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Sat, Dec 21, 2013 
Subject: Phil Robertson Bible to be Banned as Hate Speech



Bulletcan be cast from zink and aluminum
The best use for the zink
copper coated penny: 
As they move to ban led ammo, a far better bullet can be cast from zink and
alluminum. This bullet can be loaded as hot as a copper incased bullet and will
act the same on inpact. Here is how it is done. 10% aluminum by weight, (melt
alluminum first, or it will not mix). 90% zink by weight. Pour in the mold
using regular bullet molds and release agents. The bullet will be lighter, so
it should be weighed for grains instead of bullet size in grains on mold.
Both mettals can be melted using the same system used for lead. Just see how
fast a penny melts on the stove! Any doubt on the zink in the penny, check its
date first. 
More info:
PM Abe: "I Want Next Governor of Tokyo to Be A Young Woman"
Global Internet Usage Based on Time of

Maps That
Will Help You Make Sense of the World… 
Catholic expert says
angels don't have wings
Angels may be heard on high
this holiday season, but according to one Catholic church official, they don’t
have wings. Catholic Church "angelologist" Father Renzo Lavatori says
angels do exist, but are surrounded by shards of light, not wings, according to
a Sky News report.
Baby Dies After 9
Vaccines In One Day
Greenwald – US Uses
'Terrorism' Excuse To Do Almost Anything 
Hezbollah chief vows to
avenge commander's death
BEIRUT (AP) The leader of the
Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah group says it is confident based on evidence it has
that Israel was behind this month's assassination in Beirut of a senior
Hezbollah commander. Sheik Hassan Nasrallah vowed in a speech Friday to exact
Global Arctic wars already
on-going tug of war between
the US, UK and EU on the one hand, and Russia and its allies on the other.
Needs Naval Buildup In Arctic – Deputy Premier
Facebook Won't
Pay Taxes Again, Will Get Refund Instead
bringing in more than $1 billion in US pretax profits last year, the
social-media giant Facebook reported a combined $429 million refund from their
federal and state tax filings,”he
continues, including roughly $295 million from Uncle Sam. 
Lawmakers Eye Another $8 Billion Food Stamp Cuts
William Emails To Harry And Kate Hacked
5 Inexpensive Ways to Store
Your Food
Hospital Food Not Only
Tastes Horrible 
But Is Actually Horrible
For You 
A staggering two thirds of
hospital staff say that they would not be happy to eat the food that they serve
to patients
Gay Group Calls For Re-Education of Phil Robertson
For the Gay & Lesbian
Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), suspending Phil Robertson from Duck
Dynasty over his comments regarding homosexuality isn’t enough – now they are
calling for Robertson to be re-educated.
amazing thing ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson did after suspension
Pastor Mike Kellett tells us
… Robertson didn’t even MENTION the TV show or the suspension – it was all
about the sick woman. Pastor Mike dodged our question — whether Phil’s a
homophobe — saying, “Phil is doing his best to follow God’s word.
Qur’an is “Hate Speech” and Should be Banned 
Central text of Islam
advocates stoning homosexuals to death.
Symbolic Pics of the Month 
Vigilant Citizen| This edition of SPOTM is all about the One Eye
sign. As the year 2013 comes to an end, it appears that the sign of the Eye of
Horus is more ubiquitous than ever.
Who Owns Your Congressman? 
Washington’s Blog | Politics is big business.
ID Enforcement Begins in 2014, 21 States Compliant
The REAL ID Act’s enforcement
will start next year, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced
PA Ready for 12-Month Interim Deal
Saeb Erekat, chief of the
Palestinian Authority’s negotiating team, declared to journalists in Bethlehem
Friday that the PA is ready to accept a 12-month interim deal with Israel – as long as demands regarding borders, land swaps, security arrangements, Jerusalem, and “refugees” are met.
to Force Security Plan on Netanyahu 
US Secretary of State John
Kerry appears to be pressing a national plan, devised in Washington DC, upon
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The proposal comes as part of peace talks
with the Palestinian Authority (PA), and includes uprooting Jewish communities
from the Jordan Valley.
China outraged as Japan
revamps defense plan
Obama says 1 million signed
up for health care 
Crossing the 1 million mark was
a milestone, but the administration’s own estimates called for 3.3 million to
enroll by Dec. 31. The target now is 7 million by the end of open enrollment on
Mar. 31.
Why are Christians Such Wimps?
Christ turning over the
tables of the moneychangers in the temple. Let's follow Christ's example. 
What good are Christian beliefs if you don't stand up for them? Where is the
self-respect of Christians if they allow their beliefs to be trampled on? 

