Kill the Dollar 2014 – Karen Hudes & Friends Working to Save US

Clive Boustred, Leo Wanta, Karen Hudes
Thur, Feb 2014
Subject: $30 Trillion Bi Lateral Agreement

My talk with Karen Hudes, former attorney at The World Bank. Karen explains about the terrible corruption in the higher echelons of our financial, casino like system, that has trapped humanity in a continual cycle of debt, fear, and virtual slavery.
We discuss the possibility of humanity escaping our current, destructive, financial trajectory, which is based on a scaffolding of short term greed and debt, not freedom. Karen explains some amazing truths about gold, paper money, the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations, and how she is part of a team of whistle blowers globally, who are working diligently to bring about great change to transform the corrupt financial system once and for all.

 BOMBSHELL 210 TRILLION—— KAREN HUDES WORLD BANK WHISTLEBLOWER-LAWYER-ECONOMIST   part one  16:16 minutes   Part two   14:54 minutes   Part three   19:16 minutes
Karen Hudes can be reached at  office 301-229-0058 K AREN'S WEBSITE   Karen's court case  Karen Hudes Karen's credentials

The media is owned by the bankers described in “The network of global corporate control“, Stefania Vitali, James B. Glattfelder, and Stefano Battiston: ETH Zurich, published September 2011   People have learned to distrust media "noise", designed to incite war.  In the meantime, where it counts — – we have gotten through to the people, and we are informing them that we are bringing the world's wealth out of hiding.  Their bank accounts are not getting emptied.  Instead, people will have gold coins to replace their paper fractional reserve fiat currencies, about to crash.  This is from Wolfgang Struck, the authorized signatory on the Global Collateral Account:  

In a series of documents, we hold the original copies (the original “hard copy” is always in the vault of the depository bank). The Probate Court in RTC Cabanatuan, Philippines, holds another set of original copies. We have been trying to establish the factual basis for the position of “Rev. Dr. Floro Garcia” as the undisputable assignee/successor-in-interest-and-rights/owner/signatory to the vast historical treasure deposited decades ago and retained in 172 banks in 49 countries, all accounts and deposits lawfully and duly registered in the Bank for International Settlement, World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve System, and U.S. Treasury “UNDER CLOAK OF SECRECY” or “UNDER SECRECY OF DEPOSIT”.
I will attach another set of documents confirming beyond any doubt that the predecessors, trust depositors, assignors were unanimous in the choice of successor for the time after maturity 2005/2008. Especially the 3-page Jan. 7, 1986 Waiver of Interest and Rights signed by the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos (attached as “86-Marcos) in favor and benefit of “Rev. Dr. Floro E. Garcia” leaves no doubt and no room for any other claim of any other person.
That is even true for the Philippine Government (PCGG) that had no business, no legal ground until today confiscating or “freezing” everything and anything that smelled Marcos. The Marcos Wealth is still there where it was deposited in trust; it was never “stolen” or “ill-gotten”. More: It did not belong to Marcos anymore; after so many deeds of assignment from the original owner Antonio Diaz and Marcos, it belonged already to “Rev. Dr. Floro E. Garcia” and it has to be returned to him or his duly authorized representative. All freeze orders and/or embargos on so-called Marcos accounts caused and initiated by the Aquino government or like-minded administrations are without legal basis (SC) and have to be lifted.
That, of course, could be a bitter pill for the incumbent Philippine President and those highest institutions of the world including the American Presidents Bush/Clinton/Obama. We know that and we do not dream of any welcome-party for us. We do hope, though, that there will be a leak somewhere soon, now that the truth of the matter is out.   Reviewed WS February 20, 2014   3:57 minutes   58 seconds   1:28 minutes   1:19 minutes   1:12 minutes   2:19 minutes   1:08 minutes   1:37 minutes " O MY GOD "—-THE COST TO THE PEOPLE / THERE LIVES FOR FREEDOM still

happening after all these years   1:39 minutes   5:17 minutes   31 seconds   1:33 minutes

Clive Boustred…
Those of us in the know, including our former President Ronald Regan, are well aware of the international criminal cartels who are controlling the world from the old Roman inner City of London/The Crown, the Vatican and "New Rome"/Washington D.C.

