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Fri, Dec 13, 2013
Subject: TPP Will Take Away Basic Rights



Obama's Throne Of Satan (Pergamon Altar)
in Revelation 2

Krampus the Christmas Demon

Analysts: U.S. Should Plan For War With
The U.S. needs to prepare for
a potential war with China, according to a group of defense analysts at a U.S.
House armed services subcommittee.
At the hearing, the defense
analysts told the U.S. House Armed Services’ Seapower and Projection Forces
Subcommittee that the Pentagon should begin a massive arms build-up, including
additional nuclear submarines, for a possible war with China. hearing this
week. On Dec. 9, a former Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations, Sha Zukang,
said that a current territorial dispute between China and Japan, of which the
U.S. and South Korea are also involved, could lead to World War III.
Federal Court Strikes Down
Criminalization of Polygamy In Utah
United States District Court
judge Clarke Waddoups striking down key portions of the Utah polygamy law as
unconstitutional.,,As I have previously
written, plural families present the same privacy and due process concerns
faced by gay and lesbian community over criminalization. With this
decision, families like the Browns can now be both plural and legal in the
state of Utah.
– Obamacare Enrollees Await Coverage
The TPP For
In Egypt For The First Time In 100 Years
UK Politicians Linked To Pedo Group
Young People Face Increasingly Uncertain Future
Children In UK Have Cancer
Gen Who Opened Gitmo Says Shut It Down
Fox News anchor declares
that 'Jesus and Santa are 'verifiably white'
Fox News host Megyn Kelly
caused controversy last night as she confidently declared that not only is Santa Claus white but
Jesus Christ is too…Jesus was white to be fact and 'verifiable'.
'But just because it makes you feel uncomfortable,' Kelly said Wednesday,
'doesn’t mean it has to change. Jesus was a white man, too.'

FBI Agent Missing In Iran Was CIA
US taking revenge in Ukraine:
A senior Russian lawmaker
says that US attempts to influence the situation in Ukraine are a desire to
“take revenge” for Washington's defeat in Syria.
TRIPLES Obama Military Aid To Israel

Just like Old Testament
Conducts Racist, Evil Ethnic Cleansing
The Israeli regime is
carrying out large-scale Nazi-style ethnic cleansing in the occupied West Bank
by destroying the Palestinian properties
Bible: Pricks,
Thorn in my side, Bitch & Son of a Bitch. WHY?
Parliament – Ukraine Can Hold Early Elections
70% Of All Antibiotics Used In The US
Are Given To Farm-Animals
Snow in the Middle East?
Amazing photos tell the story
New Obamacare Mascot
The bunny is smarter than the
typical voter.
Buys Boston Dynamics, DARPA Funded Robot Corp.
NY Times | BigDog, Cheetah,
WildCat and Atlas have joined Google’s growing robot menagerie.
Google confirmed on Friday
that it had completed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, an engineering
company that has designed mobile research robots for the Pentagon.
A Cover Up of
PayPal’s NSA Involvement?
Why have we not heard
anything from the Snowden documents about the NSA’s connections to financial
institutions — especially PayPal?
Drug Companies Caught Pushing Drugs Causing Same Dangers They ‘Prevent’
American people were being ‘treated
like guinea pigs in a massive pharmaceutical experiment’.
Shooter Uses Biden-Endorsed Shotgun
cracking cellphone code, NSA has capacity for decoding private conversations
Washington Post | The cellphone encryption technology used most widely
across the world can be easily defeated by the National Security Agency

WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
EU set
to offer massive aid ($$$) to Israel,
Palestinians for peace deal
The European Union is
expected to announce on Monday that it will offer an unprecedented assistance
package to
Israel and the Palestinians, if the two parties sign a final-status agreement.