Federal judge strikes downUtah ban on same-sex marriage 
As same-sex couples receive
marriage licenses, state appeals the decision to 10th Circuit Court. 
Salt Lake Tribune – Dec 20 2013 
With the ruling, Utah becomes
the 18th
state where same-sex marriage has
becomelegal through either court
decisions, legislation or referendums…the generational divide on the issue
where young people, including younger Republicans, are more accepting of gay
marriage than older people. 
(On TV
the FAGS thought Utah would be the last state to have fag marriages…Utah
becomes the 18th state) 
couples flock to S.L. County offices to get married
The county issued between 115 and 120
marriage licenses Friday, a clerk reported. 

John Bolton:Edward Snowden 
'Ought To Swing From A Tall Oak Tree' 
Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John
Bolton spoke out against former government contractor Edward Snowden for
leaking classified details on the National Security Agency's controversial
surveillance practices, suggesting Snowden should "swing from a tall oak
tree" as punishment. 
Ghost Cities
Senate Dems block amendment to restore veteran
by closing illegal immigrant
welfare loophole
Phil Robertson 
Demonized LGBT people in 2010 sermon: 
‘They invent ways of doing evil’
“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson demonizing LGBT
people as “insolent” and “evil.”
“First they say,‘There is no God. Get him out of
your mind,’” Robertson said, waving a Bible. “Then
they bow down to birds, animals and reptiles, and each other, and the first
thing you see coming out of that book is gross sexual immorality.”
“They will dishonor their bodies with
one another, degrade each other,”Robertson
said. “Is that going on in the United States of America? Look around. God’s not
there, we have all the answers – don’t hurt a
little bird or an animal – and, boy, is there some immorality going on
around here. Does it get worse?”…They are insolent, arrogant, God-haters. They are heartless, they are
faithless, they are senseless, they are ruthless. They invent ways of doing
evil. That’s what you have 235 years, roughly, after your forefathers founded
the country.”
People Want Security Over Freedom – Vid
the word of tyranny to mean security…the real choice
people freedom or tyranny, not privacy or security.
Applications for Unemployment Aid Soar to 9-Month High
The number of Americans applying for unemployment
benefits increased by 10,000 for the week ending Dec. 14, bringing the total to
379,000, up from last week’s revised figure of 369,000, the Labor
Department announced Thursday.
Wealth Soared $37 Million A DAY In 2013 
Disease Can Damage Heart – Deaths In NE
California high school to be tested for tuberculosis
CNN)– All
1,800 students and staff at a southern California high school will be screened
for tuberculosis Friday after 45 students tested positive for possible
exposure, authorities said.
Links BP Oil Spill To Dolphin Deaths 
Hitting Small Firms For Tax, Corporations Skate
Canadians wary of 9/11 explanations – and of US
An advertising campaign in Canada raises questions
about the US government's official account of the terrorist attacks of 11
September 2001. The advertising campaign is supported by a Lafayette,
California-based organisation called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
End of the line for the lead bullet? 
Regulations, bans force switch to 'green' ammo
When the last bullet-producing lead smelter closes its
doors on Dec. 31, it will mark  a major victory for those who say
lead-based ammunition pollutes the environment, but others warn 'green' bullets
will cost more, drive up copper prices and do little to help conservation.
First, the military announced plans to phase out lead bullets by 2018…switching
to copper-based bullets will cost hunters and sportsmen more and have little
effect on the environment.
Drug Warfarin Can Double Strokes
'Print' Eye Cells That Could Help Blindness 
Of Women Think They've Had 'Virgin Birth'
H1N1 kills 6 people, leaves 14 critically ill in
Greater Houston area 
Obama Rating Worse
Than Bush, Worst Since Nixon 
The poll found that 55 percent of Americans disapprove
of the president’s performance, a sharp rise compared to 42 percent last year.
half-brother writes book on the horrors of living with the president's absent
father in Kenya
Drunken beatings and threats
made with a knife

