Obama Watch – Race & Gender Issues Raging in America

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Wed, Feb 12, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch Race & Gender Mess in America

What is a Person-Black law dictionary – 1 min video
A Right Cannot Be
Licensed, Taxed or Registered…Joseph SmithÂ
liberal elites treated me worse than the segregated South':America
is too sensitive about Race
says Supreme Court justice
Clarence Thomas
Supreme Court Justice
Clarence Thomas told a group of college students on Tuesday that Race and gender relations are Worse now than when he was a kid.
Christ Warned that in the Last Days there would be Race Wars…
Catholic ‘Red Mass’ calls for immigration reform
Lawyers, lawmakers, judges and politicianswere on hand at St. Mary’s Basilica Jan. 14 for the
annual Red Mass. The event, marking the kickoff of the legislative year,
implores the Holy Spirit’s guidance for those charged with making and interpreting the law as well
The Red Mass Honoring the Inquisitor Thomas More
USPS, Natl Weather Service,
NOAA, Dept Of Ed Buying Arms!
‘Biggest ever’? Massive
DDoS-attack hits EU, US
A massive DDoS attack hit EU-
and US-based servers, with security companies reporting it to be even more
powerful than last year’s Spamhaus attacks. While the method of the attack was
not new, CloudFlare warned there are “ugly things to come.”
Again Spill Into West Virginia Water
11 States Fight Back
Against NSA Spying
state legislation:
 * Arizona
 * California
 * Indiana
 * Kansas
 * Maryland
 * Mississippi
 * Missouri
 * New Hampshire
 * Oklahoma
 * Tennessee
 * Washington
Trooper sues more than 100
for harassment after
pulling over Miami police officer
Florida Highway Patrol
trooper Donna Jane Watts was just doing her job when she pulled over a Miami
police officer for topping speeds of 120 mph, but the fallout has been anything
but routine: She’s now suing her colleagues for harassment.
Bodies Found On U Miss Campus Building Project
Ways To Make The FBI Terrorist Watch List
‘Destroy immediately’:
Top US commander ordered
Bin Laden photos purge
Eleven days after the 2011 US
elite forces raid that resulted in the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin
Laden, the head of US special operations ordered the destruction of all photos
of the corpse or for them to be given to the CIA, new evidence shows.
Security Grabs Toy Story Doll's Tiny Toy Gun
security officials 'confiscate' Toy Story cowboy Woody DOLL'S miniature gun
These Photos Are Not Photoshopped
To 'Privatize State Pension To Cut Costs'
Weak Euro Banks Need To
'Die In An Orderly Fashion'
To Force Brits To PUBLISH Details Of Wills, Property
Investors Ditching France For Russia
Drone Attack Controversy: Obama Administration Wrestling With
Whether To Target U.S. Terror Suspect
An American citizen who is a member of
al-Qaida is actively planning attacks against Americans overseas, U.S.
officials say, and the Obama administration is wrestling with whether to kill
him with a drone strike and how to do so legally under its new stricter
targeting policy issued last year.
Lawmakers won’t have to disclose the farm subsidies they
A provision requiring members of Congress
and the administration to disclose what crop insurance subsidies they receive
was quietly dropped from the farm bill that the House passed on Wednesday.
Possible Terror Attack on U.S. Power Plant Uncovered
 Gunman used boat to access Tennessee nuclear
rally against debt ceiling ‘surrender,’ call for Boehner’s head
Daily Caller | The House voted Tuesday to raise the debt ceiling
with no conditions attached.
The House voted Tuesday to
raise the debt ceiling with no conditions attached, and conservative groups are
calling for Speaker John Boehner’s head. The vote was
221-201, with just 28 Republicans joining 193 Democrats to vote for it. Speaker
Boehner cast a rare vote in favor of the bill.
But the attacks began before
the vote even took place, as soon as it was known that Boehner would bring a
no-strings-attached debt ceiling hike to the floor.
In The Constitution Does It Say Obama Can Rule By Decree And “Do Whatever He
Propaganda: “Why I Want A Microchip Implant”
Would you like to have an
RFID microchip implanted under your skin?
Shoppers Fight Over Food Amid ‘Snowpocalypse’
 Empty shelves in Atlanta merely foreshadow
future mass panic in America.
Interrogated And Suspended After Voluntarily “Turning In” Toy Gun At School
 Officials demand 11-year-old undergo
counseling and “psychiatric evaluation”.
personal? Obama says no nation avoids US spying
“There’s no country where we
have a no-spy agreement.”
WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
Kerry peace plan “to recognise Israel as a Jewish state”
An outline Middle East peace
agreement being drawn up by John Kerry will propose recognising Israel as a
Jewish state, according to a leaked report, in a development that represents a
major coup for the Israeli leadership but which risks an outright Palestinian
military chief says ready for war with US, Israel
Iran’s military chief on
Wednesday warned that the Islamic Republic was ready for war with Israel and
the United States.
reinforcing referendum on peace talks moves toward final vote
The law requiring a referendum
for giving away sovereign land in a peace treaty took a step closer to becoming
a Basic Law Wednesday, when its legislative upgrade was approved for its second
and third (final) readings…The legislation does not apply to a treaty conceding
parts of the West Bank, but it does apply to east Jerusalem,
the Golan and anything within the 1949 armistice lines.
“Palestine”:History and Geography Can Unblock Deadlock
Kerry needs to urgently
determine if there is any consensus between Israel, the PLO and the Arab League
on the history and geography of “Palestine”.
The US Should Cut a Deal
For the last 30 years, the US
has been pushing Israel to withdraw from all territories occupied as a result
of the six day War in 1967.
EU envoy: Relations with Israel depend on outcome of peace
Israel-European ties depend
on outcome of peace talks, EU Ambassador to Israel Lars Faarborg-Andersen said
ahead of EP President Martin Schulz’s speech in the Knesset on Wednesday.
When squeezed, both Netanyahu
and Abbas will accept Kerry’s plan
The moment of truth has
almost arrived. After endless visits, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will
soon present the interim American framework to both sides. Although Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have
repeatedly criticized each other for their domestic audiences, they will both
reluctantly support the American initiative because their political fortunes
and legacies demand such action.
Republicans fighting Treasury Dept. effort to limit political activities of
tax-exempt groups
Republican lawmakers are
fighting back against what they call an effort by the Obama administration to
silence the political speech of tax-exempt groups, including those originally
targeted by the IRS.
Nevada drops defense of state gay
marriage ban, citing changed landscape
Nevada dropped its defense of
a state ban on gay marriage on Monday, saying that the legal landscape had
changed and its arguments in support of a voter-approved ban on same-sex
nuptials were no longer sustainable.
‘Two Daddies’ Not a Family
Fierce debate as MK insists
that ‘family’ means a father and mother.
Deputy Minister of Education
Avi Wortzman (Jewish Home) argued that the men are not eligible for the tax
credit, which is meant for families. “A family is a father, mother and child,
not two fathers and a child,” he declared.
US Military Space Plane Aims for 2017 Liftoff
Green Police State Is the
Prelude to Genocide
“If you drive
acar I’ll tax the
If you try to sit-sit I’ll tax your
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat
If you take a walk I’ll tax your feet
Tax man” – THE BEATLES
The Globalist Path to Subjugation and Genocide
8 Vehicles Swallowed by
Sinkhole at National Corvette Museum
1993 ZR-1 Spyder on loan from
General Motors
2009 ZR1 “Blue Devil” on loan from
General Motors
1962 Black Corvette
1984 PPG Pace Car
1992 White 1 Millionth Corvette
1993 Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Corvette
2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette
2009 White 1.5 Millionth Corvette
Bowling Green, Ky. city
spokeswoman Kim Lancaster says the hole opened up at about 5:40 AM, setting off
an alarm and a call to the fire department.
Prosecutors: Teen suspects
murder were motivated bysatan
HOUSTON — Prosecutors are
painting a sadistic picture of two accused teen killers charged with the murder
of a 15-year-old girl. They say 17-year old Jose Reyes convinced a friend to
kidnap and brutally murder a teen girl to help him "sell his soul to the
LDS Church WILL accept"Gay
Marriage" when they are forced to do so
from a letter I got from a friend)
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 7:03 AM,…
(The retired attorney) is telling
me. I called him up about this post and he again
confirmed the Same Sex Marriage
issue discussion among the Brethren.
Same Sex Marriage
The General Consensus is that the
Church will have to make some concessions and compromises or get
tangled up with legal issues and
bad publicity, which the Church would like to avoid. (The General Consensus,
too, is that the Church made a
huge misstep in getting so actively involved in the Prop 8 debate in
given subsequent events, leading
the Church to take a more quiet and individual approach to the issue as was
done most recently in Hawaii.)
