Obama Watch – China MeltDown Shaking the World

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Mon, Jan 27, 2014
Subject: Obama Promises to Violate Constitution

Obama to bypass Congress in 2014,
rule by agency decree
White House officials say President Barack Obama will
aggressively use his control of federal agencies to impose his progressive
agenda on the economy and society throughout 2014.

White House warns (king)
go around Congress

White House warns Obama ready to ‘bypass’ Congress on
2014 agenda
• Confrontational state of the union
address expectedÂ
• Senator Rand Paul: ‘It sounds vaguely like a threat’

Cash Transfer ‘Hoax’ Plays Into Bank Run Fears
A false story published by
Forbes yesterday which claimed that China’s commercial banks had been
instructed to suspend cash transfers played into very real fears about bank
runs and capital controls that are sending chills through the market…In
reality, cash transfers are not being suspended, they are merely being delayed
as is normal due to the Chinese spring festival bank holiday….Despite the story
quickly being dismissed as inaccurate, it caused jitters throughout the market,
leading analyst Dennis Gartman to make an impromptu
appearance on CNBC during which he drew attention to the gravity of the
(false) news that China has “suspended remittances of Renminbi.”

“Money Shortage” in China Leads to Worldwide Attention

Mega Default In China Scheduled For January 31
On Friday, Chinese state media reported that China Credit Trust Co. warned investors that they may not be repaid when
one of its wealth management products matures on January 31, the first day of the Year of the Horse.

Major Chinese Banks Raise Deposit Interest To 10%
To attract deposits, many state banks in China have
recently raised their deposit interests to a level 10% higher than the official

Kim’s Uncle ‘Executed
By Dogs Story’ Bogus
NK leader’s uncle executed
by dogs story came from Chinese satire piece

Entire family Of Kim
Jong-un’s Uncle Executed – Reports

Soros & John McCain Meet In Davos

A Ban On Owning Farm Animals? Michigan Is Considering
Keeping even one “farm animal” in residential
neighborhoods could soon be illegal in Michigan. That’s because a proposed
change to state regulations could strip property owners of the right to keep
and raise small numbers of poultry or livestock.

Cops Force 3 Enemas, Colonoscopy, X-Ray On Man

Is King – Margarine Giant Admits Defeat

Can Raise Risk Of Heart Attacks, Strokes

Electrician left with ‘stars in his eyes’ after
suffering 14,000-volt shock through his whole body
Four weeks later, suffering from reduced vision, he went to his doctor who
found he had developed star-shaped cataracts.

Robotic Gas
Pumps Are Coming Soon – Vid

Foot-Long, Sex-Crazed Snails That Pierce Tires and
Devour Houses
monster snails to Florida, where the beasts eat almost
anything that’s green and then crap all over houses — quite literally laying
waste to whole neighborhoods…The giant snail’s shell can grow to 8 inches long.
To grow such a home, it eats the calcium-rich stucco from our own homes

Tooth DNA Shows Blue-Eyed Owner

Stayed In School Grounds To Hunt Victims
Sick Savile stayed in school
grounds during roadshow to hunt victims

BBC embroiled in further scandal as executive ‘filmed
Dutch child abuse movies’
DETECTIVES are investigating
claims that a retired BBC ­executive abused young boys at his home in

Backs Idea of Anti-Islamist Alliance in Syria – Lavrov

Dead In 24 Hours Of Clashes In Egypt

– Religious Differences Will Fuel Coming Battles
Religious difference, not
ideology, will fuel this century’s epic battles
We must encourage education
and tolerance if we are to bring about peace in the Middle East and the rest of
the world

Feds seize
(STOLE) $27K from couple at PHL
Investigators said the couple was after their
arrival from Germany referred to a secondary inspection during which the man
said he had $6,000. When U.S. Customs and Border Protections officers explained
federal currency reporting requirements, the man revised his estimate and wrote
he had $16,000, according to authorities…Officers returned $500 to the couple for“humanitarian purposes,” according to a news release, and seizedtheremaining $26,931.30…Though there is no limit on how much currency travelers can
bring into or take out of the U.S., they are required to formally report amounts
of $10,000 or more…The U.S. Customs and Border Protection collects over$30 billion
annually, making it thesecond largest revenue generator forthe nation’s

The Original
Hollywood Sign Read Hollywoodland – Pic
The original Hollywood sign,
read Hollywoodland. In 1949, they removed the last 4 letters.

