Obama Watch – Howard Stern is Done Supporting Communists/Democrats

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Wed, Feb 25, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch for ObamaCare Disaster

Pentagon DeniesAny
Validity To Fukushima Lawsuit Brought By Sailors That Were Exposed To Radiation
CNN – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ibrpu1zjAGk
to relax curbs on Japan food imports
The European Commission will relax the European
Union’s restrictions on food imports from Japan, which were introduced after
the Fukushima nuclear accident in March 2011, the commission said Friday.
Ukraine ex-PM Tymoshenko tells Maidan to carry on the fight
Newly freed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia
Tymoshenko has called on protesters not to abandon Kiev’s Independence Square,
even though a deal with opposition leaders has already been signed.
US Invested $5
Billion In Ukraine 'Democratic Institutions'
do you weaponize a rabbit?
A bacteria found in rabbits could be turned into a
potent bioweapon by terrorists. In
fact, it's been done before. Four major infectious agents that officials fear
terrorists will turn into potent bioweapons. The first three you know —
smallpox, anthrax, and the plague. The fourth? An itty bitty bacterium that
wikes to wive in bunny wabbits.
Mass Mystery
Illnesses & Suspicious Deaths – Vid
Amount Of Material Turned To Dust On 9/11 – Vid

Arabia will Demolish
Mohammad birthplace
Saudi Arabia will go ahead with plans to demolish the birthplace of
Islam’s holy prophet as part of a redevelopment project…The destruction is expected to provoke anger from Muslim pilgrims who travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj pilgrimage.

Ukrainians Revolt Against Western-Backed Coup
Things did not go entirely according to plan.
Ukraine Could Set of “Tsunami” That Will Engulf Us All
Mail| It
is a mistake to think we are watching from a safe distance.
Maher Calls Matt Drudge, Glenn Beck, Fox News ‘Cracker Trifecta’
Talk show host Bill Maher made an impassioned
defense of “news”.
Former Supreme
Court justice wants to add 5 words to Second Amendment
Retired U.S. Supreme Court
Associate Justice John Paul Stevens would like to see five words
added to Constitution’s Second Amendment, the result of which would be to
destroy its intent, and turn the “right to bear arms” into a mere catchphrase
lacking meaning. The Second Amendment, which is part of the Bill of Rights…He
suggested the inclusion of five words for clarification, with the “new and
improved” Second Amendment reading, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary
to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear
Arms when serving in the militia shall not be infringed.” By adding
those five words — when serving in the militia — Stevens would remove
the teeth from the Second Amendment, rendering it impotent.

crisis: Parliament told to form unity government by Tuesday
Ukrainian MP’s have been told they have until Tuesday to form a unity
FAA risks losing drone war
The Washington Nationals used a drone to photograph
spring training. Real estate agents use them to show off sprawling properties.
Martin Scorsese hired one to film a scene in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” So
where does this leave the Federal Aviation Administration, which insists that
commercial drone use is illegal?
fit for a tyrant:
Protestors storm the sprawling, luxury estate of
Ukraine's fugitive president which has its own private zoo, golf course and is
half the size of Monaco

Howard Stern vows never to vote Dem again
'I backed Hillary Clinton, I backed Al Gore, I
backed John Kerry. I am done with them'
Congressman Calls Cancer Survivor Whose Insurance was Killed by ObamaCare a
Democratic Congressman Gary Peters voted for
ObamaCare. That disastrous vote made life worse for a lot of people. Now Gary
Peters is running for Senate and tryingto silence a leukemia survivor whose life he ruined.
Israelsurrenderingholy site to Vatican?
Delegation 'presses for control' during 'secret' meeting
Israel could be entering the final stages of
negotiations to turn over control of Mount Zion to the Vatican, according to a
report by Israel National News.
Regime Bans
Wood-Burning Stoves. Wants You To Rely On Government For HeatÂ
About 12.4 million homes have
a wood-burning stove. About 2.4 million households use them as their primary source of heat. As Obama drives up oil and coal
prices, demand for wood-burning stoves have increased. In fact, Obama’s
aggressive war against coal and oil has prompted many Americans to buy
wood-burning boilers and furnaces.
…The EPA restrictions would
ban the production and sale of the kinds of wood-burning stoves that compose 80
percent of those currently in use in the United States, Forbes reported.

