JP54, JPA1, D2, D6 Production Contracts – It’s a Matter of Trust

RJ Hender
Wed, Feb 19, 2014
Subject: Oil Production Contracts – Gold & Silver Seller

     Oil Production Contracts 

     In the Oil Business there are too many Liars and Thieves.  Too many times I haven’t been pleased with the so-called Buyers who have contacted me for BLCO, JP54, JPA1, D2, D6, Mazut, Crude Oil and other fuels.

     For me, it is significant that I have been dealing with 1 Oil Seller friend since 1985.  It’s also significant that I have been dealing with another Oil Seller friend since 2002.  A few significant Oil Contacts have reached out to me during the last couple of years, but Trust and Long Term Friendship matters in this oil business, at least for me.  Yes, as a Radio Host I have been introduced to some wonderful Gold Sellers and Silver Sellers and Oil Sellers.  I've been bringing together Buyers and Selles, for many years.

     A few times some Oil People have told me, It’s Just Business. 

     Well, stabbing somebody in the back for profit is lousy business.  A few times I have seen Buyers go around the Backs of the very people who helped bring together the Oil Seller and Oil Buyer.  Well, what about the next oil transaction?  What about the other Buyers who are lined up? 

     Oil Production Contracts are not as romantic or as exciting as the Ci, Dip & Pay Deals, but a steady flow of Domestic or Rotterdam fuels with a Production Contract are good enough for many of my buyers.

     Generally, these production contracts don’t involve discounted fuel prices.  Usually, these production contracts are secured at Platt Rates. 

     I’ve been hearing that POP First is a part of a new system for oil purchases.  POF is still necessary for fuel providers. 

     I prefer to transaction with people that I have known for nearly 13years and people that I have known for nearly 30 years than deal with a stranger who I might not be able to trust.  Recently, one Big Fuel Guy told me that he didn’t have the time for me.  Well, it’s his loss as far as I’m concerned. 

     You can still reach me at 

     Is Domestic JPA1, D2, D6 or JP54 good enough for you, in a Production Contract? 

     Do you prefer JP54, D2, Mazut or other fuel products from Rotterdam?  Are you willing to deal with boring Production Contract providers?

     It’s up to you.


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