his government nearly 20 years ago.
Doctors: Time to file lawsuits against Obamacare
Exclusive: Devvy Kidd declares, Obama's health takeover 'not a law because it's unconstitutional'
Obamacare National Call Number Is…Really…1 800 F*CKYO
Need health care coverage? Just dial 1-800-F**KYO to reach Obamacare’s national hotline

Not One Person In Sebelius Home State Signs For Obamacare!
HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been President Barack Obama’s main organizer and cheerleader for Obamacare since its inception. But you know the government-run health care plan is bad when the Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department can’t get anyone from her own state to sign up for it.
Tesla CEO
Says Fire Caused By 'Impaled Battery'
Government shutdown leaves some tourists stranded near Yellowstone
GOP Considers 6 Week Funding, Debt Extension
House votes to approve back pay for furloughed workers House Republicans have authorized a“paid vacation” forfurloughed workers.
Obama's exceptionalism talk reminiscent of Nazi rhetoric before WWII US exceptionalism rhetoric poses extreme danger and is reminiscent of Nazi ideals and talk “before and during World War II,” Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said in exclusive interview with RT Spanish. Referring to US President Barack Obama’s statement that “America is exceptional” because it stands up not only for its own “narrow self interest, but for the interests of all," Correa said:“Does not this remind you of the Nazis’ rhetoric before and during World War II?
Family NOT Allowed To See Body Of Murdered Mother – Vid Family
NOT Allowed To See Body Or Daughter Of Young Mother Killed By DC Police
Tornado Hits NE – Winter Storm Hits SD, WY
German intelligence service is as bad as the NSA There has been much criticism of the US agency in Germany, but surveillance laws in both countries fail to protect internet privacy
Obama says Iran a year or more from nuclear weapon capability Reuters) – The United States believes Iran is a year or a more away from being able to produce a nuclear weapon, President Barack Obama said in an interview with the Associated Press released on Saturday, although he described the estimate as "conservative."
SAS sniper photo raises new doubts in Princess Diana conspiracy
Herald Sun | Photographs of a British SAS sniper lying on a Welsh bridge with his long-range rifle have prompted a fresh investigation into a Princess Diana assassination theory.
Dying Diana ‘finished off by the SAS’ Daily Star| Royal author John Morgan ­believes a squad of Special Forces soldiers disguised as press photographers had trailed her.
Now MasterCard Wants Your Fingerprints… Earlier this week, USA Today reported that massive payment processor MasterCard had joined the FIDO alliance.
Are We Americans Afraid to Take Our Licks?
Dr. David R. Jones| Our beautiful American values have been subordinated to the “safety” of a security state.
Obama Open To Redskins Name Change President Barack Obama says if he owned the Redskins, he would think about changing the team’s name, which many people deem offensive to Native Americans.
Sir Bob Geldof: ‘All humans will die before 2030′
Daily Star| SIR BOB GELDOF has declared we ALL have less than 17 years to live.
Judges bid to banish the Bible from court over fears witnesses and defendants no longer take the oath seriously-Judges are considering plans which would mean defendants and witnesses would no longer swear on the Bible to tell the truth in court


Asia grain mountains swell as governments fret over food security Govts want to ensure safety buffers against possible food crisis Reuters) – Towering grain mountains in Asia, already large enough to feed China for eight months, are set to grow even bigger as governments persist in shoring up their safety buffers against hard times.

Russian Military Inspectors to Fly Over Portugal, Spain
Russian military inspectors will begin monitoring flights over Portugal and France starting on Monday under the international Open Skies Treaty, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. Each aircraft flying under the Open Skies program is fitted with optical, infra-red and radar sensors to gather imagery
University Engineers Create Code That Builds DNA Molecules
In other words, University of Washington engineers have just discovered a way to program simulated life, all while using a language that  allows them to program and direct the movement of custom molecules
US government shutdown:
banks stockpiling cash America’s biggest banks are stockpiling extra cash in their ATMs, amid fears that the government shutdown and the threat of a US default will induce a sudden panic among their customers.
Mormon women shut out of all-male priesthood meeting Feminist group plans to keep trying, though poll shows most LDS women don’t want ordination.
Fewer takers than expected for Utah’s new $50 coyote bounty
Wildlife » Cool response by hunters revives debate over need for Utah’s new taxpayer-funded program. Bounty hunters did not kill the number of coyotes that some had hoped during the first year of the Mule Deer Protection Act, but biologists and supporters of the controversial program say it will take time to see if it is helping Utah’s herds…"I talked to people who killed coyotes and didn’t bring them in for reimbursement because of the difficulty of the process," Okerlund said. "That might be something we [will] consider changing."
Horrific moment a monster truck driver lost control and ploughed into Mexican air show crowd killing 13 and injuring more than 70



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