New Theory About What's Causing Oklahoma's Earthquakes:THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT
is Inflation So High in Venezuela? February 23rd, 2014Â
Scalia Warns Government
Violate Civil Rights in
some point when America is at war, terrible violations of basic constitutional
freedoms will occur. So says Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
to Copeland: Catholics and Charismatics must spiritually unite
We are galloping toward a one-world melding
of religions, and the
ramifications are staggering. Pope Francis has now sent a video message to Word
of Faith father Kenneth Copeland, urging a reconciliation between Catholics and
Murray mayor fires police
chief, says it’s time for a change
Police » New mayor says time
for a change in department.

US ambassador won’t rule out a
Russian invasionof Ukraine:
 â€˜Things here remain very tense’
US thinks Obama not respected
Those who say the president
is respected have dropped from 51 percent to 41 percent, the poll found.
GMO crops may cause major
environmental risks, USDA admits
Hook; GAME OVER! –
Deaths NO Victims in Official Record
Glenn Beck To Oprah..'You
Digust Me' – Vid
Yeah racism is real… it just happens to be directed
at whites more than any other race
After the EMP comes
Nuclear Meltdown
question is, What will happen to our nuclear reactors following an EMP event?
Will we all be facing extermination from hundreds of simultaneous meltdowns?
The definition of martial law is simple:
The suspension of The Constitution.
Mystery polio like illness
affects as many as 25 children in California
The cause of most of these
cases is not known, health officials say. The average age of the children is
12. "What we're seeing now is bad," Keith Van Haren, a pediatric
neurologist at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto, told the
newspaper. "The best-case scenario is complete loss of one limb, the worst
is all four limbs, with respiratory insufficiency, as well. It's like the old
Million In US KILLED Since 1973 By Health System
Warns Russia 'Grave Mistake' To Send Troops To Ukraine
Buying BILLIONS Of US Real Estate
Bush Tries To Stop PTSD Termed A 'Disorder'
Axes Piers Morgan Live After Ratings Collapse
Europe Doesn’t Fluoridate Water – Why Do We?
Yr Old UCSB Female Gang-Raped, Beaten By 'Asians'
Venezuela death toll rises to 13 as protests flare
Ron Paul:
Leave Ukraine alone!
US training Japanese forces to 'invade, retake island': Report
In an indirect forewarning to China, the
United States is training Japanese troops during an annual training exercise to
“invade and retake an island captured by hostile forces.”
Chinese foreign
minister makes rare visit to Iraq
Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi has held
talks in Baghdad on issues ranging from trade to arming Iraq’s hard-pressed
security forces. It is the first such visit in over a decade.
presses EU for progress on undersea cable to circumvent US spying
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff
pressed the EU to progress with plans to install an undersea communications
cable directly to Europe on Monday. Rousseff is seeking to bypass the US
following reports that the NSA has been spying on top officials.
Bill to punish gun-seizing cops gets full senate support
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) – A bill to punish
law enforcement officers who obey a hypothetical federal mandate to seize the
firearms of Idaho
citizens found no opposition on the Senate floor.
…The proposal is a response
to fears that President Barack Obama will ban some guns.
Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Second Amendment Cases
Three cases involving Second Amendment
issues were turned away from the Supreme Court on Monday. The cases concerned
the right of Americans to carry firearms outside their homes for self-defense.
South Carolina City Implements Law Requiring $120 Permit To
Feed The Homeless
Proposal to Tax E-Cigarettes at 95% Will Hurt Washington State
Small Businesses
More radiation detected near New Mexico nuke site
(AP) – More airborne radiation has been
detected in southeastern New Mexico from a leak at the nation's first
underground nuclear waste dump.
Court Rules Off-The-Grid Living Is Illegal
Living off the grid is illegal in Cape
Coral, Florida, according to a court ruling Thursday. Special Magistrate Harold
S. Eskin ruled that the city’s codes allow Robin Speronis to live without
utility power but she is still required to hook her home to the city’s water
system. Her alternative source of power must be approved by the city, Eskin
10 Reasons to Ignore Mainstream Medicine’s “Conventional
Wisdom” on Salt
Do you still think salt consumption
causes high blood pressure and heart attacks? The taboo on salt has been
challenged – here is the truth about salt.
Sex And The Public Schools
You are going to have a hard
time believing some of the stuff that you are about to read.
Ships Carrying Soldiers Said To Be En Route To Sevastopol
This appears to not be an
isolated move as the naval build up seems to be escalating.
and EU Waging “New Type of War” Against Russia
Russian general urges his
government to wise up to the threat on its borders.
'Divine intervention'
man fromBlack mob
Police say the white bus driver is
lucky to be alive after three black
“teenagers” stabbed and shot him.A Bibleover the bus
driver’sheart stoppedtwo bulletsand allowed him to fight off a knife
attack from his assailants. One additional bullet struck him in the leg. The
teens also stabbed him in the arm. The attack came this morning at 5:30 when
the driver stopped his bus because of mechanical difficulties…“The bullets did not penetrate into the victim’s chest.
There was obviously some kind of intervention involved in this incident because
