Obama Watch – Killing US With Red Carpet for Mexico NAFTA

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Fri, Feb 21, 2014
Subject: Obama Terror for US

Provo sells it's soul to the United Nations and Google
A "successful" Agenda 21 event just
completed in Provo and your freedoms have taken a
gigantic nose dive if today's trends are not reversed.  The event
was the Provo
Plus 50 summit.

CDC: Stop Breastfeeding and Vaccinate
Says Flu Season In CA Worst Since 2009
– Giant Squid Catches Seen As Omen
squids are being caught in increasing numbers along the coast of Japan –
leading fishermen to fear it could be some kind of omen.

China calls on U.S. to scrap meeting
between Obama and Dalai Lama

Shock Videos: Government Snipers Open Fire On Ukraine Crowds: “War
Is Ahead of Us”

Death Drone Strike Didn't Follow Rules
More Info On Drone Killings Will Be Released
Whites Die In Black Attacks In Detroit
Spend Millions To Get Illegals To Join Obamacare
Senator Can't Answer Obamacare Questions – Vid
A Powerful And Undetectable New Kind Of Doping May Be
Happening At The Olympics
world may be about to watch one of its last Olympic Games without genetically
enhanced athletes," wrote H. Lee
Sweeney, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
Quake Spike Likely Caused By Fracking
Senator unveils ‘Handgun Trigger Safety Act’ to
mandate smart gun tech on handguns
A U.S. Senator intends to introduce a bill called the
‘Handgun Trigger Safety Act’ into Congress that would require all handguns
manufactured in, sold in or imported into the United States to incorporate
‘personalized handgun’ aka ‘smart gun‘ technology within 3 years following the passage
of the bill.
Stanford study finds Lyme disease widespread in Bay
Area open spaces
"Tick-borne Pathogens in Northwestern
California," also revealed that Bay Area ticks carry a second bacteria, previously undetected in the region, that can bring on
flu-like symptoms in infected humans
Illegally Copying Voter Data – Vid
Polar Vortex set to return next week

plunging temperatures in
Midwest and Northeast to 35 degrees below normal

Man Seen on Video Shoving Girlfriend Into Manholeto Escape Debt He Owed Her 
– Huge Saltwater Lake Shrinks 80% In 10 Years
Designed Just For People With Dementia
In the Netherlands, however, a radical idea is being
tested: Self-contained "villages" where people with dementia shop,
cook, and live together—safely.
And dogs Have A 'Sixth Sense' – And Its UV Vision
Obama begins Mexico summit with orders lowering trade
president bypasses Congress by signing trade liberalisation
China Dumps $50 Billion in US Treasury Paper, Leaving
Europe to Pick Up Slack
Some are saying that this latest dump by Beijing is
indicative of a larger trend – of buyers remorse, as Asia moves to limit its
exposure from a coming collapse of the US dollar as the world reserve currency.
Like US, UK Treat Reporters Like Terrorists
To Split CA Into 6 States Moves Ahead
Could “Silicon Valley” become its own U.S. state?
That’s what a ballot measure, approved
this week for signature gathering, is seeking to do. That, and carve out
five other regions of California into their own independent U.S. states — with
their own laws, politicians and capitols.
Plan To Split California Into Six States Gets OK To Gather
CBS News – Even if voters approve the
plan, it would face an uphill battle in congress. “If the federal government
approves the proposed creation of six new states, all tax collections and
spending by the existing State of California would end, with its assets and
liabilities divided among the new states.
Aspiring marine, 17, shot dead by female police
'who mistook Nintendo Wii controller he was holding
for a gun'
Police in Georgia on Friday served a warrant for a
probation violation at the trailer park home of a man and his son, a
17-year-old aspiring Marine. In the process of serving the warrant on the boy's
father, an officer fatally shot the teen.
His crime: according to his attorney, he did nothing
more than answer the door while holding a controller of a Nintendo Wii.

