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RJ Hender
Thur, Nov, 7 2013
Subject: Was Jesus Married?

Oct 2013 wrote:

                  Was Jesus Married?  
   As a Radio Host and Blogger I’ve been asking questions for years.  It’s been fun for me to find experts that are willing to give answers on issues. 
   One of the most controversial issues that I have done interviews on is on whether Jesus was married or not. 
   Several years ago the book DaVinci Code came out and later the movie came out, suggesting that Jesus may have been married.  Even during the recent Olympic Ceremonies in England we saw and heard an older Hymn sung about Jesus walking the hills of Britain. 
   From my own research I learned how Joseph of Aramathea would travel to Cornwall and Devon and Somerset and China, along with other places, and he took Jesus along with him.  At Looe, Cornwall England there are signs posted all over of Jesus and Joseph in the boat together. 
   One principle that I learned many years ago was that it takes a Woman to turn a Boy into a Man.  I have thought about, if Mary Magdaline was married to Jesus, what kind of impact did she have upon the Lord.  Does sex have to be carnal?  If Jesus had children with Mary then would He have been less of a man or would He have become less Divine? 
   One expert that I have interviewed on the issue of Jesus Was Married was Ogden Kraut.  I recorded over 10 interviews with Kraut on this subject.  Not many people are willing to discuss these issues. 
   I’ve seen how angry many Christians have gotten as this idea went public, the idea that Jesus could have been married. 
   One of my interview guests told me that Jesus married Mary when He was just 17yrs old and they lived in Britain.  Could Jesus have raised a family in England and then went to perform His ministry, knowing that he went to the very people that would crucify Him? 
   For the haters of Jesus, it wasn’t enough that they crucified the Lord, they sought to kill His followers and perhaps His family. 
   Could it be that this very personal history of the Lord was kept hidden or never written at all in order to save the lives of His sacred posterity? 
   I came upon one report that states that Jesus built a house for Mary, His mother, in Somerset England.  This house was a place that Mary could flee to for refuge in the middle of the scorched earth of Christian persecutions. 
   Ogden Kraut has a site that may have more information on these issues if you are looking for this intel;
   For Free, you can download my radio interviews with Ogden Kraut on these issues and you can draw your own conclusions.    Take a look at and you can download these radio interviews. 
   I will keep asking questions.
   RJ Hender

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