It’s About America’s Children – Marriage Excuses

RJ Hender
Fri, Jan 17, 2014
Subject: Same Sex Chaos 

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 Takes a Father and a Mother to Build a Family

Marriage Excuses

     Why do we continue to attack homosexuals?  We have enough marriage issues and parenting issues on our plate? 
     I believe that the best way to raise children is with a Mother and a Father.  In America today only 20% of families have a working father and a stay at home mom.  Children need to be loved by a father and a mother who are both working for the best interests of the children. 
     As over half of marriages in America still end in divorce many children are falling through the cracks.  Many boys and girls are neglected, abandoned or abused today.  This means that over half of America’s children don’t get enough mentoring time with their fathers.  Over half of America’s children don’t get enough mentoring time with their mothers.  Too many of our children are not prepared to be parents. 
     As the US Supreme Court granted a Stay on Same Sex Marriages in Utah, many gay men and gay women are in limbo.  As the courts wrangle over if men can marry men in Utah and if women can marry women they’ll have to wait until June, 2015. 
     The rest of us are in limbo now.  Working mothers make up over 40% of America’s bread winners.  How can boys learn how to grow into great husbands and fathers without a nearby father to look up to?  How can girls learn how to grow up and be great mothers without a nearby mother to look up to? 
     Too many of America’s women can’t find a good man to marry and raise a family with.  Yes, many of these American women are left with what’s left; men who are gay or taken. 
     My own father divorced my mother when I was only 7 years old.  As the oldest, as my mother went to work, I was left at home to wash dishes, cook, change diapers and look after my siblings.  As my father was gone, serving in the Coast Guard or chasing other women, I never received a birthday card and I never received any Christmas gift from him.  As I attempted to seek a mentor in Church or with the Boy Scouts none of these men could ever take the place of my father. 
     After I divorced my first wife, it was a challenge to visit and spend quality time with my children.  Even as I attended Church with nearby single guys I was astonished to see many men who refused to marry.  I witnessed some men who had 5 or 10 girlfriends and these women were throwing themselves at these unfit men.  These guys were glad to have 1 woman fix their meals.  These guys were glad to have these girls do their laundry or clean their apartments.  These sad excuses for men were only too eager to take as many of these girls to bed without any promise of a long-term relationship. 
     I think that marriage is about ‘ the children. ‘ 
     In America today at least 1/3 of all girls are sexually molested, usually by somebody in their family.  Today, at least 1/5 of all boys are sexually molested in America, usually by somebody they know. 
     Can a community vote and limit or ban Same Sex Marriage?  Shall we designate 1 location in America for men who want to marry men and for women who want to marry women?  Will these decisions and activities fix families or fix children in America?  Even the Vatican won’t take a stand to protect innocent children, but they actively make excuses for pedophile priests. 
     It’s time that we get our priorities straight. 
     Too often, we are the problem in America.
     We can do the work to Repair our Families and our Country as well.
     I love America.
     I love my children.  I want a country that is safe for all of our children.
     God Bless…  RJ Hender 



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