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Fri, Dec 27, 2013
Subject: ObamaCare Extra Taxes 2014



Bloomberg anchor displays bitcoin on TV,

immediately gets robbed by viewer

Bloomberg TV provided viewers with an important lesson in digital currency when one of its anchors had a gift card stolen while showing it during a live broadcast….Johnson then flashed his certificate on the screen for roughly 10 seconds – more than enough time for a Reddit user to scan the digital QR code with his phone and take the gift for himself.


What if the Germans had won the first world war?

With the war's centenary near, this is not a parlour game.


Over 80% of public worried about Japan going under: survey


New ObamaCare fees coming in 2014
NY Post – The cost of President Obama’s massive health-care law will hit Americans in 2014 as new taxes pile up on their insurance premiums and on their income-tax bills. Most insurers aren’t advertising the ObamaCare taxes that are added on to premiums, opting instead to discretely pass them on to customers while quietly lobbying lawmakers for a break.

Feds charge white man with hate crime

in first ‘knockout’ prosecution

Washington Times – Most knockout victims that have appeared in news reports have been white, but the Justice Department said in this instance the victim was a 79-year-old black man, and stepped in with federal charges…Many of the victims in news accounts have been white and their assailants have been black, but hate-crimes charges have been rare.


Jesus Christ Warned that in the Last Days there would be Race Wars…



December 26, 2013 C-SPAN

72-year-old East Moline woman arrested for 2008 seat belt ticket

The family of a 72-year-old woman is calling for change after she was arrested for a five-year-old seat belt ticket. Carol’s daughter is angry that her 72 year old mom who is diagnosed with numerous conditions including dementia was brought to jail. Fulscher was in jail for approximately 90 minutes before her grandson paid her $242 bond.

72-year-old East Moline woman arrested for 2008 seat belt ticket

Ron Paul: The Failure Of Government Is All Around Us

Two states want their money back from the contractor that built most of Healthcare.gov

Vermont and Massachusetts are taking steps to get their money back


Be prepared: Wall Street advisor recommends guns, ammo for protection in collapse

Washington Examiner – A top financial advisor, worried that Obamacare, the NSA spying scandal and spiraling national debt is increasing the chances for a fiscal and social disaster, is recommending that Americans prepare a “bug-out bag” that includes food, a gun and ammo to help them stay alive.


The Stock Market Has Officially Entered Crazytown Territory
Economic Collapse – Stocks just keep going higher and higher, and at this point what is happening in the stock market does not bear any resemblance to what is going on in the overall economy whatsoever. So how long can this irrational state of affairs possibly continue?

Local Courts Reviving ‘Debtors’ Prison’ For Overdue Fines, Fees
Fox News – More and more, courts are dragging people in for fines and fees that have ballooned due to interest imposed on the initial sums. Some owe money to the public defender's office for the representation they received during their time in court. Others incur hundreds of dollars in fees while they're incarcerated — for everything from toilet paper to the beds inmates sleep on.

Professor admits faking AIDS vaccine to get $19M in grants
NY Post – An Iowa State University professor resigned after admitting he falsely claimed rabbit blood could be turned into a vaccine for the AIDS virus.

How To Peel a Head of Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds

EPA Pushes Gun Control Through Green Ammo Mandate

Investors.com | Thanks to government regulations, the closing of the last U.S. lead smelter and a push for “green” lead-free ammunition, ammo prices will skyrocket.

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley Gets Gun for Christmas to Dismay of Liberals

The Probability Of A Stock Market Crash Is Soaring

Zero Hedge | the probability of a stock market crash is growing extremely rapidly.

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Tweets ‘Freedom of Speech’

Defense of Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty, with about 12 million viewers per episode


Obama administration pondering new carbon emission pledge in wake of Warsaw climate change conference | Fox News

Volcker vote ushers in new world order for banks – FT.com.

The largest US banks were facing a new world order on Tuesday as regulators voted through the Volcker rule, which will make it harder for Wall Street to make risky gambles that could once again endanger the financial system.

Calif. schools prepare for transgender rights law

With a law that spells out the rights of transgender students in grades K-12 set to take effect in California, school districts are reviewing locker room layouts, scheduling sensitivity training for coaches, assessing who will sleep where during overnight field trips and reconsidering senior portrait dress codes.

Most Viewed Endtime Videos of the Year

These videos include topics such as, Another Jewish Holocaust, World War 3, and Timeline of Events of the Last 7 Years.

Top 10 Videos of 2013

Same-sex couples shatter marriage records in Utah

Licenses » Three quarters of the more than $49,000 spent on marriage licenses in the first week same-sex marriage was legalized came from gay and lesbian couples.

As of close of business Thursday, more than 1,225 marriage licenses had been issued in Utah since last Friday, according to numbers obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune. Of those, at least 74 percent were issued to gay and lesbian couples…Marriage licenses in Utah cost between $30 and $50, depending on the county.


Unemployment benefits for 1M expire Saturday

WASHINGTON — A lifeline for more than 1 million Americans who have been without work for more than six months expires Saturday.