Lavrov Warns Against Military Intervention in Syria
Keep Iran missile program out of nuclear talks: Russia
Neighborhood Pond Turns Blood Red – Vid
The weirdness began Tuesday morning when the pond
outside his Wichita house took on a pinkish color.  Within a few hours, it
had turned blood red…We tried to get in touch with an expert to find out what
may be to blame for the red water, but had no luck.

Ukrainian parliament passes resolution to pull back troops from
Amid a new spate of violence and
bloodshed on Thursday, Ukrainian parliament voted to halt counter-terrorism
operations in the country and pull back law enforcement from central Kiev. The
resolution, though, would not be signed until Friday.
Obama Criticizes (targeted) Venezuelan Govt
President Maduro accuses Obama of fanning violence
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has
accused President Obama of promoting ongoing protests in the country, and of
backing members of the opposition alleged to be behind violence.
claims USS Reagan crew exposed to extremely high levels of radiation near
The "Ukraine Situation" Explained In One Map

worrisome map which
summarizes all the relevant "red lines." Given this – is there any
doubt this will not end with peaceful resolution.

China Starts To Make A Power Move Against The U.S. Dollar
Economic Collapse – In order for our
current level of debt-fueled prosperity to continue, the rest of the world must
continue to use our dollars to trade with one another and must continue to buy
our debt at ridiculously low interest rates. Of course the number one foreign
nation that we depend on to participate in our system is China.
Seattle Police To Use DHS-Funded Facial Recognition Program
Set to be purchased next month, the
software will reportedly be used to scan and compare surveillance video to the
city’s mugshot database. With the city facing mounting opposition for several
other privacy issues, police were quick to claim that the software would only
be used when surveillance video of a suspected crime was obtained.
Missouri Senate Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Control 23-10
A Missouri bill which seeks to nullify
virtually every federal gun control measure on the books, “whether past,
present or future,” passed the Senate Thursday. SB613 would ban the state from
enforcing virtually all federal gun control measures, and includes criminal
charges for federal agents attempting to violate the right to keep and bear
arms in Missouri.
Missouri Republican: Common Core skeptics are paranoid
lunatics, should wear tin foil hats
Skeptical that the national Common Core
standards will improve the quality of education in local schools? Then you must
be a lunatic conspiracy theorist — at least according to Missouri State Rep.
Mike Lair, a Republican, who set aside $8 — yes, $8 — in a recent
appropriations bill to buy tin foil hats for opponents of the Common Core.
down another 87%, as exchange suffers new ‘security problems’
Bitcoin has lost another 87 percent of
its dollar value, dipping to below $100, as one of its key world exchanges Mt.
Gox started to face new “security problems,” that “pushed back progress” in
fixing technical issues that emerged two weeks ago.
Questions to Ask Yourself in a Preparedness Pop Quiz
Cancer causing chemicals in personal care products
Today, fragrances are approximately
95-100% synthetic.
New high-tech glasses allow surgeons to 'see' cancer
The glasses give surgeons a unique
ability to distinguish diseased cells from normal ones, which helps ensure that
no stray cancerous growth remains in the body during surgery, the health
website reported. The university said the technology is so new that the glasses
have yet to be named.
Smile! Here's the next 'smart' product
CNBC News – Procter & Gamble is
bringing the dentist into the bathroom with the world's first
smartphone-connected toothbrush, a device that gives personalized advice to
help people improve their brushing.
Clues in Suicide of JP Morgan Banker Add to Mystery
 Friends suggest
Li Junjie was planning to return to Canada days before death leap.
Republican: Common Core skeptics are paranoid lunatics, should wear tin foil
Skeptical that the national Common Core standards will
improve the quality of education in local schools? Then you must be a lunatic
conspiracy theorist.
More Black Babies Killed by Abortion Than Born
In 2012, there were more black babies killed by
abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758).

Perry “Dark Horse” Illuminati Themed Music Video Exposed
Mark Dice breaks down the latest pop trash-illuminati
cross over.

You Believe That The Cold War Is Over, Just Look At What Is Happening In
What is happening on the streets of Kiev right now is
really a proxy war between the East and the West.

