Bonny Light Struggle – JP54, D2, D6, BLCO, Silver, Gold Seller Mandates Ready

RJ Hender
Thur, March 13, 2014
Subject: BLCO Struggle – Seller Mandates Ready 

     BLCO Struggle  

     Back in 2009 a boss of mine asked me if I knew anyone in the Oil Business.  Well, this question took me by surprise.  I’ve been doing Radio for over 23yrs and I couldn’t recall anybody that I knew that was involved in Selling or Buying Oil.  Well, about 2 weeks later I recalled that I had interviewed Lindsey Williams on my radio program.  Now there is a guy who knows Oil People so I called Lindsey and I began working with oil. 

     This boss man was born in Nigeria.  His mom and dad decided to come to America to go to college at the University of Utah.  After my boss’s folks got their education they went back to Nigeria, but my boss stayed in Salt Lake, went to college and he’s now raising a family. 

     Bonny Light – BLCO – is one of the world’s greatest fuels.  BLCO is not like the nasty sludge that comes out of the ground from most oil wells.  BLCO needs almost no processing, right out of the ground. 

     As my old boss man, from Nigeria, began to get his feet wet in the Oil Biz he has had a struggle to secure Bonny Light from his own country.  I have seen that there is wide corruption in the BLCO business, in Nigeria.  Selling BLCO isn’t an easy process.  Buying BLCO isn’t an easy process either. 

     Pirates still operate in the oceans around Nigeria and other areas near Africa.  Political hacks in Nigeria want their take on every bit of Bonny Light that comes out of Nigeria.  There are factions, at war with one another, inside Nigeria. 

     Only last week another guy from Nigeria contacted me.  He lives in the States, but he can’t access BLCO from his home country. 

     I’ve been fortunate that I have 3 oil friends who have solid sources for BLCO out of Nigeria.  A TTO process is necessary to secure Bonny Light.  This may be a problem for some oil buyers.  Buying at below platt rates for BLCO can also be a problem, but these 3 oil friends say they can help provide BLCO at Platt Rates minus 5 or so. 

     We held a BLCO meeting in the States recently and we discovered that one of these BLCO so-called buyers didn’t have the money to purchase the fuel.

     I know you have seen Tire Kickers in the oil business; people who don’t have the ability to buy, but maybe they have nothing better to do than waste everybody’s time. 

     Too often I have seen how Oil Buyers and Oil Sellers will be brought together and then the 2 major parties go around and complete the oil transaction, ignoring the good men and women who were involved in bringing the Buyer and Seller together. 

     There is enough meat on the bone for everyone. 

     When you disrespect somebody else – you disrespect yourself.

     I refuse to operate in fear and anger.

     I get to work with people who can be Trusted.  I work with oil people who keep their word.  I work with outstanding oil people who make sure that everybody in the middle is rewarded for their oil efforts.

     We prefer to work directly with Seller and Buyer, wherever possible. 

     Now, I have solid sources for D2, D6, JP54, Mazut and Crude Oil as well.  Since I continue to publish intel and interview people, it’s outstanding that I get to work with Seller Mandates who help Get it Done for the Buyers who have been banging my door down.

     If you’re going to stab my oil friends in the back then don’t bother to contact me.  If you don’t have the POF – ability to buy your fuel then don’t bother to contact me.  If you prefer to build a longterm Oil Friendship then feel free to contact me.

     Oil seems to be real money these days, helping the world go round.  Along the way I have developed some nice sources for Gold and for Silver.  I can help put you in touch with these people, but you can't play games with them.  Yes, silver and gold are real money too. 

     God Bless…  RJ Hender

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