he (the driver) should probably not be here,” said Dayton Police Sgt. Michael
'White Girl Bleed A Lot': The Return of Racial
Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It
Racial violence is back. Along with widespread racial crime – even riots. In
hundreds of episodes in more than 80 cities since 2010, groups of black people
have been roaming the streets of America – assaulting, intimidating, stalking,
threatening, vandalizing, stealing, shooting, stabbing, even raping and
killing. In cities big and small. In ways expected and unexpected. But local
media and public officials are silent.
to soldiers who died liberating Ukraine from Nazis toppled
The ‘Soviet Soldier’ – a
monument commemorating the collective sacrifice of the Soviet army against Nazi
forces – has been toppled in western Ukraine.
Santelli Summarizes The Problem: “It’s The Government”
Friday’s CNBC closing bell
were giddy with excitement about earnings, US stocks, and ‘the recovery’ being “a lot stronger
than people give it credit for”, Rick Santelli asked a simple
question, if it’s
all so great why is the Fed still printing billions of dollars each month?
Ted Nugent Compares
Obamacare and the IRS to the Nazis
IRS can be compared accurately and historically to the early maneuvers of
people like jack booted thugs, like the brownshirts."
Santelli: Tea Party Are Those Who “Carry The Water”
Unlike the Occupy Movement
that fizzled, Santelli argued that the Tea Party has “morphed.”
Former priest’s pedophilia deemed ‘disability’, gets federal
After the Rev. Gil Gustafson
was convicted of child sex abuse 30 years ago, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and
Minneapolis made sure he was financially secure for decades to come.
Rabbis to Knesset: Extend sovereignty to Temple Mount
A group of rabbis and yeshiva
heads have submitted a petition to the Knesset demanding legislation to extend
Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount.
Obama’s UN climate agreement doesn’t need congressional
The Obama administration is
quietly forging ahead with plans to offer up an international commitment to
reduce carbon dioxide emissions to fight global warming — without congressional
Ready To Accept Palestine, Why Not Israel?’
Prime Minister Binyamin
Netanyahu spoke on Sunday night, emphasizing that the Palestinian Authority’s
(PA) refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish state is the fundamental factor
preventing peace. “Recognition of the Jewish state is a necessary condition for
peace,” remarked Netanyahu.
Netanyahu: Kerry's peace efforts 'only way' to peace
of Merkel's visit in Israel, PM reiterates on German TV his condition that
Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
Gates Foundation Launches
School Children'inBloom'
Private information for
over 11 million students is being collected
Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation gave $100 million to fund a giant database to collect private
information of American school children starting in early education and
extending all the way through high school.
Alaskan man's medical
condition leads to indefinite detention, forced medication
Anchorage – A young man's
deteriorating health led the state of Alaska to assume full control of his
medical care – against his own written will and the against the wishes of
his family. Since last October he has been trapped in a
hospital, isolated without visitors, on an extensive series of psychotropic
drugs, in a condition that continues to diminish.
Conrad the Constitution  – Obama Assassination
Department of Veterans
Affairs employees destroyed veterans’ medical records to cancel backlogged exam
Pressure mounts over Arizona billopposed by FAGS
Phoenix • Republican Gov. Jan
Brewer faced intensifying pressure Monday from CEOs, politicians in Washington
and state lawmakers in her own party to veto a bill that would allow business
owners with strongly held religious beliefs to deny service to gays and
Feds will spend $3M in
Midwest to help struggling honeybees
Colony collapse disorder, in
which honeybees suddenly disappear or die, has made the problem worse, boosting
losses over the winter to as much as 30 percent per year…diet with
high-fructose corn syrup
Uganda’s president signs
controversialanti-gay bill
Uganda’s president on Monday
signed a controversial anti-gay bill that has harsh penalties for homosexual sex, saying
it is needed to deter what he calledthe West’s
"social imperialism" promoting homosexuality in Africa.
Uganada tabloid publishes
list of ‘200 top’ homosexuals
Catholic priest are also on
the list.
in pregnancy possibly linked to 'ADHD-like behaviors,' study says
CNN) — Doctors frequently recommend
acetaminophen, commonly found in over-the-counter pain relievers including Tylenol, to pregnant women for treating mild pain.
cheerleader almost became a victim of sex trafficking at Sochi through bogus
reporting job
When North Carolina
sportscaster and former NFL cheerleader Brittney Cason was offered a job to
host coverage for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, she thought she had gotten her
big break. But, on the day she was due to leave, the opportunity turned to
horror, as she, with help from the F.B.I, found out that the job offer was a
cover for a potential sex trafficking ring.
ordered to take down welcome home sign for sailor father who was away for FOUR
YEARS because it breaks Homeowners' Association rules
The family of a naval officer
who has been deployed for four long years has been forced to take down a sign
they made to welcome him home to Louisiana.
Panhandling bill would impact
honk-and-waves, too
SALT LAKE CITY — Panhandling
is one step closer to being banned on the sides of Utah’s roads, but so are
other activities…Neilson pointed out that groups can apply for permits.