This "Illuminati" problem has been going on for many centuries, if not millennium.

The solution is not a simple one.

When President Kennedy attempted to set aside the US Federal Reserve Bank by reenacting the U.S. Treasury, he was assassinated. When President Ronald Regan made attempts, he too was shot at & I suspect given Alzheimer's. When my company InfoTelesys set out developing solutions, I was subject to multiple assassination attempts, seven false arrests and nine utterly outrageous false criminal cases, the kidnap of my children and theft of everything I own. I was forced to flee the US after I was sentenced to 9 years in prison without a trial. My lawsuits against criminals in the US government were simply ignored.

Finding a solution is not a simple matter.

As one of the top strategists from Silicon Valley, , I have spent the last decade developing solutions to circumvent the problems we face.  The Earth Plan is a culmination of applying all my knowledge and experience in developing a strategy that cannot fail.

The solution must come through the people. Any leader who stands up to bring a solution will be eliminated.  Creating jobs in the U.S. enriches the slave masters. The Earth Plan provides a simple straight forward solution, which is in many ways identical to the strategy my mirror image, Thomas Jefferson, used to establish the United States of America in the first place.

The Universal Peopleisim Constitution is based on the Constitution Thomas Jefferson wrote.

A hard lesson I had to learn, was assuming that the Courts and government in the US was remotely trustworthy. While there are many fine individuals in the government, the Washington Government is utterly untrustworthy and entirely compromised by the bankers and through the Masonic Gang and Jesuit Gang's control.  To fix the U.S. we need to fix the root problems.

On another coincidental note, I have some interesting information regarding US Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson, who you mention was reported to be en route to China, "doubtless on a belated damage limitation mission." I suspect it may have been for more devious purposes.

A few months before I was forced to flee the U.S., I was assisting a certain Jim Bilbrey in developing strategy to manufacture and market engines that run on water (Yes running engines on water is a relatively simple matter, except that water burns way hotter than H2C (gasoline) and melts most magnesium ally engines – a picture of Mr. Bulbrey's 18HP Briggs & Strathon generator below).

It turns out that Jim Bilbery, who also owned a hot-air balloon business, was instructing an official in Taiwan who took him to a warehouse full of silk ten million dollar US Federal Reserve Bank notes. No doubt the warehouse contained notes Chiang Kai-shek exchanged with the US Federal Reserve Bank for the gold he stole from China. Jim Bilbery was working with Paulson on the condition that he receive a reward of one hundred million dollars, for revealing to Paulson where in Taiwan the warehouse containing the $10M US Federal Reserve Bank notes was.

Mr Bilbery's address & contact information: 19301 Jasmine Ct. Lake Elsnore, CA 92530 Cell (951) 232-3025 tel (951) 678-6885.  When Mr. Bilbrey found out who I was, he hired two Mexican thugs to kidnap me, fortunately I escaped….
Later I learned that Bilbery was stealing the technology from technologists I was introduced to in Pennsylvanian.

While many people are astonished that you can run engines on water, one only needs ask a firefighter what happens when they spray water on an arcing electrical fire, or a welder with a plasma torch as to what happens when the plasma arc hits water, to realize how fooled the masses are. Gasoline is effectively H2C (typically seven molecules in a chain with a branch here and there, depending on the processing of the oil). Everyone knows waters composition, H2O..

Ask the average person which is more efficient in combustion Oxygen or Carbon? While being quick to recognize that Oxygen is better in combustion than Carbon, despite having no knowledge of physics, they will refuse to believe that engines can run on water. Even when pointing out that the Hydrogen bomb is made out of heavy water.

Go on You Tube and search burning water or engines running on water, and you will come across many examples.

One does not need to run engines on water though.  There are superior free-energy solutions.  Recognize that there are more than 5,000 Gag Orders on Technology Patents in the US, many of which are free-energy solutions.

