JP54 & D2 Fuel for 2014 – Legitimate OIl Buyers Lining Up

RJ Hender
Fri, Dec 6, 2013
Subject: JP54 & D2 Fuel for 2014 



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       JP54 & D2 Fuel in 2014  

     Oil buyers are lining up for their allocations in 2014.  As I continue to work with a couple of Significant Oil Sellers it’s been quite hectic recently as we work to secure the right fuels for the right buyers. 

     As a Radio Host and a Website Blogger it’s been fun for me to bring people together of all kinds, over the years.  I’ve brought American Indian Chiefs together, who are working on the same efforts for their freedom.  I’ve helped bring Patriots together in America.  I’ve also helped bring many business people together, who are involved in the same efforts, but they had never met each other before. 

     In the oil game, one of my frustrations has been how the Seller will demand a POF – proof of funds – from the buyer and the Buyer will demand the POP – proof of product from the Seller.  In this tug of war too often nobody wins. 

     There is plenty of JP54 fuel and D2 fuel and Mazut fuel and other products that are available, but the Buyer must be willing to follow the procedures that are set forth by the Refinery.  If you are a legitimate buyer then you can reach me at and I will do my best to hook you up with the Sellers that I work with. 

     Now that I have been involved in some of this Oil Business game I have seen that there is room enough for everybody in the oil process.  There are oil Title Holders at the top of the oil food chain.  There are Allocation Holders that I know of who close oil transactions on a regular basis.  There are Seller Mandates who are usually busy lining up Buyers for the Title Holder.  There are Buyer Mandates who have gained permission to sign oil purchases for their buyers.  There are oil Brokers too.  How many brokers can we fit in the oil Daisy Chain?  It’s amazing some times that 20 or 30 or 40 people can be involved in bringing the Buyer and Seller together. 

     The Oil Sellers that I work with prefer to have as few oil Brokers in the middle of the deal, as possible. 

     What is amazing to me is how many Mandates and Brokers have contacted me who are not, in fact, Mandates or Brokers.  What a waste of my time it is to deal with fake brokers and mandates. 

     Over the last few years I’ve also learned how a Financial Partner can help the whole oil buying and selling process along.  When the right money partner is willing to place a MT799 for $250million or $450million then it can help grease the wheels of some oil transactions.  Even the Significant Oil Sellers I work with are willing to pay a significant return to this kind of a money partner. 

     Some buyers prefer the FOB process for their oil purchase.  Other oil deals must go down with the CIF process, like Mazut fuel that must be sent to China.  Lots of oil sellers refuse to sell to China buyers because of the games that too many China oil buyers play.  Many of the oil buyers I have dealt with prefer the CI, Dip & Pay process for securing their jet fuel or diesel fuel. 

     Either way, I enjoy helping to hook up people, for business. 

     If you are a legitimate Buyer or Mandate or Broker then I think I can help you.  Together, we can bring your oil people together with my oil people and bring about a prosperous 2014. 

     You can contact me at 

     Right now we have access to a solid supply of Bonny Light – BLCO.  In Nigeria it’s been difficult to line up honest Sellers, but we are good to go. 

     In 2014 my Significant Oil Sellers are providing fuel to Buyers on a 1st Come and 1st Serve basis.  I look forward to hearing from you.  God Bless.   

     God Bless…  RJ Hender 


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