Top 30,000 Obama Friends – Pilots Forced to Fly Illegal Muslims to America
Mon, Feb 3, 2014
Subject: Calitta Charter Pilots Flying Illegal Muslims to America – Poor Chicago Blacks Want Barack Obama to Quit…


Radio interview of the pilot who refused to sign his rights away to a
TSA contract. Dennis flew illegal documented, un-medical tested
plane-full of Syrian muslims (I am not capitalizing the word because of
the evil behind the majority) when the air bill said the plane was to
fly empty from London to New York.  He quoted a Tennessee
representative that knew the passengers were getting thousands of
dollars and a whole list of more support when landed.

Then the TSA sent an email for Dennis to sign a contract – which was
rejected.  O has agreed to 30,000 muslims being “immigrated” to the
US.  In my opinion, “30,000” is the tip of the iceberg.

Are you reading that there is a planned strike by radical muslims to
take over America from within?  Looks like this is part of the plan,

What is the FBI doing about this?


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