Top 3 Unforgiveable American Sins – Trafficking, SRA & Child Sex Abuse in DC

RJ Hender
Fri, Nov 15, 2013
Subject: Top 3 Unforgiveable American Sins

Child Sex Abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse & , Child Trafficking

     As a Radio Host I’ve been reporting on Child Trafficking, SRA, and Child Sex Abuse issues for years.  Attempts on my life have been made as I have reported on these issues and as I have spoken out on how Churches are used to house this kind of activity in America.

     I appreciate how New Radio Voices are crying about the abduction and child, sex slave activity that is growing in America.  If you will go to to donate you may make a dent in this problem.  Glenn Beck recently announced that over 3 million children are victims to these abduction, trafficking, kidnapping and satanic crimes.

     The Bible spells some of this activity out boldly at Micah 3: .  This whole chapter spells out the violations to these child victims.  Imagine the breaking of bones, the pealing of skin off of these victims, the placement in the cauldron of these body parts as a part of Satanic Worship Events that occur often all across America.  One of my radio guests, Joy Wheeler, spoke with me about impregnation events, before the satanic alter, beneath Church Cathedrals all over the country.  You can download these 1st hand interviews at and listen to the evidence yourself.  Joy Wheeler spoke how she was impregnated many times and her babies were delivered before these alters.  Another careful radio guest, Tom Gambill, spoke with me of how the blood of newborn babies is most precious for these satanic worshippers.  Reportedly, it is the best blood to drink.

     These issues are very difficult to speak about.  Many Americans prefer to be in denial that this kind of activity anywhere in America.  

     Have you heard of the Franklin Cover Up?  John DeCamp was approached years ago regarding crimes upon children that were taking place in Nebraska.  At a Catholic boy’s house some of the victims dared to speak out of how the boys were being sexually violated at this facility.  Some of the boys dared to speak out about sex parties in DC and how the boys were sold to politicians or business people at clandestine places all over America and the Big Business that was being built from this Child Trafficking.

     My radio guest Jim Rothstein began his police career in New York City.  Jim’s job was to walk the streets near Time Square and help mitigate crime there.  Soon Jim was the man on the scene of prostitute abductions.  As Jim followed the evidence, he discovered that young, boys and girls were being abducted all over America and then they were being forced into prostitution.  Child Trafficking thugs once offered Jim Rothstein $1million in a briefcase to keep silent on these issues.  Jim was told to take the money or die.  On my Radio Show Jim admitted that ‘ Candy Stores, ‘ exist all over America where buyers can buy a little boy or girl and then can abuse them at will.  These Candy Stores are daycare centers, some boy’s houses and other business that have been built as an innocent front in the neighborhood, but it’s been designed as a place where predators can go and put their hands on any child they like.

     Ted Gunderson has answered my questions many times, on my Radio Program, as he has investigated child trafficking and the satanic ritual abuse on our children.  Ted Gunderson died recently.  Some voices would tell you that finally, child trafficking thugs finally killed Ted.

     Noreen Gosch has been a guest on my Radio Show.  Noreen’s son Johnny was kidnapped one morning, years ago.  Apparently, an abduction team had been searching for a boy, just like Johnny.  Apparently, people all over America are willing to pay $10,000 or $25,000 or some outrageous fee to purchase a little boy or girl.  One bright morning, this abduction team of 3 men jumped out of their van and grabbed this newspaper boy.  Johnny has not been seen since, but Noreen would not quit looking for and demanding that the local police continuing their job in searching for her son, Johnny.  During the investigation Noreen found that the Sheriff was involved in this Child, Sex Abuse ring that existed in her neighborhood.

     At you may make a difference by donating for the military personnel who are standing by to go and rescue some of these abducted, abused children.

     During one of my interviews with New York cop, Jim Rothstein, he spoke of how his investigation team found out about a ‘ Black Book, ‘ where the democratic offices were at Watergate.  Do you remember the Hollywood Madam who was releasing the names of the prostitute buyers in Hollywood, a few years ago?  According to cop Rothstein there was another Black Book of the names of buyers of little boys and little girls in the DC area.  The politician child predators needed to keep their names from going public and so the democratic offices were broken into in order to secure the delicate information in that Black Book.

     What kind of people do you think run America?  What kind of business people do you think there are who run America?  What kind of media people there are who run America?  What kind of actors there are who keep us entertained?  What kind of entertainment do you think these rascals demand?  America is sick, to the core, in many aspects.

     We must keep our eyes open.  We must wake up and demand that the police in this country put a stop to this kind of activity.  You and I are the solution to this outrageous problem of Child Trafficking and SRA events in America.

     These are not easy subjects to report on.

     I have children.  I have grandchildren.

     These abducted, trafficked, abused children are our children.

     I will continue to report on these and other significant issues at

     God Bless…  RJ Hender


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