While running engines on water, would appear an enormous opportunity compared to building a railway in the U.S., there are far more important and superior issues to address.  The criminal cartel ownership of the US Federal Reserve Bank, the government & courts, the Gag Orders on Technology Patents, for a start.  We need to recover and free the U.S.A. not simply create jobs for a people who are already slaves.  The Earth Plan does this.

There is little justice in the U.S. Courts. His Iran Contra Affair experience is one such example. However, Dannie is a good contact to speak to in regard to Extra Terrestrials, as he has significant first hand experience of the evidence the government is hiding from the public.

My kindest regards,

Clive Boustred
Chief Strategist
Chairman Liberty For Life Association
Skype: clive.boustred

     Definition: Peopleisim


a Stateless capitalistic social republic with real-time democracy and communism of natural resources.

Proceeds from leases and natural resources distributed directly to each citizen who decides how to utilize their social benefits instead of politicians deciding for them.
Distributed republican governance through democratically elected Boards of Directors with optional real-time peoples vote and override on all decisions.
Free digital education.
Free peoples banking and trading with asset-backed currency.
Allodial title (no tax) on citizens 2,000 m^2 homestead; balance of land leased commons.
No tax on business other than lease costs on land or public resource.
30 days Citizen Service each year.
Citizens make up police, military, judiciary & government.
Legal System: Comprehensive Constitution over Common-Law; Common-law grand jury indictments for criminal offences; Due-process follows a Common-law administrative meeting followed by non-binding mediation and final adjudication by citizen juries who judge the law and fact with the option of asynchronous adjudication.

Peopleisim embodies the best features of democracy, socialism, capitalism and communism, while avoiding the worst features of these other forms of government.
Providing true democracy, Peopleisim allows the people to vote on every issue. However, to implement efficiency, Peopleisim allows representative Boards of Directors, who are elected by the people, to make decisions on behalf of the public. All decisions are open to direct public vote, allowing the public to overrule the Board of Directors.
Primary governance is at the County level.
All citizens are entitled to a homestead free of any tax or duty, theirs to keep, giving them security on the land.
All revenue from leasing public land and resources, and from mining natural resources, is shared equally and distributed directly to each citizen, allowing the people to decide what to do with their money, instead of the government deciding for them.
Free-market access to typical government and other services, offer citizens a choice, and significantly improves efficiency while eliminating corruption.
There is no tax on creators in society, enabling business to boom and a the establishment of a stable sound economy.
Free people based banking with asset-backed people's currency and trading systems that helps small business improve cash flow, enhancing growth and preventing fraud in banking.
Effective system regulating environment control.
Innovative Due-Process at Law, by the people, helps ensure justice and prevent corruption in the courts.

