Racists Have to Die for Racism to End? – Oprah Is Just Wrong!

RJ Hender, Oprah, Dave Cleveland
Thur, Oct 21, 2013
Subject: Is Racism Why Obama Is Hated?



RJ, you of all people should know God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is the Biggest Racist of all…

Christ warned that in the last days there would be race wars.


Oprah Is Wrong – Many of US Are Racists

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Oprah’s Radical Racist Comments Are Wrong!!!

     Life, Liberty and Happiness belong to every one of us. Self interest has been influencing people in America in all the wrong ways. As I buried my father, I was given an American flag as an expression of the service that my father gave to America. Many men and women serve our country without a hidden agenda of ‘ what’s in it for me. ‘ In our armed forces we have men and women who sacrifice every day so that we may exercise our rights.

     I appreciate Oprah Winfrey and the woman she has become. In her media career, she began as a TV reporter. Over the years, with the help of other people, with her own determination and perhaps with service for all of us in mind Oprah Winfrey’s career has grown and her bank account has grown in amazing ways. As a woman, you can bet that doors have been shut on Oprah, but she has moved forward any way. As a black person in America, you can bet that doors have been shut for Oprah, but she has kept on. I was surprised to hear Oprah’s comments this last weekend about how racists need to die. We all have some sort of racism in us.

     We are all influenced by where we were born and by our surroundings.

     Hillary Clinton is getting ready to run for the Oval Office, in a few years. Is it possible that every woman in America would vote for Hillary Clinton, because Hillary’s a woman? Many black people in America voted for Barack Obama as President, because Obama is black. Is that fair? Are these black voters, racist?

     Barry Soetoro has re-invented him several times. Bam Bam was born in Kenya. A few years later Obama’s family moved to Indonesia. When Bam Bam’s family moved to Hawaii he became the leader of his own ‘ Choom Choom Gang. ‘ As Obama later moved to Chicago and was working for the Communists in America it’s easy to see that Pres Obama does not love America. There are natural laws at play that cause people to love the country where they were born. Barry Soetoro loves Kenya, he can’t help himself. Have you seen Bam Bam refuse to place his hand over his heart as America’s national anthem has been played? Have you heard Michelle Obama’s comments disparaging America’s flag?

     Life, Liberty and Happiness are rights that all of us have a claim on. We must watch what Pres Obama does, not just what he says. In America the Indians have rights, Hispanics have rights, Blacks have rights, Whites have rights and all people who come to America have rights. Is Barack Obama devoted to destroying our rights, in America?

     This last weekend, NBA player Charles Barkley spoke up about his right to say what ever he wanted to in America. Barkley tried to point out that there is the word ‘ Nigga, ‘ and the word ‘ Nigger, ‘ and that in America's locker rooms many athletes operate in a climate where players tease one another with these slang words. Shaquille O’Neal pointed out how he agrees with Barkley on these points. Have extremist whites influenced our society so that it’s impossible for Barkley, O’Neil or any other black athlete to say what they want?

     We may not like what somebody says, some times.

     We may not agree with somebody else’s opinions, some times.

     Every day, there are people who defending our rights, in America’s military and everyday – on the street Americans.

     God Bless America… RJ Hender

Oprah, Racists Have to Die for Racism to End…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cNFAYMv4Zs#t=160 …

is this why Pres Obama is Hated, because of racism?

More Evidence that Pres Obama may be a secret homosexual



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    Okra is a witch! Burn her at the stake! She’s high on $$ and power and thinks that she knows what is best/right for the rest of us. Like our damn government, over-paid athletes, and the Hollywood elite. Fuck-em all and tell-em to come see me. I’ll give-em a dose of my deceased uncle’s home remedy and they’ll be fertilizer for next spring’s garden.

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