Can you solve the mystery
of a spooky whitesubstance covering an
English field?

Russia, UK
to sign arms agreement in spring – report
After years of discord, London and Moscow
are restoring military cooperation and may even begin a bilateral arms trade
later this year. The deal enabling British and Russian arms industries to work
together on ‘unclassified’ issues is already drafted.

281 Passengers Ill Aboard Royal Caribbean Ship
ABC News – The U.S. Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention say 281 passengers have fallen ill aboard a Royal
Caribbean cruise ship.

Five Years Of Obama Death Drones Has Snuffed Out 2400 Lives

South Carolina House Votes to Restrict Drones, 100-0

All Day School? Chris Christie Weighs in on Schools Serving
Kids Dinner

Coca-Cola: Stolen laptops had personal information of 74,000
WSJ – Coca-Cola Co. said on Friday that
personal information on as many as 74,000 employees, contractors and suppliers
were on laptops that it said were temporarily stolen from its Atlanta

Post follows suit and launches GMO-free Grape-Nuts
(NaturalNews) First Cheerios, now
Grape-Nuts – shopping just got easier for the GMO-free consumer as Post rolls
out its revamped version of the popular Original Grape-Nuts cereal, which
unlike Cheerios, will carry the Non-GMO verification seal.

Exposure to heavy metal tungsten increases chances of stroke
NaturalNews) A popular metal used in
mobile phones, wedding rings, light bulbs, computers and various other consumer
products has been linked in a new study to increasing the risk of stroke.

Apple cider vinegar for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Herbal Remedies Superior to Antibiotics for Ear Infections
Natural Society – Research found that
herbal drops of essential oils of lavender, geranium, and cloves was as
effective as conventional treatments for ear infections.

farmer faces $700,000 in fines for raising “wrong” breed of pigs
After 2 long years, countless threats,
and harassment, Baker is finally scheduled to have his day in court. The trial
is set for March 11-14, 2014. This trial is an opportunity for people to
support a peaceful farmer from the intrusion of feral pigs who work for the
DNR. “If I don’t fight this, then everyone’s freedom is at risk,” said Baker.

Revolts And Police Brutality Around The World As US Media Talks About

Grammy Awards
2014 Leaked Clip (satire)
Vigilant Citizen | The good people at Joy Camp have infiltrated the
2014 Grammy Awards to present the award for “2014 Illuminati Puppet of the

Regarding Gun Ban Control 2nd Amendment Ted Nugent

Is a Major
Gold Scandal Going Mainstream?
Washington’s Blog | This story is starting to go mainstream.

Engineering Actually INCREASES Pesticide Use
Washington’s Blog | GE crops haveled to a 25% increase in herbicide use.

Blogger: ‘I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids’
Truth Revolt | “And I’m not sorry…”

Banking Group ‘Sorry’ Over IT Glitch
Sky News | Lloyds, TSB and Halifax customers are demanding
answers after their debit cards were declined and transactions disrupted.

in Kiev, Ukraine: AMAZING PHOTO ESSAY!


Katy Perry
Performs “Satanic Ritual” at the Grammys

Mystery Blast in Syrian
Port: Did IDF Strike S-300 Missiles?
Unofficial reports indicate
Latakia weapons stockpiles bombed. IDF reportedly struck missiles there in

Google Buys DeepMind:
Artificial Intelligence
Google (NasdaqGS:Â GOOGÂ -Â news) has bought a
London-based tech company that specialises in artificial intelligence (AI), Sky
News has confirmed.
It purchased DeepMind
Technologies Ltd in a deal worth a reported £240m.

Check your 401K and
Retirement Plan! Plans being switched to ALL Government Bonds without Approval.
Finding out by Retirement End of Year Statements

drought has ranchers selling cattle

Minimum wage bills pushed in
at least 30 states, including Utah

Two Utah same-sex couples get married on
the Grammys

Living history:
LDS disapproval of alcohol was not always absolute
Hotel Utah, built by the
church in 1910, boasted a basement with one of the finest bars in the West.
Proceeds from the bar were used to pay off the $2 million cost of construction.

