Obama Watch – Hillary In the Lead & Oklahoma May Ban All Marriages

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Fri, Jan 31, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch Gay Ray Pot Dealer Beaten to Death

Oklahoma Lawmakers Consider Banning All Marriages to Prevent Gay Marriage in State
Less than two weeks after a federal judge ruled
unconstitutional a voter-sanctioned Oklahoma law that defines marriage as a
union exclusively between heterosexual couples, state lawmakers are now considering banning all
marriages to keep gay marriage illegal in the state…discussion
about whether marriage needs to be regulated by the state at all,"
– Clinton Has Big Demo Lead In 2016 Field
Hillary Rodham Clinton holds a commanding 6 to 1 lead
over other Democrats heading into the 2016 presidential campaign

Over 150 Frozen Sharks Found Along Gulf Coast as
Winter Storm Hits Region
GULFPORT – Over 150 frozen sharks have surfaced on
beaches across the gulf coast region due to the impact of Winter Storm
Leon on Tuesday according to wildlife officials.
Abby Martin Destroys Obama's SOTU Address | Brainwash
Experimented With Nuclear Fracking
Of Americans Want Privacy Over Protection
Target Of New Alec Baldwin Twitter Rant
Says Those Who Criticize the 1% “Are like World War ll Nazis”
Multi-Billionaire Tom Perkins has had a letter published in the Wall Street Journal that likens the Occupy movement
and other progressive causes to World War ll Nazis.

Loses 44% Of Gold Inventories In 4 Days
Man Put On
Trial After Cops Kick In His Door, Taser Wife
Group Illegally Detained For
Filming Cops – Vid
Cows Can Make A Building Explode

giant avalanche has buried a town behind a 40 foot wall of snow
the 4,000-person town of Valdez, Alaska behind a 40-foot wall of snow covering
over 1,500 feet of the roadway
History Of The Pharma-Cartel
Hackers Hit Angry Birds
Site After NSA Revelations
Bans Fracking Critic From 40% Of PA County
Faces Deepening Water Crisis
Signs Petition Against Israeli Wall
Of England Wettest Jan Since Records Began
'God's hand caught her':
Family of a girl, 16, who survived a 3500 foot
skydive with a tangled parachute say it's a miracle she's alive
TEPCO fears 3-cm hole in Fukushima reactor No.2
The suppression pool of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit No. 2
reactor may have a 3-centimeter hole in it, through which the highly
radioactive water might be leaking out, the plant operator said.
file lawsuit against makers of Fukushima nuclear plant
RT –
About 1,400 people have filed a joint lawsuit against three companies that
manufactured Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, saying they should be
financially liable for damage caused by its 2011 meltdowns.
Deliver us from Kerry: Hardline Israelis rally against peace plan
Thousands of Israeli Jewish hardliners gathered at the Western Wall
imploring God to throw a wrench in a peace plan proposed by US Secretary of
State John Kerry, which would see a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem and other
territorial compromises.
Holder: Tsarnaev will face death penalty in Boston bombing case
United States Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday
that the Department of Justice will seek the death penalty against Dzhokar
Tsarnaev, the 20-year-old ethic Chechen man accused of being involved in last
year’s deadly Boston Marathon bombing.
House GOP proposes legalizing immigrants
House Republicans are proposing to overhaul immigration
laws so undocumented immigrants can gain legalization if they meet certain
requirements, and if the nation’s borders are certified as secure.
Immigration officials warn of amnesty ‘overload’
Washington Times – The officers who would be charged with
approving millions of applications from illegal immigrants for legal status
warned Congress this week that they can’t handle the workload, and said the
change would guarantee criminals and others would be approved to remain in the
Chief of Police Harassed by Feds, Placed on Leave After Signing
Pledge to Uphold Constitution
A police chief was detained and harassed by federal
agents while traveling to a constitutional convention before returning home to
be told he was being placed on administrative leave and ordered to disband his
police department after signing a pledge to uphold the bill of rights.
