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Mon, March 3, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch Michelle Calls US Kids Knuckleheads

TroopsAnd Helicopters Moving
Through Crimea
Russian troops and
pro-Russian militia forces now have full military control of Crimea…Russia is
not just sitting around and waiting for the new government in Kiev to honor the
peace agreement that was made. Rather, Russia has been very busy moving their
chess pieces around the board.
21 – London Set To Ban Old Gas And Diesel Cars
Edition Of Hitler's Mein Kampf Brings $64,850
Michelle Obama: Young
people are knuckleheads
An Open
Letter to Michelle Obama From a Knucklehead
Meet the seven people who
hold the keys to worldwide internet security
It sounds like the stuff of
science fiction: seven keys, held by individuals from all over the world, that
together control security at the core of the web. The reality is rather closer
to The Office than The Matrix
NSA Whistleblower was
Witness to 9/11 Foreknowledge
In this video Luke Rudkowski
of WeAreChange talks to former NSA Senior Executive turned whistleblower Thomas
Drake. Drake speaks about 9/11 foreknowledge; in which the NSA had information
that if shared could have prevented the 9/11 attacks.
Bitcoin Exchange Files For Bankruptcy
Army Vet Shreds Obama Gun
Plan In 3 Minutes – Vid
Indianapolis cops must
allow citizens to film police activity after $200k settlement
‘Treasury empty',
Ukraine’s economy in free fall
Yatsenyuk says he expects an
EU/IMF economic stabilization package soon, but didn’t give any specifics on
Road To WW3 Runs Through Ukraine
Ukraine was a playbook CIA
coup d'état
Escorted To Russia By Fighter Jets
Deposed Ukrainian President
Viktor Yanukovych landed at a military airport in southern Russia late on
Thursday escorted by fighter jets, a local news agency has reported. Yanukovych,
whom Ukraine
put on an international wanted list on mass murder charges, said in a
statement Thursday he was still the legitimate president of his country and
that he had been forced to ask Russia to ensure his personal security from
“extremists.” Anonymous government sources in Moscow said Thursday that Russia
had accepted Yanukovych's
request for security.
Russian spy ship docks in
Havana during surprise visit to Cuba
Arrival of Viktor Leonov
SSV-175 warship follows announcement by Russia that it plans to increase
military presence worldwide. A Russian spy ship has slipped into Havana for an
unannounced visit, a day after the country's defence minister announced plans
to expand Russia's worldwide military
Yahoo webcam images
intercepted by GCHQ
Britain's surveillance agency GCHQ,
with aid from the US National Security Agency, intercepted and stored the
webcam images of millions of internet users not suspected of
wrongdoing, secret documents reveal
Waste is Being Dumped Into the Ocean Off California's Coast
Winter In England In Almost 250 Yrs
Third Of World's Food Is Never Eaten
Rare Brain Tumor Had Teeth
4-month-old infant in
Maryland may be the first person to have had teeth form in his brain as a
result of a specific type of rare brain tumor, according to a new report of the
Asks Russia’s Senate to Use Military Force in
NY Times | Putin requested that the Russian Senate authorize
him to use military force in Ukraine.
Says Russia Has Sent In 6,000 Troops
Sky News | Barack Obama has warned the Kremlin not to intervene
in Ukraine amid claims thousands of Russian troops have been sent to Crimea.
Acting President Says Russia Has Invaded Ukraine, As 2000 Russian Troops,
Military Jets Arrive
Zero Hedge | Here we go.
says it will not bow to Russian ‘provocations’ in Crimea
Reuters | Ukraine’s prime minister said on Saturday his
country would not be drawn into a military conflict by Russian “provocations”.
Nuclear Plants Are In Danger of Melting Down
Washington’s Blog | Nuclear Expert: “Half of the Reactors Operating
Today In The United States Do Not Meet The NRC’s Fire Protection Regulations.”
You Let Someone Take Your Weapons, In 20 Years You Will Be Ukrainian”
David Knight interviews
George Uchaykin, a Ukrainian from the Ukrainian Gun Owners Association.
State University Requires Students to Wear Trackable IDs
Students and staff at
Tennessee State University will be required to present identification badges.
‘We are Preparing to Liberate Jerusalem’
The Islamist Basij militia
force in Tehran ran a special military exercise Thursday and Friday preparing for an
Iranian takeover of Jerusalem.
system unlocks doors at Manhattan complex
Building B at Knickerbocker Village, you don’t need your key card. Your face
will do just fine courtesy of a new biometric security system called FST21.
Freedom Battles Go Beyond Arizona and Wedding Cakes
The religious liberties
versus government battles began long before state legislature like Arizona
began considering bills to protect business owners’ religious freedoms or bake
shops refused to make wedding cakes for same sex couples.
America: 19 Statistics – Almost – Too Crazy to Believe
An astounding 70 million Americans are taking
legal mind-altering drugs right now.
US Sends Warships To
Crimea, Hundreds Of NATO Troops Land In Western Ukraine
Obama declares ‘happy hour’ with Dems minutes after
Ukraine tough talk
Minutes after issuing a stern
warning to Russia and
saying there will be a price to pay if it interferes
militarily in Ukraine,
President Obama headed to a “happy hour” with fellow Democrats.