For more information visit or
Office of the U.S. President
Office of the U.S. Vice President
U.S. Department of Justice
U.S. Supreme Court
Members of the United States Congress
United Nations – New York, Austria, Europa, et al ….
Austria – Finance Minister Maria Fekter, et al …..
IMF_International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, M.D., et al ….
The Austria Hofburg Palace has validated that Lee Wanta is a lawful domiciled resident of Wien (Vienna), Austria-Europa (A-1010), since his residency application acceptance, duly registered within the Austrian Court as directed and domiciled since June 1988 as the sole principal of New Republic/USA Financial Group, Ltd. GES m.b.H.   He has spoken to Austria Finance Minister Maria Fekter, and related Hofburg Palace personnel < >.   He is an Inland Tax Resident authorized by their Chancellor and the Courts – June, 1988.  
As far as he knows, the Bilateral Tax Agreement has been approved…. USA and Austria with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde serving as Escrow Agent.
The funds in question total approximately US$30 trillion (the original $27.5t plus accruals: interest and penalties since 1993 when the Ambassador was unlawfully arrested in Lausanne, Switzerland with no charges filed, 134 days in a solitary [Suisse Prison] cell, flown home to NY where everything was dismissed in U.S. Federal District Court – Brooklyn by Judge Allyne Ross).
After a favorable decision by Federal District Court Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in Richmond, Virginia in 2003, in 2006, Wanta agreed to settle for $4.5 trillion of the total $27.5 trillion.   The Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury Department (under Paulson) violated that agreement by removing from Wanta’s Bank of America account in Richmond, VA the $4.5 trillion SWIFT wired by the Peoples Bank of China directly into his AmeriTrust account (Wanta is the only AmeriTrust stockholder). Thus, Wanta is no longer bound by that agreement.   It was stipulated from the beginning that the $27.5 trillion belonged to Wanta, that he would settle for $4.5 trillion but until settlement occurred he was the lawful owner of the total $27.5 trillion .
The question (or statement) is: I have been informed that you have agreed to act as the Escrow Agent on behalf of Ambassador Leo/Lee Emil Wanta in an existing Bilateral Tax Agreement between the United States and Austria and that you are aware that Ambassador Wanta, a U.S. private citizen, is a lawful resident of Austria since June 1988 and will receive payment of approximately $30 trillion in Austria and will be lawfully taxed by Austria.   From the Bilateral Tax Agreement, approximately $15 trillion in taxes will be paid personally by Wanta to Austria.   No taxes will be paid to the U.S. by Wanta.  Instead, a fee to the International Monetary Fund for their assistance in this matter will be paid, and Austria has agreed to share with the US Government the remaining amount after the funds to the IMF and other "set-aside allocations" to which Ambassador Wanta agrees are part of the Bilateral Tax Agreement.

I phrased the question in that format more to make sure that each of you understand what the Bilateral Tax Agreement says than to suggest that is the way it must be presented to IMF Managing Director Lagarde.   Any questions that would follow would be dependent upon the IMF response to that question/statement.   If the IMF says “no,” there is no reason for a further question or statement.   If IMF says “yes,” the two logical questions would be:   1)   Is the IMF currently in control of the monetary funds?   a nd  2)   Can you tell me when the monetary funds will be released (or disbursed)?

Below is a list of those to whom the lawful options were presented regarding the Ambassador’s alternatives.

Sharing  the news story about Volkswagen – Tennessee is an important American Victory.  As some of our American Public Officials are aware, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc [USA] plans to open a Manufacturing Plant in the U.S. to build those necessary elements for the High Speed Rail, since 1995.. USA facility offers the highest possible experience and quality required to implement a High Speed Rail (HSR) National Recovery programme.  We have consistently rejected the offers made by then U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to build High Speed Rail because Secretary LaHood insisted that key jobs be union.  We strongly believe the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee would make AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.  more comfortable about establishing a plant in the U.S. in Tennessee rather than in the original St. Louis area (where AmeriTrust had originally planned to develop it – but that location was on the drawing board mainly because of the USA/Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics). 

