Top 462 Obama Lies – Lies, LawBreaking, Corruption & Cronyism the Obama Way

Dan from Squirrel Hill
Tue, Dec 3, 2013
Subject: Obama Lies & Damned Lies



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Obama Admits Birthplace Was in Kenya…


Obama supporters will go hysterical over this, well
sourced list of 462 examples of his lying, lawbreaking,
corruption, cronyism, etc…

As the author of this blog post, I place it into the public
domain. Anyone may freely copy it in any part or in its
entirely, without asking my permission, and without paying any money. I do ask you
please cite a link to

I ask you to please show this list to as many people as
possible – and especially, to please show it to as many Obama
supporters as possible. Sunshine really is the best disinfectant. I can’t stop
Obama from doing any of these horrible things, but I can tell people about
what he is doing. So please share this list with others on Facebook,
Twitter, etc. Thank you. The short link for this is

Every President, every politician, and every human being
tells lies and engages in acts of hypocrisy. But Barack Obama
does these things to a far greater degree than anyone else that I have ever known
of. His campaign promises were so much better sounding than anyone
else’s – no lobbyists in his administration, waiting five days before
signing all non-emergency bills so people would have time to read them,
putting health care negotiations on C-SPAN, reading every bill line by line to make
sure money isn’t being wasted, prosecution of Wall St. criminals, ending
raids against medical marijuana in states where it’s legal, high levels of
transparency. Obama’s promises of these wonderful things sounded inspiring and
sincere. They sounded so much better than the promises of any other President.
So when Obama broke these promises, it felt so much worse than when other
Presidents broke their promises.

In the 2008 United States election, I wrote in Ron Paul for
President. In the 2012 election, I voted for Libertarian Party
candidate Gary Johnson. Those who are of a more leftist persuasion than myself
might want to consider voting for the Green Party in future elections.

Some of the things on this list are major events that should
scare the daylights out of any true liberal who cares about
civil liberties.

Other things on this list are medium things that some Obama
supporters may dislike, but would be willing to overlook in
light of the things that Obama has done which they like.

And some of the things on this list may seem trivial, but I
still think they are an interesting reflection of the kinds of
policies that Obama supports.

Every claim that I make in this list is sourced. Click on
the blue text to see the sources. I have cited a wide variety of
sources, from right wing, to left wing, to middle of the road.

I welcome any comments and criticisms that you may have. If
you say my list is wrong, please back up your claim by citing
specific examples.

And now, on with the list:

1) Carried out military interventionism in Libya without
Congressional approval In June 2011, U.S. Congressman Dennis
Kucinich (D-Ohio) said that Obama had violated the Constitution when he launched
military operations in Libya without Congressional approval.

2) Gave a no-bid contract to Halliburton – just like Bush did
In May 2010, it was reported that the Obama administration had selected KBR, a former
subsidiary of Halliburton, for a no-bid contract worth as much as $568 million
through 2011, just hours after the Justice Department had said it would pursue
a lawsuit accusing the Houston-based company of using kickbacks to get foreign
contracts. READ MORE:

A virtuous man, shortly after he entered Heaven, became puzzled
when he saw a figure walking around in a black robe over a
business suit with a conservative tie. The man finally asked an
angel about the figure in the black robe. The angel replied,
"Don't worry, that's just God. Sometimes he thinks he's a District
Court judge."

What's black and brown and looks good on a lawyer? — A Doberman

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