Miss. man wakes up in body bag at funeral home
LEXINGTON, Miss. (AP) — Workers at a
Mississippi funeral home say they found a man alive and kicking when they
opened a body bag.
Holmes County Coroner Dexter
Howard calls it a miracle that 78-year-old Walter Williams is alive.
US in Near Future
Obama's Soviet Style Plan
to Destroy America Revealed
Alex and Mr. Corsi will talk
about Obama's second term agenda


Fukushima nuclear crisis
continues to unfold
The Pacific Ocean is doomed
Location Of Melted Cores Remain Completely Unknown- Vid
Ukraine mobilizes troops
amid crisis with Russia
CNN)– Leaders of a shaky new government in Ukraine were
mobilizing troops Sunday amid signs of Russian military intervention in
Ukraine's Crimean peninsula.
The Ukrainian National
Security Council ordered the mobilization as Russian President Vladimir Putin
appeared to dismiss warnings from world leaders to avoid military intervention
in Crimea
Will Streetlamps Become Information Hubs for Cities?
New technology makes it
possible to turn ordinary streetlamps into data-gathering networks. But is it
too much of a good thing?
Sex in men's prisons: 'The US
system cultivates rape.
Top American companies paid
no federal income tax from '08 to '12
Rome spared bankruptcy as
Italy approves €500m rescue
Matteo Renzi government's
last-minute cash injection comes after earlier deal to plug €816m budget hole
was scrapped
Plastic chemical found in
nearly 500 foods sold in US
FDA-Approved Painkiller Is Deadly Say US Docs
Security – Ramping Up Amount You Harvest
US seeks to provoke Russia
over Ukraine
interview with Mike
Billington, with the Executive Intelligence Review, from Leesburg, about US
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel calling on Russia to be cautious about its
military exercises along Ukraine’s border.
Minister: Russia Has Declared War on Ukraine
 “We are on the brink of disaster.”
Moscow’s move to occupy
Crimea with Russian troops is a declaration of war on Ukraine according to
interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk.
Congressman Supports Amnesty To ‘Accomodate’ Illegal Aliens
Breitbart | Despite claims from his re-election campaign that he
is against allowing illegal aliens stay in America.
An end to
warrantless email searches?
The Hill | Legislation in the House that would end the
warrantless searches of email records is gaining steam.
You from Russia?’: CNN Reporter Confronts Masked Gunmen in Ukraine
Mediaite | CNN reporter Diana Magnay was on the ground in
Crimea yesterday and attempted to find out for herself where the mysterious
gunmen came from
mobilizes for war, calls up reserves
Reuters | Ukraine mobilized on Sunday for war.
Don’t Know What’s Going On In Ukraine, But I Do Know One Thing: We Should STAY
Washington’s Blog | It’s Not
Our Fight
Mass immigration has left
Britain 'unrecognisable',
says Nigel Farage
In one of his strongest
attacks on immigration policy, Ukip leader says country has been "taken
over" by foreigners
Ukraine: Putin's Crimea aim
is to make the West look weak
The real purpose of Russian
troops in Ukraine is to undermine the credibility of Nato
Nazi brides:
The astonishing expose of
Himmler's bridal bootcamp


'Russia is sick of being
humiliated and pushed around by ignorant outsiders':
says Putin DOES have a right to intervene


GMO crops may cause major
environmental risks, USDA admits
Infertility is widespread
but many Utah couples can't afford
Infertility is a diagnosed
disease and affects 15 percent of the population. One in seven couples has
difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to full term. Although treatment
for infertility is widely available with improving success rates, few can
afford it.
Does Mormon modesty mantra
reduce women to sex objects?
Virtue » Do Mormon sermons
treat women and men equally?
In the 1960s and early ’70s, they
preached against miniskirts and hot pants; in today’s sex-drenched society,
it’s spaghetti straps, bare midriffs and skinny jeans.
On Space Shuttle runway, Utah
track director hits 270 mph in street-legal sports car



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