United States Of America, going Bankrupt


America has been bankrupt, almost from the creation of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. When the corporate USA agrees to bankruptcy terms the agreement spans 70 years.  The first bankruptcy agreement included the District of Columbia as the collateral for the debt.  

The 2nd go-round – or 70 years after the Paris Treaty that Ben Franklin signed – the new USA bankruptcy agreement took place when Abe Lincoln was the President.  All of the southern states were to be used as collateral for the next 70yr USA bankruptcy contract. 

About 70 years later – 1933 or so – the USA Governors and the USA President decided to put you and me up as collateral for this next 70 year bankruptcy cycle.  

Today, when a man and a woman go and get their Marriage License they both sign the contract that allows Government to participate in their marriage.  It's a business license and the man and woman agree to give their children to the government.    

Today, when a new baby is born, the doctor and the parents sign the new Birth Certificate.  The birth certificate gets a cusip number and then it is monetized under the umbrella of the Dept of Commerce in DC.  Some times the baby signs the birth certificate with a foot print or a hand print.  This is officially called In-Voluntary Slavery.  As birth certificates are sold and sold again and sold again it generates $millions and $millions for the Federal Government. 

During the last several weeks we have been persuaded that America is out of money.  Well, many businesses have a 2nd set of books or a 3rd set of books.  Lawyers in DC and the Lame Stream Press are doing their best to twist our arm and find excuses to tax us even more.  

Count on it, the Federal Government corporation has plenty of money.  

We need to wake up. 

We need to kick the lawyer bums out of DC. 

We need to quit expecting Pres Obama and this Congress to fix anything. 

Take a look at www.MorningLiberty.com for more evidence on these and other issues. 

I pray that God may continue to Bless America. 

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