TSA To Gun Show Attendees: Don’t Think You’re Getting On Board
With Bullet-Encased-In-Acrylic Keychains
 The agency
recently reminded people flying into Vegas to attend the annual Shooting,
Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) that they'll need to be extra
careful about what souvenirs they want to bring home with them.
Officer Pulls Gun On Five Teens Over A Snowball, Lies About
Surveillance video has been released of an off-duty NYPD
officer pulling out his gun during a snowball fight. "We're innocent, we
didn't do nothing wrong and he overreacted," 18-year-old Ariel Lopez
said…. They eventually faced charges of attempted assault, menacing and
criminal possession of a weapon, the snowball.
General Eric Holder can't explain constitutional basis for Obama's executive
Senator Lee Questions Eric Holder on NSA meta data collection and unilateral executive
orders of questionable constitutionality.
California Legalized Selling Food Made At Home And Created Over
A Thousand Local Businesses
Forbes – A government official appears at a man’s door.
The man has been breaking the law: He has sold bread baked at home. This isn’t
a page from Kafka—it happened to Mark Stambler in Los Angeles.
Dept. says Bank of America should be fined $2.1 billion for mortgage fraud
The United States government is now seeking $2.1 billion
in fines from Bank of America for selling fraudulent loans that precipitated
the Great Recession, more than double the amount it initially sought last year.
Garlic Proven to Kill Brain Cancer Cells, Prevent Future Growth
Research has found that 3 compounds in garlic are able to
get through the blood brain barrier to induce cancer cell death and prevent
future cell growth.
Genetic Weapon Against Insects Raises Hope and Fear in Farming
Scientists and biotechnology companies are developing
what could become the next powerful weapon in the war on pests…specialists fear that
releasing gene-silencing agents into fields could harm beneficial insects,
especially among organisms that have a common genetic makeup, and possibly even
human health.
Feds threatening Michigan family farm with armed raid
Mark Baker, owner of Baker's Green Acres, told Natural
News in an interview that he was informed recently by a former business
associate that local state and federal agriculture officials have been
forbidden from contacting him because he is potentially dangerous.
Patent Seeks to Transmit Your Cellphone Videos to Law Enforcement
could have nightmare implications for privacy, freedom of assembly.
Prepares for Perfect Storm: “The Next Plane Could Bring a Pandemic…”
avian flu virus, which up until last year infected poultry exclusively, has now
mutated and crossed over to humans.
Why is the Fed tapering?
of the gold price is a foregone conclusion.
What If
Women Had to be Paid the Same as Men?
are paid less than men due to many economic factors that have nothing to do
with discrimination on the basis of sex.
Banned From Selling Cupcakes Proves Government Out of Control
Girl BANNED From Selling Cupcakes By Control Freak Government Bureaucrats.
Police Strip Search Drivers During Minor Traffic Stops
investigation out of Georgia has uncovered multiple police departments engaged
in strip searches as well as searches inside the pants of drivers.
Protects Its Borders Better Than U.S.
Mexico, illegal immigration is not tolerated.
3D Printer by MarkForged Can Print With Carbon Fiber
for a better way to make racecar parts, Gregory Mark invents a 3D printer that
can print in tough, lightweight carbon fiber, the first of its kind.
for Vaccine Refusal: Woman to Sue Hospital over Mandatory Flu Shot
 Think you have complete autonomy when it comes
to your health? Think again.
is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and there Never Will Be
WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
Kerry to present framework for peace talks on return to
Middle East
indicates Israel would accept US plan with reservations
secretary of state John Kerry is expected to return to the Middle East next week to
present Israel and the Palestinians with a framework agreement which
will enable peace talks between the sides to continue for another year.
prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has indicated that Israel will accept the US
plan with some reservations.
said the proposals were “American ideas” and Israel would not be obliged to
accept “every American position”.
cabinet crisis averted by pro-settlement minister’s apology for criticizing
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday, Jan. 29, demanded Naftali Bennett, the
pro-settlement Jewish Home party leader and Minister of Industry and Trade
apologize or be sacked, for brusquely criticizing his proposal to
leave Jewish settlements in a future Palestinian state.
