Obama Watch – Why Is Obama Violatiing So Many US Laws?

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Wed, Dec 4, 2013
Subject: ObamaCare Design for Destroying America




Expert Testifies to Congress that Obama’s ‘Ignoring Laws’
Could Lead to Overthrow of Government
He said that the precedent
set by Obama could eventually lead to an armed revolt against the federal
Last Days:Jesus and His Peopleare called Terrorist, Why Because it is prophesied…
Fukushima With No End In Sight
The tsunami that wrecked the
Fukushima Daiichi power plant has led to the toughest nuclear cleanup ever.
Radioactive water is still poisoning the sea – and it could take 40 years to
fix the mess. Is Japan up to the challenge?
Want Urine Drugs Tests For Congress
Applebee’s To Replace Waiters
With Tablets, Destroying All Human Interactionhttp://healthydebates.com/applebees-going-replace-waiters-tablets/#sthash.WuW0BFka.dpuf
Federal Government Sued Raisin Farmer For Selling His Own Product
What did the Hornes do to
become the subject of a surveillance campaign? They sold raisins. More
specifically, they sold all the raisins they produced. In most
other industries, selling all the goods you can make is just good business. But
in the raisin world, things are different. In the raisin world, this can be illegal.
US Govt Caught Using
Pirated Software – Pays $50 Million
Divers Find Man Alive in
Sunken Tugboat
Amazing – One Man Builds His Own Stonehenge – Vid
man moves massive blocks in his backyard
The Incredible Story Of
Marion Stokes, Who Single-Handedly Taped 35 Years Of TV News
From 1977 to 2012, she
recorded 140,000 VHS tapes worth of history. Now the Internet Archive has a
plan to make them public and searchable.
US denies report of President
Obama’s trip to Iran in 2014
President Barack Obama is
planning to make an official trip to Iran in the middle of next year.
Website Costs Top $1 Billion
No Security Ever Put In Obamacare Site
Why Benjamin Netanyahu
Gave The Pope A Book About The Spanish Inquisition
Dec. 2, 2013 – a book that largely revolves
about Spanish Catholics questioning, torturing, and punishing Jewish converts to Catholicism is certainly
noteworthy. The Spanishinquisition is widely held up as one of the
worst excesses of the Roman Catholic Church, and thousands of people were
expelled from Spain or burned at the stake. Worse still, the inquisition of Catholic converts
(and the use of torture to discover heretics) was firstlegally sanctioned by Pope
Innocent IV.
Netanyahu meets Pope
Francis in the Vatican
Dec. 2, 2013
– PM gives pope book about Spanish
inquisition written by his father, urges him to come visit Israel. Netanyahu,
who was accompanied by his wife Sara, gifted the pope a book about the Spanish inquisition written by his
father Benzion Netanyahu, a prominent historian.It bore the inscription:"To His Holiness PopeFrancis,great guardianof ourcommon
The pontiff gave the Israeli
premier a carved panel of Saint Paul.
At the end of the 25-minute
meeting, Netanyahu's wife told the pope:
"We are expecting you, we can't wait."
Netanyahu: To HisHoliness Pope Francis, Great Guardian of ourCommon Heritage the 4thREICH…
After 12 Yrs of U.S.
Occupation, Afghanistan Sets Record for Growing Opium
Catastrophe Could Occur In Syria In Winter
China's yuan surpasses Euro (WW3)
as 2nd most-used currency
in trade finance
Reuters) – China's yuan currency
overtook the euro in October, becoming the second-most used currency in trade finance,
global transaction services organization SWIFT said on Tuesday.
EU imposes fresh sanctions on Iran shipping
And Japan Move To Criminalize Protests
3D-printed guns under
spotlight in US law renewal
Congress expected to extend
prohibition of firearms that can evade metal detectors amid calls for tougher
Potato battery new and
improved Video Reuters
How To Make a 3 Penny
Putin: Russia needs Arctic presence to guard against U.S.
President Vladimir Putin said on
Tuesday Russia had vital defence and economic interests in the Arctic, citing a
potential U.S. military threat
Gitmo detainees expose CIA's 'extraordinary rendition' at secret prison in Poland
In the first ever public
hearing, Europe’s human rights court examined Poland’s role in CIA ‘black site’
prisons and torture of suspects. Poland refuses to share information with the
court saying that it could compromise a domestic investigation.