Utah officials work to allow same-sex couples to file joint taxes
SALT LAKE CITY — Utah doesn't allow same-sex married couples to file joint tax returns, but officials say they're working to change that — and the clock is ticking.

Fukushima reaches the US

Meanwhile, the US newspaper The Cape Cod Times reports that toxic leakage from the NPP is approaching the US west coast. Seventy sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan that took part in the rescue operation after the accident are going to sue Tepco, the Fukushima NPP operator. The sailors claim that the company did not warn them about all risks that the crew could face…Contaminated fish can swim anywhere, so fishing is not absolutely safe in any region of the world any more…even now every blue-finned tuna fish drawn near the Californian coast has signs of radioactive pollution.

Japan's Abe visits shrine for war dead, China, South Korea angered


Israel plans new settlement push while freeing Palestinian prisoners

Reuters) – Israel plans to announce a push for more construction in Jewish settlements when it frees two dozen Palestinian prisoners next week, an Israeli official said on Wednesday, in a move that could jeopardize U.S.-brokered peace talks.


UN condemns Christmas Eve demolitions of Palestinian homes by Israel


Syria signs oil, gas deal with Russia


Bloomberg – TPP Is 'Corporatist Power Grab”

Christmas chaos:

Hundreds of flights delayed as fierce storms rage worldwide


Half Million Without Power In NE US And Canada

Insane Images From Canadian Ice Storm

McDonald’s website advises staff NOT to eat fast food


US, UK Pursuing A ‘Massive Land Grab’ In S Sudan

S Sudan – UN Increases Troops To 12,500

What happened to 17 members of SEAL Team 6?

These nagging questions are part of a scheduled U.S. House of Representatives probe in January, that may be nothing but smoke and mirrors.


US Democratic senators threatening war with Iran named


Putin says new post-Soviet economic union ready for 2015 launch
The alliance would replace a much looser Eurasian Customs Union that Russia formed with the two ex-Soviet nations in an effort to build up a free trade rival to the 28-nation EU bloc.

Healthcare.gov can't verify Obama's identity
WND – The White House appears to have dropped a bombshell when it explained to the press why White House staff in Washington enrolled President Obama in Obamacare instead of Obama himself. Officials said it was because HealthCare.gov could not verify Obama’s identity.

Local Man Denied Coverage Through Affordable Care Act for Pre-Existing Condition
FortWayneHomepage.net – We've all been told the Affordable Care Act is supposed to help people that have pre-existing medical conditions but now thanks to a loophole in the law, there are at least 22 people in Indiana with kidney failure that are not going to be able to get supplemental insurance coverage due to their pre-existing condition.

Krauthammer: 'Huge Gov't Bailout' of Health Insurance Industry at End of 2014
CNS News – "The insurers understand that they're going to be completely ruined," Krauthammer said on "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace. "And what's going to happen as a result of this? There's only one way out, a huge government bailout of the insurers is waiting at the end of next year."

GM doesn't owe $450 million in retiree benefits: U.S. judge

U.S. Postal Service Wins 6 Percent Increase to Cover Loss
Bloomberg – A first-class stamp will cost 49 cents, up from 46 cents, starting Jan. 26. Similar changes will apply to magazines, bills and advertising mail. The increases of 4.3 percent approved yesterday are on top of 1.7 percent, an amount equal to inflation, approved last month.

Smart Grid Technology, Now Spreading Across U.S., Will Raise Energy Prices to Reduce Demand
CNS News – The Obama administration is spending billions of dollars to modernize the nation’s power grid, with the goal of changing the way Americans use energy. Your electric bill will go way up, unless you allow the utility to control your energy load at times of peak demand.

The great central nervous system disruptors: MSG, aspartame and cigarettes
Little do most people realize that food agents and cigarettes create more than just an imbalance of the central nervous system (CNS), they create anxiety, nervousness, agitation and depression, and it's all what doctors often refer to as "chemical imbalance."

Obamacare 12 Days of Christmas

DiY Fire Starter in a Drinking Straw

DiY Fire Starter in a Drinking Straw



33 Awesome DiY Projects for Preppers
The Daily Sheeple – Below you’ll find a slew (33 counts as a slew, right?) of ideas to help you on your journey to self-reliance and preparedness. Most will take only a few minutes and minimal skills. Others require hours and sweat equity. Doers of the Stuff don’t mind. It’s just what we do.

New Bomber Can Nuke US Military Bases, Brags Chinese State Media

WWE Pits ‘Good’ Black Santa vs. ‘Bad’ White Santa

Thanks to the WWE the question has been resolved.

WHO: Cancer risk rising around the world; Western medicine failing globally

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued dire new predictions about the spread of cancer throughout the world that prove the Western model of medicine to be a complete failure.

Albert Einstein: “A Foolish Faith In Authority Is The Worst Enemy Of The Truth”

Washington’s Blog | Don’t Be Foolish.

