Top 10 4th Reich Thugs – Fulford says Arrests of NWo Gang Coming

Ben Fulford
Mon, Dec 2, 2013
Subject: Top 10 311 Fukushima Criminals 




Heavy duty last minute negotiations continue, Okinawa, Korea and Sunni/Shia
divide remain sticking points.

Based on high level contacts being made to the White Dragon Society, it is
clear there is a growing consensus that the old dollar system be used to
start a $700 trillion campaign to end poverty and stop environmental
production, without impeding the continuation or start-up of alternative
financial systems. However, as the world waits impatiently for the campaign
to be announced, ongoing high level geopolitical negotiations, with a bit of
saber rattling as a back-drop, are continuing to delay implementation,
according to multiple high-level sources.

The main sticking points to world peace and the start of a new golden age
are now the ancient Shia/Sunni political divide in the Islamic world, Israel
and a few unresolved issues in East Asia, notably the Korean Peninsula and
the Okinawan archipelago.

In Asia, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has met with Russian President Vladimir
Putin four times and the heads of all the ASEAN countries in a campaign to
build a coalition to contain China. The Pentagon, worried about continued
financing, secretly supports this as it is keeping the war card as its last
big negotiation leverage.

The Chinese, for their part, are strong enough now to insist on resolving
some historical injustices before they agree to support the $700 trillion
campaign. In particular, they resent the fact that all the Islands near
China have been taken away from them by superior imperialist navy forces.

The Chinese have a strong card to play, which is to use their vastly
superior ground military forces to force the unification of the Korean
peninsula and derive the United States of its South Korean tributary vassal

The White Dragon Society has made the following suggestion to both sides as
a way of breaking the stalemate. First of all return Okinawa to its
historical status as an independent kingdom and a neutral meeting point
between Japan and China. In such a deal China and Japan would each pay 50%
of the costs of US troops there in order to ensure the Islands remain
neutral. The Okinawan archipelago could then become a duty free and fun
meeting and resting place.

As mentioned before, Northern and Southern Korea could be united by making
Kim Jon-un a symbolic emperor of Korea and leaving the Southern Korean
families in charge of the economy. In such a deal the newly united Korea
might agree to keep US forces in central Korea as a guarantor of Korean

The alternative to agreeing to the above proposals will be the inevitable
bankruptcy of the US, an abrupt withdrawal of US forces from the region and
subsequent chaos.

Also last week, some unidentified entity calling itself the Bank of New York
(but not the Bank of New York, Mellon) has been buying majority stakes in
many major Japanese corporations, according to the Black Dragon Society. One
US govern-ment agency source suspects Goldman Sachs to be behind this but it
may also be a cyber-attack on Japan’s economic infrastructure.

The Japanese authorities have been advised to make sure human beings
carrying physical stock certificates be produced and if the "Bank of New
York" cannot do that, then the systems at the Tokyo Stock Exchange may have
to be temporarily shut down.

Also, two missile launchers were found outside the US Yokota airbase in
Tokyo last week. This was a warning by the gnostic Illuminati that they will
destroy the Kanto plain with a nuclear weapon hidden in a tunnel system near
the base unless the new financial system is announced, according to a
gnostic illuminati grandmaster.

The P2 Freemason lodge honcho Marco Di Mauro also made some statements last
week that were straight out of the X-files. He said that 24 "encantadores,"
or magicians, had started work on building a new continent in the South
Pacific. Normally, I would not report such statements but after he told me
this, news reports appeared saying Mount Etna in Italy was blowing smoke
rings and that 35 volcanoes around the Pacific rim had started erupting

This could be some sort of propaganda but it is clear that the Vatican and
the P2 still have a lot of real geopolitical influence. Last week Vladimir
Putin met with Pope Francis to discuss the Middle East. Putin now has real
influence on the ground in the Middle East while the Pope has religious
influence. According to news reports, they were discussing ways to ensure
peace in that region.

The White Dragon Society has suggested that the only way to really calm the
region down would be for the world as a whole to force the Sunni and Shia
branches of Islam to resolve their ancient split by selecting a Caliph. In
such a scenario, as suggested before, Israel could become a Jewish
autonomous zone in the region. However, once the Jews learn how much they
have been lied to and brainwashed by their own leaders, many may well decide
to return to their ancestral European homes.