Park Declared Where David Fought Goliath
World Interfaith Harmony Week
week of February every year: Spreading harmony and tolerance among
followers of the three monotheistic faiths and all the world's religions…World Interfaith
Harmony Week came about as
a result of a UN resolution for a worldwide week of
interfaith harmony
Feds Push Gently on Real ID Act
Nearly a decade after Congress passed the Real ID Act
to thwart terrorists from getting driver’s licenses, the law will finally go
into effect in April. But 13 states still are not ready.
Isaiah 51 (King James
India's Central Bank Governor: "International
Monetary Cooperation Has Broken Down"
Demonic Manifestations on the Rise Worldwide
sudden string of reports of cannibalism and other shocking violent crimes in
the news is causing much discussion about the extreme demonic manifestations
that are escalating worldwide.
Perry’s Dad: 'Katy Is A Child Of The Devil'Â
Perry’s father, Pastor Keith Hudson, is now speaking out against his daughter’s
sinful career.
Perry even referenced selling her soul to the devil in an interview:
Congressman Walks Out Of Obama’s Speech, Too Disgusted To Watch
Steve Stockman, a Republican from Texas, left Obama’s State of the Union
address early last night because he was disgusted by what he heard.
of Homeland Security Censors Report On Deadly Force
Department of Homeland Security is attempting to stifle debate on its agents
using deadly force against rock throwers on the border.
Mormon missionariesdoing more
service, less preaching
LDS » Bay Area elders and
sisters are spending their days helping area nonprofits.
In Northern California, the
image of Mormon missionaries in dark suits and white shirts, knocking on doors
at inconvenient times, is being replaced by the sight of these name-tag-wearing
twosomes in blue jeans and T-shirts, hoeing gardens, scrubbing off graffiti,
dishing out food in homeless shelters and reading with refugees.
It’s part of the LDS Church’s
recognition that its long-held practice of "tracting," going door to
door handing out church materials and delivering religious messages, is no
longer effective. Now few people are home during the late morning and early
afternoon, and those who are may not want to be disturbed.
…The LDS San Jose Mission
already had discontinued tracting. Mission leaders got the word three years ago
from church headquarters in Salt Lake City: Find something else for these
eager, young full-time missionaries to do.
And it’s not about baptizing.
Utah’s Jason Chaffetz introduces bill to tax NFL
Washington • The National
Football League — the highly profitable and most popular sports organization in the United States — has
nonprofit status and therefore is not taxable.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah,
has a bill to change that and he timed its introduction to fall on the NFL’s
Super Bowl week…would eliminate the nonprofit status of all professional sports
organizations, which also includes the National Hockey League and the
Professional Golfers Association. Each team in the NFL and NHL pays federal
taxes, but the leagues themselves do not…The National Basketball Association
isn’t tax exempt and Major League Baseball gave up its tax-exempt status in
2007…NFL’s political action committee has handed out more than $1 million in
campaign contributions since 2011, split fairly evenly between the political
Catholic diocese in Montana will file
forbankruptcy after abuse lawsuits
Helena, Mont. • The Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena, Mont., plans to file for bankruptcy protection amid lawsuits
that claim clergy members abused 362 children over decades.
Who was dumping body parts along Michigan highway?
St. Clair Township, Mich. •
Body parts found in garbage bags along a southeastern Michigan road are
believed to be the remains of one person and investigators are seeking a woman
seen dumping things from a vehicle in the area, a sheriff said.
Utah to restrict spying by government drones?
SB167 » Legislation would
require warrants except in the case of emergencies.
Bill proposes allowing youth hunting without hunter’s
ed class
Trial permit » Senator seeks
to copy program allowed in other states.