The Wanta Plan harnesses legal dimensions of the fiat money system for the benefit of the US Federal Budget. By contrast, the prevailing corrupt, exotic off-budget, off-balance sheet tax-evasive arrangements are guaranteed progressively to destroy the residual integrity of the US dollar and of both the USD and the international financial systems, while also depriving the Treasury of vast tax accruals – a reality to which the perpetrators of these serial financial crimes are blinded only by their own stupendous greed.
The stranglehold and power of financial institutions that have grown fat on a full century of US official deficit-financing short-termism will be diminished and ultimately broken.
Thus the interests of the big financial institutions diverge from those of the US Federal Government (if it were to be directed by honorable people, which is not the case) – with the financial institutions flourishing by selling and managing the US Treasury’s vast and burgeoning indebtedness, which is constantly expanding for arithmetical reasons and because corrupt politicians are interested only in short-term electoral considerations.
It is from this sector that the real underlying opposition to The Wanta Plan stems; for, in order to retain their privileged official debt-management franchise, the big financial institutions co-conspire with corrupt office-holders to devise exotic off-balance sheet self-enrichment mechanisms . This fickle community of interests between the finance houses and the corrupt office-holders and officials contrasts with the divergence of interests between the finance houses and the Government sector itself, which would apply if the Federal and lesser governments and their agencies were not perpetually in the hands of corrupt operatives and officials .
The Communist Chinese increase the volume of oil traded in currencies other than the US dollar, following reports from New Delhi and elsewhere in late August that such transactions had already started. With the failure of scheduled payments by the American authorities, implying clearly that the US dollar payments system has ceased to function and cannot be relied upon , the Chinese Communists decide that they have nothing to lose by switching from the US dollar for oil payments to other currencies. The Chiang-Kai-shek (Taiwanese) Chinese, who have likewise been deceived, throw all caution to the winds, and follow suit, in a chaotic, irrational environment in which their former enemies in Peking are now their friends and the United States has become their implacable enemy (a development that has momentous regional political repercussions).
Since President Putin has not been paid the $30 billion he is owed by Ambassador Wanta under the Reagan Protocols, and has likewise been deceived, he coordinates oil-trading policy with the Chinese and agrees to accept currencies other than the US dollar in exchange for exported Russian energy products. This relaxation is soon applied to all Russian oil and gas exports, which the Europeans now start to pay for in Euros and sterling.
The rest of the Trilaterals (Germany/France, Japan and probably Italy and Spain) progressively abandon the dollar standard and start buying and selling energy products using currencies other than the US dollar.
The US dollar collapses by 50% or more . Since other key currencies are now in greater demand, because they are needed for oil payments purposes, their massive appreciations reflecting the US dollar’s steep devaluation are, if anything, exacerbated further, given this sudden new demand.
Since many US imports, including of course oil, continue to be in demand domestically, US price inflation escalates sharply, followed by interest rates. Indeed interest rates chase inflation upwards.
The US housing sector, already in implosion mode, shifts into free-fall, housing starts collapse, and large swathes of the US economy follow downwards into unknown territory.
Unemployment rises steeply, placing added burdens on the unfunded welfare sector.
Although the countries and blocs that have experienced steep appreciations in terms of the US dollar can continue to trade reasonably satisfactorily between themselves, they all encounter increased competition from dirt-cheap American exports, which now assume the characteristics hitherto associated with the Chinese ‘junk’ that the United States has been ravenously importing from the 60,000+ factories that Western firms have established in China in recent years (and from the huge continuing Chinese GULAG, which spews out goods at rock-bottom prices for international markets, given that the labour employed there is free of charge).
The steep devaluation of the US dollar boosts US exports over time, in due course bringing about sharp reductions and then the disappearance of the country’s $800 billion+ annual trade deficit . This process, however, is subject to the so-called J-curve effect, whereby the US trade deficit worsens sharply to begin with , given that essential imports in the pipeline cannot be cancelled and still have to be paid for with steeply devalued dollars. It is only when these overhang transactions have been unwound, which can take years, depending on the volume of forward import contracts placed, that the beneficial effects of the dollar devaluation start to rebalance the country’s external accounts. The deficit on the current account takes longer to eliminate because the outstanding debt continues to exist and has to be paid off with steeply devalued dollars when surpluses appear on the balance-of-payments , which again may take several years . The immediate impact of the steep devaluation is therefore greatly to exacerbate the US domestic recession or depression brought about by the other adverse knock-on effects mentioned.
Within a short space of time, Western economies, in particular, find that their exports cannot compete, and their steep currency appreciations, while curbing inflation and probably delivering price deflation over time, leave exporting companies unable to compete, forced to lay off staff or to close down altogether because their overall operations have become loss-making or uneconomic.
The US and all other stock markets experience a slump with no historical precedent, which triggers bankruptcies throughout the business and personal sectors, throwing very large numbers of families into distress and inducing a sharp jump in the suicide statistics both in the United States and abroad. Foreclosures escalate, as do factory and corporate closures and failures.
The stock market slump and knock-on consequences in related financial markets spread like a malicious contagion worldwide, with unpredictable outcomes universally conducive to an initial global slump.
As reiterated above, the $4.5 trillion Settlement with Leo Wanta represented a compromise, which would have left the remaining original $23+ trillion uncollected – and would have let the co-conspiratorial banks in Europe and elsewhere that have long since assumed these resources to be uncollectable and usable as collateral for their own purposes, off the hook. But since The Wanta Plan has not been implemented, the entire original $27.5 trillion is collectable; and since so much of this money has been stolen, Ambassador Leo Wanta will wind up owning a sizeable number of large financial institutions, if the funds are not disgorged as will be required. Alternatively, sizeable banks will go to the wall, and their supervisory central banks will be obliged to pay Wanta what these banks owe him, to authorize control to be passed to Leo Wanta, or else to nationalize the banks in question.
Chaotic currency realignments proliferate. If one underlying globalist intention had been to use this contrived crisis to ‘call for’ a world currency, this project, like all such globalist forward planning and conspiracies, turns out to be a monumental failure.
Instead, what has been achieved is:
The world currency, financial and trading systems rapidly disintegrate, leading to the worldwide imposition of trade tariffs and to a parallel ferocious, no-holds-barred, ruthless scramble for global energy resources (far more intense than the current scramble) and thus to the Third World War – if this has not already been triggered as the panic-stricken Bush II White House has rushed to cover its tracks by swamping them with an engineered global crisis of its own making.
Background :
cc: Veterans Today – Leo Wanta
Bureau Chief / Editor
Editorial Board of Directors
Wien, Austria – Osterreich


