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Radical In the Twilight Zone – Eric Williams
Fri, Feb 14, 2014
Subject: DC USofA Misrepresentation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpcfZzx8xY0#t=35 – Who Owns You?

Tons of great information


Special review jural society based on Federalist Paper #10


Is the United States A Delaware Corporation? Or more Rat Poison?

When I posted the three essays written by JC Collins, I received an email
from group member Paul G., chastising me for failing to point out to all you
group members that the Government in Washington, D.C., is not actually a
government, that it is a corporate fraud pretending to be acting for us
while actually guiding us, through "rational" manipulation, into the one
world government Mr. Collins was warning us about.

I do agree with Paul on his point that whomever is in control of this
country, are continually manipulating everyone they possibly can through the
ploy of rationalization.

As a quick example, there were no airplanes involved in the 9/11/01 attack
on the World Trade Center; and the buildings there did not collapse; they
were destroyed my molecular disassociation – they effectively, simply
disappeared into thin air. Goggle for Dr. Judy Woods book, "Where Did The
Towers GO?"

Paul even went so far as accusing me of "indirectly promoting the One World
Government" because of my failure to mention, to promulgate the false
information that our government has been supplanted by a Delaware
corporation known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

[Actually, this point is true, our government HAS been supplanted by a
Delaware corporation known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ED]

Due to the massive prevalence of Rat Poison on every Pay-Tri-Idiot web site
I have ever visited, it has been some time since I last checked to see what
all those PAY-Tri-Idiots are currently up to, but due to this chastisement I
Goggled around a bit and I am totally astonished at the degree of total
misinformation and downright lies about what has led or guided our country
onto this cliff, and what individuals can or must do in order to extricate
themselves from the clutches of the wannabe slave-masters.

I truly do hate to step on anyone's toes but sometimes it is necessary to go
a little further and cut some of these PAY-Tri-Idiots off at the knees- or
perhaps their neck would be more appropriate.

For some of you newer Group members, you may need for me to tell you a
little more about me that older members are aware of.

First, and of more importance than you youngsters are able to comprehend, I
am 80 years old and still 100% physically and intellectually active. Second,
I have been in this Freedom fight since 1964, before many of you were even

I have been through all the PAY-Tri-Idiocy that not only does not work, it
makes no sense and complicates the road to Freedom to such an extent that it
is actually impossible for most of those who are concerned to even try.

What is the real truth? There are so many complicated versions of the truth
"out there" that it is impossible to figure it out. I know because I found
that same confusion back in the mid and late 1960s when I was new to the
Freedom fight, campaigning for Barry Goldwater for President.

However, it really came together for me in the late 1960's when I became one
of the most outspoken leaders of the income tax rebellion in Southern

As a result of that I was charged criminally in 1969 by the IRS for
willfully failing to file or pay income tax.

The IRS claimed I owed $240K in unpaid taxes, interest and penalties. I went
to trial on those criminal charges in Federal Court in Los Angeles,
California in 1970.

I walked into that court all by myself, without an attorney or filing even
one single piece of paper. I walked out in less than five minutes and I have
never ever filed or paid or been bothered by the IRS since.

I have been a radio talk show host for several years in the past on both RBN
and WTPRN, where I talked about this IRS victory more times than anyone
could count, and I have still not been bothered by the IRS.

When I was in that Federal Court I was asked four questions by the judge,
"Was I at that time renouncing my citizenship; where was I born; what did my
mother tell me; what was on my birth certificate."

I responded to the first question by asking how could I renounce that which
I had never applied for. To the other three I responded by telling him that
as I was an infant at the time I was born I had no way to know any of the
facts of my birth or who my mother was.

As a result the judge said he was taking the matter under consideration and
that I would be notified. That was forty-four years ago and I am still

Dear Members, how many individuals in the Freedom movement do you know that
can claim such a victory?

What I learned from that is K.I.S.S. – KEEP IT SIMPLE!! DON'T BE STUPID!!
And one more very important point. I do not herein present anything that is
my mere opinion. Everything I present is self evident, mathematically

All humans born on this planet are born politically independent, no matter
what country they are born in. The problem is that all children are
indoctrinated by the society and government they are born in, to believe
whatever best suits that government, and this practice is very much utilized
in the united States of America!!!

Everything I now see in the Freedom Movement is so complicated that it is
totally STUPID!! Such as the claim that this country is a corporation and
because of that everyone is required to comply with contract law.