Israeli-Palestinian peace deal still possible by April
Shrugging off gloomy
predictions of failure, US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday that
Israelis and Palestinians remained committed to peace talks and were on course
to wrap up afull deal by April.
Israel MIght Look Next December if Kerry Succeeds
Once again, Israel’s Left
tells us that Israel cannot survive if
we refuse to surrender land. They say that Israel and ‘Palestine’ can live
‘side-by-side in peace and security’.
Baker Faces
Prisonfor Refusingto Bake Same-Sex Wedding
12 Dec
2013 – Jack Phillips is a baker
who declined to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple because his Christian
belief is that marriage exists only between a man and woman. Now a Colorado
judge has ordered him to bake cakes for same-sex marriages, and if Phillips
refuses, he could go to jail.
Video: Baker says he’d rather go to jail after judge orders him to
bake cakes for gay ‘weddings’

The United States of
The New "Sodom and

1500 year-old ‘ Syriac ‘ Bible found
in Ankara, Turkey : Vatican
in shock !
The relic was ‘rediscovered’
in the depositum of Ankaran Justice Palace, the ancient version of bible is
believed to be written in Syriac, a dialect of the native language of Jesus.
The Vatican reportedly placed
an official request to examine the scripture, which was written on pages made
of animal hide in the Aramaic language using the Syriac alphabet.
Amy veteran and cop tells it

China's plan to build
£25bn rival to the Panama Canal across Nicaragua


You Didn’t Catch the Prominent Symbol Associated With Muslim Brotherhood
Support at Mandela’s Funeral, Here’s Your Chance to See it
Deformities, sickness and
livestock deaths:
the real cost of GM animal
of our meat and dairy produce is made from animals raised on GM feeds. Alarming
new claims suggest that the GM diet is affecting animal health – prompting
fears over human safety.
Hamas: Israel Engineering
an Earthquake Attack on Al-Aqsa
Hamas Min. of Religious
Affairs warns Israel is trying to collapse Al-Aqsa Mosque with 'artificial
earthquake' to build 3rd Temple.
'Rainbow Gravity' Theory
Our Universe Has No Beginning
What if the universe had no
beginning, and time stretched back infinitely without a big bang to start
things off? That's one possible consequence of an idea called "rainbow
gravity," so-named because it posits that gravity's effects on spacetime
are felt differently by different wavelengths of light, aka different colors in
the rainbow…physicists have now applied the
concept to the question of how the universe began, and found
that if rainbow gravity is correct, spacetime may have a drastically different
origin story than the widely accepted picture of the big bang.
Why Are So Many Pastors
Committing Suicide?
If we want to win the battle
against suicide in the pulpit and the pew, we need to, among many other things,
take ahold of Scriptures that instruct us about the battle in our mind. Paul
told us, “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for
pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that
exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into
captivity to the obedience of Christ, and being ready to punish all
disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled” (2 Cor. 10:4-6). No one can
take your thoughts captive for you, but you can take your own thoughts captive,
and it starts with girding up the loins of your mind (1 Pet. 1:13).
Federal judge declares Utah
polygamy law unconstitutional
District court ruling finds
key parts of Utah polygamy laws unconstitutional.
Study: Old potato led to
botulism outbreak in Utah prison
Prison » Twelve inmates
became sick in 2011 after drinking homemade brew.

TPPwill take away basic rights if ratified
Trans-Pacific Partnership
(TPP), US corporatists are aiming to exert their legal control globally, by
backing a move to extend intellectual property (IP) laws. But according to
Snowden leaks, the move will come at the cost of free speech.
Drone Strike Kills Thirteen In Yemen Wedding Convoy
Cash will be obsolete in
three years claims PayPal
The claims came as the firm,
which is owned by eBay, unveiled a new roll-out of its mobile phone-based smart
payment system.