Venezuela: Socialists Can’t Keep the Lights On
The South American country was pitched
into darkness for a second time this year as a power outage struck the oil-rich
country. The electricity went out in Caracas and much of the rest of Venezuela
around 8 p.m. local time.
Japan brainstorms new measures to stop radioactive leak at
RT – Japan’s government panel offered new
measures to stop radioactive water leaking from the crippled Fukushima nuclear
plant into the sea. Officials said the plant could completely run out of
storage space for contaminated water within two years.
Saudi criminals fighting in Syria: Al-Ja’afari
Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations
says many Saudis who have been either sentenced to death or life in prison are
released to fight against the Syrian government.
EU fines 8 major banks record 1.7bn euro for rigging rates
The European Commission has slapped
record fines of 1.7 billion euro on eight major banks for manipulating lending
rates that play a key role in the global economy. The penalties will add to
already escalating costs for leading global lenders.
with dangerous radioactive materials hijacked in
Mexico – IAEA
Although such materials cannot be
employed in a conventional nuclear weapon, they can be put in a so-called “dirty bomb,” a
speculative radiological weapon that combines radioactive material with
conventional explosives.
Most Americans think US should 'mind
its own business' abroad, survey finds
The Guardian – A majority of Americans
believe the US plays a less important and powerful role in the world than it
did 10 years ago, according to a long-running study that found that most people
now believe America should “mind its own business internationally”.
(EMP) Boeing Wins $76
Million “Doomsday Plane” Contract
Dubbed “Nightwatch” by the
military (and unofficially called “the Doomsday Plane”), the E-4B fleet
consists offour (ONLY 4)modified Boeing 747 aircraft
which are designed to keep the U.S. president and Secretary of Defense safe,
airborne, and in control of U.S.
military forces in the event of a nuclear conflict. All four
planes are shielded to be resistant to the radiation and thermal effects of
atomic weapons, as well as having electronics hardened to survive electromagnetic pulses.
TSA Expands Searches of Parked Cars at Airports
TSA-approved warrantless searches of
vehicles parked outside airports are being expanded, with a photograph taken at
Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport informing Thanksgiving travelers
that all vehicles belonging to AmeriPark customers “will be searched by
uniformed security.”
Expert: Healthcare.gov Security Risks Even
Worse After ‘Fix’
Health and Human Services (HHS) released
a progress report on Sunday following its self-imposed Nov. 30 deadline to
repair the website, saying that the “team has knocked more than 400 bug fixes
and software improvements off the punch list.”… The eight-page report made no
mention of the website’s numerous security flaws, which experts say put
Americans’ personal information at risk.
Health insurers post huge stock price
gains in expectation of financial windfall from Obamacare
Among the insurers enjoying record gains:
Aetna, Cigna, UnitedHealth and Gilead. All of these companies have been trading
at near one-year highs. In fact, according to CNBC, Gilead stocks are up nearly
200 percent since Obamacare was enacted. Amgen is up more than 90 percent.
Biogen has done even better – gains of more than 300 percent.
Parents Stop Biometric Hand
Scanner Program At Public Schools
A school district in the state of
Washington has stopped its use of biometric hand scanners at schools which
uniquely identified each student after parents flooded a school board meeting
last night to complain.
Too Big To Fail Banks Are Taking Over As Number Of U.S. Banks
Falls To All-Time Record Low
Economic Collapse – In 1985, there were
more than 18,000 banks in the United States. Today, there are only 6,891 left,
and that number continues to drop every single year. That means that more than
10,000 U.S. banks have gone out of existence since 1985. Meanwhile, the too big
to fail banks just keep on getting even bigger.
Illinois approves retiree benefit cuts
East Coast Hit With RADCON 3 Levels As Radiation Continues To
Rise Across America
More sea star species dying off
Sewage flowing into the Great Lakes has only half of drugs and
chemicals removed
Heart Expert: Saturated Fat Causing Heart Disease is a Myth
Published in the British Medical Journal,
Malhotra, who is an interventional cardiology specialist registrar at Croydon
University Hospital in London, says the issue isn’t as simple as we’ve been led
to believe, and that the saturated fat scare has led to millions being
over-medicated with dangerous statins.
