Obama Watch – Actor Lennix Coy Trained Barry Soetoro for Destroying America

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Mon, Nov 18, 2013
Subject: ObamaCare Final Nail in America's Coffin

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Drone crashes into Navy
ship injuring 2 in California
An American drone has
malfunctioned and crashed into a guided missile cruiser off the coast of
Southern California, causing two injuries, say officials. The incident happened
while the vessel was testing a combat weapons system.
Double standards:
Officer caught speeding
737 times with no citation
SORRENTO, LA — Citizens are
asking why a cop who hands out speeding tickets like candy is exempt from the
same laws that he so enthusiastically enforces. Officer James Bell recently
wrecked the tax-subsidized vehicle in a crash exceeding 100 miles per
hour. The GPS unit revealed hundreds of excessive speeding
incidents.  The afternoon of the crash, Bell’s cruiser had repeatedly
reached high rates of speed –109 and 106 miles per hour — in separate
Weird Japan – TV
Mummification Game Show – Vid
Veterans With PTSD, A New
Demon: Their Meds
of Addiction to Prescription Painkillers Heightened With Mental Illness
Computer Virus Communicate Via Your Speakers?
Afghan villagers find the bodies of 6 beheaded contractors in restive
southern province
Washington Post – Afghan villagers
discovered the beheaded bodies of six government contractors Sunday in the
country’s restive south, the apparent victims of insurgents who regularly
target state projects, officials said.
TPP: High Treason! Obama's
Secret Meeting
to Give Corporations
Ultimate Power
Partnership. The TPP is often referred to by critics as "NAFTA on
TPP’s Intellectual Property section also boosts GMO and drug
Organic Italian jam found to contain radiation from decades-old
Chernobyl accident – what is Fukushima doing to our food supply?
More than 5,000 jars of organic wild blueberry jam made in Italy have been
intercepted and recalled by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan after
multiple batches of the fruit spread tested positive for unacceptable levels of
radioactive cesium-137.
Rep. Rogers: Crazed al-Qaeda Terrorists Coming to America
Rep. Mike Rogers, the Michigan Republican
who heads up the House Intelligence Committee, is worried about al-Qaeda
finding its way into America…. “The number now exceeds 1,000 western
jihadists who have shown up, so they’ll have passports, good passports, allows
them to travel around Europe, maybe get to the United States,” Rogers warned.
“That’s concerning.”

Rolls Out ‘Detention Pods’ at Airport Terminal Exits
The TSA is funding the
rollout of exit pods at major airport terminals across the country that
temporarilydetain passengers before they are allowed to leave, another
example critics say of how the federal agency’s policies treat travelers as

Moody’s downgrades 4 US giant lenders
RT – Moody’s is to cut the credit rating
of US major banks, including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Bank
of New York Mellon. The rating agency thinks the government is now less likely
to support the lenders in times of new financial difficulties.
Obamacare: The Final Nail In The Coffin For The Middle Class
Economic Collapse – If there were any
shreds of hope left that the stunning decline of the middle class could be
turned around, Obamacare has absolutely destroyed them.
What ever happened to DMSO for
cancer and what is it anyway?
(NaturalNews) The initial excitement
during the 1960s and '70s for a wide variety of uses with natural, inexpensive
DMSO was eventually suppressed by the Medical Mafia and followed by obligatory
disinformation campaigns.
Hep B Vaccine Fails To Protect 42% of Infants, New Study
The new study found 42% of
infants, after receiving 4 Hep B vaccines, were infected with 'occult' Hep B
Medium chain triglycerides: Super fats
Medium chain triglycerides may have
anti-aging and brain-boosting effects, and they have proven to be useful in the treatment and
prevention of a variety of diseases. Coconut oil, which is 50-60 percent MCTs,
is the best natural source of these less common fats.
Cayenne pepper improves circulation, reduces inflammation and spices
up your cooking
Countless Uses for Coconut Oil – The Simple, the Strange, and
the Downright Odd
Lennix Coy On Claims He Trained Obama
confronts Pelosi with ‘pass it to see what’s in it’ clip; hot mess follows
“We have to pass the bill to
find out what’s in it.”
Monsanto’s RoundUp (Glyphosate) the New Agent Orange?
Monsanto has been in the
poison game for a long time.
Pa. pastor facing
church trial over gay marriage
Supporters held signs and sang hymns on Monday outside of a church trial in
southeastern Pennsylvania for a United Methodist pastor who could be defrocked
for officiating at his son's same-sex wedding.
‘Francis effect’ pulls crowds back to church
POPE FRANCIS has inspired a
surge in attendances and confessions in the Roman Catholic Church, reversing decades
of decline. In the eight months since he was chosen, cathedrals in Britain have
seen a rise of about 20% in congregations, drawing in both new and lapsed
members. More than half of the priests surveyed in Italy said there had been a
rise in support for the church. In Spain,
Obama's fix for canceled
insurance policies could raise costs, experts warn
Bill to Ban Certain
Tattoos, Body Piercings Passes Senate
Arkansas Senate passed a bill to ban tattoos, piercings and other similar body
modifications which it characterizes as “non-traditional,” recently.
Mexican vigilantes,
battling cartel, take over another town
FEMA Detention Area for
Civil Unrest / Martial Law / Economic Collapse
This was discovered to be a
temporary detention area for crisis management after civil unrest due to
economic collapse or a power grid down situation.