Obama Warns on Russia
Sending Troops to Ukraine
A senior Obama administration
official warned Russian leaders Sunday not to send armed forces into Ukraine to
restore what they see as a compliant government, urging them to reject a Cold
War view of the tumult in Ukraine as a struggle between East and West.
– Who's In Charge?
To Cut Army To Pre-WW2 Level
China gives order to
commence war with Japan
‘if it is appropriate
to fight’
Roundup Weedkiller Found In 75% Of Air And Rain
Samples, Gov. Study Finds
MANY People Are Vanishing –
What's Happening? – Vid
California almond farmers
face tough choices
(AP) — With California's
agricultural heartland entrenched in drought, almond farmers are letting
orchards dry up and in some cases making the tough call to have their trees
torn out of the ground, leaving behind empty fields.
Man jumps into tiger
enclosure in China and asks to be eaten
the man said he felt sad
for the caged beasts as they were unable to hunt naturally for food. He
wanted to improve their conditions by offering himself to them as game.
Russian General: ‘We Are
At War’
Gen. Leonid Ivashov, the
former foreign relations head of the Russian Ministry of Defense and current
president of the Academy of Geopolitical Studies, issued a sharp warning about
the nature of the strategic crisis unfolding in Ukraine
Parliament Boss Takes Presidential Powers
New danger from the floods
is revealed after storms unearth wartime BOMBS on beaches
    * Weather reshaped parts of British coastline to reveal weapons
    * Bomb disposal units handling ammunition dropped by Luftwaffe in WWIIÂ
Honey and Cinnamon: Natural
Cures and Health Benefits
Yanukovich wanted over mass killings in Ukraine, whereabouts
February 24, 2014 – The new Ukrainian
authorities have put missing President Yanukovich on the wanted list on
suspicion of involvement in mass killings during the riots in Kiev. He was
reportedly last seen at his residence in Crimea.
Domino Effect: Ukraine Neighbor Belarus May Be Next
Belarusian President Aleksandr
Lukashenko Sunday made a point of stating that the Maidan revolution that has
transformed Ukraine will not be a factor in Belarus.
EU Offers Conditional “Aid” For Ukraine’s “Catastrophic,
Pre-Default” Economic State
"There is no money in Ukraine's
Treasury account," exclaimed 'Interim President' Oleksandr Turchynov to
the Ukrainian parliament; adding that the Ukraine economy is in a
"catastrophic state."
revokes CNN journalists’ press credentials for ‘war propaganda’
laughable remarks in Beijing
US Secretary of State John Kerry
delivered remarks both laughable and frightening after meeting with Chinese
officials in Beijing on Friday. Regarding China's maritime territory disputes
with its Asian neighbors, Kerry asked that China implement “a calmer, more
rule-of-law based, less confrontational regime.”
Brazil will use robots to police the 2014 World Cup
The Brazilian government has agreed to
pay $7.2 million to Massachusetts-based iRobot for 30 of its PackBot robots
Freedomto discriminate
Controversial Arizona bill
takes step toward becoming law
The Arizona state Senate
approved legislation Wednesday permitting businesses in the state to refuse
service to potential customers based on an owner’s religious beliefs,
infuriating equal rights advocates who claim the bill legalizes LGBT
State Senator in New York
Proposes Requiring Parents To Take Parenting Classes
From Government
The State mandated parental
reeducation camps classes, proposed by Democrat Senator Ruben Diaz, would be
prerequisite to your child advancing to the next grade. Under the bill,
employers would also be required to provide a paid day of leave in order for parents
to attend the government instruction.
Irresponsible lawmakers cause citizen revolt
gun control by threatening those who
disagree with a felony. It didn't work. Faced with 300,000 potential offenders,
officials must decide whether to ignore the new law, or enforce it by sending
SWAT teams to raid the homes of anyone suspected of owning the most popular
rifle in America, the AR-15.
production in US sets new record with 30 percent increase
Police (state) search leaves Lakewood landlord
with hefty repair bill
LAKEWOOD, Wash. — One look
at Dan Neary’s property and you know something’s not right. The garage door is
