Top 13,000,000 Immigration Lies – Amnesty In Place In united States

RJ Hender
Wed, Feb 5, 2014
Subject: Illegal Immigration Lies from DC 

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 Lies.wmv – House Rules Out Immigration Bill This Year – Brian Terry documents

    Immigration Lies from DC  

     Politicians in DC continue to battle over a new Immigration Bill.  This Illegal Alien discussion is all for show.  Republicans and Democrats need the Latino Vote these days.  A Defacto Amnesty attitude is in place across America.  The House just announced that they will not deal with an Illegal Immigration Bill this year.

     The death of border guard Brian Terry is an example of how guarding Aemrica's borders is a joke.  Under Fast and Furious operations the US was providing weapons to drug cartels.  There are many Black-Op secrets in this Fast and Stupid opeation from DC.  It was a bad idea from the start. 

     Illegal Mexicans, and other illegal immigrants, continue to cross America’s borders for Food Stamps, Medical Care, Education and Jobs.  The E-Verify program is a joke.  If an undocumented worker can’t be approved by proper employment documents then employers are more than happy to pay them under the table.  In my corner of America, Norbest continues to pay drug traffickers to bring illegal Mexican workers for their production plant nearby.  Thousands and millions of illegal Mexicans and other illegal workers are happy to work in America’s Hotel Industry, Fast Food Industry, Farming Industry, Construction Industry, Big Factories and many other mega employers. 

     Americans are being squeezed out of good opportunities. Lawful Americans and illegals are being pinned against one another.  Some politicians are profiting by sending some industries outside America.

     Illegal workers are being squeezed out of their home countries and in to American slave shops.  These illegals make up a 2nd class society in the US.  

     Wealthy business owners and employers are lying to these illegal aliens in America and to all lawful US Citizens.  These are the same wealthy bankers and business owners who continue to send to DC their lawyers, posed as politicians, to continue to do nothing to stop the bleeding by the people and providers who deliver goods and services for this 2nd class work force in America.   

     In my corner of America, every once in a while a Sheriff will be caught with drugs in his trunk.  The officers are either smoking the illegal drugs or they are participating in the drug trafficking trade.  Many of America’s illegal workers are forced to bring illegal drugs with them as they are sent to America to potential employers. 

     For decades, promises from Presidents and politicians have been made to lawful Americans about Border Fences and employment documentation.  Recently Senator Hatch from Utah spoke about how Americans need to bite the bullet on immigration reform, spouting off about how we can’t push over 13million illegals out of the country. 

     Right before our eyes, our society in the united States is changing.  There is no way we can go back 1 decade or 2 or 3 or 10 decades.  Bigotry divides too many Americans.  We can’t allow these Republicats and Democrats to play one race against the other in America. 

     Some Mexicans continue to blast uS Citizens that they were the original people in America and that the rest of us need to leave the uS.  This is a claim that helps no one. 

     As I meet undocumented aliens in America, I simply ask them that if they are willing to come to the united States would they also be willing to love the united States.  If you come to America would you love America? 

     Many of our politicians are anchored in a New World Disorder agenda.  Some of American Presidents have issued Executive Orders and have made secret agreements that do harm to the united States and all Americans. 

     The American Way has become a What’s In It Form Me attitude that is destroying the united States.

     Pres Obama has been spouting off about finding a Pathway to Citizenship for America’s illegal crowd.  Pres Obama continues to pander after Democrat votes.  Barry Soetoro still operates as a Muslim in America, taking every opportunity to lie as long as it will help his Communist cause. 

     Some of these republicans and democrats need to be squeezed right out of America.  We can’t fix DC, but you and I have every right to Love One Another.  We have every right to teach correct principles of Honesty and Industry to our children. 

     I love the country in which I was born, the united States of America.

     I continue to pray for our country.  I continue to pray and work for what’s best for our country and for the future of our children.

     A Republic was organized in the united States.  These lawyer politicians know the difference between a democracy and a republic and communism, etc…  Democracy is where 2 wolves have a discussion with 1 lamb about what is for dinner. 

     These lawyer politicians in DC are the wolves.  TPTB believe that we work for them.  They have forgotten that we have sent them back to DC to work for us.  These republicans and democrats need to be taught. 

     America needs fresh, new Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers.  A new start for freedom won’t begin from DC, but from our homes.

     God Bless…  RJ Hender



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