Youths would be able to get a
hunting license without first taking a hunter’s education course under
legislation now on Utah’s Capitol Hill. The no-class licenses would be granted
only on a trial basis.
It would allow someone as
young as 11 to obtain the "trial" permit, but they must be at least
12 before actually using a firearm or archery equipment. They must be
accompanied by a licensed hunter who is at least 21.
Lawmakers propose raising cost of concealed weapons
permits for nonresidents
Rep. Curtis Oda, R-Clearfield, voiced
strong opposition to an increase in the fee during Wednesday’s hearing.
“If you want to raise taxes,
raise taxes,” he said. “Don’t raise fees and then turn around and take that
money and use it for programs it doesn’t belong to — that becomes an
inadvertent tax.”

Obama's BLACKhalf-brother photographed wearing Hamas scarf that
boasts 'Jerusalem
is ours –
That rallying cry refers to Palestinian
militants' belief that the territory representing Israel, with the Jordan River
to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, rightfully belongs to them –
and Israel should not exist.

Obama's high school pot dealer who he thanked
for the 'good times' was beaten to death with a hammer by his gay lover
President Obama’s high school pot dealer who he
thanked in his yearbook for the 'good times' was beaten to death by his lover
after a series of fights over flatulence and drugs, MailOnline can reveal
today. Raymond Boyer, known as 'Gay Ray' to Obama and his marijuana smoking
'Choom Gang', was bludgeoned to death with a hammer seven years after he sold
the future president and his friends drugs.
New devastating hollow R.I.P
bullet which promises to 'take out all vital organs'
the new bullets bear an uncanny resemblance to
Flechette bullets used in the Vietnam war but now banned under the Hague

Hires Former DHS Official As “Civil Liberties and Privacy Officer”
In other words, NSA hires its future scapegoat.
Promises To EnactGun Control Laws “With Or
Without Congress”
Critics Respond: “He doesn’t have the constitutional
authority to act unilaterally”
Among a myriad of promises to create and sign laws
using his magic executive order pen, the president vowed during last night’s
State of The Union Address to pass more strict gun control laws, even if it
means bypassing the Congressional process.
Nuke Expert 'Heart Suddenly Stops Working' In UK Hotel
Kerry signals advance of 'North American Union' plan
Agreement announced at last
year's SOTU drew little notice
Idaho House committee advances bill giving domestic
police powers to National Guard
“There seemed to be no major opposition to this bill,”
commented Rep. Linden Bateman, R-Idaho Falls. “It seems like a good idea to me
and I supported it.”
Top American Bankers Commit Suicide in London
Hotel Installs Gold-Dispensing ATM
Obama's 'Warmed Up' to Executive Action;
Will Use It for 'Climate
Change and Energy Transformation Agenda'
Returns With A Vengeance
H7N9 bird flu: Chinese provinces halt live poultry
Bans instituted on mainland and Hong Kong culls
chickens as infections increase and Chinese new year travel period arrives
Norwegian MPs
Nominate Snowden For Nobel Peace Prize
US nuclear-force cheating scandal escalates as more
members implicated
• Number nearly doubles from 34 service members initially
• Air force also investigating criminal drug use by some airmen
Tells EU To Stay Out Of Ukraine Crisis
Senators Decry Western 'Interference' in Ukraine
– Iran 6 Weeks From A Nuclear Weapon
– Netanyahu Is A Serial Liar On Iran Issues
Hospitals Fill Up With Wounded Soldiers As War Drags
Three charged with stealing food
from skip behind Iceland supermarket
Crown Prosecution Service claims there is 'significant
public interest' in prosecuting men arrested for taking discarded food
The Stem Cell 'Repair Kit' Become A Reality?
Fights Off Shark, Stitches On Leg, Goes To Pub
Therapy 2x Heart Risk In Older Men
U.S. Intelligence Boss Predicts More Violence in Ukraine
Obama’s intelligence boss, James Clapper,
set the stage on Wednesday for further violence in Ukraine and a more robust
response by the United States.
