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RJ Hender
Sat, Dec 21, 2013 
Subject: Christmas Courage 



Christmas Courage video – RJ Hender 
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           Christmas Courage 

     Life, Liberty and Happiness belong to everyone.  For someone freedom is a dry place to sleep at night.  For someone else freedom is knowing that they will have food to eat tonight.  For someone else is walking home from school and knowing that they won’t be assaulted.  For Duck Dynasty people freedom is having the ability to express themselves without reprisal.  

     We may not like how some people worship.  We may not like the music that some people play.  We may not like the kind of language someone speaks.  We may not approve of the clothes that some people wear.  We may not like the kind of entertainment that some people demand.  

     As long as it doesn’t harm somebody else we have every right, as Americans, to follow our convictions.  These days it takes Extra Courage to follow your beliefs.    

     I do not believe that Jesus was born on the 25th of December.  As the world comes together every Christmas season I am glad to join in with the worship of Jesus.  

     One of today’s wimpy expressions is Happy Holidays.  We don’t want to offend non-Christians by saying Merry Christmas.  We don’t want to offend Jews by not mentioning their 7-day Holiday in December.  I’m offended that we don’t speak our minds.  To the people I care about, I tell it like it is.  Merry Christmas to you!  What can be wrong with that?  Happy New Year to you!  How could this offend anyone?  

     Another sad expression these days is to tell you the truth or to be honest with you.  Why would anyone need to speak something like this unless they were already lying to us.  Speak your truth to me.  I can take it.  Lying to somebody or to everybody is a part of our culture these days.  

     In some Muslim countries, if we took ourselves and our Bible over there and prayed or worshipped then we could be killed.  Many Christian Churches are being burnt to the ground in these Muslim nations.  

     In America, we all have a right to worship, as we see fit.  

     I’m amazed that a Nativity Scene was displayed at the Shaw Air Force Base and some idiot complained about it.  What is worse is that the very people who put up this Nativity Scene took the thing down.  

     In Oklahoma, at the State Capitol, a 10 Commandments Monument has been displayed for years.  Now there are satan worshippers who want to place their own satanic monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.  I suppose that in America, this can occur.  

     There are witch’s covens all over America.  Perhaps America is a witchcraft nation.  Perhaps America is a satanic worshipping nation.  Perhaps we are about to see a Muslim attack upon our Christian Nation.  

     I am not a Baptist, or a Lutheran, or a Catholic.  Many people in America feel that the Church has left us.  We have a right to worship in our homes.  We have a right to worship in our schools.  

     Government officials have been taking the liberty to instruct many Ministers in America on what to say to their congregations.  Hillary Clinton was instructed to go into the churches and push DC policies.  Pres Bush initiated policies that could fund charity activity for some congregations.  Now Pres Obama is trying to tell people of faith that they must push DC contraception policies to American congregations.  

     What kind of a country do we have?  Are we a Christian nation?  Are we now an ObamiNation to God?  

     I love America.  I appreciate the men and women who gave their all so we now can worship How, Where or What We May.  

     Merry Christmas.  Happy New Year.  God Bless…  RJ Hender   




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