Top 3 Chinese Steps to Invade & Disarm America

John Risselada
Wed, Dec 11, 2013
Subject: China Demands Obama Disarm & Allow Invasion of America



            A Silent Chinese Invasion & Disarmament
              of America is Taking Place
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                if there was ever a time in our nation’s history that it
                was imperative that we as Americans separated
                ourselves from the constant dribble of the false
                paradigm of American politics, the time is definitely
                now. I find myself in total disbelief as I watch the
                obvious consequences of the corruption, massive wasteful
                spending, the outsourcing of the American labor force
                and many other ills that have plagued this nation for
                decades come boiling to a head like a massive pimple on
                a teenager’s forehead. When this pimple pops, it is
                going to hurt. We have to stop pretending that there is
                only one corrupt political party and that it’s the one
                that we don’t vote for. We must accept that it has been
                the successful employment of divisive tactics by the
                communists seeking to dominate our wills that have
                brought us to where we are. Over the course of the last
                year, I have had the distinct pleasure of sharing my
                interpretation of these events with you. Whether I drew
                on my experience of being educated by radical Alinskyite
                leftists, or researched the goals of the communists and
                connected them to daily events; it’s all coming to
                fruition, and if we do not wake up and collectively
                shout “No,” and defend our liberty, we will not win this

                 Many of you
                  may remember this while others may not. Still, others
                  may have simply let this bit of information come in
                  one ear and exit the other without even entertaining
                  the real meaning of it. In
                  late December of 2012 and early January of 2013 there
                  were reports that The Chinese Government demanded the Obama
                  administration take the necessary steps to disarm law
                  abiding citizens in this country. Furthermore, earlier
                  this year, yours truly submitted an article to Save
                  America Foundation discussing a report submitted to
                  the U.N. by the Chinese, where they specifically claim
                  that our second amendment violates the “human rights”
                  of others to live “safe.” Many people’s reaction to these types
                  of reports is immediate denial and disbelief; how
                  could the Chinese in any way have an influence over
                  our laws, our constitutional rights? Currently I believe they hold what,
                  one trillion dollars of our debt? America, this past
                  month marks the first time in U.S. history where
                  communist Chinese troops were on U.S. soil training
                  with U.S. troops. This occurred in Hawaii. 

                  Does anyone
                  see the seriousness of this yet? If all of this isn’t
                  convincing enough, perhaps we should discuss the fact
                  that the states of New
                  York and California are currently in the process of
                  confiscating firearms from law abiding citizens. How long they will remain law abiding
                  remains to be seen but you can read about that here. Some of you may be beginning to
                  wonder where I am going with all of this. Perhaps you
                  are like my wife and think I just ramble on and on,
                  trust me, the pimple is about to blow. 

                      Chinese are in the process of building their own cities,
                      rather, what they refer to as “economic safe
                      zones” right here in the United States of America.
                      So far they have bought up territory in Idaho
                      where they plan to build a fifty square mile city
                      specifically for Chinese economic activity,
                      exclusively for Chinese people. I’m quite certain
                      this isn’t the same thing as Chinatown folks. You
                      can see this here. Here comes the good
                      part, they are building another one in New York,
                      just west of New York City where the gun confiscation has begun. 

                    Do you get it
                  yet? This is nothing short of an invasion that has
                  been subsidized with the help of our corrupt
                  politicians on the left and the right by you, the
                  American tax payer. If one were to ask my opinion, I
                  would say that all political posturing, the lying, the
                  cheating, the distractions, the name calling, etc,
                  etc, etc. was done to keep us from realizing this
                  America. This is just my opinion of course. 

                 The fact that
                  the dollar is on its death bed and the Chinese
                  renminbi is rapidly becoming the second most used currency in the
                    world is also aiding in this silent invasion. To take advantage of this fact, the
                  two major financial powerhouses of Asia have made an agreement to ramp up production of Chinese
                  goods denominated in Chinese in renminbi. As soon as
                  the dollar crashes it is highly likely this currency will settle as the world’s
                  reserve. A position currently held by our dollar that has enabled the U.S. to
                  superficially maintain a world superpower status, even
                  though we have been producing nothing and operating with deficits for some time. 

                can’t you see that we have been duped on a massive
                scale? We have been lied to by all involved and the
                people who you believe are representing you know full
                well that this is occurring, whether you call yourselves
                a conservative or a liberal. Even if the scant few
                politicians, who appear for all practical purposes to
                know of the dangers we face, who stand in opposition to
                corruption had the intestinal fortitude to do anything
                about it, they couldn’t. It has progressed all too far,
                and the wealth of this nation has all but been
                completely drained. Until we realize that we have
                collectively allowed these people to swipe away our
                liberty, intentionally divide us and purposefully set
                out to create hate and discontent, this agenda will
                continue unabated.



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