Amish Family Avoiding Forced Chemo Back in U.S. But Hiding
ABC news is still regurgitating the old
story from the Akron Children's Hospital's perspective – that she will die
without the chemo treatment. This Newsy piece tells more…
Dandelion has unsuspected health benefits such as inhibiting
cancer cell growth
Fat “Ban” Not What It Appears
The timing and intent of the
FDA’s rule is suspect for two reasons. First, it was announced only after most
companies had already eliminated trans fat—it’s currently only in a handful of
foods. Second, the ban will promote market demand for two new GMO soybeans by
Monsanto and DuPont, which are engineered for trans fat free oils.
Chemicals in Heart Stress Tests Can Actually Trigger Heart
Dr. Mercola – You need to be very careful
when considering this type of heart test, known as a chemical cardiac stress
test, as a new announcement from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
warns that the drugs used could actually trigger a heart attack and death. The
FDA’s warning applies to two chemical stress test drugs called Lexiscan
(regadenoson) and Adenoscan (adenosine).
Safe-Stop shuts down car engines with radio pulse
BBC – A British company has demonstrated
a prototype device capable of stopping cars and other vehicles using a blast of
electromagnetic waves. The RF Safe-Stop uses radio frequency pulses to
"confuse" a vehicle's electronic systems, cutting its engine…the
primary use would be as a non-lethal weapon for the military to defend
sensitive locations from vehicles refusing to stop. There has also been police
interest…the machine's ability to stop motorbikes "safely"
could prove particularly useful…"Certainly if you took a 1960s Land Rover, there's a good chance you're not going to stop it," Mr Wood said.
Amazon’s Drone Announcement a Giant PR Hoax?
Alex Jones says idea is a
manufactured publicity stunt designed to boost Christmas sales.
NFL Faces National Protest
The National Football League
once again revealed itself to be little more than an establishment political tool when it declined to run a Super Bowl ad
submitted by rifle manufacturer Daniel Defense.
Grows Over Forced C-section to Seize Child in U.K.
New American | More than a year later, U.K. authorities are still
refusing to return the child to her mother.
Opponents Seek to Cut Utilities to Data Center
US News | Activists say
legislation can cut water, kill snooping at Utah Data Center.
The activists would like to
turn off the water to the NSA’s $1.5 billion Utah Data Center in Bluffdale,
Utah, and at other facilities around the country.
Rap God – Illuminati Transhumanist Propaganda Exposed
Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ Illuminati
Transhumanistic Propaganda For the Peon Public.
More Americans on Disability Than People in Greece
CNS News | The total number of people in the United States now
receiving federal disability benefits hit a record 10,982,920 in November.
Florida cop arrested for refusing to remove Guy Fawkes mask in Obamacare protest
A Florida police officer who
was protesting US President Obama’s newly implemented healthcare law has been
arrested because he refused to take off a Guy Fawkes mask he was wearing at a
over age 55 shocked to realize they will pay 300% – 400% more for insurance
under Obamacare
on Affordable Care Act: ‘We’re not repealing it as long as I’m president’
Institute: Working to Rebuild the Temple
A representative from The
Temple Institute, an organization in Jerusalem which works toward the
rebuilding of the Third Temple, stated in a Hanukkah speech Wednesday that a
Cohen-priest training program is in place in anticipation of its rededication.
New push for Jews to pray on Temple Mount
Newest EU state bans gay marriage.
Over 65 percent of Croatians
on Sunday (1 December) voted in favor of a constitutional amendment defining
marriage as a “union between a man and a woman.”
2013: A Landmark Year For Gay Rights
From twin pro-gay Supreme
Court rulings, to the president of the United States referencing “our gay
brothers and sisters” in his inaugural address, to the first male pro athlete
coming out of the closet, 2013 has been a “banner year” for gay rights.
to ‘Take Action’ Against Israel if Talks Fail
Palestinian Authority
Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has warned that the PA will “take action” against Israel
via international bodies if peace talks fail, ahead of a visit by US
Secretary of State John Kerry.