Meanwhile, back in the US, we are getting credible reports that US special
forces are getting ready to move on Washington.

With support for Congress running at 6% and so many people wondering why
mass arrests have not taken place, we sure hope it is true this time. To
help compile the list of who to arrest, I will conclude this week’s report
with an open letter to Jim Stone of Jim Stone freelance, a genuine NSA
whistleblower who has done so much to alert the world about the Fukushima
mass murder and terror war crime attack.

Mr. Stone, First of all, thanks for your courageous and ground breaking work
on uncovering the Fukushima mass murder and terror operation. I am writing
this e-mail to provide you with forensic evidence that I have gathered on
what the 311 tsunami attack was about and exactly who was involved.

My sources for what I am about to write include Japanese military
intelligence, former Prime Minister Naoto Kan (whom I have known personally
for many years), members of the crew that smuggled the nuclear weapons used
in the attack into Japan, members of both the French and British branches of
the Rothschild family, senior CIA agents and a member of the team that
actually drilled the nuclear weapons into the seabed before the 311 attack.

The first thing you need to know is that the attack was planned many years
before it happened. The Japanese business magazine Zaikai Tembo, citing a
CIA report, wrote in February of 2007 that the US had decided that Japan was
getting too much of its energy from nuclear power and that if that trend
continued, Japan would no longer be dependent on US controlled oil and thus
would no longer have to obey the US. The conclusion of the report was that
the best way to ensure Japan remained a colony would be to destroy the Tokyo
Electric Power company, the people who run the Fukushima plant.

Senator J. Rockefeller, whose family controls (through foundations) General
Electric, the manufacturers of the plant, was deeply involved in this
operation. As a preliminary to destroying Japan’s nuclear power generation
capability, Westinghouse and General Electric sold their nuclear power plant
manufacturing businesses to Toshiba and Hitachi. This was insider trading at
the highest level and Hitachi and Toshiba should sue.

The ongoing attempt in recent years by an Asian/Western secret society to
wrest control of global finance from Western oligarch families is a bigger
back-ground to the Fukushima sub-plot.

For example, Democratic Party of Japan Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa was
asked at a G7 meeting in 2009 to hand over $100 billion to the cabal. He
answered that he would raise the money by selling $100 billion worth of US
Treasury bonds. He was going to say this at the press conference that
followed the G7 meeting, so he was drugged to prevent him from doing so.
Later, when he returned to Japan, he was murdered by CIA death squads.

Getting back to Fukushima, the refusal of the Japanese Democratic Party and
authorities to hand over any real hard currency to the Western Oligarch
families resulted in their decision to go ahead with the Fukushima operation
as a way of intimidating the Japanese once again into surrender and

One key source of mine, who has variously gone by the names of Richard
Sorge, Alexander Romanov, etc., was part of a multi-agency Western ring
involved in smuggling drugs into Japan. I have confirmed through a long term
acquaintance by the name of Steve McClure, a supposed music journalist, that
Richard Sorge was his long term supplier of drugs. He claims to have been
recruited into the Illuminati by former Chess champion Bobby Fischer.

In any case, Sorge told me that he was summoned to Pattaya, Thailand, by a
member of the British Special Air Service, a South African going by the name
of Spencer and told to bring 70 kilograms of "thai stick" Marijuana, heavily
laced with mind destroying chemicals and approach me. He was told to tell me
to introduce the Yakuza to him or else I would be killed. The Yakuza told me
it was a trap and to keep away from it, which I did. Sorge also told me that
when he was in Thailand, he was shown a 700 kiloton nuclear missile that was
stolen from the sunken Russian submarine the Kursk. This missile was
smuggled into Japan together with the drugs.

The man overseeing the smuggling operation was a former Hong Kong deputy
police commissioner by the name of Stephens, according to Sorge and Spencer.
The man in overall operational control of this operation against Japan was
General Richard Meyers, according to CIA and other sources.