Texas law professor:
‘Time to repeal and
replace the Second Amendment’
Citing recent mass shootings,
such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and
the one at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, Penrose argued that the
government and the courts were not doing enough to curb gun-related violence.
Earthquake 9.0 Buildings Swaying
elects socialist candidate to city council; incumbent concedes
SEATTLE — Seattle voters have
elected a socialist to city council for the first time in modern history.
Obama and Pelosi –
Obamacare "Find out what's in it"
Second Term Meltdown
Controlling The Weather Is
Reality – Vid
News Media Making 'Simple Mention' Of
CIA personnel asked to
sign additional non-disclosure form after Benghazi attack
Activists Turn Gun Buy-Back Into Gun Show
The Incredible Growth Of Las Vegas
1974-2010 – Pics
Report: Israel, Saudi
Arabia cooperating on possible attack on Iran
nuclear talks set to resume Wednesday, Sunday Times reports Israel, Saudi
Arabia heightening cooperation, in bid to formulate contingency attack plan on
Iran should talks succeed in reaching agreement, but fail in halting Iranian
nuclear program
Footage of JFK Assassination Shows Car Slowed Down Before Head Shot
JFK Assassination Zapruder
Stabilized Motion Panorama footage.
Winfrey: Obama is victim of racism; racists ‘just have to die’
Cop Fires On
Minivan Full Of Kids
CBS News| A routine traffic stop for speeding quickly
escalated into a very dangerous situation involving a high-speed chase.
Monsanto GMO Corn Pushed on African Countries with Help of Bill Gates
If you are anti-GMO and
knowledgeable of the shady and questionable ways of the Gates Foundation, this
latest story out of Africa will truly make your blood boil.
New 377,000-square-foot
Scientology building has entire floor where members can get 'super powers'
U.S. State Dept Is Reportedly Prepared to Let Russia Build These on American
The CIA and Pentagon have
been trying to halt a State Department plan to let Russia’s space agency
(Roscosmos) construct within the United States a handful of monitor stations,
according to American officials, the New York Times reported.
The fear is that the stations
could aid Russian efforts to spy on the U.S. andbolster the accuracy of Russian weaponry,
the officials told the Times, adding that the Russians said the monitor
stations would dramatically improve their version of the Global Positioning
Stuxnet, gone rogue, hit
Russian nuke plant, space station
cyber-security expert says several ostensibly secure facilities became victims
of the virus that struck Iran’s nuclear program
magnitude earthquake shakes Tokyo, halts trains: nerves frayed
16, 2013 – TOKYO, JAPAN – A 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit eastern Japan on
Saturday. Tremors were felt from inside Tokyo skyscrapers, and the city’s
high-speed train service was halted
How JFK’s Catholicism smoothed the way for Mitt’s
Church & state » As
president, he didn’t make his faith a focal point, but he smoothed way for others,
including Romney.
fined $5,000 by homeowners association for having trees that were too SHORT
An Operation Desert Storm
veteran has been fined $5,000 for having trees in front of his Florida home
shorter than allowed by his home owner's association.
Sinkhole the size of 20
football pitches opens up in Louisiana… amid fears it could burst into flames
as it fills up with GAS
 * Community forced to move out as natural gas builds up

official warned Obamacare website would crash THREE MONTHS before launch


Tepco to start fuel removalfrom Fukushima reactor 4 poolMonday
Gunderson – Remove TEPCO Before Trying To Pull
The Rods – Vid
House passes Republican
health bill with 39 Democratic votes
The 39 Democrats who
supported the bill – nearly one-fifth of the party's caucus – reflected the
alarm that spread within Obama's party this week over the political damage from
the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.
Feds Raid Conservative
Journalist's Home – Vid
Service Sex Misconduct In 17 Countries
Of Mind-Reading Robots Grows Closer
Fish Is Off the Menu in
South Korea Over Radiation Fears
Avoid Seafood Over Fears of Fukushima Contamination
CIA Monitors
Americans Financial Activities
Say "No" To The
U.N. – Australian Govt Says
Will Not Pay New Fees For Climate Change – Varney
What Would You
Do If Someone Kicked In Your Door?
Barclays Bank to cut 1,700
jobs across Britain
Britain’s second-largest
bank, Barclays Bank, has announced plans to slash 1,700 jobs across its branch
network, saying fewer staff members are needed because more people are banking

Mesh Network Documents Confirm Police Vehicle’s Real-Time Access To DHS Spy Cameras

bombshell documents released by Storyleak and
Infowars last Tuesday uncovering Seattle’s expansive $2.6 million Homeland Security funded mesh network
surveillance grid, new documents hidden deep inside the 2012
proposal request give even greater detail into the government’s ability to track and database
virtually any person.