[Just because this country is a corporation, doesn't mean that everyone is
required to comply with contract law; anyone who knowingly,
under-standingly, and with full disclosure makes a contract can be lawfully
held to his agreement under common contract law; it's a question of honor,
not the status of the government, ED]

There is some truth to the foregoing but that truth has absolutely nothing
to do with whether or not this society is controlled by a corporation or by
the Constitution. I could not be more convinced that Obama and all previous
Presidents, is or were following the CONstitution; it is all right there in
the Fourteenth Amendment if you will just take the time to read it and pay
attention to the words! Including the wording of the Preamble, where the
purpose of the CONstitution is declared and estab-lished.


And, please remind yourself that I beat the IRS in Federal Court in less
than five minutes and I filed not one single piece of paper. At that time I
had a driver license and SS# and traveled on the roads and used ZIP codes
and Federal Reserve Notes but that judge did not ask any of that.

Neither did he make an issue of my name or me having a birth certificate.

Neither had I filed any manner of document with any government entity to
copyright my name or rescind my driver license or SS# or employ any of the
other PAY-Tri-Idiot adhesion contract avoiding or negating procedures
insisted upon by th PAY-Tri-Idiot "Leaders" of today.


There seems to be a universal agreement among the current PAY-Tri-Idiot
"Leaders" that the purpose of the Congressional Act of 1871 was to enable
certain unidentified members of Congress to be able to entice foreign
bankers to rescue the Civil War bankrupt united States by assigning to such
bankers, slave master control over the general population of the united

As a side issue, you may notice that I did not capitalize the word "united"
in the previous paragraph. I wrote it that way there and other places in
this essay just to ridicule the PAY-Tri-Idiots who make an issue of
capitalization. All of that PAY-Tri-Idiocy is nonsense.

The only thing that matters is your political status and you cannot lose
that inadvertently due to unwittingly made errors as claimed by the
PAY-Tri-Idiot "Leaders" on their Rat Poison infested web sites.

But, back to the Act of 1871:

For those Group Members who are not familiar with the Act of 1871, it is
simply the creation of a municipal corporate government for the Washington,
D.C. area; enacted to relieve Congress from the necessity of continually
dealing with such day to day governing tasks as trash collection, road
maintenance and street sweeping.

Of course there is more to it than that but nothing in the Act is beyond the
reasonable authority assigned to any other municipal government in the
united States.

The Act is quite lengthy, and I had read it before, several years ago, and
dismissed it then as being of no significance, but due to the current
prevalence of references to it, I took the time to read it again, every
word, trying to find something to justify the Pay-Tri-Idiot's claim that
this Act had negated the original Constitution, created a new corporate
Constitution, and replaced the upper and lower case "Organic":

"Constitution FOR the united States of America", with an all caps Corporate


The Pay-Tri-Idiots placing great emphases in their claim that the replacing
of the word "for" with the word "of" has some major significance, when in
fact there was no change, and if there were, it would have had no
significant impact.

Additionally, in the Act of 1871, the Congress reserved to itself full
authority to negate or modify as it determined appropriate, any action of
the corporate government Congress created under this Act.

I don't know where to start.

Explaining misrepresentations and lies always takes considerably more words
than did the presentation of the misrepresentations or lies.

There is nothing in the original Constitution that declares how that
document shall be styled, so why all the fuss about how it might be
referred. The PAY-Tri-Idiots hang their Constitutional change of name claim
on the ending words of the Preamble, where the Framers wrote, "… do ordain
and establish this constitution for the united States of America."

It must be acknowledged and understood that the Constitution's Framers had
no authority to declare that the Constitution they had created and were
presenting was thereby automatically a replacement for the Articles of

We need to remind ourselves that the delegates had been sent to the
convention to amend the Articles of Confederation, NOT to create a
replacement for such Articles.

When it was agreed among several of the delegates that it would be more
appropriate to redesign the organization between the states rather than try
to make the Articles more workable, several of the delegates refused to
participate and departed from the meeting. My point here is that at best,
all the Framers of the Constitution could do was present their creation to
the Several States for their consideration, to be adopted by them or not.

Therefore it was appropriate for the Founders to style their creation as
being ordained by them, FOR the consider-ation of the Legislatures of the
Several States.

There is no reasonable justification to claim that the manner in which the
Framers wrote that last line of the Preamble was intended by them to be the
name of the Constitution. All the Founders were doing there was stating who
they were presenting their creation to.