off its hinges, all the windows are broken and the back gate is lying on its
side. For this Army veteran, it’s like aflashback to his time at war. “This is kind of like an
assault I would do in Afghanistan or Iraq,” said Neary.
EPA Wood-Stove Proposal Prompts Rural Backlash
A federal proposal to clean up the smoke
wafting from wood-burning stoves has sparked a backlash from some rural
residents, lawmakers and manufacturers who fear it could close the damper on
one of the oldest ways of warming homes on cold winter days. Proposed
regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency would significantly
reduce the amount of particle pollution allowed from the smokestacks of new
residential wood-powered heaters.
Florida nuclear plant may be in trouble
Tampa Bay Times – More than 3,700 tubes
that help cool a nuclear reactor at Florida Power & Light's St. Lucie
facility exhibit wear.
VIDEO: Look At What The Government Could Do With Your Cell
Phone Location Data
12 potentially life-threatening errors you're making in food
preparedness and survival strategies
Top seven ways Big Food tricks you into eating cancer
Most people know that fast food,
processed sugars, artificial sweeteners and vaccines (injections containing MSG
[monosodium glutamate], aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde) cause cancer and
Alzheimer's disease, but many people overlook questionable products that
haven't been in the newspapers, on TV doctor shows or in their favorite
"prevention" magazines.
5 reasons your digestive system isn't working properly
Morgan Admits Gun Control Advocacy Led to Show Being Axed
After his show was axed by
CNN, television host Piers Morgan admitted that his relentless advocacy for gun
control was the primary factor behind plunging ratings that led to the decision
to shelve the broadcast, proving that Americans will not tolerate the
establishment media undermining constitutional freedoms in concert with White
House talking points.
Federal Reserve Is Not “Independent” Or “Apolitical”
Blog | The Fed Is Very Political … And
Serves the Big Banks and the Powers-That-Be.
Pope Francis And The
EmergingOne World Religion
Is Pope Francis taking steps
that are laying
the groundwork for the emergence of a one world religion?Â
If that question sounds quite bizarre to you, I urge you to read the rest of
this article.  We live at a time when globalization is advancing
rapidly.  The global economy is more integrated than it has ever been
before, and with each passing year new economic treaties tie us even more
closely together.  And “global governance” (as the elite like to call it)
is also steadily gaining ground….
Pope Francis
believes that Catholics and Muslims worship
the same God.Â
‘More Than Half of White Americans’ Anti-Black
During an interview with CNN
last week, Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center boldly claimed that
more than half of white Americans hate blacks.
revolution: Britain offers cash to Kiev as the world waits on Putin
London Telegraph | Amid fears Russia could send troops into Ukraine and mystery over its ousted president, George Osborne says Britain will be
ready ‘with a chequebook’ to help ‘rebuild’ country.
NFL considering 15-yard penalty for anti-gay, racial
The National Football League
is considering a new penalty, and it’s a biggie.
doctors refuse to perform back surgery on man with Obamacare coverage
Obamacare welcomes new
problems into America’s dying healthcare system.
Police chief forced to apologizeover comments saying that at least jogger didn't have
to deal with police who sexually assaulted her
chief of police Art Acevedo was forced to apologize for comments he made in a
press conference Friday…Jailbird: Amanda Jo Stephen, 24, pictured in her booking
after being charged with failure to identify stemming from a jaywalking incident
Anger over plan to dig up 350,000 bodies
in historic London
cemetery for Muslim burial site
It is a peaceful resting
place for 350,000 souls – an historic graveyard which now serves as a nature
reserve. But plans are afoot to dig up the ancient graves at Tower Hamlets
Cemetery – and reopen it as a 21st century burial site. Â Officially it would be known as a
"multi-faith" cemetery but it is likely that it would principally
answer calls for a Muslim graveyard in the largely-Asian East London borough.

