Obama Women – ObamaCare Isn’t Barry Soetoro’s Fault

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Fri, Dec 6, 2013

Subject: ObamaCare Blame




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ObamaCare Blame – RJ Hender

 2 Army Generals & 1 Navy Admiral Thwart Obama Planes to Nuke/EMP America http://thelibertydigest.com/2013/11/21/ex-cia-operative-military-thwarted-obamas-plans-to-nukeemp-america-this-fall/ OBAMA BANNED THIS VIDEO – GEE, I WONDER WHY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&v=l-HqHSkYG-Y&NR=1 ObamaCare Blame Often the right Man for the Job is a Woman.

As I have been examining the ObamaCare Mess there are some details that we must keep our eyes on. Women, in the life of Barack Obama, have made a major influence on him. As Barry Soetoro’s communist father was gone much of the time, it was Barry’s mother in Kenya that made a big difference for him. Some boys grow up, being ruled by their mothers. Some of these men, after they marry and make a life of their own, are ruled by their wives. As Barry’s daddy took off, what else is a boy to do but listen and complete the Honey-Do list from his mommy?

In Kenya, officials there celebrate the fact that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, as Barry Soetoro. Later in Barry Soetoro’s life his mother moved to Indonesia. With a new daddy and a new country Barry or Barack was forced to re-invent himself. Again, Barry/Barack was forced to depend upon his mommy for his stability and comfort. When Barry/Barack moved to Hawaii and was looked after by his grandmother, again a new woman ruled him. Under the pressure of another country and another Woman in Charge of Barry/Barack the boy was forced to seek the comfort of marijuana. As the leader of his Choom Choom Gant in Hawaii, Barry began to learn what community organizing was about. Pres Bill Clinton told us years ago that he never inhaled as he was smoking marijuana, but Barry/Barack was glad to inhale quite often. In Chicago, Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama met his lovely wife Michelle and it’s been heavenly – She’s In Charge of Me – bliss. Barack Obama did not write the ‘ Affordable Care Act, ‘ law.

Pres Barack Obama does not write the script for the teleprompters he hauls all over the world, with him. Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama is not to blame for the ObamaCare unlaw. Pres Obama is simply a spokesman for TPTB who have manipulated America’s Presidents, for years. You’ve heard of the ‘ Committee of They, ‘ right? From the tabloid, The Globe, recently we have heard that Pres Obama has been crying out for the help of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah made a major impact on the voters in America, as Obama was campaigning for the Oval Office. Oprah knows that she influences Americans and Michelle Obama refuses to allow Oprah to have any impact on Barry. Could the influence of Oprah Winfrey help save Pres Obama’s presidency? Could Oprah Winfrey help save America from the cliff we are about to fall from? A wife knows the secrets of her husband. Hillary is holding back with the secrets she has on Barack Obama. Michelle Obama knows Barack’s secrets. NAZI Pelosi is aware of many of Barack’s secrets. Hillary, Michelle, Nancy, Oprah and many other women have had influence in Barack Obama’s life, but who can save Barry Soetoro? The ObamaCare unlaw came from the pits of hell and it’s conditions are designed to finish destroying America’s economy. Could Hillary Clinton, involved with the communist party, save America from our looming destruction? Maybe we ought to blame ourselves for Barry’s/Barack’s success. Many Americans voted for this foreigner who now occupies the Oval Office. We have seen the Enemy and It is Us! I pray for America. I work every day to help turn our hearts around for America. God Bless… RJ Hender

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