Vatican May I – We Have Made Slaves of Ourselves
Thur, Mar 6, 2014
Subject: Politicians, King, Banksters, Vatican Oh My We Did It To Ourselves

We Did To Ourselves What Has Happened
“. . . if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle?” — I Corinthians 14:8 — 02/28/14
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“. . . that I should bear witness unto the truth.” — John 18:33 // David E. Robinson, Publisher
[Thanks to Ted]
To Gary and others,
You focus on one thing mainly about
about God, when in fact you lack the
knowledge of what has happened, only
focusing on what ‘YOU’ think is factual….
The CONstitutions (state or Federal)
have nothing to do with the LIVING…. You
were not a PARTY to these documents.
In fact the FEDERAL CONstitution was
never signed, just witnessed. Most of the
so-called Founding Fathers were just
ELITISTS and nothing more, who had
The only thing that truly matters in
the end is that ‘ALL IS FRAUD’… Having
said that, men and women also have to
alccept the FACT that they have given
up their inherent rights and/or un-a-lienable
Rights for ‘EQUAL’ and ‘CIVIL’
Rights. This is what the so-called people
wanted and that is what they got…
The so-called CONstitutions have no
bearing at all on the living… ‘NO PIECE
can give you rights or take them
away… We have all the rights we are
entitled to when we took our first breath…
Through our lack of knowledge,
inexperience, lack of language
(LEGALESE) CONDUCT, etc. and failure
of our parents and their parents, etc. to
teach their children about the TRUTH, is
what has gotten all of us to where we
are now…. We all have to accept the
responsibility that we made MISTAKES
and as such, we must correct those
MISTAKES and ERRORS and that can
be done by doing two things — 1)
This means REVOKING the VOTER
REGISTRATION (consider what
doing that and getting your FINANCIAL
HOUSE IN ORDER, you are going to be
subject to the JURISDICTION thereof, as
it is now…
You can’t have it the way you want,
POLITICIANS’ based on our
Do folks even know why instead of
being governed under the AoC (Articles
of Confederation) OF of March 1, 1781,
which by the way is still a valid document,
a new document emerged from the
CONstitutional Convention held on
Pennsylvania from April 1781 through
All that was supposed to be done was
bring about PROPOSED CHANGES to
the AoC, not create a brand new
document (The CON). This was deemed
necessary because of the BANKSTERS
and the BANKRUPTCY of the country and
The so-called (those in charge) had
no money, and to fight this war they
borrowed funds from both the King of
ENGLAND and King of FRANCE (Same
individual held both titles) and the
controlling factor with this was the
ROTHSCHILD family, as it is even today.
After the WAR, came The Treaty of
Versailles 1782 and The Treaty of Peace
1783, which are still in effect, as the
monies that were agreed to be paid back,
have never been as yet paid back…
These two TREATIES can’t be
dismissed, as they have effect regardless
of what comes after…
Did anyone even ask why was it
necessary to bring forth a document to
replace the AoC? It was mandated by
the ROTHSCHILD family because the
AoC had no TAXING AUTHORITY to pay
back the debt incurred…
You have to go back to the ‘what has
happened’, by history, to realize where
we are at now… If you fail to comprehend
the TRUTH, you are doomed to repeat
the past over and over, and over again…
Declaration of Independence, July 4,
1776 —
AoC (Articles of Confederation) first,
after you check the Declaration of
Independence —
Articles of Confederation : March 1,
1781 —
To all to whom these Presents shall
come, we the undersigned Delegates of
the States affixed to our Names send
Articles of Confederation and
perpetual Union between the states of
New Hampshire, Massachusetts-bay
Rhode Island and Providence
Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New
Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware,
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South
Carolina and Georgia.