FED Reduces Bond Buying
By $10 Billion Per Month
Obama administration says 
U.S. debt ceiling could be hit
Reuters) – The Obama
administration warned Congress on Thursday that the government could run out of
borrowing Congress passed a two-year budget deal on Wednesday to trim some
spending cuts planned for next year, and the pact reduces the risk of a
government shutdown.
But the legislation does
nothing to avoid a potential unprecedented U.S. debt default that could occur
if Washington does not raise the borrowing cap soon.
authority needed to help pay
its bills as soon as February if lawmakers do not swiftly raise the federal
debt ceiling.
After the money runs out, the
government could start missing payments on its debt and other obligations, such
as Social Security pensions. Many economists think a U.S. default could trigger a financial
panic and perhaps even an economic depression.
Putin – I Envy Obama Because Gets Away With Spying
Protests Not Allowed In Russia – Putin
Beijing warns US against
meddling in China Sea 
Beijing has warned the United
States to be cautious in its words and actions with regard to territorial
disputes involving China and its neighbors. US State Secretary John Kerry said
recently that Washington would help its regional allies in protecting their
territorial waters. 
China and its neighbors lay
similar claims to parts of the strategic and resource-rich seas.
Reckless Road To WWIII
US military buildup in
Pacific 'recipe for disaster': Madsen
China will not
tolerate the US military buildup in Asia Pacific for supporting regional allies
who are in dispute with Beijing over a chain of islands, says investigative
journalist Wayne Madsen.
Western nations admit they
CANNOT remove Assad 
power in Syria… as it would lead to 'chaos and a takeover by Islamist

Military Severed Brains To 'Cure' PTSD – Vid
Wall Street Journal report
that highlights the Veteran's Administration's role in performing forced lobotomies on mentally
ill veterans during the late 40s and 50s and highlights other
dark human experimentation stains in America's past.
10 Reasons To Skip The Wine 
and Stick To Grape Juice
Alcohol, regardless of its
type (i.e. beer, wine, liquor, etc) is a class A1 carcinogen which are confirmed human
carcinogens’…In a previous study posted in the journal Neuroscience, lead author Megan Anderson, reported that
even moderate drinking — drinking less during the week and more on the
weekends — significantly reduces the structural integrity of the adult brain. 
For every 200 women, 20 are expected to develop breast cancer during their lifetime.
If they all drank 1.5 units every day, an extra one woman would develop cancer
because of alcohol, the research suggests. 
Most Amazing Science Images of 2013
American senators introduce new Iran sanctions bill
China’s central bank hacked; angry bitcoin traders may be to
MarketWatch – As bitcoin halved in value
after several Chinese exchanges halted yuan deposits, China’s central bank was
the target of a hacking attack on Wednesday, with state media suggesting angry
bitcoin investors may be to blame.
US court revives 9/11 case against Saudi Arabia
American Troops
Sent to South Sudan
Barack Obama announced Thursday that he
had deployed 45 American military personnel to South Sudan to protect the U.S.
embassy and Americans in the country as it teeters toward ethnic civil war.
"The Chinese Don't Want Dollars Anymore, They Want
Gold" – London's Gold Vaults Are Empty: This Is Why
Today gold slid under $1200 per ounce,
dropping to a level not seen in three years. Judging by the price action one
would think that gold is not only overflowing from precious metal vaults
everywhere, but can be found thrown away on the street, where nobody even
bothers to pick it up. One would be wrong.
Arctic wars already started
RT – Today’s globalized geopolitical
grand chessboard often plays out in interestingly complex and roundabout ways.
Such is the case of the on-going tug of war between the US, UK and EU on the
one hand, and Russia and its allies on the other.
Gallup: Record 72% Say Big Government Is Greatest Threat
Breitbart – A record high 72% of
Americans think that big government is the greatest threat to the future of the
United States. Only 21% name big business as the greatest threat, while 5% say
big labor.
TSA Launches ‘Fun’ Website For Kids
The TSA has launched a new “fun” website
for kids in order to “help all passengers understand what to expect when going
through airport security.” The extent of the “fun” is an animated YouTube video
which depicts TSA agents as polite, cuddly dog cartoon characters, a word search,
and a print out of a TSA badge which can be colored in.
Senate reaches deal and prepares to head home; Yellen vote off
till Jan. 6
The Senate finally broke its procedural
logjam Thursday night, agreeing not to have an all-night session, push
nomination votes into Friday, and postpone any vote on Janet Yellen as Federal
Reserve Chairman until Jan. 6.
brokers’ selling personal info of rape victims to marketers – report
RT – “Data brokers” track, categorize and
sell personal health information for marketing use, a new US Senate report
reveals. Data groupings include rape victims and HIV-positive individuals,
those with depression and dementia, and womens’ gynecologist visits.
JPM's Quiet Scramble To Refill Its Gold Vault
With gold plunging to multi-year
lows, is JPM just taking advantage of the "blood on the streets" and
becoming the helpful bidder of last (or first) resort and replenishing its
record low depleted inventory by taking advantage of below production cost fire
sales, or… is something else going on here? Inquiring minds want to know.
Stephen Moore: Hidden
Obamacare Tax Will Cost Consumers Another $100-$500 a Year
Get ready for another hidden
Obamacare tax…
Stephen Moore, economist and Wall Street Journal contributor,
discussed the hidden Obamacare tax that will take effect in two weeks.
The hidden Obamacare tax will cost consumers $100-$500 a year and will take effect on January 1, 2014.
Garlic Defeats Colds and Flus
Garlic is Nature’s
Original Wonder Drug
World War 1, British army doctors successfully treated
life threatening infections by applying raw, garlic juice diluted with water directly to wounds.
..the proper way to eat garlic for health purposes is to
first smash a whole fresh clove with a garlic press, or chop it, or smash it
with the back of a knife. Then wait about 5 minutes before consuming.