Massive Sell-Off Coming Buy
Gold-Gregory Mannarino
When the next crash comes,
gold and silver will sell off briefly and then rocket higher in what he calls
an “X-Wave.”Â
is Coming To A City Near You
Famine has many causes. War and civil strife, with
populations always on the move…civil war is another example of conflict leading
to food shortages and history is littered with other examples where the cause,
and the outcome are the same.
Drug Rationing for Seniors
Medicare to stop covering
critical medications?
Obamacare-mandated funding
cuts to the Medicare Advantage (MA) program
Northern Lights in the
Arctic Circle
US Federal Government 1966
Weather Modification Budget
This document from 1966
proves that the Federal Government has been engaging in Weather Modification
and Geoengineering for many decades. According to the document, the Weather
Modification program had hundreds of millions of dollars of funding back in
Mysterious polio-like
illness affects kids in California
A mysterious polio-like
syndrome has affected as many as 25 California children, leaving them with
paralyzed limbs and little hope of recovery.
Utah Granite district using military M-16s
School shootings » Granite
district police have three M-16s they inherited from the feds.
M-16 rifles from a government
program that gives military surplus to state and local police.
Utah Fee hike for clean-fuel vehicles
SB139 would raise registration fees for alternative fuel vehicles,
including natural gas, electric and hybrids cars and trucks. Registering a
hybrid electric car now costs $43, but if the bill passes, it would cost $138.
World's fastest car after
reaching a top speed of 270mph
A supercar has become the
world's fastest production model after reaching a top speed of 270mph.Â
American firm Hennessey has
claimed for some time that its Venom GT is the fastest thing on four wheels…Texan
manufacturer was given access to Nasa's space shuttle landing runway in Florida
for a one-off blitz in the 1,200bhp machine.
The Venom GT managed to reach
270.49mph compared to the average top speed of 200mph in a Formula 1 car.
Michael Rockefeller WAS
eaten by cannibals who kept his bones as souvenirs
decades, the world has believed the 23-year-old scion, Nelson Rockefeller's
fifth born, drowned when his catamaran capsized during a journey to the heart
of New Guinea's Asmat tribal homeland in 1961

