Top 2 American Dirty Little Secrets

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RJ Hender
Thur, Jan 9, 2014 
Subject: Polygamy, Prostitution, Same-Sex Cohabitation

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   Is Same-Sex Marriage the Same as Mormon CoHabitation

     As Americans, we all have our own Dirty Little Secrets.  Do the rights of Life, Liberty and Happiness belong to us all? 

     On Dec 20, 2013 District Judge Clarke Waddoups declared the Utah Constitution to be unconstitutional, as it pertains to CoHabitation.  This made the way clear for polygamists and same-sex partners to marry.  On January 6, 2014 Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor granted a Stay on the changed law in Utah.  Between Dec 20, 2013 and Jan 6, 2014 over 1,000 same-sex marriages were performed in Utah.  County Clerks are working to catch up and report the exact number of solemnized same-sex marriages that did take place inside the 2-week window in Utah.

     Hundreds or even thousands more same-sex couples are waiting to secure their state-approved marriage in Utah.  On Christmas Day, 2013 Michael Mathie proposed a same-sex marriage to Tyler McCraley.  Since Mathie wanted his 2 children to witness this historical event, he and McCraley waited, but they waited too long it seems. 

     Officially, it takes a Marriage License, an Officiator and 2 witnesses for a same-sex marriage in Utah. 

     Why do we think we need the permission of DC officials or State authorities to authorize our weddings? 

     In many parts of America, marriage has been proclaimed as an act between 1 woman and 1 man.  In many parts of America our families are being re-defined.  In America, some people have tried to wed an animal. 

     Cody Brown and his Wives filed a lawsuit in overturn Utah’s CoHabitation segment in the Utah Constitution.  From the many thousands of polygamous families in the West, they usually don’t go and get a Marriage License for their polygamous marriages.   

     Today, in California, over 24 people were arrested over a 23 State Prostitution Operation.  This Gang was taking girls from Mexico and kidnapping American girls and forcing them into prostitution.  According to reports, many of these women were forced to take a Bar Code.  This Ring of Prostitution is not the only Prostitution Ring in America. 

     I recall some of the words of Jesus, from the New Testament, when he asked the people who were ready to stone the prostitute if there were anyone there who had not sinned. 

     Shall we only arrest America’s prostitutes?  Shall we only arrest the business men who help supply the flesh to a hungry, adulterous nation?  Where are the men, who need to be arrested, for buying a girl for a few minutes and then throwing her away?  Where are the buyers, who want a little boy or a little girl, for their lude activity? 

     Do Catholics have more right to Life, Liberty or Happiness?  How about Baptists?  How about Lutherans?  How about Republicans or Democrats? 

     As we move forward, into 2014 and beyond, we need to Gut Check ourselves and examine what kind of country we are becoming.

     I will continue to monitor and report on these and other issues. 

     God Bless…  RJ Hender

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