Four Out of Eight Patients Die of Mystery Illness in Montgomery
County, Texas
A mystery illness in Montgomery
County, Texas has killed four of the eight people suffering from it, and two
more are critically ill…. All of the patients tested negative for known
strains of influenza, even though they all presented with influenza-like
illness. (ILI). There has been around 2000 cases of influenza-like illness in
Montgomery County so far this year, but these cases are different in both
severity and outcome.
Thieves Oil: Use this Essential Oil to Ward Off Colds and Flus
The story of Thieves Oil
takes us all the way back to the Plague in the15th century. There were thieves
who preyed upon the dead and dying but somehow never became infected.
Healthy Fats can Help Men with Prostate Cancer Live Longer
Men with prostate cancer may be able to
extend their lives by eating a diet rich in foods that contain healthful fats
like avocados, nuts, and seeds.
Nine states propose 16 anti-fluoridation bills in 2013 to
protect public against poison
Things are heating up on the fluoride
front as states and municipalities all across the country rethink their
official water fluoridation policies. According to the Fluoride Action Network
(FAN), some 16 pieces of legislation across nine states were introduced or
passed just within the past year to protect the public against this pervasive

won’t pay taxes again, will get refund instead
Smartphone 'Kill Switches' May Be Required By Law
California Sen. Mark Leno introduced a
bill today that would require all smartphones be hardwired with anti-theft
technology that "bricks" stolen phones, essentially turning them into
a useless chunk of metal, which authorities say would discourage would-be
thieves. If the law passes it'll most likely mean that all mobile phones in the
US would come pre-loaded with a kill switch, since it wouldn't be practical to
only build the technology into devices sold in the Golden State.
Dynasty Controversy: Bible to be Banned as “Hate Speech”?
If we are to accept that
Robertson’s rhetoric represents hate speech, then the Bible should immediately
be banned because it openly incites violence against gays.
Compare what Robertson told
GQ Magazine to what appears in Leviticus 20:13. 

