Duck Dynasty Blame – America is Sodom & Gumorrah

RJ Hender
Fri, Jan 3, 2014
Subject: Duck Dynasty Blame

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 RJ Hender on Wrongful Attack of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty

     America Is Sodom & Gomorrah

     America is like Sodom & Gomorrah is many ways.  Phil Robertson from Ducks Unlimited has been getting all the Bad Press recently as he commented that homosexual activity is a sin. 

     How many other sins do we sweep under the carpet in America? 

     On my radio program I interviewed a retired New York Cop, Jim Rothstein about ‘ Abduction Teams, ‘ that are available for hire in America.  Imagine, that for a price, you could buy a little boy or a little girl.  Jim Rothstein spoke on my radio program how the WaterGate Break In was about a ‘ Black Book, ‘ with the names of high level politicians, religious leaders, business people and others who were buying prostitutes of all ages.  A few years ago, a Madam in Hollywood, was ready to release the names of prostitute buyers in California and the buying customers wanted their names protected. 

     Have you heard of the Man Boy Love Association? 

     America has been wandering in a daze of Sodom Activity and Gomorrah Activity for several decades. 

     From a local source, with connections to the Utah Jazz team, I was informed about how Brian Russell and Karl Malone liked the same girl.  After NBA games, pro baseball games, pro hockey games and many college sports games there are places where girls line up to spend the night with their favorite sports hero.  In a grown-up world we have decided that this is okay.  Wow, what kind of country are we? 

     From my source, there was 1 girl that both Brian Russell and Karl Malone liked and so these men put this girl up in an expensive Condo and they bought her a Car and then the 2 NBA players from Utah would take their turns with this girl.  After a while, the father of this Salt Lake girl found out that his daughter was being wined, dined and raped by these outstanding pro NBA players.  The father went to the Utah Jazz owners and demanded that Karl Malone and Brian Russell had better leave the team or he would go public with this issue. 

     Rightly so, Franklin Graham has declared that the Pope is not in charge of judging homosexual activity, but God is in charge of judging us. 

     From the Old Testament, we read how the angels told they would destroy Sodom & Gomorrah if they couldn’t find 50 good men in the city.  Abraham asked the angels if they would save the 2 cities if they could find only 5 good people in the twin – sinning cities. 

     Why, from the Penn State pedophile story, did only 1 man go to prison?  How about all the pro sports mentors who help nurture young people at the Extra Mile center? 

     Is America on the brink of ruin?  Is it Same-Sex Marriage that is destroying America?  Is it forced taxation – theft policies that are destroying America?  Is it all the satanic worship activity in America that will cause the downfall of the USA?  Take a look at Micah 3:  and realize that human sacrifice ceremonies take place at religious facilities all over America. 

     For many years Radio Listeners have contacted me to ask where a safe place would be for them, in America.  I think I know where there could be some safe places in the country.  Joel Skousen has published some books on where he thinks there may be safe places in America. 

     Maybe God needs 1 or us or 50 of us in New York.  Maybe God needs 1 or us or 250 of us in Chicago.  Maybe God needs 1 of us or 1,000 of us in Los Angeles.  If you could find your Prayer Closet and ask the Creator where he wants you to live then you could see a Personal Pass Over yourself. 

     I think that God has a spanking in store for America. 

     There is no way that I can judge any homosexual.  I haven’t walked in their shoes.  Their eternal condition is in God’s hands. 

     Every one of us has a Right to Life, Liberty and Happiness. 

     If you or I were in a position of Power then what would we do with it?  We’ve all seen people who are untouchable and we’ve seen how Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.  The Pope is untouchable.  Popes and many Cardinals have been protecting pedophile priests rather than protecting children.  God will not hold any of us innocent for protecting the perpetrators rather than protecting victims. 

     America’s sins don’t lie at the foot of homosexuals.  America’s sins don’t lie at the feet of killers or thieves.  America’s crimes are in how we continue to allow the innocent to be raped, tortured and killed as we protect the perpetrators. 

     I have heard that an inquisition is coming for America. 

     Could Muslims come into America and wipe out Americans? 

     Is there truth in the Vision to George Washington about the Red Armies that will be invading America from the Pacific and from the Atlantic coasts? 

     In many ways we have rolled out the red carpet for people who could punish us for our sins.  Do we deserve a spanking? 

     All Evil Needs if for Good Men to Do Nothing! 

     I continue to pray for our country.  I continue to pray for our children.  I pray that we may be found under the protection of God, as the Spanking Comes for America.  I think we’ve been given extra time. 

     God Bless…  RJ Hender

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