Top 10 Jury Solutions for America – Our Gov’t, It’s Disease & It’s Cure
Wed, Feb 19, 2014
Subject: Our Government – It's Disease and It's Cure  Jury Webinar Classes at Bottom of this Page…

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– Pursuit Is a Nasty Word – RJ Hender

OUR Government – it's disease and it's cure* 2014-02-19

 Like all governments that have self destructed, our government is ill,

 The disparaging foci between two factions, the left and the right, are
both imposing on each other acts of trespass brewed with self
righteousness, breeding injustice and corruption.

Both factions, with lost regard for "we free People" and lost regard for
Liberty, have driven a force of destruction upon all.

 This disease has fomented distrust, fear, betrayal, and frustration,

 Our government, designed and created by "WE free People", to assist us in
our desires of peace, to secure Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness,
is ill.

 Our government was not created by "We free People" to self empower nor was
it created to bring injury to "We free People".

 Before any act is proposed, before any discussion is engaged, before any
"law" is brought to vote, one question must be asked and answered correctly:

"will this act secure Liberty or will it impinge Liberty?"*

And now, what is the cure, we ask?

This is the beauty. Cure is simple and securely possible… choice.

We free People need only use Nature's law.


with ease, together, in peace.

Learn and use local Nature's law juries.

Local Nature's law juries are fundamental law juries, local common law

 They are our juries.

 Our local Nature's juries will correct what needs correcting, will
redesign and redirect the perversions infesting our government.

 Let us all learn and resuscitate our Life sustaining and Liberty
supporting "Local Nature's law juries".

with blessings and caring,


 learn, learn, and learn some more*

 karen sontag

Learn to to study this man's writings; Don Mashak.>*

January 30, 2014*

January 27, 2014*
Sheriff of Nottingham vs Fiat Money**<>

October 23, 2013*
:  Proof our Country and the US Constitution is founded upon Natural Law*>*
October 22, 2013**:  *
July 4, 2013:  *
(see July 3,2013 before reading this)*

July 3,2013**:  *

Jury Webinar Classes, from the beginning…
Begin at the bottom and work up…

thank you kindly, James.*

Intro to History of Fundamental Law of the Land and Due
Posted on July 31,
 by James (admin)>



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