Based in subsequent interviews with members of Pentagon military
intelligence and MI5, the route taken by the missile to Japan has been
identified. It was part of a batch of four nuclear missiles stolen from the
Kursk by Nazi underground forces who took them to their submarine base in
the Atlantic Island of Sao Tome, according to MI5. From there, it was taken
to another submarine base in New Guinea, according to Pentagon Military

From there it was taken to the Philippines Yatch club where Stevens’ crew
then took it by yacht to a remote island on the Okinawan archipelago. From
there it was transported by fishing boat to the port of Kyushu. From Kyushu,
the missile was taken by van to a property owned by former Prime Minister
Yasuhiro Nakasone in Hi No De Cho, in Western Tokyo. From there it was taken
to the North Korean Citizen’s organization headquarters near the Yasukuni
shrine, according to Sorge.

Sorge risked his life and has survived multiple murder attempts because he
attempted to warn the Japanese authorities about the impending nuclear
terror attack. He told them the missile was at Nakasone’s property and he
told me as well. The Japanese authorities ignored our warnings. Later we
again told them the missile was located at the North Korean headquarters in

For his efforts, Sorge was arrested by plain clothes police who ignored his
warnings about impending nuclear terror and instead asked him to testify
falsely that I was a drug dealer.

A South African/British agent by the name of Michael Meiring, who had both
legs blown off by a bomb he said was set by George Herbert Walker Bush
Senior also began contacting me around this time. He came to me under the
name of Dr. Michael Van de Meer and he showed me a bullet proof attaché
case, 7 passports and an Uzi machine-gun. Dr. Van de Meer told me that Tony
Blair had bragged I would be arrested on drug charges.

In any case, Japanese authorities failed to react to our warnings and the
bomb was loaded onto the deep sea drilling ship Chikyu. Local news reports
place the Chikyu drilling into the seabed off-shore from Sendai in the
months before the March 11, 2011 Tsunami and nuclear terror attack against

Furthermore, multiple witnesses have come forth to testify that the Prime
Minister Naoto Kan was seen inside the Japan Freemason headquarters building
near Tokyo tower on the day before the 311 attack. He was being shown a map
of Japan missing the Tohoku region where the tsunami it.

The Israeli company Magna BSP was in charge of security at the Fukushima
nuclear plant at the time. A Miyagi prefectural government official says
employees of this company loaded plutonium into the plant against his will
in the months before 311.

Immediately after the tsunami and nuclear terror attack began, Prime
Minister Naoto Kan was asked to order the evacuation of 40 million people
from the Kanto plain, Kan said during a press conference at the Foreign
Correspondent’s Club of Japan.

He also received a phone call from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
the day after the attack demanding that he sign over ownership of all
Japanese govern-ment holdings of US government bonds to cabal oligarchs,
which he did, according to Japanese military intelligence.

Following the attacks, a member of the Japanese self-defense forces who was
involved in breaking up the nuclear bomb from the Kursk into several smaller
bombs and drilling them into the seabed, showed up at the Tachikawa
Christian church run by Pastor Paolo Izumi asking for protection. He said
that 14 of his colleagues who were involved in the drilling operation, not
understanding the purpose of what they were doing, had been murdered in
order to silence them and that he feared for his life. The man was sheltered
by the church and is now in the witness protection program.

After the 311 attack, this writer went to South Korea at the invitation of
Dr. Van de Meer. While in Korea he was told the Rothschild family had
planned the attack because they wanted to force 40 million Japanese refugees
to take shelter in North and South Korea. The Rothschild family intended to
move the base of their Asian operations from Tokyo to a planned new special
economic zone in Korea, he said. He knew in advance of the 311 attack and
looked deeply ashamed when he admitted he did not warn me about it.

Following the 311 attack, un-marked planes were spotted dumping radio-active
industrial waste containing cesium, according to a Japanese gangster whose
gang was sub-contracting for the CIA and Mossad around Fukushima.

The massive propaganda fear campaign following the 311 attack can be traced
to Mossad, the Pentagon and the CIA.

In addition to the people named above, some of the individuals involved in
this mass murder and fear propaganda campaign include Kenneth Curtis, the
head of CIA Japan, Michael Green, the head of Mossad Japan and Richard

Other people involved in this mass murder campaign include George Bush Sr.
and Jr., Michael Chertoff, James Baker, Paul Wolfowitz, Senator J.
Rockefeller, Michael Hayden, Guy de Rothschild, Evelyn de Rothschild, Peter
Hans Kolvenbach, former Pope Maledict, and others yet to be named.


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