China tells pilots: learn
to land in smog
Latest official missive on
air pollution is part of effort to cut chronic flight delays that have led to
passenger revolts
Prison Profiteers
NSA chief pleads with
Senate to keep surveillance programs
HI Certifier Of
Obama Fake Birth Cert Dies In Plane Crash
Connecticut gov signs
first GMO labeling law in US
Cities Growing Hunger, Homelessness
This Is How You Create Jobs
In America
Hunger 'games' set to
worsen with homelessness on the rise across America, survey says
Aide Fired Amid Child Porn Raid
Sign-language interpreter
at Mandela memorial says he was hallucinating
The sign-language interpreter
accused of using fake hand gestures at Nelson Mandela's memorial service told a
Johannesburg radio station he is schizophrenic and was hallucinating during the
ceremony. "Sometimes I get violent on that place. Sometimes I will see
things chasing me.”
The revelations are likely to raise questions the security of President Obama,
who spoke just a feet away from Jantjie.
J.P. Morgan to Settle
Madoff Probe for More Than $1 Billion
Deal Would End Criminal Investigation into Warnings Over Ponzi Scheme
Ukraine 'still intends to
sign EU pact'
as US considers sanctions
Crowds have gathered there in protest against Yanukovych's
decision not to sign the association agreement and instead turn towards Russia
for financial help.
To Use Nukes If Attacked By US
'No one will prevail over
Russia militarily':
Putin eyes $700bn to
advance Army
Planes Parked in Weeds in
Kabul After $486 Million Spent
Sixteen broken-down transport
planes that cost
U.S. taxpayers at least $486 million are languishing among the
weeds, wooden cargo boxes and old tires at Kabul International Airport, waiting
to be destroyed without ever being delivered to the Afghan Air Force.
Protesters Cut Power To PM’s Office
Israeli president condemns rejection
of (Black) Ethiopian-born MP as blood donor
Parliamentary session is
called after 'special' blood of Ethiopian-born MP is rejected by emergency
services…on the grounds that it was a "special kind" of blood – a
move that has prompted charges of racism.
Israel moves Africanmigrants to new detention facility
Israel has started
transferring African migrants to a new detention facility in the Negev Desert,
sparking criticism from immigrants' rights advocates. ..Thursday that
around 500 migrants were moved to the new facility.  She added that the number would increase to
1,000 by the end of December. ..The law also gives Israel the right to
send immigrants to complexes called “open facilities” — until they are
deported or voluntarily go back to their homelands. Migrants kept in the open
facilities will have no right to work.
Jesus Christ Warnedthat in the Last Days there would be Race Wars…