Duck Dynasty uproar
‘utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist’
The suspension of Phil
Robertson from A&E’s Duck Dynasty is outrageous in a nation that values freedom, according
to social critic and openly gay, dissident feminist Camille Paglia.
Duck Dynasty Family
Releases Statement On Suspension Of Phil Robertson
as a family, we cannot
imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. We are in
discussions with A&E to see what that means for the future of Duck Dynasty.
Again, thank you for your continued support of our family.
Fear Nuclear Famine: “A Disaster So Massive in Scale that No Preparation is
it’s only a matter of time
before a madman at the helm in any of these ten nuclear-armed states decides to
push the button. 
3 Branches of Government Say Mass Spying On Americans Is Unnecessary 
Washington’s Blog | Congress Members, Executive Branch Officials and
Judges Agree: Spying on Americans’ Metadata Is Unnecessary
IRS Minions
Dodging Taxes: Special Report 
IRS vendors are not paying
taxes but are prepared to come after you if you don’t. 
general fired for alleged drinking and carousing with women in Russia 
Reuters | A two-star general who oversaw the U.S. arsenal of
intercontinental missiles was fired for allegedly drinking and carousing with
women while leading a government delegation to Russia.
removes ‘Christ the Savior’ from ‘Silent Night’ 
Fox News| A New York school district is in hot water with
moms and dads after educators removed all religious references in “Silent
Morgan: First Amendment ‘Shouldn’t Protect Vile Bigots’ Like Phil Robertson 
Breitbart | Morgan also reiterated his position that the Second
Amendment “shouldn’t protect assault rifle devotees.”
rejects 545,000 T U.S. corn in a month over GM strain 
Reuters | China has rejected a total of 545,000 tonnes of corn
from the United States as of Dec. 19, after detecting an unapproved genetically
modified strain.
WW3 Prophet
Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
Deadline: nine months to peace deal
Time is not on our side. It
is in our interest for the negotiations with the Palestinians to succeed.
After Israel’s dizzying
victory in the 1967 Six-Day War, everyone hummed “Yerushalayim shel Zahav” and
“Ha’olam Kulam Negdaynu” (“The Whole World Is Against Us”). It was a kind of
defiance of the pessimistic Israeli leaders at the time, who had thought we
were on the brink of destruction until within six days we ruined Egypt’s, Jordan’s
and Syria’s desire to destroy Israel.
Is the Peace Agreement
 Prophecy in the News
John Kerry, United States’
Secretary of State, is working with The Israelis and the Palestinians in order
to sign a Peace Treaty in the near future that will eventually allow them to
rebuild their Jewish Temple. We know that in the Bible in Daniel 9:27 it states
that this peace agreement will start the final seven years till Armageddon.What
all will take place if this peace agreement is signed in the near future? Are
we closer than we thought we were?
Today Duck Dynasty –
Tommorrow The Rest of Us? 
last time I thought was a
freedom endowed to us by our Creator. At least that is what the Bill of Rights
says. But who pays attention to that silly ol document anymore anyways? Obviously
not A&E.
US Can Only Pay Its Bills
Until March, 
Treasury Secretary Jack
Lew Warns
US debt default could rock the country if Washington does not raise the
borrowing cap soon
God’s deliverance ofthe children of Israel from Egyptian bondage is the
great recurring theme…I say all of this, because it seems that
the vast majority of pastors and Christians today do not equate the real-life
stories of Biblical history with practical reality in modern life. Everything
is spiritualized away. But Bible history is the story of one exodus after
another, one separation after another. Noah was separated from the antediluvian
world; Abram was separated from his country and kin; Joseph was separated from
his family and country; Israel and his children were separated from their
homeland; Moses was separated from the throne he was set to inherit; David was
separated from his place and position–and even his own throne; the Apostle
Paul was separated from his profession, his home, and his friends; and none of
us really knows the amount of separation that the rest of the apostles endured.
From the Book of Genesis where God told Abram, “Get thee out of thy country,”
to the Book of The Revelation where God declared, “Come out of her, my people,”
the divine call of separation was not merely mystical; it was literal.
Until people of faith are
willing to walk with their feet, nothing will happen. We can spiritualize all
we want, but nothing will happen until we literally WALK.
Cyber Threats to Bank
Accounts on the Rise
On the same day that news
broke that 40 million customer account records were stolen from retail giant
Target, the regulator of the nation’s largest financial institutions warned
that customers’ financial information is increasingly under assault in their
banks as well.
Police post photos of texting drivers
ST. GEORGE — St. George
police are taking pictures of texting drivers in an effort to reduce accidents
involving distracted driving. As part of the "Heads up, Thumbs up"
educational campaign, officers park at different locations and take pictures of
texting drivers as they pass by. 
"It's actually been easy
to get these pictures. It's far too common," said Sgt. Sam Despain of the
St. George Police Department. "We always see people doing things other
than paying attention to their driving." Police then post the pictures on their Facebook page with
details, like "manipulating the phone for at least 4 to 6 seconds, passing
us at 35 miles per hour. That is about 210 feet traveled." 
Lockheed Martin endsBoy
Scouts gifts overgay ban 
Lockheed Martin is halting
its donations to the Boy Scouts of America over the organization’s ban on gays serving as
adult leaders 
Obama pardons sentences for 8 drug convictions 
Presidential pardons » The
drug sentences called “unduly harsh,” costly to taxpayers. 
Same-sex marriage ruledlegal by
New Mexico high court 
Santa Fe, N.M. • New Mexico’s
highest court has legalized same-sex marriage, declaring it is unconstitutional
to deny a marriage license to gay and lesbian couples.
The state Supreme Court
issued its ruling Thursday. New Mexico joins 16 states and the District of
Columbia in allowing gay marriage.



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