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Fri, Jan 17, 2014
Subject: Obama Collapse Arrives at Sears & JC Penny Doors

In Illinois, gun permit applications outpace ObamaCare
The Prosperity Gospel, Its
Role in Mormonism, and Why the Church is Dumping It
Collects Millions Of Text Messages Daily
Israel is on the brink of banning the N-word.
N as in Nazi, that is.
JAN. 15, 2014 – Parliament
gave preliminary approval on Wednesday to a bill that would make it a crime to call someonea Nazi — or any other slur associated with theThird Reich…The penalty
would be a fine of as much as $29,000 and up to six months in jail.
Israel moves to ban the word ‘Nazi’ and other references to the
Third Reich other than for education purposes
Mail – Israel has passed the first step on the road to more severe banning of
the use of Nazi symbols and offensive ideology. The ban would stop the use of
all Nazi symbols and expressing remorse for the fall of the Nazi regime, and
would make calling someone a Nazi illegal, with a punishment of up to six
months in prison and a fine of 100,000 shekels (around £20,000).
Nazis planned a Fourth Reich & the EU
Hitler was a Godsend
for Israel
Rhino Hunter Claims He's Trying To Help!
Ex-cop acquitted of
beating homeless man to death now wants his job back
One of the former California
police officers acquitted this week of beating to death a mentally ill homeless
man wants to get his job back on the force. He and his partner were fired amid
the investigation back in 2012.
Lanza Talk Show Call Before Sandy Hook
In an audiotape of a call
Lanza made to an Oregon college radio station obtained by The Daily News – and
vouched for by two old friends – the madman waved a giant red flag that he was about
to explode almost exactly a year before the Sandy Hook massacre.

Now Under Full Dictatorship
Obama announced the
irrelevancy of Congress when he stated firmly:Â
“I’ve got a pen and I’ve got
a phone and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive
actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward…”
Farage Blasts The Controllers – Vid
Website Security…'In Fact, Now it's Worse'
Hackers: HealthCare.gov still
riddled with potential security issues
cuts order for Navy warship critics call 'unsurvivable' in combat
 The Pentagon is cutting its order for Littoral
class warships for the US Navy to 32 from the original 52 due to budget cuts
and the poor performance of the vessel. One top Pentagon official has said the
ship was “not expected to be survivable” in combat.

Secretly Moves to Keep Drone Program Under CIA Control
Snuck into the trillion dollar government
spending bill is a "classified" provision, introduced by Congress,
that blocks President Obama's bid to transfer control of the drone program into
Department of Defense control, Greg Miller writing for the Washington Post
reported Wednesday.
Official: No One Knows How Many People Have Actually Paid for
Weekly Standard – An official from the
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services admitted at a House hearing today
that no one knows how many people have actually paid for Obamacare coverage:
"So we don't know at this point how many people have actually paid for
coverage?" asked a member of Congress. "That's right," the CMS
official conceded.
A New Bill in Tennessee Could Nullify Federal Gun Control Laws
and Punish LEOs Who Try to Enforce Them
The 2014 Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act is a thing of beauty. Not only does it
invalidate any federal gun law that infringes upon a resident’s constitutional
right to bear arms, but it also mandate criminal penalties against anyone
attempting to enforce those federal laws.

