Obama’s Food Stamp Terrorism

RJ Hender
Fri, Dec 13, 2013
Subject: Barack Obama the Food Stamp Terrorist

Pres Obama – the Food Stamp Terrorist – RJ Hender

RJ, this is a very good message. Since we loan our credit to keep that government
going we should be recognized as the stockholders that we are and we should
receive monthly dividend checks as consideration for the contract loans that
we have made to the United States. Actually since 1933 HJR 192 was passed by
congress declaring that all of our debts could be discharged for us by the
United States upon demand. But they never told us about this "Public
Policy". We had to discover it and now have to try to enforce it ourselves.

Obama’s Food Stamp Terror

This week, from South Africa, Pres Barack Obama keeps spouting that we must have Equality for Every One. Boy, this sure sounds nice.

We must examine what Pres Obama does, not just what he says. Statistics don’t lie, in the case of Obama’s impact on America’s economy. More than 47 million Americans are now on food stamps. Many Americans, who are not getting food stamps, are falling through the cracks of the American Dream. More families, women and children, are occupying homeless shelters all over America.

Pres Obama, as he was campaigning across America, was bribing the most vulnerable segment of America’s society by persuading more Americans to apply for food stamps and other government, on the dole, programs.

It is completely outrageous that the men and women who serve in our military qualify for food stamps and other welfare programs. It’s clear that Pres Obama does not make the effort to care for the very men and women who risk their lives to look after us. Congress is doing no better.

If America did away with the Food Stamp program and replaced it with bread lines then these 47 million Americans and more would be filling many American streets. Since debit cards are used now with the food stamp program then these hungry masses are hidden from the eyes of Americans. If bread and soup lines replaced the food stamp program then Americans would throw a major fit. Congress and Pres Obama would be forced to apply better policies to turn America’s financial foundation around.

It is becoming apparent that Pres Barack Obama considers himself an equal to Nelson Mandela, to Martin Luther King, to JFK and perhaps to Pres Abe Lincoln. Even as Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years he was invited to denounce terrorism in exchange for his prison release, but he would not. Martin Luther King had some associations with communists, but he did work and die for his people. Pres Abe Lincoln and JFK also did some wonderful things as President and they did some things that were not so nice.

President Obama is lost. Barack Obama is white, with white parentage. Barack Obama is black, with black parentage. There are people in America who would claim that Pres Obama is not white enough or he is not black enough. Either way, Pres Obama is not the one who writes the script on his teleprompters.

We can’t fix DC.

Pres Obama is not in charge of me. Pres Obama is not in charge of my family. Pres Obama is not in charge of my school. Pres Obama is not in charge of my church. Pres Obama is not in charge of my community.

America needs new Founding Fathers. America needs new Founding Mothers. As we work to establish Life, Liberty and Happiness in our homes, in our schools, in our churches and in our communities then we can re-shape our country and our children’s future. Out future is up to you and me.

God Bless… RJ Hender 


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