One of those compromises is that they will accept all Same Sex Couples
"who are legally and
lawfully married" by the Law of the Land and will
not "take action" to excommunicate them if
they are " legally and lawfully married". Where it is "getting
sticky" is the possibility of such marriages
being performed in LDS Chapels
and even in the Temple. The Brethren are split on that issue, but the legal
beagles are saying that the LGBT
community is not going to take "NO" for an answer when it comes to
SSM in
LDS Chapels.
At present, there is some kind of
"push" by some of the Brethren to suggest the following program:
All LDS couples of both the hetero and same sex variety
will marry in the Chapels by the Bishop.
Equality is the aim here. The Church wishes to emphasize
the the "equality" of such an arrangement.
Later, as for Temple Endowments, those will be given a
year later and will INCLUDE Temple
Wedding Sealings. So, you'd go through your Temple Endowment and that
Endowment would continue on
into the Sealing Room where you would be SEALED to
your spouse as part of the Endowment. That is one
of the options the Brethren are
talking about and seems to have found some favor.
And since the Temple is all about
Eternal Increase and gays cannot have Eternal Increase, they would have
NO need to go to that part of the
Endowment where Sealings are involved. So, a Gay Married Person
(legally and lawfully by the Law of the Land) would enter
the Temple and go all the way through
as they do now, but the part of the "Sealing"
would be left off.
Straight couples would have that FINAL part of the
ordinance, that of sealing performed for
them. This is what is being talked about at present in
Church Leadership. When asked about
"Sealings" for hetero
couples, the Church's response would be that "this is a Doctrinal
Matter" that government
should not be involved with under
the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Thus, ALL couples, gay and
straight, married in the Chapel. EQUALITY. ALL couples, gay and straight,
endowed in the Temple.
EQUALITY. As for straight couples
just a little "addition" to the Endowment called "Sealing" which is NOT a
marriage, but a religious rite. Thus, marriage"
EQUALITY" is maintained. The Endowment
"altered" as the Religious Rite that it is, to ensure that
children Born in the Covenant are SEALED to their
parents. Gays would also have the
RIGHT to have their adopted "children" sealed to them as parents, but
there would be no SEALING of the
gay couple itself, as such a sealing violates our Doctrine that ONLY men
and women are sealed in the
Highest Degree of Celestial Glory.
These "options" are
being discussed by the Brethren. Because there is NOT unanimity among the
the Church has issued an official
statement saying that NO gay marriages can be conducted by Church leaders
or Church facilities used to
perform or celebrate such marriages. The Brethren can ALL agree to that, but
do not think that this position
will be the FINAL position, as they see laws and court cases and societal
pressure being brought to bear
against the Church to make changes that the society at large can live with and
that the Church can live with.
Most feel that Temple Sealings must be kept sacred and not include Gay
It remains to be seen if they can hold that line.
Is change coming toMormon temple wedding policy?
Salt Lake Tribune – Feb 12, 2014
Mormon insiders are buzzing
about chatter that the LDS Church may eliminate the one-year waiting period
between a civil marriage ceremony and a temple wedding for members in the U.S.
and Canada.,,Governments in many nations require all marriages to be public.
This two-step wedding day processis not available to Mormons in much of North America.
…Critics of the policy
believe ifLDS couples first had a civil ceremony to which everyone was
invited, and then were able to go immediately to an LDS temple for a sealing,
that would solve the problem of wedding day divisions.

Spy center could be exempt from utility tax
under new bill
SALT LAKE CITY — One of Utah's
largest energy users might not have to pay a utility tax.
Utah lawmakers are considering
exempting the National Security Agency's Utah Data Center from the tax that
would bring $6 million a year to the state.

For 25 Years, U.S. Special Forces Carried
Miniature Nukeson Their Backs
The B-54 Special Atomic
Demolition Munition was a nuclear bomb the size of a backpack
“Soldiers from elite Army
engineer and Special Forces units, as well as Navy SEALs and select Marines,
trained to use the bombs, known as "backpack nukes," on battlefronts
from Eastern Europe to Korea to Iran," they write. The troops were trained
to parachute or SCUBA dive behind enemy lines with their little nukes, to using
them to take out strategic installations or render vast tracts of land
uninhabitable… "These "small" weapons, many of them more
powerful than the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima, would have obliterated any
battlefield and irradiated much of the surrounding area.”