Delaware Senate fails to revive gun control bill
Wyoming Senator Bruce Burns Wants To Reinstate Executions By
Firing Squad
One of the most prominent politicians in
the state of Wyoming wants to brings back the option of executing inmates by
the means of firing squad. That is, only if the state runs out of doses of
lethal injections, which are apparently harder than ever to obtain.
What Recovery? Sears And J.C. Penney Are DYING
Economic Collapse – Two of the largest
retailers in America are steamrolling toward bankruptcy. Sears and J.C. Penney
are both losing hundreds of millions of dollars each quarter, and both of them
appear to be caught in the grip of a death spiral from which it will be
impossible to escape.
Detroit bankruptcy judge blocks $165 million payment to banks
CNN News – The judge in the Detroit
bankruptcy case struck down a controversial proposed settlement in which the
city would have paid two big banks $165 million.
Up to 48,000 Afghan, Iraq vets homeless
USA Today – Nearly 50,000 Iraq and
Afghanistan veterans were either homeless or in a federal program aimed at
keeping them off the streets during 2013, almost triple the number in 2011,
according to numbers released Thursday by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Researchers find thousands of leaks in District’s aging system
of natural gas pipes
Washington Post – Researchers who
conducted a street-by-street survey of the District found nearly 6,000 natural
gas leaks from the city’s aging pipe system, including 12 in manholes where
methane had collected to potentially explosive levels, according to a study
published Thursday.
Wildfire near Los Angeles: Three people arrested, emergency
LA Times – Arson investigators were at
the scene of a wildfire near Los Angeles that exploded in size Thursday to more
than 1,700 acres and destroyed at least two homes, authorities said.
Is Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash Harmful for Teeth?
Regarded as a legendary healing compound,
scientific evidence shows that hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and bleaching is
actually harmful for teeth and may cause tissue irritation and teeth
sensitivity and compromise long-term dental health.
Nearly all gum and candy contain either toxic GMO corn syrup or
nerve-disrupting aspartame
Research shows that bee pollen can improve skin, increase
fertility and more
According to Dr. Lars-Erik Essen, a
Swedish dermatologist who pioneered the use of bee products for skin issues,
bee pollen's high concentrations of nutrients provide skin-boosting properties
when applied topically: "[Bee pollen] seems to prevent premature aging of
the cells and stimulates growth of new skin tissue," says Dr. Essen.
For The First Time, Hackers Have Used A Refrigerator To Attack
Business Insider – Security researchers
at Proofpoint have uncovered the very first wide-scale hack that involved
television sets and at least one refrigerator. Yes, a fridge. This is being
hailed as the first home appliance "botnet" and the first cyberattack
from the Internet of Things.
Yes, Google Really Is Working On Smart Contact Lenses That Can
Monitor Your Body’s Health
Business Insider – The lens is being developed specifically to help track blood
glucose levels for diabetics, as an alternative to the painful
pricking-of-the-finger that diabetics must endure today. And yes, Google is
talking to the FDA about these lenses.
Tank: “Extraordinary Crisis” Needed to Preserve
“New World Order”
Writing for the Atlantic Council,
a prominent think tank based in Washington DC, Harlan K. Ullman warns that an
“extraordinary crisis” is needed to preserve the “new world order,” which is under
threat of being derailed by non-state actors like Edward Snowden.
Are Dozens Of High Ranking Officers Being Purged From The U.S. Military?
Since Barack Obama has been
in the White House, high ranking military officers have been removed from their
positions at a rate that is absolutely unprecedented.
I Cannot SupportConcealed Carry Weapons Permits (And Why You
Shouldn’t Either!)
John Filippidis is a
Concealed and Carry Weapons permit holder, which means he can carry his firearm
on his person or in his car legally. He followed all applicable laws in the
State of Florida to obtain his permit, and has been a lawful citizen since
being “given the right” to retain a firearm when in public…Since Mr. Filippidis
was driving according to all traffic laws, there was absolutely no reason to
pull him over. And this is where our problem starts. Why did he get pulled over
in the first place?
It turns out that when you
register your weapon as a CCW holder you get flagged and tagged in the system.
And, apparently this crosses over state lines, because the Transportation
Authority Officer who pulled Mr. Filippidis over did so because he suspected
there was a firearm in the car. That’s it – there was no probable cause of
wrong doing and no other possible reason this car should have been pulled over.
Remember that whole ridiculous argument about registration of guns eventually
leading to confiscation like it has in so many other countries in the past?
Turns out there may we be
something to that
Olympic Committee Bans Image of U.S. Constitution,
Calling It “Propaganda”
Committee bans “We the
People” from being displayed on American hockey mask.
reasons for China and US to go to war: New Strait Times
Want China Times | There remain five major reasons for the United
States to go to war with China.
Read 1,582-Page $1.1T Spending Bill? Congressman: ‘Nobody Did’
German Regulator: Precious Metal and Currency Manipulation Are WORSE Than Libor
Washington’s Blog | The New Largest Financial Scandal In History …
of Americans who don’t believe in climate change rises
LiveScience | The number of Americans who believe global warming
isn’t happening has risen to 23 percent, up 7 percentage points since April
Event to Discuss Imminent Kerry Plan
With U.S. Secretary of State
John Kerry set to present his “framework” for a deal between Israel and the
Palestinian Authority in the coming days, Land of Israel activists will hold a special
emergency convention on Sunday.
Vatican comes under sharp criticism
for sex abuse
The Vatican came under
blistering criticism from a U.N. committee Thursday for its handling of the
global priest sex abuse scandal, facing its most intense public grilling to
date over allegations that it protected pedophile priests at the expense of
victims. The Vatican insisted it had little jurisdiction to sanction
pedophile priests around the globe, saying it was for local law enforcement to
do so.
UN climate chief: Communism is best to fight global warming
The tiny drone that lets anyone be a SPY:
$450 tricopter will fold up to become handbag sized
The Pocket Drone is piloted
with a standard radio control unit, on a tablet with virtual sticks or by
pre-defined GPS waypoints.
Owners can simply drag a
route for it in Google Maps, and the drone will automatically follow it.
You can also record, save and
share, or download flight plans.
It even has a 'Follow Me'
mode that enables the drone to follow the tablet or phone wherever it goes.
'Imagine capturing your
bicycling, skiing, running or any other outdoor adventures hands free,' the
firm behind it says.