Wi-Fi Spy Network Installed In Los Angeles?

A series of photographs
obtained by Infowars suggests that a similar wi-fi mesh network to the one which
generated controversy in Seattle over its ability to track cellphone
users is currently being installed in Los Angeles.

warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers
Reuters | Activist hackers linked to the collective known as
Anonymous have secretly accessed U.S. government computers in multiple
to stop deporting illegal relatives of U.S. troops, veterans
Washington Times | The Obama administration on Friday carved out yet
another category of illegal immigrants it says it will no longer deport.
control advocate threatens to ‘shoot and kill’ recall activists
An apparent gun control
supporter threatened to “go home and get a gun and come back and kill” a group
of Second Amendment activists.
Xbox Can See Through Your Clothes Like TSA Scanners
System can be hacked and
exploited by pervs.
to loosen one-child policy and abolish labour camps
London Guardian | China has pledged to loosen its one-child
policy and end a controversial “re-education through labour” programme.
French cannibal 'ate victim's heart and
tongue' with beans
The young, homeless man
slipped into his victim's house at the edge of the isolated Nouilhan hamlet on
Thursday evening, grabbed a metal object in the barn and smashed the old man's
Pentagon seeking vaccine
for bioterror disease threat
Records show the Pentagon
remains intently focused on the potential threat of chemical and biological
weapons. In October, DTRA announced a contract for a company to develop
treatments of two other bacteria listed as biological agents
Why China can't be trusted
— the view from a former top secret military planner
Vet suspended for 'God
Bless You'
A Stockton, Calif., hospital
has suspended a 10-year employee because he included “God Bless America” in the
signature line of his emails, even though he obeyed an order to remove the
offending phrase.
Monsters of Anarchy –
Post Collapse Security
China ships spotted close
to Japan-controlled islands
Oprah: Racists Have toDie for Racism to End
Oprah Winfrey, one of the
wealthiest people in the world, is throwing the race card again.
During an interview with the
BBC Friday, she not only said that President Obama is treated with disrespect because
he’s black, but also that entire generations of racists are
going to have to die for racism to end
Oprah: Racists Have to Die
for Racism to End

(666) BEAST TECH smart
tattoos and ingestible biochips
and that people will want to receive (and then be REQUIRED to receive) by 2017

State, local competition
to Raise gasoline tax
Utah’s cities and counties
have already asked the Legislature for permission to impose a
new local 3 percent tax on gasoline — which initially is expected to boost
the price by 10 cents a gallon — to provide money for local roads…
payfederal gas tax of18.4 cents plus a state tax of 24.9 cents(that is divided among state and local governments).
If both new tax proposals
pass, it could push the total to 54.8 cents a gallonTAX next year, and60.8 centsTAXover five years…
That method would also allow taxes to keep up with inflation….Also, cars now get better mileage, so people pay
less tax per mile driven.
Small Utah egg farmer gets a
break with approval of inspection rule
Clifford Family Farms can once again sell its fresh eggs to Utah restaurants and markets…The irony is
that Clifford’s egg operation was too small to get federal inspections — that
requires having at least 3,000 birds, and she only has 1,700. And the Utah
Department of Agriculture had no inspection program for egg operations with
fewer than 3,000 birds.
Mormon church makes new push
for (N.W.O. Agenda 21) environmental stewardship
First time, an official site
gathers in one place LDS pronouncements and teachings about care for the naturalworld.
It carries an authoritative tone.
"The Earth and all
things on it should be used responsibly tosustain the human family. However, all are
stewards — not owners — over this Earth and its bounty and will be accountable
before God for what they do with his creations," the main essay says.
"Approaches to the environment must be prudent, realistic, balanced and
consistent with the needs of the Earth and of current and future
generations, rather than pursuing the immediate vindication of personal desires
or avowed rights.
…build relationships with like-minded
activistsin other faiths — includingPope Francis, the Dalai Lama, Greek Orthodox
Patriarch Bartholomew, the Evangelical Environmental Network and many others.

only card in your purse: 'Coin' aims to replace EVERY credit card you own
Bulging wallets, purses and
pocketbooks full of credit cards could become a thing of the past thanks to a
new device called a Coin card that's being developed by a company in San
student, 15, dies after being beaten up by classmate who waited outside school
and knocked victim to the floor before he could even defend himself
was unable to defend himself
from the attack at Canyon High School in New Braunfels, Texas.

official warned Obamacare website would crash THREE MONTHS before launch
Inventor takes inspiration
from a cork-screw to develop a better way to give birth
 * Jorge Odón says the Odón Device could help deliver babies safely when complications arise during labour in areas with poor medical facilities
 * It is safer and easier to use than forceps or a ventouse
 * Allows the midwife to slide a polythene sleeve around the baby's head, inflate it to hold it in place, and then pull the baby down the birth canal
The device is cheap to
produce and can be used by midwives with minimal training. It is currently
being tested in Argentina and rural South Africa by the World Health


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