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    Records, UN-Approval Misa 81704 17-8-1945 and due 17-8-2015 in Indonesia and Secondary Control by the United Nations, U.S.A by Secretary General.


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    The premises of the UN-SWISSINDO, and its documents, shall be inviolable (i.e. unable to be infringed or violated) – immune from requisition, confiscation, expropriation and any other form of interference, whether by executive, administrative, judicial or legislative action.


    Conference of the Parties
    Twenty-first session
    Paris, 30 November to 11 December 2015
    Proposal by the President and all Parties of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
    Welcoming the adoption of United Nations General Assembly resolution A/RES/70/1, “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

    We, Swissindo World Trust International Orbit – NEO The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth
    Register UPU 01-05-1887 with official name INDONESIA, ISO 3166/Alpha 02-ID as Board Association of International Document with Certificate Code 99.98 Series 1-4 Van Eighendom Verponding Onderneming or Landreform of Certificate International, as World Authority, Command and Control a Nations Currency.

    Decides to Accept the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) as contained in the annex; and fulfill the Invitation for Funding the ADOPTION OF THE PARIS AGREEMENT as proposed by the President Laurent Fabius of COP21, DONE at Paris on December 12, 2015.In accordance with Article 9, paragraph 3, of the Agreement, developed countries intend to continue their existing collective mobilization goal through 2025 in the context of meaningful mitigation actions and transparency on implementation; prior to 2025 the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement shall set a new collective quantified goal from a floor of USD. 100 BILLION per year, taking into account the needs and priorities of developing countries.

    Acknowledging that climate change is a common concern of human kind by taking action to address climate change, respect, promote and consider respective of obligations on human rights, the right to health, the rights of indigenous peoples local communities, migrants, children, persons with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations and the right to development, as well as gender equality, empowerment of women and intergenerational equity.
    Recognizing the urgency to make voluntary contributions a Quota of US$138.990.000.000.000 is Granted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for the timely implementation of this decision.

    The Palace of the Supreme of the Greatest President of the United Nations, shall be Grand Lounching and Ground Breaking in Indonesia, Cirebon in the LAND “Van Eighendom Verponding Onderneming” on behalf Certificate Code 99.98 Series 1-4 Pursuaant to the record of the Heavy Freedom, Republic of Indonesia on 17-8-1945 and due 17-8-2015 under Exhibit B Obligation Certificate UBS Maximum of 70 years.

    On behalf:

    Royal, K.681 M1


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