The car can do 313 miles
per gallon.
The most fuel efficient
car in the world: Volkswagen XL1
The two-seat diesel-electric
hybrid car emits 24 g/km of carbon dioxide, which the German auto manufacturer
says sets a new benchmark for vehicle efficiency. It is powered by a compact
800 cc two-cylinder diesel engine and together with the 20kW electric motor.

US military is testing gun
that could turn ANYONE into an ace sniper

Target part of a broader
cyber-attack, Russian hackers allegedly involved
The document alleges that
traces of Russian language were detected in the malware.
What really happened to the German goldhoused
in the United States?
Lindon police officer responsible for Spanish Fork
Marital woes? » Spanish Fork
police find bodies after welfare check.
Police on Friday were
investigating a quadruple murder-suicide overnight in Spanish Fork in which it
appears a Lindon police officer shot his wife, their two children, his
mother-in-law and then himself.
Playboy Playmate from Salt
Lake found dead in L.A.
Police believe Cassandra Lynn
Hensley, 34, may have died from a drug overdose
Anti-gay laws, attitudes hold sway in many regions
Global » Leaders say
pro-traditional values policies are needed.

NSA maps pathway into computers using radio waves and covert chips
Dozens of US nuclear
missile officers caught up in drug and cheating scandals
Enacts Severe Drought Water Rationing
Tennessee sheriff’s deputy
fired and arrested for raping woman during traffic stop
forcing a woman to perform
oral sex on him during a traffic stop.
Use Payday Loans To Pay Rent'
(Jesuit) Georgetown Professor: Revolution AgainstObama, Including Assassination Needed
professor Michael Scheuer appeared to endorse the assassinations of
President Barack Obama and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron in a column Dec.
23, he has been the subject of media attention and criticism. – Â http://govtslaves.info/georgetown-professor-revolution-obama-including-assassination-needed/#sthash.8Ye3Xc8z.dpuf
Scheuer Upholds Assassination Call
will not enter bilateral no-spy deal with Germany, reports media
assurance from Barack Obama, United States has not ruled out bugging political
leaders' calls, claims German paper
Fargo Pushing To Offer Bitcoin Services
Toxic chemical residues found in children’s
and shoes made by major brands including Disney,
Gap and Primark
Private Prison Company Covered Up Youth Sex Abuse
Loved By Lions – Amazing Video Footage – Vid
confirms new hypersonic glide vehicle test-flight
China confirmed conducting a
test flight of a new hypersonic missile delivery vehicle capable of delivering nuclear warheads with record breaking speeds. The move is purely scientific and not targeted at
any country
China grants gold import licenses to foreign banks for first
time: sources
(Reuters) – China has
granted licenses to import gold to two foreign banks for the first time,
sources said, as moves to open the world's biggest physical bullion market gather
pace. Allowing more banks to import gold could increase the supply of the metal
into the country, easing local prices that are higher than in most Asian
TEPCO demands Fukushima workers return salary money
Many of the power plant
workers and their families who were evacuated after the Fukushima Daiichi
nuclear disaster, and later given compensation by the utility for their ongoing
hardships, are now being told that they have to return the money, according to
new reports.
Obama Announces Plan to Rule by Executive Order
Obama has officially
announced plans to trash the Constitution and move forward with a
socialist-corporatist dictatorship without input from Congress or the American
people. He made the announcement Tuesday during a cabinet meeting.
North Dakota Man Sentenced to Jail In Controversial
Drone-Arrest Case
Tuesday, Rodney Brossart, a North Dakotan cattle rancher, was sentenced to
three years in prison, with all but six months suspended, for terrorizing
police officers who were trying to arrest him at his property in 2011. The
strange case garnered national attention because it was the first time a law enforcement agency had used an unmanned aerial vehicle to assist in
carrying out an arrest.
The US Border Patrol 'Misplaced' the Records for 200 Predator
Drone Flights
 Scratch that, because “newly discovered” data
shows that it’s actually been 700 times.
NH House kills license plate scanner bill
New Hampshire’s House voted
Wednesday against letting police use license plate scanners, siding with those
who argued the blanket surveillance infringed on innocent people’s privacy. The
House voted 214-135 to bar reconsidering the issue in any form this year.
Congressman Looking To Introduce Bill To Stop TSA “Barking
Orders” At Public
Congress flips the switch on the fight over incandescent light
Just two weeks after new
federal standards went into effect that require stores to sell newer, more
efficient types of light bulbs, a Republican-written provision was inserted in
the budget agreement that would bring back the old kind. The provision doesn't
undo the 2007 law that required incandescents be phased out… Instead, it
would simply bar the government from spending any money to enforce the law.
Discovery Channel: Stop Worrying About Fukushima Radiation!
The Discovery Channel has
posted a YouTube video urging its viewers to ignore “trolls” and
“fearmongerers” and stop worrying about Fukushima radiation.
If Your Doctor Insists That Vaccines Are Safe, Then Have Them
Sign This (pdf) Form
If your doctor insists that
vaccines are safe, then they should have absolutely no problem in signing this
