Pursuit Is a Nasty Word – New Founding Fathers & Founding Mothers Needed

RJ Hender
Wed, Feb 19, 2014
Subject: Life, Liberty & Happiness – To Hell With Pursuit

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     Pursuit Is a Nasty Word 

     The word Pursuit is the most nasty aspects of America’s Founding Documents.  As our Founding Fathers penned our rights of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness did they imply that we could never gain happiness?  Was it the intention of America’s Founding Fathers to establish that we could pursue and pursue and pursue happiness, but we may never obtain happiness? 

     As a young man I was on the receiving end of abuse, neglect and abandonment by the very people who should care for me the most.  This environment that surrounded me helped cause me to stutter constantly and I found it nearly impossible to put into my words my thoughts and feelings.  It’s been one of my life’s efforts, to work and work on my ability to communicate.

     I have always wondered about this word Pursuit.  I have always wondered what kind of equality exists among men since America’s Founding Fathers  raised a high banner explaining how …We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident, that All Men are Created Equal.  There are many differences between mankind and woman-kind that may divide us; black, white, yellow, red or Baptist, catholic, Mormon, agnostic or tall, short or educated or uneducated.  Do our environments shape our status quo and our future? 

     I believe that Life, Liberty and Happiness belongs to all mankind. 

     I believe that Happiness is a Choice. 

     During the Lincoln years we may be aware of Abe’s efforts to do away with Involuntary Servitude.  Voluntary Servitude is alive and well in America.  By contract we have placed ourselves and our children as the inventory or the livestock of the very people who are the owners of the Federal Reserve, the USA Corp, the Main Press, the USofA Congress, the Military, the Banks, etc… 

     Even the 501C3 Churches have left us.  We haven’t left the Churches, they have left us.  Why is anyone from DC dictating to America’s Churches policy and law? 

     I’ve been in the radio business for over 23years, 9 of those years as a Talk Show Host.  Some times I can feel the inspiration from our Creator.  Some times, as I have been On the Radio, I’ll hear the words of inspiration, not in my ears but upon my heart.  A couple of years ago I heard the words America Needs New Founding Fathers.  America Needs New Founding Mothers.  This took my breath away, on life radio.  One of my personal issues is how we have forgotten those Founding Mothers, the wives and mothers who watched over the farms and businesses and children of the men who risked everything to help establish freedom in America.  As these Founding Mothers and Founding Fathers risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honors many years ago we risk no less as we stand up for freedom. 

     People who are fighting for racial equality today risk no less than the Founding Fathers risked.  People who are fighting for marriage equality today risk no less.  Women today who are battling for equal pay and equal treatment risk no less.  Innocent children risk no less as they would like to be left alone, protected by the adults who continue to prey upon them. 

     During the 1990’s a Radio Listener brought to the Radio Station K-Talk a message on a 3 X 5 card.  She left it for me, One Man With God Is a Majority.  This principle took my breath away. 

     Too many times today we wait for somebody to give us permission to take a stand on Principles of Liberty.  It’s like we’re waiting for a Minister, or a Teacher, or a Parent or a President to tell us that we have every right to step into a situation and speak up or act to help establish or maintain Liberty. 

     We already have this permission.  When Ye Have Done It Unto the Least of These, Ye Have Done It Unto Me.  I do not agree with many people as they express their version of Happiness.  These days too many laws are confiscating our Freedom of Speech, our Freedom to Defend Ourselves, Our Freedom of Thought, our Freedom of Where to Worship, our Freedom to be Left Alone.  When we stand by and allow the freedoms of others to be trampled then we diminish our own rights. 

     Our country, our economy, our family, our future can’t afford us to be silent as our rights are diminished or as we stand by and watch the rights of others be trampled upon.

     If we take a stand for our own liberty or for the rights of others then we strengthen our future.  As we stand as America’s new Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers it doesn’t diminish the stature and accomplishment of America’s original Founding Fathers, but it strengthens their position. 

     Chief Joseph was a Founding Father. 

     Dolly Madison was a Founding Mother.

     Crazy Horse was a Founding Father. 

     Thomas Jefferson’s wife was a Founding Mother.

     Chief Massasoit was a Founding Father.

     As we learn what it takes to take a stand for Liberty then we can learn that many so-called unknown Americans have been standing for us and our families as Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers.

     This condition isn’t foreign to any one of us. 

     What kind of fabric will we be a part of, the fabric of a National Standard for Freedom or one of America’s nobody’s who continue to be in Denial while the foundation of our liberties are eroded away? 

     It is up to you.  You already have permission to Take a Stand for Freedom.

    God Bless…  RJ Hender 


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