What is alarming to me is that the current PAY-Tri-Idiot Leaders who are
promoting this swill have failed to discern the much more significant
content of the Preamble, being the statement setting forth and establishing
the purpose of the Constitution, which is as follows, in relevant part: "We
the People of the united States, in order to secure the Blessings of Liberty
to Ourselves and OUR Posterity, do ordain and establish this

How can this critically important message be missed? This wording is clearly
limiting and exclusionary. This constitutes a declaration that the purpose
of the Constitution was/is to secure the Blessings of Liberty to the People
of the united States and THEIR Posterity, TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL OTHERS,
INTENTIONALLY EXCLUDING citizens of the united States.

Additionally, here, in this Preamble, the Founders created a specific
political class, a superior political class, to be known as The People of
the United States. Then, in Section Two of Article One they also quietly and
surreptitiously created the subservient political class, citizens of the
united States.

[I see it, rather as The People of the constitutional united States, and the
subservient political class, citizens of the unconstitutional United States,
Inc., ED]

Then we have all the blather about "restoring the republic"! What? – Are all
of these PAY-Tri-Idiot Leaders totally brain dead? Do any of you know what a
republic is? Are they not aware that the name of Communist China is, "The
People's Republic of China?"; And that the name of North Korea is, "The
People's Democratic Republic of Korea"?; And that there are about one
hundred other totalitarian dictatorships on this planet with the word
"republic" in their official names?

So how is the Republic of the United States similar to all these
totalitarian dictator republics? All of them have two political classes, (1)
a superior class to make the rules and (2) a subservient class to follow
those rules, Gee, just like here in the United States, and these
PAY-Tri-Idiots want to "restore our republic"?

And once more, in regard to the standing of the Founders who wrote the
Constitution, we must remind ourselves that the original Constitution
included a provision providing that it would only become in effect when
ratified by nine of the [13] states, and would have no authority over any
state that did not ratify it at the outset, until such states might later
agree. The point here, again, is that the Founders were thereby
acknowledging that they did not have standing to declare the Constitution
they were presenting was, due to their presentation, declared to be the
Constitution of the United States of America. Their only "authority" was to
present it FOR the consideration of the Several States.

Therefore it was reasonable and appropriate for the Founders to write at the
end of the Preamble, that they were ordaining and establishing this
constitution for [the consideration of] the united States of America.

It is likewise appropriate that after the Constitution was ratified by nine
of the [13] member states, thereby then being appropriately declared by such
states as being the Constitution of the united States of America.

It must be remembered here that the united States of America had been
created with the adoption of the Articles of Confederation; and that the
several States had been created individually, even prior to that.

As I recall, in the Articles of Confederation, the term United States was
included fifty-five times, while the term, United States of America was
entered only one time.

Additionally, with all the PAY-Tri-Idiot claims of significance of
capitalization style in legal documents, when writing the Articles of
Confederation, in Article One thereof, the Framers of those Articles wrote:

"The Stile of this Confederacy shall be "The United States of America".
Please take notice that they capitalized the word "United" in this article;
and, they likewise capitalized both words in the fifty-five time's the term
"United States" was used in such Articles; and they "misspelled" Stile, [or
used the wrong STYLE of the word. Tsk, tsk!]

But back to the Pay-Tri-Idiot claim that the Congressional Act of 1871, to
create a municipal government for Washington, D.C., caused the United States
to become a corporation, whereby all citizens are thereafter subject to
contract law, and must apply for and be issued a driver license before being
allowed to operate a motor vehicle, such claim is total nonsense!

When are these PAY-Tri-Idiots going to get down to Fundamental, Basic

How can it matter how those purporting to be in control style themselves?
The one and only question is, "How does a free born individual become
subservient to any entity of any style what-so-ever?"

It is noted and claimed by some of these PAY-Tri-Idiots that political
subservience is traditional, that such subservience is properly the custom
and practice of all organized societies, recognized from time immemorial.

That it is properly the "policy" of society, that all those born in an area
where there is an established organization of some sort, that all those born
in that area are born with and owe allegiance to that social organization.

Well, that may very well have been the way it was when there was some sort
of monarch (dictator) in control, but our Founding Fathers were supposed to
have created an entirely new form of social organization here, where
everyone was going to be politically free and independent (NOT the style of
a republic), where the commoners were going to be in control.

Where consent of the governed was going to be the style of the organization.
The question that comes to my mind is what is it that constitutes "consent
of the governed?"

To me, it means I cannot be required to do anything I would not choose to do
if not commanded. The Thirteenth Amendment prohibits involuntary servitude.
This Constitutional provision is critically important, however it does not
create what it protects; being the Natural state of a human at birth, to be
politically independent with no birth acquired obligation of political

The Thirteenth Amendment is nothing more than the codification of Natural
Law. "Involuntary servitude shall not exist in the united States!"