form so that you may archive it for your own records on the event of an adverse
reaction. http://www.realfarmacy.com/if-your-doctor-insists-that-vaccines-are-safe/
Monsanto says biotech wheat moves closer to market
(Reuters) – Monsanto Co, the
world's largest seed company, said Wednesday it was making good progress on
development of an herbicide-tolerant wheat, pushing what would be the world's
first biotech wheat a step closer to market.
Mobilizes 100,000 Troops In Preparation For Korean Peninsula Crisis
In what PLA sources are describing as an
unusually high figure, China has mobilized 100,000 troops to take part in a
border exercise as part of preparations for a Korean Peninsula crisis.
Big Banks, Big Business and
Big Bureaucrats
Run the EU – Nigel_Farage
Detroit, Heroin Is Being Sold Directly In Front Of Public Schools While Kids
Wait For Their Buses
Obama’s FCC Head Confronted Over Cell Phone Radiation
Professor Admits Climate Change is All Politics
 “Global warming, climate change, all these
things are just a dream come true for politicians.
19-year-old woman calls
cops for help, they smash her face and charge her with assault
A 19-year-old Missouri woman
who called the police during a medical emergency now alleges that one of the
responding officers slammed her face into the floor–leaving her with bruises
and persistent headaches — and then charged her with assault and resisting
Hamburg to
Ban All Cars Within 20 Years
London Independent | Auto ban: How Hamburg is taking cars off the road.
For a country which prides
itself on having given the world the Mercedes and the Autobahn, it represents a
major ideological U-turn: Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city, is planning
to ban all cars from its centre over the next 20 years and put thousands of
commuters on bikes.
Nigeria: Gay Relationships Incur 14-Year Sentence
Nigerian President Goodluck
Jonathan signed a bill into law earlier this month which sets the sentence to
up to 14 years imprisonment for participants in homosexual relationships.
US warns Russia against oil-for-goods exchange with
WASHINGTON -  The United
States is repeating its warning to Russia that an oil-for-goods trade agreement
with Iran would violate the interim accord reached in Geneva on the Islamic
Republics nuclear program, as well as multiple Security Council resolutions.
EMPs: How to detect a blast that could darken the world (RED
FOX NEWS-January 14, 2014 –
An electro-magnetic pulse attack
could destroy America’s defenses, leaving the U.S. in a technology world equivalent to
the 1800s. We wouldn’t even be able to figure out who attacked us. An EMP weapon would
take out electronic devices including targeting, communications, navigation and
sensor systems, and it would cripple our ability to defend ourselves against
a land invasion.The more we use electronic devices, the more
dependent we are on them, and the more vulnerable we are to this sort of threat….EMP blasts are a
real threat: A nuclear detonation high in the atmosphere above
the U.S. could create a pulse across all of North America. These weapons are
attractive not just to foreign militaries, but to terrorist and
criminal organizations as well. (In November, it was widely reported that North
Korea was using Russian technology to develop electromagnetic pulse weapons
capable of paralyzing
military electronic equipment.)…personal devices like televisions
and smartphones aren’t as important as America’s electrnoic grid and defense
Build EMP Faraday Cage
from Aluminum Foil…
The Imminent Invasion of the US Has Been Planned for
China warns ‘firm response’ if Japan attacks its ships
Tension between China and
Japan over the disputed islands in the East China Sea escalated as Beijing on
Monday warned of “firm response” if Tokyo resorted to any provocative action
against Chinese ships patrolling there.
WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
Israel's defence minister apologises for
'offensive' Kerry remarks
Binyamin Netanyahu seeks to repair damage after
Moshe Ya'alon dismisses US envoy as 'obsessive and messianic'. Israel's defence minister has been
forced to apologise for "offensive and inappropriate" remarks, in
which he described John Kerry as obsessive and
messianic, after the ensuing diplomatic row engulfed the secretary of state's
mission to broker a peace deal in the Middle East.
Hints Israel, Kerry are on the Same Page
While Defense Minister Moshe
Yaalon’s disparaging comments about US Secretary of State John Kerry have
caused a diplomatic ruckus, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman thinks Israel and
the US are close to agreement in the “peace process” between Israel and the
Palestinian Authority (PA) that Kerry has been brokering.
‘Arab States Will Never Recognize a Jewish State’
Arab states “will never
recognize Israel”, the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) foreign minister stated on
mull plan for day after breakdown in peace talks
Macy's, JCPenney Fires
2000, Closes 33 Stores
WATCH: Woman Tumbling Out
Of Police Car Says She Was Being Sexually Assaulted
Huntsman tapped to chair the
Salt Lake Tribune – Jan 15
Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman
has been named chairman of the Atlantic Council, a group whose mission includes
trade and economic development as well as international security in the
transatlantic region. (LDS) Huntsman
replaces former National Security Adviser(LDS) Brent Scowcroft, also a Utahn, who had filled
in since President Barack Obama tapped Chuck Hagel to serve as secretary of
Council –
replaces former National Security Adviser(LDS) Brent Scowcroft:


You DO NOT Have To Get Obamacare!
See For Yourself! And, You
WILL NOT Be Penalized or Jailed!

Sardine vanish off the
it was a shock when he
couldn’t find one of the shiny silver-blue coastal fish all summer…“Everybody’s
calling me every day for sardines,” Derr said. “They’re all gone. Even Monterey
Bay Aquarium is still waiting for some to restock one of their exhibits.”
On Fumes In North Dakota – Vid
A young woman, lured to North
Dakota for a truck-driving job in the oil industry, shares her agonizing
existence in an isolated boomtown.
Generation Of Jobless PhDs
Owners – Be Careful if You Pass Thru Maryland
Quietly Funded The Anti-Fertility Vax – Vid
Cop Beats 4 Yr Old, Puts Him
In Critical Cond – Vid
What Secrets Your Phone Is
Sharing About You
Devil Baby Attack
"devil baby" in a
remote controlled stroller goes on a rampage through the streets of New York
City and hidden cameras record people's reactions.
Industrial Hemp The Ultimate Energy Crop?
Clones PIgs On Mass Scale
The Beijing Genomics
Institute produces 500 cloned pigs a year, according to a BBC News report,
making it the world’s biggest centre for cloning the animals.
In New Scandal Over Sandy Relief Money
Judge reaffirms 'Constitution-free zones' near border, teeing
up high court fight
A federal judge who endorsed
"suspicion-less" searches of laptops, cameras and cell phones at the
border has set up a possible Supreme Court showdown challenging what critics
call “Constitution-free zones” and the Obama administration's dragnet approach
to national security…which can be applied anywhere within 100 miles
of the border

