Obama Small Arms ShakeDown – Obama & Hillary Exposed

Robert A Hender Jr
Oct 25, 2013
Subject: Obama DisArming America

We have every right to defend ourselves.  We have a responsibility to speak up and to stand where God has planted us, for free speech, for the freedom of worship, for our right to travel etc…  

NSA and CIA assassins have been trained to blindly shoot Americans.  The shootings at Aurora Colorado, at Newtown CT, at the DC Navy Base and other shooting events were carried out by Manchurian candidates and often they have no memory of the event.  

Do you recall the movie ' Conspiracy Theory, ' with Mel Gibson?  Do you remember Jason Borne as well?  These characters represent thousands of real NSA and CIA assassins that are quietly waiting for their marching orders.  

Between the UN Small Arms Treaty activity and the Lame Stream Media, the powers that be are ding their best to persuade us that we would be safer if we just hand over our guns.  These are lies from the pits of hell.  

In the news, I saw a report recently about how the Department of Homeland Security is about to spend $80million more to hire extra guards in preparation of civil unrest in America.  

  Are we sheep in America?  Are we waiting to be sheered by the politicians in DC?  

  We are in charge in America.  

  God Bless…  R J Hender




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