U.S. debating targeted
killing of American terror suspect overseas
NSA metadata to find drone
targets kills civilians
Secret Role In US Assassinations
Oakland: the city that
told Google to get lost
Highly paid employees are
pushing up rents near the tech giant's California headquarters, forcing locals
out and destroying communities, say activists. Now Oakland's residents are
fighting back – hard. But are they too late?
Dinar RV Negotiations 3:41
new video
Americans are on Mind-Altering Prescription Drugs
Insane CA Bill –
'Kill Switches' On Smartphones By 2015
Loony Toon – What Hillary Thought Of Lewinsky
PM resignation could persuade
Scots to stay in UK
A senior political analyst has
suggested British Prime Minister David Cameron should resign if he really plans
to retain Scotland in the UK.
To Meet Obama In March
EU to Consider
Intervention in Bosnia if Tension Escalates
fury as Swiss 're-build walls' against EU immigration
The EU has threatened to review all
bilateral agreements with Switzerland if Bern goes all the way and blocks
immigrant inflow. On Sunday Swiss voters narrowly approved the return of strict
quotas for immigrants from within the EU.
first’ farmer trial over GM crop contamination begins in Australia
A landmark legal battle between two
farmers over alleged GM contamination has started in the Western Australian
Supreme Court. The case is expected to determine GM farmers’ liability if their
crops affect neighboring territories.
Drone Attack Controversy: Obama Administration Wrestling With
Whether To Target U.S. Terror Suspect
Huffington Post – An American citizen who is a member of al-Qaida is actively
planning attacks against Americans overseas, U.S. officials say, and the Obama
administration is wrestling with whether to kill him with a drone strike and
how to do so legally under its new stricter targeting policy issued last year.
them immediately’: Top US commander ordered purge of bin Laden photos
RT – Eleven days after the 2011 US elite
forces raid that resulted in the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden,
the head of US special operations ordered the destruction of all photos of the
corpse or for them to be given to the CIA, new evidence shows.
Ohio National Guard Training Envisions Right-Wing Terrorism
Documents from an Ohio National Guard
(ONG) training drill conducted last January reveal the details of a mock
disaster where Second Amendment supporters with “anti-government” opinions were
portrayed as domestic terrorists.
Supreme Court Asked to Clarify What it Means to ‘Bear’ Arms
WSJ – You might think the question would be
settled by now, but the U.S. Supreme Court has yet to opine on whether the
Second Amendment right to “bear” arms for self-defense extends outside the
Chicago School Officials Suspend 11-Year-Old Boy Under
'Dangerous Weapons' Policy for Voluntarily Turning in Non-Firing Toy Gun
Mountain Man Back In Jail, Supporters Want to Arrest Judge
Activist Post – Natural living
mountain man, Ernie Tertelgte of Manhattan, Montana has become an Internet
favorite for his tenacious defense of sovereignty and strict adherence to
original court system procedures, even acting as his own defense.
N.Y. Sen. Schumer presses FDA to ban bread chemical
Washington Times – Mr. Schumer launched a
campaign Sunday for the Food and Drug Administration to ban azodicarbonamide, a
chemical used mostly to put the rubber in rubbery products such as yoga mats
and shoe soles.
Health-Law Mandate Put Off Again
WSJ – The Treasury Department, in
regulations outlining the Affordable Care Act, said employers with 50 to 99
full-time workers won't have to comply with the law's requirement to provide insurance
or pay a fee until 2016. Companies with more workers could avoid some penalties
in 2015 if they showed they were offering coverage to at least 70% of full-time
22 Facts About The Coming Demographic Tsunami That Could
Destroy Our Economy All By Itself
Economic Collapse – Today, more than
10,000 Baby Boomers will retire. This is going to happen day after day, month
after month, year after year until 2030. It is the greatest demographic tsunami
in the history of the United States, and we are woefully unprepared for it.
oil spill town 'deserted land', residents still getting sick, forced to abandon
Almost one year after ExxonMobil’s pipeline burst and caused a major oil spill
near Mayflower, Arkansas, officials say the area is safe to live in. But locals
are still suffering from dizziness, headaches, and nausea – prompting many to
move away.
Catfish oversight, weather radios and a Christmas tree tax:
Meet the pork-filled $956 BILLION Farm Bill
Daily Mail – The federal government pays
for a $15 million 'wool trust fund,' runs a $170 million program to protect
catfish growers from overseas competition, sets aside $3 million to promote
Christmas trees, funds another $2 million to help farmers sell more sheep, and
plunks down $100 million researching how to get Americans to buy more maple
syrup. And that spending is just three one-hundredths of one per cent of the
Farm Bill that President Barack Obama signed Friday in Michigan.
