Dinar RV $27 & Holding – More RV Announcements Expected Soon

Okie Oil Man, ZAP & Mnt Goat
Mon, Oct 28, 2013
Subject: Dinar RV Progress

OkieOilMan] good monday afternoon america, ships at sea and all our world wide friends. Well as i stated on yesterday's post this should be a very productive week. Several movements regarding our blessing is finally coming to light. The lower denoms are now in circulation and iraq has an international accepted curriency in at least 6 countries. They have made their announcement for the umteenth time to their citizens about the re-evaluation of their currency. I have oil field personel contacts that has already been paid at the escalated rate of over 27 dollars. The dignataries from several countries involved has taken place in D.C. And they have finally worked out the final arrangements condusive to their benefit. This delay has and is beneficial to us because the delay has had a direct relationship to the final rate, which is much higher than anticipated. In other words—-you have made money and are unaware of it. This delay will prove to be worth the wait. I see the fed meeting is tommorow and wednesday concerning the quanitive easing and the tapering of the fed's printing of additional currency. This may also be an indicator or projection of what we expect prior (prior at the present time) to our r/v. Get your plans solidified and write down the necessary steps you anticipate taken when the final notice is given.—i am awaiting the release of the 800 numbers as well as the notification of the finality of this project. The 1st of november is the start of iraq's new 10 year plan of progress toward the new steps to be taken in iraq concerning their future projection of the country's advancement and their goal's for their country. —–more to follow as it becomes available——-blessings galore

From Poof report: in other news, the elders, in conjunction with the china treasury, us treasury, imf, and world bank (and cabal as well) are all meeting right now. This is the big one. The various announcements will come out from this meeting, and we will get to know real timelines for everything that is out there. The fellow from china that is doing the global gold settlements is ready in the next days, basel iii is ready to come forth and be the new protocol, and the historic asset redemptions are flowing (people already paid). Not much more to say on these affairs other than we are at the end of the wait. Mountain goat said it well as well. *

RJ,  Looks like Jester's analysis agrees with Drake's recent statements that the RV will take longer and be lower than "gurus" state.  Frankly, their RV scenarios make sense.  Jester's postulations get more specific, in essence, saying that the:
1. RV and GCR will happen all at once.
2. Overprinting of high denoms (3 zeroes) sold outside Iraq now means:
          Countries can exchange high denoms for oil credits.
          After exchange to oil credits or USD, the high denoms will be destroyed.
3. Removal of 3 zeroes (high denoms) in Iraq will end early 2014, a likely time for RV.
4.  $27+ RV is too high and unrealistic because it can't be supported by Iraq
5. The GCR will be based on a quantity comparison of countries' commodities:
           For example, Australia has more oil than Kuwait and Iraq, so:
                 Australia's money will rise in value and join a basket of reserve currencies
                 Kuwait's money will lower from its current value
                 Iraq's money may rise to about a par with Kuwait, less than $3, maybe $1


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