Reid staffers exempt from Obamacare exchanges
Washington (CNN)– Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, one
of Obamacare's architects and staunchest supporters, is also the only top
congressional leader to exempt some of his staff from having to buy insurance
through the law's new exchanges.
The river of
Villagers' shock as
Slovakian waterway turns red overnight
'like something from a
horror film'
 * River flowing through Slovakian village turns blood red
 * Superstitious locals say the colour of the river is a sign of 'evil'
 * Possibly caused by faulty filter at nearby slaughterhouse

Lake City car thief sees baby on board, returns to be arrested
Utah Depends too much on Federal Funds, Over 40% auditor
SALT LAKE CITY — Utah State Auditor John
Dougall included a warning about the state's dependency on money from
Washington, D.C., in issuing the latest annual audit of
federal spending. .."With more than 40 percentof
our revenue coming from a federal governmentthat is committing fiscal suicide, we have to get pretty
serious," Ivory said. ..what the
state would do if the flow of money from Washington,
D.C., slowed or evenstopped,
online sales tax puts Utah lawmakers, businesses at odds
SALT LAKE CITY — A U.S. Supreme Court
decision to stay out of the fight between states and online retailers over
taxing Internet sales might bolster an effort in Utah to make cyber sellers
follow the same tax collection rules as brick-and-mortar shops.

AdvancedUS Navy patrol planes
arrive in Okinawa
Two of US Navy’s new P-8A
Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft have arrived in Okinawa, Japan, Navy officials
said on Monday, as Washington is trying to boost its military presence around
Obama Lies Compilation…Wake
Up, Sheeple – Vid
Shoppers Spent $9.7 Billion On Black Friday
Netanyahu: I will not
'shut up' when Israel's interests are at stake
New Amazing Shark Stealth Fighter
Russia Subs So Quiet, US Calls Them 'Black Holes'
Film Of Paris
Streets, Circa 1895 – Vid
Utah couple hit with
$3,500 fine for leaving negative online company review
Couple fined for negative
online review
CNN)– A Utah couple is facing a $3,500 fine and a
damaged credit score for doing what many people do after a bad purchasing
experience: posting an online review.
Their story — first reported
by CNN's affiliate in Salt Lake City KUTV — started in 2008
when John Palmer bought his wife Christmas gifts off KlearGear.com. The items
never arrived and the Palmers said the transaction was automatically canceled.
Youth Football Tourney in
Vegas Sacked by Mystery Bug
outbreak of a mysterious
illness that has sent dozens of kids and parents to hospitals this weekend.
The Hospital Is No Place
for the Elderly
Medical treatment for aging,
chronically ill patients is costly and often ineffective. Can they get better
care at home?
Difference Between Male, Female Brains
hardwired difference between male and female brains could explain why men are
'better at map reading' …Maps of neural
circuitry show women’s brains are suited to social skills and memory, men’s
perception and co-ordination.
Feinstein and Rogers say
terrorism threat to US is increasing
White House Delays Yet
Another Obamacare Deadline Until After 2014 Midterm Elections
Small businesses looking to
sign up for health insurance coverage through the federal-run health care
exchanges will have to wait until after the November 2014 midterm elections,
the White House confirmed Wednesday.
Passenger with possible TB infection pulled from plane
CNN)– Passengers aboard US Airways Flight 2846 were
waiting on the tarmac at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport when their pilot came on
the intercom.
Food Stamps 'Are Boosting the
People who depend on the
government to buy their food using food stamps are boosting the economy, the White House
Nobel prize economist warns of US stock market bubble
Sharp rises in equity and property
prices could lead to a dangerous financial bubble Robert Shiller tells Der
The lies behind this transatlantic trade deal
Plans to create an EU-US single
market will allow corporations to sue governments using secretive panels, bypassing courts and parliaments
Kiev anti-government
protesters remain in control in parts of city
Police keep their distance as
Viktor Yanukovych's government ponders next move
Russia launches 'stealth'
submarine in St Petersburg
Bangkok protests:
residents told to stay indoors as violence spreads
Prime Minister Yingluck
Shinawatra whereabouts still unknown, as deputy makes televised address
Ex-CIA chief: US accepted
Iran enrichment right
Hayden admitted that the deal
changed "the redline that we used to have"
Syria army confiscates
Israeli-made arms
Man cited after tossing
cash at Mall of America
29-year-old Minnesota man who says he was trying to spread holiday cheer by
tossing 1,000 dollar bills over an upper floor railing at the Mall of America
has been cited for disorderly conduct.