Lawmakers won’t have to disclose the farm subsidies they
A provision requiring members of Congress
and the administration to disclose what crop insurance subsidies they receive
was quietly dropped from the farm bill that the House passed on Wednesday.
Be Prepared: 15 Items That Every Survival Kit Should Contain
18 North Carolina patients may have been exposed to rare brain
(Reuters) – Eighteen neurological
patients in North Carolina may have been exposed to an incurable and fatal
disorder similar to "mad cow" disease while undergoing surgery at the
Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center because surgical instruments were
insufficiently sterilized, the hospital said on Monday.
Cut Flowers—A Major Yet Little-Known Source of Toxic Pesticides
With Valentine's Day just around the
corner, flowers are probably on most people's minds. But did you know that the
bouquet you're giving your sweetheart may be loaded with pesticides?… Flower
growers are actually among the heaviest users of agricultural chemicals,
including pesticides that are suspected of being among the most toxic.
Mercury banned as vaccine ingredient by Chilean lawmakers
Word has it in the U.S. medical community
that vaccines pushed by Big Pharma in our country no longer contain thimerosal,
but the Food and Drug Administration admitted in 2012 that the substance is
actually still present in many batch vaccines, including in the annual
influenza vaccine that is now administered to children as young as six months
on Obamacare employer mandate delay: “This is stuff you do in a banana
Krauthammer says that
delaying the employer mandate simply to ease political pain before an election
is the kind of stuff they do in banana republics.
Cops Go Ape Over
Gun-Toting Banana
A man dressed like a banana
with an AK47 slung over his shoulder? Can’t have THAT in America.
Common Coloring in Foods/Drinks Could Cause Cancer
Report: Most Common Coloring
in Foods/Drinks Could Cause Cancer
Snowden used simple
technology to mine NSA computer networks
• Press report says
whistleblower used ‘webcrawler’ software
• Revelation raises new doubts about failure to detect activities
When squeezed, both Netanyahu
and Abbas will accept Kerry’s plan
It Begins: Campaign to
create United States of Europe underway.
A campaign for the European
Union to become a “United States of Europe” will be the “best weapon against
the Eurosceptics”, one of Brussels’ most senior officials has said.
Taiwan meet for highest-level talks since 1949 division
Taiwan and China are holding
their highest-level talks since splitting amid a civil war 65 years ago, hoping
to further boost contacts and ease lingering tensions, even as political
developments on the self-governing island swing away from Beijing’s goal of
eventual unification.
Feds to expand legal benefits, services for same-sex
In a major milestone for gay
rights, the United States government plans to expand recognition of same-sex
marriages in federal legal matters, including bankruptcies, prison visits and
survivor benefits.
U.S. says Social Security
computer outage to affect HealthCare.gov
(Reuters) – The Obama
administration on Monday said people hoping to enroll in health coverage for
March 1 may have trouble applying by Saturday's deadline because of a planned
62-hour maintenance shutdown of a Social Security Administration computer
great Olympic no-show:
suffers from a distinct lack of atmosphere as stadiums revealed to be full of
empty seats

China's gold consumption
BEIJING, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) —
China's gold consumption surpassed the 1,000-tonne mark last year as domestic
demand for jewelry and bars surged despite the lackluster global market.
Whatever I Want'
Email to vets urging
violence against legislators
under investigation by Capitol Police
Washington County sheriff’s officer jailed for DUI
Lt. Jason Lynn Adams was
arrested about 4:30 p.m. Sunday after his unmarked
duty vehicle, a Ford F-150 pickup, crashed and rolled on Highway 17 near
Utah Police State Seat belt bill
SB128 would allow for police officers to issue citations for not wearing a seat belt
as a primary offense in zones with speed limits over 55 mph. As the law stands
now, drivers may be cited for not wearing a seat belt only as a secondary
offense. That means someone can be ticketed for being unbuckled only if they’re
pulled over for some other violation. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Luz Robles,
D-Salt Lake City, says although she faces resistance from some with concerns of personal
U.S. wholesale stockpiles
rise 0.3 percent December
U.S. wholesale businesses
increased their stockpiles in December at the slowest pace since last summer,
another sign that the economy lost some momentum at the end of 2013.
felt like ‘a sledge hammer’ to deputy’s head, wife says
“The miracle part of that is that the bullet
moved from inside his brain to being between his brain and his skull,” Gina
Sherwood said.



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