What happens when youteach the Real Truth…

Double Barrel AR-15

Barreled AR-15 from Israel

Silver Shadow Gilboa Snake Double Barreled AR-15 from Israel

Rad Water Into Sea Can’t Be Changed Or Stopped

Security Secretary:
Have ‘Earned Right to be citizens’

The People, Genetically Modified – Vid

Mexico worries:
Is Michoacan violence causing ‘cucaracha effect’?
MEXICO CITY — It is known here as the “cucaracha effect,” the possibility that a heavy government crackdown in one part of
Mexico will simply send the bad guys scurrying off, cockroach-like, to some
other place and cause new trouble.

CIA, Mexican Officials Murder DEA Agent?

Case of brain-dead pregnant Texas woman takes
complicating turn
A Texas hospital says state
law requires it to keep a pregnant brain-dead woman on life support. Lawyers
for the family, who want life support removed, now say the fetus has suffered

Half of Sexual Assaults in Jail and Prison Committed
by Guards

Top Chess Player Beats Bill Gates In 1 Min – Vid

Intimate Portraits of Bees

Harvests Energy From Most Everything
Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Self-powered Systems
and as New Energy Technology

To Sit In The Snow For Live NFL Football?

To Decide Washington Redskins NFL Name Usage!
Redskins Name Debate Reaches
United Nations

China passes India as world’s leading gold consumer
Chinese demand increased by 32 percent within a year,
reaching 1,189.8 tons in 2013

– The True Cost Of Cheap Meat

Gunmakers Smith & Wesson, Sturm Ruger refuse to
sell their products in California

JP Morgan doubles CEO Jamie Dimon’s salary despite
billions in fines
Dimon will receive total pay package of $20m in
same year bank agreed $13bn settlement with Justice Department

HSBC imposes restrictions on large cash withdrawals
Listeners have told Radio 4’s Money Box they were
stopped from withdrawing amounts ranging from £5,000 to £10,000…HSBC customers
requiring large cash withdrawals may be asked what they want the money for

‘Will Stand With the People of Ukraine’ – Kerry

Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler’s archive
emerges in Israel
Hundreds of previously unseen photos and notes of the
Waffen-SS’s chief were kept by a family in Israel, reports Germany’s Die Welt,
which is now preparing an exclusive archive publication of one of the most
notorious Nazi leaders, Heinrich Himmler.

To Expand Its MIlitary In Africa

Dead In MD Mall Shooting

Newspaper chain plans
‘state-by-state’ concealed weapon databases
“There’s no other purpose for creating these lists but
to target and victimize gun owners,” Baus told FoxNews.com.
As a gun owner himself, Baus isn’t concerned with
potentially becoming a target for would-be burglars, but others may not feel
the same way, he said.
“There are many people who choose for that information not to be public,
whether for employment reasons or family politics,” he said. “Many law-abiding
people don’t want that information to be public.”

The strange new world of Nanoscience,

Launches Chilling Purge Against Political Enemies

TRENDY TSA – We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny
Infowars.com Contest

of Alaska Scientists: Fukushima Radiation May Be Making Alaska Seals Sick
Washington’s Blog | Is Fukushima Radiation Making West Coast Wildlife Sick?

Radiation In US: “No One Is Measuring So Therefore We Should Be Alarmed”
Washington’s Blog | Federal, State and Local Governments Refuse to Test for Radiation on
the West Coast of North America.

States Considering NSA Nullifying Bills
New American |
Legislators in several states are offering bills that would cut the various NSA
compounds from the utilities that they need to stay in operation.

Armed and opinionated!
America’s gun owners like
you have never seen them as they speak out in four-year photography project

to ‘New York RIP’ (that’s RAT Information Portal): Map marks the blocks with
the worst infestations… and you’ll want to avoid the areas colored redÂ

Vatican Doves immediatelyATTACKED a sign
from God!
Doves released in theVatican as a gesture ofpeace are immediatelyATTACKED by viciousseagull and crow
Doves released in theVatican as a gesture ofpeace are immediatelyATTACKED by viciousseagull and crow
* Tens of thousands of people were watching in St Peter’s Square
* Seagull and a large black crow swept down on the doves today
* They had been set free from open window of the Apostolic Palace

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