Rare Iceland armed police operation leaves man dead
BBC – Icelandic police have shot dead a
man who was firing a shotgun in his apartment in the early hours of Monday. It
is the first time someone has been killed in an armed police operation in
Iceland, officials say. Iceland, with a population of 322,000, has one of the
lowest crime rates in the world and shooting incidents are unusual.
700,000 people on US watch list: and once you get on, there’s no way off
RT – The names of nearly three-quarters
of a million individuals have been secretly added to watch lists administered
by the United States government, but federal officials are adamant about
keeping information about these rosters under wraps.
No security ever built
into Obamacare site: Hacker
CNBC News – It could take a year to
secure the risk of "high exposures" of personal information on the
federal Obamacare online exchange, a cybersecurity expert told CNBC on Monday.
Cancer Patient and ObamaCare Critic Says He's Being Audited by
CNS News – Elliot, who has Stage 4
cancer, informed viewers he wasn’t going to pay the $1,500 a month for the new
plan being offered, preferring not to burden his family and to “let nature take
it’s course.” After his story attracted media attention, Elliot says his
insurance company decided to let him keep his coverage…
Kids Arrested Waiting
for School Bus
Three high school students
are still dumbfounded after they were arrested this past Thanksgiving eve while
waiting for a school bus. A Rochester police officer arrived when he saw the
group of teens gathered on the sidewalk, and ordered them to disperse.
Tally of U.S. Banks Sinks to Record Low
WSJ – The number of banking institutions
in the U.S. has dwindled to its lowest level since at least the Great
Depression, as a sluggish economy, stubbornly low interest rates and heightened
regulation take their toll on the sector.
Wow – The Holiday Shopping Season Is Off To A Horrible Start
Economic Collapse – According to the
National Retail Federation, Americans spent an average of 4 percent less over
the four day Thanksgiving weekend than they did last year. Overall, that means
that approximately $1.7 billion less was spent at U.S. retailers compared to
last year.
Chart Of The Day: The Fed Now Owns One
Third Of The Entire US Bond Market
The most important chart that nobody at
the Fed seems to pay any attention to, and certainly none of the economists who
urge the Fed to accelerate its monetization of Treasury paper, is shown
False HIV diagnosis extremely common in military prosecution
It's a sad day in America, the most
diverse experiment in democracy ever attempted, when individuals are
persecuted, and their lives ruined, for politically motivated reasons.
How to Protect Yourself If You Get a Vaccine
There’s a large body of evidence that
vaccines are responsible for a number of serious health risks, including
long-term weakened immunity, organ damage, infertility, and neurological disorders
like autism.
Get Ready to Pay More Online: Supremes Refuse to Hear Internet
Tax Case
another blow to the Constitution, the Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear
a case by Amazon and Overstock.com challenging a law that requires online
retailers to collect sales tax in states where they have no physical presence.
The Supreme Court refusal to hear the case will allow state governments to tax
online retailers and turn online retailers into de facto tax collection
Expert: Amazon Drones Will Crash Into People
A UAV expert has warned that Amazon’s
ambitious policy to deliver goods to customers using drones will result in the
devices crashing into people.
Court: Polite Drivers Are Not Suspicious
In the course of the stop,
Fontaine cheerfully handed over his license, proof of insurance, and
registration. This caused the officer to suspect criminal activity. Patrolman
Haslar testified. “He was extremely — like almost overly polite, and he was
breathing heavily at times while I was talking to him.”
Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card: A Tribute to the Illuminati Entertainment Industry
Vigilant Citizen | If there was an award for the less Christmas-y
Christmas card in the History of the world, I believe that the 2013 Kardashian
Christmas card would take the prize.
City Governments Fail in Their Attempts to Kill Second Amendment
Local governments across the
country are trying unsuccessfully to enact gun control through city ordinances
even though such attempts violate the Bill of Rights, state laws and even their
own city charters.