FBI won't file charges
against IRS over treatment of Tea Party groups
drones being borrowed by other agencies more often than previously known
Washington Post | Federal,
state and local law enforcement agencies are increasingly borrowing
border-patrol drones for domestic surveillance.
Man Tried To Smuggle F-35
Blueprints To Iran
Top secret Benghazi documents prove Obama administration 'knew
about terrorist attack within minutes'
Newly declassified testimonies about what
happened among Pentagon officials the night of the Benghazi attack on September
11, 2012 have been obtained by Fox News
Retired Cop Murder Man at Cinema for Texting
 Authorities said Curtis Reeves, 71, and Chad
Oulson, 43, got into an argument before the screening of the film Lone Survivor
when Reeves asked Oulson to stop texting. “Somebody throws popcorn. I’m not
sure who threw the popcorn,” said witness Charles Cummings. “And then bang, he
was shot.”
New Hampshire Says No to Common Core
New Hampshire is rising in the fight
against Common Core, introducing a new bill for this year’s legislative season.
The state is another addition, pushing back against the federal education
takeover. Essentially, New Hampshire says no to Common Core, by introducing a
new House bill.
Woman Sexually Assaulted In LAPD Vehicle, Then Falls Out of
Moving Car
She’s suing the LAPD for compensation in
her case, cracking open a horrific story of police brutality and violence
that’s exposing the need for close watching of an already controversial police
Budget bill sets spending for everything from military pensions
to light bulbs
1,582-page, $1.1 trillion bill goes line
by line, listing how federal dollars will be spent between now and Sept. 30.
It’s one of the few times in recent years that Congress has produced such a
lengthy roster of priorities.
The Level Of Economic Freedom In The United States Is At An
All-Time Low
Economic Collapse – Our economy is
literally being suffocated to death by millions of laws, rules and regulations
and each year brings a fresh tsunami of red tape. As you will see below, the
U.S. government issued more than 80,000 pages of brand new rules and
regulations last year on top of what we already had.
LIST: USA drops out of top 10
most economically free countries
WSJ – World economic freedom has reached
record levels, according to the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, released
Tuesday by the Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal. But after seven
straight years of decline, the U.S. has dropped out of the top 10 most
economically free countries.
* Related Article: Findings In Ranking Of States For Economic Freedom
Identity Thieves
Increasingly Target Tax Returns
CNBC News – Identity theft is already a
serious problem—the No. 1 complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, and
tax-related identity theft is a growing part of this crime spree. In 2010,
about 15 percent of all identity theft complaints to the FTC dealt with tax
returns. In 2013, that jumped to 43 percent.
Record Numbers Line Up for Flu Shots as Media Hypes the Flu
One-third of children's lunch boxes contain toxic lead
Roundup Ready GM soybeans accumulate poison more than
equivalent non-GM soybeans
provision of net-neutrality law struck down by court
Should internet service providers be
allowed to restrict access to websites and block certain content from customers
depending on how much they pay to be connected? On Tuesday, a federal appeals
court said yes.
Court Deals Blow to Anonymity and First Amendment
The Virginia Court of Appeals has ruled
that Yelp users have no right to anonymity when they post negative comments
about a business online. The ruling was handed down after the owner of a
carpet-cleaning business said criticism about his business was not posted by
Flying Homeland Security Helicopter To Test For Radiation
The Department of Homeland
Security has announced that it will begin periodically flying a large
helicopter at extremely low altitudes over Baltimore for years to come to
detect background radiation in preparation for a nuclear attack.
Banks Launder Hundreds of Billions of Illegal Drug Cartel Money
Washington’s Blog | Stunning Hypocrisy.
Dangerously High Radiation Levels, No Caution Signs at Surfer’s Beach
Monitoring Social Media For Death Threats Over Kelly Thomas Verdict
Police are monitoring social
media networks for death threats aimed at the officers acquitted over the
beating death of Kelly Thomas.
Nightmare: Anti-Gun Michael Bloomberg As Future Defense Secretary
Former New York City mayor
Michael Bloomberg, known for his anti-gun agenda, was considered to succeed
Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense and will likely be a candidate in the
future, a nightmare scenario considering that the military is already training
to confiscate firearms from Americans.
Faber Warns “The Bubble Could Burst Any Day”; Prefers Physical Gold To Bitcoin
 “The Fed’s policies have actually led to a lot
of problems around the world.”
Federal judge strikes down Okla. same-sex marriage ban
Oklahoma’s gay marriage ban
violates the U.S. Constitution, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday.
Federal Reserve: Bankers for the New World Order.
The Senate had still not
acted on President Obama’s nomination of Janet Yellen to succeed Ben Bernanke
as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board when rumors began appearing in print
over whom the president would nominate to succeed Yellen as the Fed’s vice
Kerry is ‘Obsessive and Messianic’
Daily newspaper Yediot
Aharonot cites Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, in closed conversations, as
dismissing the US ‘peace plan’ out of hand and calling US
Secretary of State John Kerry “messianic” and “obsessive.”
Top Climate Diplomat: Communism Is Key to “Doing It Right” on Global Warming.
The People’s Republic of
China is the #1 greenhouse gas emitter (having only recently raced past the
U.S. to the top of this list),
administration takes sour view of home schooling – Chicago Sun-Times.
Ronald Reagan electrified the
world when he demanded that the Berlin Wall be torn down. Barack Obama is
helping to build a new one, even as the German government begins rounding up
members of a despised religious minority.
Joel Osteen Says Homosexuality is ‘a Sin’but
Won’t ‘Preach’ on It.
Televangelist Joel Osteen
says homosexuality is a sin but he doesn’t “preach” about it and isn’t against
“anybody” who is gay.