How many must be required to do something against their will before it can
be acknowledged as being involuntary servitude? If that number is more than
one, then a police state is in operation!

These PAY-Tri-Idiots do not seem to understand that the word "citizen"
carries with it an inherent recognition of political subservience to an
acknowledged political superior.

It makes no difference what government code sections are brought forward
because none of them apply to me unless and until I willingly, knowingly and
intentionally, having been fully informed of the negative consequences
thereof prior thereto, voluntarily agreed to submit myself to the authority
of any manner or style of anyone or any organization that may assert itself.
(The ending worded as it is to encompass any variety of societal master that
the PAY-Tri-Idiots want to conjure up).

So how does an individual who was born free and politically independent
become subservient to an artificial entity?

In this country it is through the birth certificate driver license ploy.

It is important to understand that no one owns their [government assigned]
name, or the birth certificate created as a record of their birth. This is
self evident when it is considered and acknowledged that when we are born
we, as infants, have no ability to intellectually take notice of any of the
events taking place or instigated by our birth.

As "our" names were conjured up by our parents, it would be our parents who
were the original owners of our name. However, our parents entered no claim
of ownership of our name on the birth certificate, thereby effectively
abandoning their rightful claim of such ownership.

The state governments then use their abandoned property statutes to become
the owner of the names entered on all birth certificates filed with the
state government.

In Arkansas where I live it is under Title 18, Chapter 28, Section 202.
Section 202 pertains to all property not specifically provided for in
previous Sections. Section 202 provides that after five years of no access
by the last known owner all such property is deemed to be abandoned and
owned by the state.

Then the individual, having been "properly" indoctrinated in the government
schools, upon reaching the age of sixteen years, trots his or her self down
to the state's driver license issuing office where the individual presents
"his" or "her" birth certificate, whereby the applicant is unknowingly
applying for a franchise to use that government owned name as the applicant's
"true legal name".

That, Dear Reader, is the long and short of how everyone in this country has
become subservient to the authority purporting to be in charge of this

It actually has nothing to do with the driver license itself. Prior to your
voluntary presentation of that birth certificate to apply for a franchise to
use that state owned name, and the issuance to you of that franchise, there
was no legal contractual relationship between you and the artificial entity
you voluntarily initiated an application to be subservient to, whereby you
could be required to apply for and be issued a driver licence or to conform
to any other rule or regulation promulgated by the state, or whatever manner
of description that the PAY-Tri-Idiots want to assign to those purporting to
have such authority.

It makes no difference whether the so called "Organic" Constitution is in
operation or not, or whether there is some manner of corporation or not. All
that matters is, did you voluntarily present that birth certificate or were
you forced to do so? Who was it that held a gun to you head and threatened
your life if you did not present that birth certificate in order for you to
be issued a driver license?

Please pay attention. Did you in any way participate in the selection of the
name entered on that birth certificate? Did you file that birth certificate
with the state? Of course not – you were a new born human infant and, pay
attention, there is absolutely NOTHING on that birth certificate that could
connect it to you! Neither the name on the birth certificate nor the birth
certificate itself can possibly be your property!

At the time your parents (I presume), came up with the name and entered it
on the birth certificate and filed that document with the state, the name on
that birth certificate would have been owned by your parents, however they
failed to enter any ownership claim on the birth certificate, so they
effectively abandoned the ownership thereof to the state.

Among all the salient points here is the fact that you, Dear Reader, cannot
possibly claim any ownership interest in that state owned name so if you
file a copyright claim on that name you could be charged with theft of state
owned property.

This is all so simple. Hidden right out there in plain sight. All anyone has
to do to get off the government's flypaper is stop using that government
owned name!

Did you intend to volunteer yourself into a condition of servitude when you
applied for your driver license? It can readily be understood that your mere
act of applying for that driver license was, in and of itself, a voluntary
act of servitude? Where were you forced to apply?

The Federal Thirteenth Amend-ment prohibits involuntary servitude but most
certainly does not prohibit voluntary servitude!

Prior to you initiating your application for the franchise to use that
government owned name and the government's acquiescence to your voluntary
request, the state did not have a superior contractual relationship over you
wherein the state could require you to apply for and be issued a driver
license or require you to comply in any way with any other state mandated

It makes no difference how your subservient status is characterized, be it
as a state or U.S. citizen or simply as a non specified subservient
contractual agreement. The point is you initiated it and all the state did
was grant your request.