Albany County Enrolling
Convicts in Obamacare
Albany County Sheriff Craig
Apple (D) has been encouraging prisoners to enroll in Obamacare claiming it
will save money for county taxpayers.
It’s Talk Show Radio
Leno Replacement Fallon Pimps
For Obamacare – Vid
Michelle Obama: Young people
are knuckleheads, need Obamacare
Shadow Companies That Secretly Run The Internet

Pres Leaves Town, Uneasy Peace Remains
Officer Leads Violent Ukraine Protest Group
Kiev drone footage:
view of burning Maidan amid Ukranian riots
Cut Water To CA Farmers First Time In 54 Yrs
San Antonio: Go Jogging Without Identification? Get Handcuffed And Manhandled Into Police Car
Charge 13 Yr Old With Felony Over Snowball
Electricity Price Index Soars to New Record at Start
of 2014;
U.S. Electricity Production Declining
Store Clerk Threatened By
Customer…Is Arrested By Cops
The Demise Of The
Projectionist – Vid
Catching Wild Rabbits Using
Snakes – Vid
Vitamin C – A Cancer Killer The FDA Wants Banned
Nepal to deploy security
on Everest after brawls
Nepal has decided to deploy a
team of security officials at Everest base camp, in a bid to avert brawls
between climbers, officials say.
Pesticide Companies Silence Scientific Dissent
Ron Paul – US Plotting Coup
Against Ukraine
EU hits Ukraine with
sanctions, threatens more
Reuters) – The European Union
agreed on Thursday to impose sanctions on those responsible for deadly violence
in Ukraine and warned it would ratchet up the pressure if the situation there
got worse.
Cuts Ukraine Rating, Warns Of Default Risk
Ukrainians Storm Shops, Banks, Gas Stations
'Most Naive President In History' – McCain
Won't Explain Interfering With News Stations
VZ President
Maduro Says Obama Inciting Violence
Army Troops Sent To Border Region
Fancy Word For Murder! – Vid
Man Uses His Leg As Bait To
Catch An Anaconda – Vid
Best Home Remedies For Any Ailment
downfall: President’s whereabouts uncertain as opposition push for resignation
The whereabouts of Ukrainian
President Yanukovich are unknown.
As I Say, Not As I Do” Laws Are For You (Not The Elite)
Just days after Mayor Bill de
Blasio announced an aggressive plan to prevent traffic deaths, CBS 2 cameras
caught the driver of a car carrying the mayor violating a number of traffic