Now if you want to check TRUE facts,
then go to this web site link, which covers
Maine Republic Free State News, 3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine 04011 / /
events of the 18th Century http://
18th.asp. While there, you can check
on the 19th Century, 20th Century and
There are treaties that supersede the
so-called CONstitution and they are:
1) The Treaty of Versailles 1782 —
Contract Between the King and
the Thirteen United States of North
America, signed at Versailles July 16,
The King having been pleased to
attend to the requests made to him in
the name and on behalf of the united
provinces of North America for
assistance in the war and invasion under
which they had for several years groaned;
and His Majesty, after entering into a
Treaty of Amity and Commerce with
the said confederated provinces on
the 6th of February, 1778, having had the
goodness to support them, not only with
his forces by land and sea, but also with
advances of money, as abundant as they
were effectual in the critical situation to
which their affairs were reduced; it has
been judged proper and necessary to
state exactly the amount of those
advances the conditions on which the
King made them, the periods at which
the Congress of the United States have
engaged to repay them to His Majesty’s
royal treasury, and, in fine, to state this
matter in such a way as for the future to
prevent all difficulties capable of
interrupting the good harmony which His
Majesty is resolved to maintain and preserve
between him and the said United
States. For executing so laudable a
purpose, and with a view to strengthen
the bands of amity and commerce which
subsist between His Majesty and the
said United States, we, Charles Gravier
de Vergennes, etc., Counselor of the
King in all his Councils, Commander of
his Orders, Minister and Secretary of
State, and of his Commands and
Finances, vested with full powers of His
Majesty to us given for this purpose-
And we, Benjamin Franklin, Minister
Plenipotentiary of the United States of
North America, in like manner vested
with full powers of the Congress of the
said States for the present purpose, after
duly communicating our respective
powers, have agreed to the following
2) Treaty of Peace 1783 — http://
Contract between the King and the
Thirteen United States of North
America February 25, 1783
The reestablished peace between the
belligerent powers, the advantages of a
free commerce to all parts of the globe,
and the independence of the thirteen
United States of North America,
acknowledged and founded on a solid
and honorable basis, rendered it probable
that the said States would be in a
condition to provide hereafter for their
necessities, by means of the resources
within themselves, without being
compelled to implore the continuation of
the succors which the King has so
liberally granted during the war; but the
Minister Plenipotentiary of the said
United States to His Majesty having
represented to him the exhausted state
to which they have been reduced by a
long and disastrous war, His Majesty has
condescended to take into consideration
the request made by the aforesaid
Minister in the name of the Congress of
the said States for a new advance of
money to answer numerous purposes of
urgent and indispensable expenses in the
course of the present year; His Majesty
has, in consequence, determined,
notwithstanding the no less pressing
necessities of his own service, to grant
to Congress a new pecuniary
assistance, which he has fixed at the
sum of six millions livres tournois, under
the title of loan and under the guaranty
of the whole thirteen United States, which
the Minister of Congress has declared
his acceptance of, with the liveliest
acknowledgments in the name of the said
And as it is necessary to the good
order of His Majesty’s finances, and also
useful to the operations of the finances
of the United States, to assign periods
for payment of the six millions Iivres in
question, and to regulate the conditions
and terms of reimbursement, which
should be made at His Majesty’s royal
treasury at Paris after the manner of what
has been stipulated for the preceding
advances by former contract of the 16th
July, 1782 –
We, Charles Gravier, Count de
Vergennes, etc., Counselor of the King
in his Councils, Commander of his
Orders, Chief of the Royal Council of
Finances, Counselor of State, etc.,
Minister and Secretary of State and of
his Commands and Finances, invested
with full powers by His Majesty, given to
us for the purpose of these presents- –
And we, Benjamin Franklin, Minister
and Plenipotentiary of the United States
of North America, likewise invested with
powers by the Congress of said States
for the same purpose of these presents,
after having compared and duly
communicated to each other our
respective powers, have agreed upon the
following articles:
U.S. Constitution — http://
Constitution of the United States : Bill
of Rights —
On THE BILL OF RIGHTS, 1787-1789
I don’t deal in non facts or fiction, just
straight up facts… We did it to
ourselves what has happened… Folks
electors…. We all or most file 1040
INCOME TAX forms when we have NO
INCOME and all of what we do we do by
CONTRACTUAL Obligation… Until we
make changes in ourselves and stop
accepting the jurisdiction of the US
and work on our own liberty, then we must
comply with the contracts, until we
RESCIND such contracts….



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