If we all had paid attention to the wording of the Preamble and the
protections set forth in the Bill of Rights, we would have discerned that
all the protections set forth therein are specifically applicable only to
the People of the United States and THEIR Posterity, to the exclusion of any
and all other political status.

So where is our remedy?

Keep it simple!! Only use their laws or statutes or Constitutional
provi-sions against them. My favorite is the Federal Thirteenth Amendment
and or Section Twenty-seven of Article Two of the Arkansas Constitution,
which prohibits involuntary servitude in Arkansas.

The wording thereof puts the burden of proof on them! Prove I volunteered!
Where is the proof from the State's files, that I had volunteered myself to
be under the authority of the state (or whatever it might be, or call

If I were to be issued a traffic citation, to "appear" in a court of no
record (as most traffic courts are), then I would file a NOTICE (NOT a
motion), informing them that I was challenging the political jurisdiction of
the State (not the court – the State), to present its proof that I had
volunteered to submit myself to its political dominion [its jurisdiction,

I would not include any information about me or my political status. It is
not for me to claim or prove anything; the burden of proof, according to
their Thirteenth Amendment and their Appellate and Supreme Court decisions,
is on the state (the accusing party).

I would include a statement that it was [is] their responsibility to prove I
was [am] operating under a state owned franchise or other authority; and,
that according to their rules, they are required to present their proof of
jurisdiction on the record, in writing.

That according to their rules (Appellate Court and Supreme Court case law),
they are not allowed to merely declare they have jurisdiction, they are
required to present such proof on the record, in writing. Further, that
until I receive written information presenting proof that I had volunteered
myself to be under their political domain, I will consider the matter

I would use their case number or citation number or, perhaps, include a copy
of the citation. I would style myself, Eric Williams, Wrongly Accused.

I would serve a copy on the prosecutor, and on the court with a proof of
service, and have the court clerk file stamp my copy; and send a copy to the
police officer or his department, with a proof of service to the court.

I would file these documents ASAP, after receiving the citation. I would
also serve and file copies by registered mail, return receipt.

And all this malarkey about not using zip codes or two letter state
abbrevia-tions, is more PAY-Tri-Idiocy!

I know from which I speak. As I mentioned herein above, I was criminally
charged by the IRS in 1970 for wilful failure to file or pay income tax. I
went to Federal Court in Los Angeles, California, all by myself, without
filing even one piece of paper, and walked out in less than five minutes
because neither the court nor IRS could establish I was under the
jurisdiction of the U.S. Government.

All of the PAY-Tri-Idiot contention that the Act of 1871 caused the
Constitution to be trashed is totally bogus.

Everything Obama and previous Presidents have done against U.S. citizens is
authorized under the Fourteenth Amendment. If there was ever any doubt as to
the synonymy of the words "People" and "citizen", such doubt is most
definitely clarified by the, "…and subject to the jurisdiction thereof…"
clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

This wording allows the Executive Branch of government to do as it pleases
with "citizens" of the United States, with such citizens having absolutely
no Constitutional pro-tections of any nature or description.

Pay attention to the actual words, not to the conjecture of non thinking
PAY-Tri-Idiots who want to sell you something that you do not need and only
gets you mired deeper into the government's flypaper.

The government intentionally lied to you as a child, in the government's
indoctrination centers known as public schools, indoctrinating you to
believe you were born into United States citizenship; and the PAY-Tri-Idiots
are further indoctrinating you to believe State Citizenship is better. Every
manner of "citizenship" constitutes an acknowledgment of subservience to a
political superior – NO THANKS!!

I claim to be and therefore I am of the Posterity of the People of the
Preamble, and everyone reading this has the ability to make the same claim.
However I am not going to include my status info in the NOTICES I serve on
the Court, Prosecutor or police officer. I am not going to give them
anything they might call upon me to prove. Keep the burden on them, they are
the entity claiming jurisdiction over me.

The Preamble establishes that the purpose of the Constitution and the
government created thereunder was / is, to secure the Blessings of Liberty
to those of us who claim to be of the Posterity of the People of the United

The fact that the government has fraudulently indoctrinated us and has
fashioned this society in such a manner that it is impossible to function
therein without a driver license (as an ID card) or SS#, that we are thereby
authorized to use such documents with no obligation of servitude by
application of the Law of Necessity, in accordance with the custom and
practice as established under their rules and court decisions.

Please read the Supreme Court Case, Holy Trinity Church vs. United States.

I am, Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone.


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