Same Sex Compromise – 501C3 Mormons May Be Forced to Marry Gays

Dave Cleveland –
Wed, Feb 12, 2014
Subject: Mormon Same Sex Compromise


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LDS Church WILL accept"Gay
Marriage" when they are forced to do so
from a letter I got from a friend)
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 7:03 AM,…
(The retired attorney) is telling
me. I called him up about this post and he again
confirmed the Same Sex Marriage
issue discussion among the Brethren.
Same Sex Marriage
The General Consensus is that the
Church will have to make some concessions and compromises or get
tangled up with legal issues and
bad publicity, which the Church would like to avoid. (The General Consensus,
too, is that the Church made a
huge misstep in getting so actively involved in the Prop 8 debate in
given subsequent events, leading
the Church to take a more quiet and individual approach to the issue as was
done most recently in Hawaii.)
One of those compromises is that they will accept all Same Sex Couples
"who are legally and
lawfully married" by the Law of the Land and will
not "take action" to excommunicate them if
they are " legally and lawfully married". Where it is "getting
sticky" is the possibility of such marriages
being performed in LDS Chapels
and even in the Temple. The Brethren are split on that issue, but the legal
beagles are saying that the LGBT
community is not going to take "NO" for an answer when it comes to
SSM in
LDS Chapels.
At present, there is some kind of
"push" by some of the Brethren to suggest the following program:
All LDS couples of both the hetero and same sex variety
will marry in the Chapels by the Bishop.
Equality is the aim here. The Church wishes to emphasize
the the "equality" of such an arrangement.
Later, as for Temple Endowments, those will be given a
year later and will INCLUDE Temple
Wedding Sealings. So, you'd go through your Temple Endowment and that
Endowment would continue on
into the Sealing Room where you would be SEALED to
your spouse as part of the Endowment. That is one
of the options the Brethren are
talking about and seems to have found some favor.
And since the Temple is all about
Eternal Increase and gays cannot have Eternal Increase, they would have
NO need to go to that part of the
Endowment where Sealings are involved. So, a Gay Married Person
(legally and lawfully by the Law of the Land) would enter
the Temple and go all the way through
as they do now, but the part of the "Sealing"
would be left off.
Straight couples would have that FINAL part of the
ordinance, that of sealing performed for
them. This is what is being talked about at present in
Church Leadership. When asked about
"Sealings" for hetero
couples, the Church's response would be that "this is a Doctrinal
Matter" that government
should not be involved with under
the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Thus, ALL couples, gay and
straight, married in the Chapel. EQUALITY. ALL couples, gay and straight,
endowed in the Temple.
EQUALITY. As for straight couples
just a little "addition" to the Endowment called "Sealing" which is NOT a
marriage, but a religious rite. Thus, marriage"
EQUALITY" is maintained. The Endowment
"altered" as the Religious Rite that it is, to ensure that
children Born in the Covenant are SEALED to their
parents. Gays would also have the
RIGHT to have their adopted "children" sealed to them as parents, but
there would be no SEALING of the
gay couple itself, as such a sealing violates our Doctrine that ONLY men
and women are sealed in the
Highest Degree of Celestial Glory.
These "options" are
being discussed by the Brethren. Because there is NOT unanimity among the
the Church has issued an official
statement saying that NO gay marriages can be conducted by Church leaders
or Church facilities used to
perform or celebrate such marriages. The Brethren can ALL agree to that, but
do not think that this position
will be the FINAL position, as they see laws and court cases and societal
pressure being brought to bear
against the Church to make changes that the society at large can live with and
that the Church can live with.
Most feel that Temple Sealings must be kept sacred and not include Gay
It remains to be seen if they can hold that line.
Is change coming toMormon temple wedding policy?
Salt Lake Tribune – Feb 12, 2014
Mormon insiders are buzzing
about chatter that the LDS Church may eliminate the one-year waiting period
between a civil marriage ceremony and a temple wedding for members in the U.S.
and Canada.,,Governments in many nations require all marriages to be public.
This two-step wedding day processis not available to Mormons in much of North America.
…Critics of the policy
believe ifLDS couples first had a civil ceremony to which everyone was
invited, and then were able to go immediately to an LDS temple for a sealing,
that would solve the problem of wedding day divisions.


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  1. seniorontherun says:

    From what I understand, those with a propensity to be attracted to the same sex or having an inner essence opposite of their physical form come into incarnation to have that experience. They did not come to pro-create. Those having having a physical form as their core essence, came to experience hosting of other life forms. As we continue to move higher in understanding and knowledge, these lifestyles become more acceptable. With wisdom comes intelligence and true understanding.

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