Cops Brutally Slam 72 Yr
Old Woman To Ground
In this outrageous video out of Georgia a police officer is seen
violently slamming a 70-year-old woman to the ground, then his fellow officer intimidates
the man who filmed the incident.
Fly Hijacks An Ant’s Brain
Will Saudis Send U.S. Anti-tank Weapons to Salafist Mercenaries
in Syria?
Director Who Released Obama Birth Certificate
Dies in Mystery Plane Crash
 The health director who approved the
release of President Obama’s long form birth certificate, which some claim was
a fraudulent document, has died in an unexplained plane crash in Hawaii, it was
announced today.
Passed in House, NDAA now heads to Senate
 The House on Thursday approved a compromise
version of this year’s defense authorization bill, kicking it to the Senate
under a fast-track process that precludes senators from tacking on
controversial amendments dealing with Iran sanctions and other divisive issues.
The IMF Wants You To Pay 71% Income Tax
 After it recently suggested a “one-off capital
levy” – a one-time tax on private wealth as an exceptional measure to restore
debt sustainability across insolvent countries – it has now called for
“revenue-maximizing top income tax rates”…. They’ve singled out the US,
suggesting that the US government could maximize its tax revenue by increasing
tax brackets to as high as 71%.
Bitcoin beware:
JPMorgan seeks patent for
rival online payment system
As public enthusiasm
continues to grow over bitcoin, the digital crypto-currency, JPMorgan Chase
seeks to patent an online payment system that would allow digital wallets, as
well as anonymity – the most attractive feature to internet users.
Minn. Guardsman Accused of Stealing Military IDs
Medical Errors Kill Enough People to Fill 4 Jumbo Jets a Week.
– 7 Tips on Surviving The Medical Industrial Complex
Medical mistakes kill enough people each
week to fill four jumbo jets. But these mistakes go largely unnoticed by the
world at large, and the medical community rarely learns from them." The
WSJ goes to the say in their excellent article titled "How to Stop
Hospitals From Killing Us."
CNN Documentary: Babies Born Addicted to Rx Drugs
Cellphone data spying: It’s not just the NSA
USA Today – Local police are increasingly
able to scoop up large amounts of cellphone data using new technologies,
including cell tower dumps and secret mobile devices known as Stingrays. Here’s
a closer look at how police do it.
Minnesota judge dismisses phony charges against raw milk farmer
Mike Hartmann
Are You Prepared to Stay Alive in the Frigid Wilderness with
Only the Supplies in Your Vehicle?
How prepared are you to survive a few
days in the frozen wilderness with only the supplies you have in your vehicle?
A family of 6 discovered that they have what it takes when their Jeep flipped
over in the middle of the Seven Troughs mountain range in north-central Nevada
last week.
Naval Vessel Tries toForce U.S. Warship to Stop in
International Waters
A Chinese naval vessel tried
to force a U.S. guided missile warship to stop in international waters
recently, causing a tense military standoff in the latest case of Chinese
maritime harassment, according to defense officials. “On December 5th, while
lawfully operating in international waters in the South China Sea, USS Cowpens
and a PLA Navy vessel had an encounter that required maneuvering to avoid a collision,”
a Navy official said.
Claims Harassment From Telemarketers After Signing Up For Obamacare
and South Korea hold joint sea drill in China air defence zone
South China Morning Post| The navies of Japan and South Korea said on
Thursday they had carried out a joint maritime rescue drill in international
waters covered by China’s new air defence identification zone.
Jong-un executes uncle: Jang Song-thaek had been North Korea’s No. 2
London Telegraph | The execution of leader Kim Jong-un’s uncle marks
the unprecedented fall from grace of one of the most powerful figures in North
Korea and the most serious political upheaval in the country in decades.
59% of Americans Want TSA Agents to Carry Guns
Pope Francis ‘scores goals’ for image of Catholic Church.
Very recently, it was hard to
find a good word about the Catholic Church in the world’s press, amid sex abuse and
other scandals. That has changed dramatically, with Pope Francis riding the
crest of a wave that has culminated in him being named Time magazine’s person
of the year. Pope Francis has been a godsend to the Catholic Church and to
the Vatican.
Why Pope Francis Is Different From His Predecessors – ABC News.
An ABC News/Washington Post
poll showed today that 92 percent of American Catholics view Pope Francis
favorably, as do 69 percent of all Americans.
The church’s popularity as a
whole is even up along with Francis’ popularity: 95 percent of Catholics think the church
is moving in the right direction, up 26 percent from 10 years
The UK Supreme Court elevated Scientology to religious status
allowing it to perform weddings..
The ruling reverses a
33-year-old court ruling that Scientology services did not constitute “acts of
See how a pandemic could sweep the world:
Scientists develop
terrifying new computer model

Could humans live to 500
years old?
Scientists believe genetic
tweaks could significantly extend our lifespan

IDF called in to help
motorists stranded in snow in Jerusalem
Mayor Barkat says city facing "a rare storm, the likes of which we've
never seen"
South Carolina Looking to
Pass Bill That Would Eliminate ObamaCare in the State
Belgian Senate votes to
extend euthanasia to children
The Belgian Senate has voted
in favour of extending its euthanasia law to terminally-ill children.
The Senate voted 50-17 in
favour of the legislation, which is opposed by religious leaders in Belgium.
50 percent ofofficers don't wearseat
belts,study says
"Click It or Ticket:"
that's the Utah campaign that urges all of us to wear our seat belts or face a
fine. But an upcoming report raises questions about whether law enforcement
officers are following their own rules.
Utah ranks 2nd in nation for shaken-baby
syndrome reports
Nationwide, Weber County ranks third among
counties and Utah ranks second among states of cases of shaken-baby syndrome —
or abusive head trauma that causes brain bleeding, swelling and bleeding in the
eyes. The data identifying about 3,600 cases nationally over the last 25 years
Shaken Baby Syndrome often caused by vaccines



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