retains ‘gun salesman of the year’ title as industry sales continue to explode
When the National Shooting
Sports Foundation reported the economic impact of the firearms industry
increased from $19 billion in 2008 to $31 billion in 2011, it became a running
joke that President Barack Obama was the “gun salesman of the
year” for 2012.
add health care surcharge to tab
The owners say the
alternative would be cutting employee hours.
investigates illegal military equipment shipments from Israel to Iran
London Telegraph| Israeli arms dealers twice tried to send spare
parts for fighter planes to Iran.
Israeli arms dealers twice
tried to send spare parts for fighter planes to Iran, The Telegraph has
established, flouting an international arms embargo and openly contradicting
the bitter enmity between the Jewish state and the Islamic regime.
The illegal shipments are now
being investigated by the US Homeland Security Department after they were
intercepted by authorities in Greece.
The Dome of the Rock Does Not
Need to Be Removed to Re-build the Third Temple,
There have been many rumors
and stories published, both here in the United States and abroad, on the
impending rebuilding of the third Temple in Jerusalem.
Arizona’s Religious Freedom Bill Riles Homosexuals
PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona
Legislature gave final approval to legislation that allows business owners
asserting their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays, drawing backlash
from Democrats who called the proposal “state-sanctioned discrimination” and an
Without REAL ID driver's
will TSA require passport
if plane never leaves USA?
Napolitano: Government Monitoring Newsrooms “Radical New Era of Tyranny”
Local reptiles, including
come out of hibernation
PALM DESERT, Calif. – Spring's
start is still more than a month away and reptiles are already coming out of
hibernation thanks to our warm winter. People enjoying the outdoors need to be
Rattlesnakes usually
hibernate until April and account for more than 800 bites each year, according
to the California Poison Control Center.
Baltimore's people of the
the hidden homeless camps made of milk crates, wooden doors and tarps on the
outskirts of town – He said many of Baltimore's homeless feel safer in the
woods than in shelters

Food Stamp Usage Up 233%
Under Obama – For Our Military

California farmers won't
get federal water
FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Without
a lot more rain and snow, many California farmers caught in the state's drought
can expect to receive no irrigation water this year from a vast system of
rivers, canals and reservoirs interlacing the state, federal officials
announced Friday.

Arizona bill passes allowing refusal of
service to gays
Associated Press- Â Feb 20 2014
Bill would allow business
owners to refuse service based on their religious beliefs
PHOENIX • The Arizona
Legislature gave final approval Thursday to legislation that allows business
owners asserting their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays and others,
drawing backlash from Democrats who called the proposal "state-sanctioned
discrimination" and an embarrassment.
Similar religious protection legislation has been
introduced in Ohio, Mississippi, Idaho, South Dakota, Tennessee and Oklahoma,
but Arizona’s plan is the only one that has passed.
Republicans stressed that the bill is about protecting
religious freedom and not
discrimination.They frequently
cited the case of a New Mexico photographer who was sued after refusing to take
wedding pictures of a gay couple and said Arizona needs a law to protect people
in the state from heavy-handed actions by courts and law enforcement.

While (sick) Utah is passing city bills to Outlaw Freedom of Religion…

Holladay bans housing, employment LGBT discrimination(WAKE-UP LDS!)
Salt Lake Tribune – Feb 20 2014
Anti-discrimination » City,
in 5-1 vote, becomes 20th entity to pass law.
Holladay • The city of Holladay is now the 20thlocal government in Utah with an ordinance banning housing and employment
discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
The city council passed the
ordinance 5-1 Thursday night following debate on some proposed amendments to
the proposal, but little discussion of the ordinance itself…Councilman Steven
Gunn explained his vote in favor of the ordinance, saying as he looked into the
issue of discrimination
against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people he found
only one alleged instance in the city. However, he voted for the measure
because discrimination has occurred in other places and he would like to
prevent it happening in Holladay.
"I saytoour GAY community: You are welcome here,"Gunn said.
Salt Lake City was the first
to adopt the ordinance in 2009, with support of The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints.(SICK)

LDS does NOT consider Same-Sex attraction a SIN. (God
at LDS Church Office Building tests negatively for threat
CITY — Powder found inside envelopes mailed to the downtown Church Office
Building Friday resulted in six people being evaluated by emergency crews.
But as of Friday afternoon, Salt Lake fire spokesman
Jasen Asay said investigators believed the powder was "not a credible
About 10 a.m., hazardous materials crews were called
to the third floor of the office building of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints, 50 E. North Temple.

Large number of bank robberies prompts prevention training
SALT LAKE CITY — An unusually high number of
bank robberies continued Friday night. In response, the Salt Lake City Police
Department announced a "Bank Safety Summit"to be
held Tuesday.


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