It’s A Wonderful Life Report Censored

Using a bogus “abuse of copyright” claim, YouTube took down our review of It’s a Wonderful Life which exposes bankster behavior.

Iranian Lawmakers Threaten to Increase Uranium Enrichment Level

Israelnationalnews.com | Responding to American sanctions threats, Iranians draft bill that would increase uranium enrichment to a 60% level.

Atheists, Work With Us for Peace,

Pope Says on Christmas

REUTERS – December 25, 2013 – VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis, celebrating his first Christmas as Roman Catholic leader, on Wednesday called on atheists to unite with believers of all religions and work for "a homemade peace" that can spread across the world.


Judge rejects Ohio gay marriage ban

CINCINNATI — A federal judge here ordered Ohio authorities Monday to recognize gay marriages on death certificates in a move that ultimately could challenge the state’s ban on same-sex unions.

China bans journalists from writing about its $24 trillion debt bubble the biggest in history

Total credit has ballooned from $9 trillion to $24 trillion in five years, and is now equal in size to the US and Japanese banking systems added together, the biggest bubble in history.


Making waves: In the hunt for invisibility, other benefits seen

shows how light passes through a set of carefully angled glass blocks to render an object invisible


F-35 will bring the noise to Hill Air Force Base

Military » More residents will hear jets — twice as loud as F-16s — when squadron arrives in 2015.


State courts become frontier in gay marriage

Salt Lake City • Advocates on both sides of the gay marriage debate predicted that the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June that overturned part of a federal ban on gay marriage would create a pathway for states to act. They were right.

More state rulings in favor of gay marriage could be in the works in 2014. The thinking goes, if it can happen in ultra-conservative Utah, it can happen anywhere. Utah is home to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which still teaches its members homosexuality is a sin despite a softening of their rhetoric in recent years.


After historic FAG ruling, Utah couple spends first Christmas as Mrs. and Mrs.


‘True’ church

has to keep changing its mind

Would it be wrong for a Mormon bishop to marry a gay couple since it’s now not against the law? Or would he be excommunicated for not breaking the law? If Mormons now believe marriage is only between one man and one woman, does that mean polygamist Joseph Smith was a false prophet or just slightly misled by the culture of the times?

And what was that long unsigned essay lately released from the church clarifying its inconsistent position regarding worthy male blacks holding/not holding the priesthood? It’s becoming more and more embarrassing to explain why the true church is the true church!


3 more counties to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

PROVO — Officials in three counties who held out on issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples even after a judge overturned a ban say they will now offer licenses to all eligible applicants.

Crowds relive Washington's 1776 river crossing

WASHINGTON CROSSING, N.J. (AP) – George Washington has made his annual Christmas Day ride across the Delaware River.

Washington's daring Christmas 1776 crossing of the river turned the tide of the Revolutionary War.

(Remember At this time protestant America did not recognized catholic pagan x-mas it was not till 1871 when congress finally recognized pagan x-mass… http://holyromanempirerules.blogspot.com/2009/11/real-history-of-christmas-april-fools.html )
The 61st reenactment of it was staged Wednesday.

Hundreds of people gather each year to hear Washington's stand-in deliver stirring words to the troops and watch three boats make the crossing from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.

During the original crossing, boats ferried 2,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 18 cannons across the river. The troops marched 8 miles downriver before battling Hessian mercenaries in the streets of Trenton.

Thirty Hessians were killed. Two Continental soldiers froze to death on the march, but none died in battle.


Obama can’t point to a single time the NSA

call records program prevented a terrorist attack


Up to 34 dead in bombings in Baghdad’s Christian areas


Mortgage Applications Down 66% From Highs To New 13-Year Low

From its peak in October 2012, mortgage applications have collapsed 66% and this week printed at new 13-year lows.

Demand for food stamps soars as cuts sink in and shelves empty

More working Americans are lining up at emergency food banks and going hungry, as cuts to those programmes take effect


10th Circuit Court denies same-sex marriage stay

10th Circuit » The judges in Denver refuse to grant Utah’s request to put an emergency stop to issuing the licenses.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Utah for less than a week, and already, the state is running out of options to stop it.

Late Tuesday, the 10th Circuit Court in Denver denied Utah’s request to put a halt to the marriages, hundreds of which have been happening throughout the state since Friday.




Denying same-sex marriage licenses illegal, says A.G. office

Courts » Despite ruling, four counties still refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

The law now requires Utah counties to marry same-sex couples, the Utah attorney general’s office said Tuesday, but officials in some jurisdictions continued to flout the new status quo.


Couple suing Utah County for refusal to grant marriage license

Courts » Woman says she and partner have faced years of hostility.


Las Vegas cab driver finds $300K in back seat

Las Vegas » Las Vegas cab driver Gerardo Gamboa thought someone left a bag of chocolates in the back seat. But this stash turned out to be cold hard cash.

Las Vegas police and casino officials were able to link the money to a well-known poker player they declined to identify. It is unknown whether Gamboa will receive a big Christmas tip.




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