Egypt to put 20 Al-Jazeera journalists on trial for ‘airing
false news’
Japan navy admits losing $5 million submarine
Japan admitted Wednesday that its navy
lost a US$5 million unmanned submarine during a survey last year, with a
nine-day search of the ocean floor yielding nothing.
Is The US-China Rivalry More Dangerous Than The Cold War?
Sleeping Elderly Woman Awakes to Police Dog Attack
Katharina Lambert, age 88, was sleeping
in her own home in San Bernardino, California. At around 11:30 p.m. on Jan.
23rd, 2013, her silent burglar alarm allegedly went active…. With no
warrants, no pressing circumstances, no announcement and no warning about a
dog; three officers entered her home and officer J. Echevarria released an
attack dog that quickly went to her bedroom.
Food Lobby Threatens to Sue Any State that Tries to Label GMOs
Government shuts down 11-year-old’s cupcake business
A day after a local newspaper ran a story
about the young and ambitious Chloe Stirling, who operated a cupcake business
out of her parents’ kitchen, the local health department came calling.
IRA Confiscation: It's Happening
Here’s the thing: according to the IRS,
there is well over $5 trillion in US individual retirement accounts. For a
government as bankrupt as Uncle Sam is, $5 trillion is irresistible. They need
that money…. And this MyRA program is the critical first step to corralling
your hard earned retirement funds. At our event here in Chile last year, Jim
Rogers nailed this right on the head when he and Ron Paul told our audience
that the government would try to take your retirement funds
Jim Rogers and Ron Paul on IRA Confiscation
48,000 United States Afghan/Iraq Vets are homeless
17 California Towns Will Run Out of Water in the Next 60 to 120
Wells are starting to run dry and
reservoir levels are low as the state faces the worst drought in almost a
Toxins in vaccines infiltrate the brain
The blood brain barrier prevents
dangerous substances and infections from entering the brain. If the barrier is
compromised, the brain is susceptible to any toxin or bacteria circulating in
the bloodstream. Toxic detergents contained within vaccines can destroy the blood
brain barrier and then proceed to transport the poisons contained within
vaccines directly into the brain.
Snake Bite Costs North Carolina Couple $89,000 Hospital Bill
The couple visited the emergency room in
August to receive treatment. The sticker shock comes as Americans continue to
battle high health care costs following the introduction of the American Care
Farm Bill With $8.6 Billion in Food-Stamp Cuts Passes House
The U.S. House passed and sent the Senate
a much-delayed bill to set agricultural policy for five years, as a coalition
of rural Republicans and urban Democrats overcame objections about farm
subsidies and food-stamp cuts.
Seed Starting Chart
West Virginians work to end raw milk prohibition in nation's
most restrictive state
Clean, unprocessed and full of beneficial
probiotics, raw milk is hard to come by in the state of West Virginia, where
burdensome prohibition laws bar the living food from being sold, traded and
even shared with friends and neighbors due to misconceived perceptions about
its safety.
News reporter: Unlike US Dollar goldis backed by NOTHING!
news reporter in the world
Laughed About Having License to Kill
A Fullerton resident who was arrested after protesting
the acquittal of officers involved in the death of Kelly Thomas said police
laughed and joked about having a license to kill while asserting, “There’s a
pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your f*cking faces in.”
has secret plan for police to ‘remote stop’ cars
London Telegraph | The EU is developing a secret plan to give the police the power to
control cars by switching the engine off remotely.
The Goal of The Global Elite With Transhumanism Expert Daniel Estulin
Veteran Bilderberg investigator and author Daniel
Estulin joins Alex to discuss the dangers of transhumanism and the elite’s
drive for total control.
Real State of the Union: Here’s What Obama SHOULD Have Said (Remix Parody)
Israeli minister calls for 'Third
The Israel Minister of
Housing and Construction Uri Ariel on Friday expressed his wish to see the
construction of a "Third Temple" in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in
occupied Al-Quds (East Jerusalem).