US calls on China to rescind air defense zone to avoid Japan
activists want to pray on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, raising alarm in Muslim
A small but growing movement
by Jewish activists demanding the right to pray at the site of their destroyed
temple, in the heart of this disputed capital’s Old City, is creating a
potentially explosive clash with the Muslim world, which considers the spot
holy and bans Jews from public worship there.
Kerry Pledges Ongoing Effort to End ‘Anti-Israel Bias’ at U.N.
Australia Criticizes UN Condemnation of Israel
Livni enlists Diaspora to fight bill defining Israel as ‘Jewish
Cardinal Dolan affirms church’s opposition to ObamaCare, warns
of backlash
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the
archbishop of New York, said Sunday the Catholic church remains opposed to
ObamaCare in large part because it requires businesses to offer
health-insurance plans that include no-cost contraception. Dolan, the former
president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said the church’s position
is a difficult one, considering
it has supported universal, affordable and comprehensive health care since the
early 1990s. “We bishops have really been in kind of a tough
place,” Dolan said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”
U.S. Court Reviews Gay Russian’s
Asylum Case
A U.S. appeals court has ordered immigration officials to review
their decision not to grant asylum to a gay man who said he was
attacked for his sexual orientation in 2002 and 2003 in his
native Russia and feared he would be persecuted if forced to return
TPP: Hollywood, Big Pharma
and Global Think-Tanks ‘Merge’ in Trade Takeover
Veterans know Obamacare
because they already have it
war veterans, this is all old news. If you’re looking for an even more damning
glimpse of Obamacare’s future, ask a military veteran about their experiences
with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). You will not find their
responses reassuring. “Delay, deny, wait till I die.” The dark joke is that for
Obama's 'clandestine'
plan to make
bullets vanish
Allen West warns of
back-door attack on guns
warn about a back-door attack on the Second
Amendment by the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency….last primary lead smelter in the United States, has been
around since 1892 but is closing on Dec. 31…“Come 2014, all ammunition sold to
civilian gun owners in America will have to be imported, a result of President
Obama’s crackdown on sulfur dioxide and lead emissions and accompanying harsh
Environmental Protection Agency regulations,” wrote West.

Your Government: Now
Paying Shrinks $3,000 For Every Veterans Gun They
Atheists to Sue Alabama
After Police Partner With
Pastors to Fight Crime With Christianity
MONTGOMERY, Ala.— A prominent atheist organization states that it
plans to sue an Alabama city that was recently in headlines surrounding the
launch of a new program that unites area pastors and police in reaching the
hurting in the community.
Chemtrail Tanker Up Close
with ON and OFF Spraying
Time lapse map of every
nuclear explosion ever on Earth
Why capitalism is
As far as I
know, Jesus of Nazareth, upon whose teachings all Christianity, is
advocated forcedcharity (which is what socialism entails), but here are five important additional, secular points…Bottom
line: Capitalism is Christian, because it incentivizes people to do the
most with their skills, talents, gifts, etc.; it distributes goods and services
far more effectively and fairly than government ever could; and the
accumulation of wealth that it produces actually leads to more effective
charity – voluntarily given – than government could ever force. It’s
between each individual and the Deity (not for the government), then, to strike
the right balance between saving, investing, spending and giving.
In God we trust, maybe,
but not each other
Gay weddings
become reality in Hawaii with new law
Detroit eligible for Chapter 9 bankruptcy
DETROIT (AP) – Detroit is eligible to shed
billions in debt in the largest public bankruptcy in U.S. history, a judge said
Tuesday in a long-awaited decision that now shifts the case toward how the city
will accomplish that task.
Chimpsshould be recognizedas 'Legal persons,' lawsuits claim
NEW YORK (CNN) December
3rd, 2013  —
a captive chimpanzee have thesame rightsas a "legal person"?
the debate set to unfold after an activist group filed lawsuits on behalf of
four chimpanzees, asking the New York Supreme Court to grant them the
"right to bodily liberty." …"To be a 'legal person,' one doesn't need to be a human being or even a
biological being.
 A corporation is a legal person,"wrote
Joyce Tischler, co-founder of the Animal Legal Defense Fund.
UP-DATED: Legal = Mans
LawVS.Lawful = Gods Law…

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