Obama ignores
Constitutionby recognizing same-sex
marriages in Utah – Washington Times.
Barack Obama doesn’t always
win. Sometimes he has to settle for a tie, which Bear Bryant famously likened
to “kissing your sister.”

U.S. Congressman to marry same-sex partner
Washington (CNN) – Rep. Sean
Patrick Maloney, D-New York, will marry his longtime partner, designer Randy
Florke, the couple announced Monday.

Allen West:
Obama 'abjectly despises'
'How long will it be
before you people realize'
War hero and former
Republican congressman Allen West is asking how long it will take for“you people” – white
Americans – to realize that theirpresident “abjectly
despises” them.

In a commentary posted
Tuesday on his website, West, who represented Florida in Congress after an
extended career in the U.S. military, confronted the issue of racism.
F-22 Raptors Deploying to
Kadena Air Base, Japan
HARBOR-HICKAM, Hawaii – Approximately
12 F-22 Raptors and about 300 personnel from Langley Air Force Base, Va., are
set to deploy to Kadena AB in mid-January, demonstrating continuing U.S.
commitment to stability and security in the Asia-Pacific Region.
Half of Every Mortgaged
Home in America Still Completely Underwater
A Prison By Any Other Name
What passes for
"education" in the U.S. has a very destructive side to it, which some
people may not want to think about.
‘Sorry, Dave, I can’t let
you do that’:
Robots learn, network
without humans
Epidemic of Bestiality
& Cannibalism! (2014)
Can Mormons backsame-sex
and still get in the
temple? (Yes)
Religion » Members can buck
Mormon leaders on political matters, so the issue may be in how that support is
Salt Lake Tribune – Â Jan 15 2014
Even though they disagree
with the LDS Church’s position, Mormons who support same-sex marriage may not need to worry
about being barred from entering one of the faith’s temples. Plus,
they are hardly alone.
A new Salt Lake Tribune poll shows that 32 percent of Utah
Mormons believe same-sex couples should be allowed to get state-issued marriage
licenses, and 65 percent say they should be permitted to form civil unions or
domestic partnerships.
…Spencer W. Clark, executive director of
Mormons for Marriage Equality, has faced no church
censurefor his public support of gay marriage.
Clark, an expert with the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is married to a woman, has two children,
is active in a French-speaking LDS branch in Maryland, andis an ordinanceworkerin his
faith’s Washington, D.C., temple.
"My branch president and
I disagree on same-sex marriage butmy support for it has never come up in
a temple recommend interview,"Clark said. "Worthiness is all based on your own assessment. That’s how it
should be."…Mormon politicians such as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who supportssame-sex marriage, also
may differ with their church but face no threat totheir membership or participation.

Judge tossesOklahoma
gay-marriage amendment
10th Circuit » The ruling,
calling the ban a violation of the 14th Amendment,
mirrors Utah’s in a number of ways.
Vigilantes reject disarming in Mexico standoff
heavily armed vigilantes have
taken town after town nearby, defying a federal order to lay down their arms
and vowing to continue their battle to kick the cartel out of the
violence-wracked farming area of western Mexico
Justices likely to strike
down abortion clinic buffer zones
The Supreme Court seems
likely to strike down a Massachusetts law setting a 35-foot protest-free zone
outside abortion clinics.



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