According to the Alray
Palestinian News Agency, Uri Ariel said "The first Temple was destroyed in
586 BCE, the second Temple in 70 CE, and ever since the Jews have been mourning
its loss."
He then went on to say
"Al-Aqsa Mosque is currently in place of the temple, despite the temple
being much holier than it. Al-Aqsa Mosque is only the third most holy mosque in
"Now that Israel has
once again become a Jewish sovereign state, there have been occasional calls to
rebuild the Temple," he added.
Failure of peace talks will hurt economy ‘substantially’
Failure to reach a peace agreement with the
Palestinians will have negative economic repercussions for every Israeli, Finance
Minister Yair Lapid said at the INSS conference in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.
WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
The 'Kerry Plan': Palestinian capital in east Jerusalem, recognition of Jewish state
The “Kerry Plan” is likely to be unveiled soon, Thomas
Friedman of The New York Times wrote on Tuesday in a column titled “Why Kerry
is Scary.”
The first rock ‘n’ roll pontiff?
Pope Francis makes the cover of Rolling Stone
The Argentine-born pope, who took office in March last
year, has previously been Time magazine’s Person of the Year. He also made the
cover of The Advocate, the respected US gayrights
Sniper Basics
For The SHTF SurvivalistÂ
All Major League Sports Facilities Are the New FEMA
U.S. Says Russia Tested Missile, Despite Treaty
American officials believe Russia began conducting
flight tests of the missile as early as 2008. Such tests are prohibited by the
treaty banning medium-range missiles that was signed in 1987 by President
Ronald Reagan and Mikhail S. Gorbachev, the Soviet leader at the time, and that
has long been viewed as one of the bedrock accords that brought an end to the
Cold War.
3 Inches Of Snow Can Cause This Much Chaos In Atlanta, What Will Economic
Collapse Look Like?Â
SEAL Ben Smith Says Obama Is A Muslim
& Drops Quran On Ground
Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith says Barrack Obama is
a Communist, Muslim traitor and drops a Koran on the ground at the South
Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention, January 19, 2014.
Global Currency Controls
Will Cause Financial Collapse
Examples Of People Being Awesome In The Middle Of The Atlanta Traffic JamÂ
seized from kids in debt at Salt Lake City elementary
Education » School officials cite unpaid balances on
students’ meal accounts.
West Valley City family held at gunpoint in home
invasion robbery
Police are looking for three men who broke into a West
Valley City home on Wednesday morning, held a family at gunpoint and ransacked
their house.
Utah Governor calls for (UN AGENDA 21) action  on cleaning up Utah air
Medicaid expansion and
defense of Utah’s gay-marriage ban also are on his to-do list.
He called on the state’s Air
Quality Board to limit wood burning in non-attainment areas during the entire
inversion season but did not specify the steps the board would take. Herbert’s
environmental adviser, Alan Matheson, said the board would have to craft the
new rules, but it is envisioned that the state would provide some incentives to
replace wood-burning units that are the sole source of heat in 207 homes.
Beyond that, penalties for
wood burning on "red-air" days would be expanded and applied to homes
in non-attainment areas throughout the inversion season.
5 Examples Of How Agenda 21 Is
Increasing The Scope Of Its Enslavement In
Agenda 21 destroys people from all walks
of life. Its policies are draconian. Its unconstitutional dictates are carried
out with impunity. Agenda 21 seeks to destroy the family by separating children
from parents. Its allies are destroying private property rights…Agenda 21 Attacks “Off the Grid” Americans

Family sues Dr. Phil, Utah treatment
The family of a teenage girl who claims she
was berated on television by Dr. Phil and then sent to a residential treatment
center in Utah where she was falsely imprisoned, has filed a civil lawsuit.
place for (LGTB) hatred and bigotry,'
 Herbert says in Utah State of State address
'Maleficent' Devils Witchcraft trailer
reveals creepy
take on a classic



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