LA Times
Pushes Euthanasia For Children
Twice in the past week the L.A. Times published
op-eds contending the newly passed law in Belgium allowing euthanasia
for children should be enacted in the United States.
NFL Wakes Police Up
To Gun Grab
Minnesota police are suing the NFL because the league
bans off duty officers from carrying weapons into stadiums.
Sharpton: Blacks are slaves again without minimum wage hike
The Rev. Al Sharpton played the race card once again
likening the minimum wage with slavery, following a meeting with President
Obama on Tuesday.
WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
official: Palestinian leadership could recognize Israel as Jewish state
The current Palestinian leadership could possibly
recognize Israel as a Jewish state in some form, a PLO official said Friday.
hints settlements may not have to evacuate homes in final agreement
Israelis living beyond the Green Line might not have
to leave their homes following a peace agreement with the Palestinians, US
Secretary of State John Kerry said in an interview broadcast on Thursday.
rabbis petition Knesset to increase Jewish sovereignty over Temple Mount
A group of rabbis and yeshiva heads submitted a
petition to the Knesset demanding legislation to increase Jewish sovereignty on
the Temple Mount, according to a report on Friday by Israel Radio.
Kerry’s efforts on Israeli-Palestinian peace framework hit snag
After meetings between Palestinian Authority President
Mahmoud Abbas and US Secretary of State John Kerry this week in Paris, a
Palestinian official said that acceptance of Kerry’s principles for continuing
the talks was not forthcoming.

Holladay bans housing, employment LGBT
Anti-discrimination » City,
in 5-1 vote, becomes 20th entity to pass law.
Holladay • The city of
Holladay is now the 20th local government in Utah with an ordinance banning
housing and employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender
The city council passed the ordinance
5-1 Thursday night following debate on some proposed amendments to the
proposal, but little discussion of the ordinance itself…Councilman Steven Gunn
explained his vote in favor of the ordinance, saying as he looked into the
issue of discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people
he found only one alleged instance in the city. However, he voted for the
measure because discrimination has occurred in other places and he would like
to prevent it happening in Holladay.
"I say to our gay community: You
are welcome here,"Gunn
Salt Lake City was the first
to adopt the ordinance in 2009, with support of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
While Utah is passing city bills to Outlaw
Freedom of Religion…
Ariz. Senate OKs bill (Endorsing Freedom of Religion)
boosting service refusal based on religion
PHOENIX –  The Arizona
Senate on Wednesday passed a bill backed by Republicans that expands the rights
of people to assert their religious beliefs in refusing service to gays and others,
a measure Democrats say will open the doors for discrimination and hurt the
state economy…Senate Bill 1062 was prompted by a New Mexico case in which the
state Supreme Court allowed a gay couple to sue a photographer who refused to
take pictures of their wedding. He says he's protecting religious rights. "This
bill is not about allowing discrimination," Yarbrough said during a debate
that stretched for nearly two hours. "This bill is about preventing
discrimination against people who are clearly living out their faith." The
bill passed on a 17-13 party-line vote.

announces Project Tango, a smartphone that can map the world around itÂ
The Tango devices work by using a motion tracking
camera and a depth sensor built into their backsides. While being moved around,
the sensors will detect their orientation and what’s in front of them, using
that data to build out a 3D map of their surroundings.
“Hundeds” of
Syrian “refugees” arriving in North Jersey,
more expected
by the ‘hundreds’ arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015
and 2016″ By Ann
Corcoran, February 21, 2014
manager: I was fired after paying firefighters' tab
A single mother of twins says she was fired
last week from her job as a McDonald's manager in Olean, New York, after paying
for the meals of several firefighters.
Downey: Why we cut Satan from ‘Son of God’ film
This pope is different, or is he?
How Utah Catholics view Francis
The Advocate, an American
publication forgays, and Time magazine chose the new pontiff as their 2013 Person
of the Year…Gally points to the pope’s "who am I to judge (sin)?" quote as indicative of
Francis’ overall approach.
"If someone is gay and honestly searching for God," says the priest, who is originally from
India, "the pope doesn’t condemn him, just tries to understand him. That’s
a great way to approach the issue."



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