Justina Pelletier Cries Out – DCF Gone Wild in Massachusetts

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Matthew D Staver:
Fri, March 14, 2014
Subject: Justina Pelletier DCF Confiscates More Children

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Bostonian CitizensUnite

DCF barged into my friend's house with four policeman and took her three children
into custody today. This was at 3pm on a schoolday without ever showing a warrant or
a court order. I want DCF to know that they can no longer treat single mothers and
thier children like crap and abuse their authority just because a family is low
income. This worker has been unethical from the start, sneaking around the
children's schools and poisoning the minds of the teachers against my friend who has
been nothing but a devoted mother to her three kids. She is not a drug user, she is
not abusive and she does not even have a boyfriend because she doesn't want any
strangers around her kids. She happens to have an open case with DCF because she
once lived in a shelter for homeless single women and DCF considered her negligent
for having gone five feet next door (in the smae building) to borrow a cup of sugar
while her children waited in the room for her to return. And just HOW did thr DCF
worker know to be in the hall during the 20 second space of time it took for my
friend to come back? The worker in question had been stalking the halls looking for
a reason to open cases on homeless residents, that's how. Like a snake in the bush
she was skulking and lurking until she found a molehill to make a mountain out of.
and once my friend had gotten on her feet and secured a beautiful home for her
children (all on her own btw, the DCF worker tried to block her from independantly
looking) and left the shelter the worker in question continued to harass her by
phone, showing up at the home unanounced and threatening to take the children away
if her furniture was not in the apartment the next day. You see folks this DCF
worker was hell beant on finding a reason to take my friend's children away even as
she made positiive strides in her life..
When she came for those kids without any warning in the middle of an unseasonably
warm beautiful day like today, she had mayhem on her mind, not the welfare of those
kids because those babies have always been smartly dressed, well mannered and
gorgeouese (they are exceptionally beautiful children). As she was stealing them she
told my friend it was because their behavior in school had not been addressed and
that they had often shown up to school dirty. How can that be? my friend responded.
We have a washer and dryer in the buidling! my home is clean my children fed and I
have a support network of friends and family right here in Brockton. These kids are
terrified, traumatized by DCF beyond anything their mother is accused of (dirty
clothes, children's behavior in school? Even if true, these are not grounds for
removal from their home by armed officers! Where is the JUSTICE?).  We still have no
idea where the babies are.


Mathew D. Staver
Founder and Chairman
Massachusetts' Department of Children and Families (DCF) is
stonewalling on the return of Justina Pelletier to her family. This
14-month ordeal for the Pelletier family must come to an end!
On Monday in court, I am hoping for a ruling that removes Justina from
DCF and returns her to her parents. My goal is to get Justina home.
As Justina Pelletier is crying out to be released from her
Massachusetts' DCF imprisonment, we have learned from inside sources in
the negotiations to release Justina, who say the DCF has offered no
plan to return Justina to her family – only to foster care in
This is outrageous!
Now that Justina's care has been ordered to be moved from Boston's
Children's Hospital – away from their misdiagnosis of Justina's
condition – back to Tufts Medical Center, where she was receiving
valuable care, DCF has no reason to keep Justina from returning to the
care of her parents and family and back into her own home.
According to Personhood USA's report on the unfolding situation. 
"Rev. Patrick Mahoney, a Pelletier family spokesperson who attended the
meeting, said: 'It is an absolute disgrace that Justina is being held
by Massachusetts DCF when the fundamental reason for this custody
battle has been removed. There is only one just and equitable
resolution to the situation and that is to return Justina to the loving
arms of her family. The Free Justina campaign will marshal all
resources at its disposal to force DCF to return Justina home.'
Keith Mason, President of Personhood USA, added: 'Today's meeting shows
that we need to redouble the public outcry to Free Justina from DCF
custody. They have no intention of giving her up without a fight. She
says that she feels like she's in jail and wants to return to her
family. There is no reason for the DCF bureaucracy to continue to treat
this girl like property of the state.'"
As you know, my Liberty Counsel legal team is diligently working to
bring the Pelletier nightmare to an end.
On Monday in court, I hope to hear a ruling that will return Justina to
the loving care of her parents and family. I will also carry into court
our Free Justina petitions that we have already delivered to federal
and state lawmakers. The Pelletier family will also receive copies of
this outpouring of support from across the nation.
Today, I need any financial help you can offer to offset the legal
expenses we are incurring in defending the Pelletier family.
We do not charge the Pelletiers, or any client, for legal
representation. The support of Liberty Counsel's legal representation
comes from you and our other partners who stand with us in the defense
of life, liberty, and family.

The Pelletier family remains in emotional distress because Justina
remains a "ward of the state," virtually imprisoned by the DCF.
While this battle unfolds in the legislatures and courts, Liberty
Counsel will remain engaged as much as possible to see that Justina is
returned to her home and family.
We can only win when our legal team is fully prepared and empowered by
our friends and supporters.
Every gift of $20, $50, $100 or more is your investment in defending
the Pelletier family – and other families across the nation.
Please, go here to help with this incredible case and many others we
are currently handling: 

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
P.S. The DCF had no business being involved in this case in the first
place – and now they are doubling down on their efforts to prevent
Justina from returning home. DCF has abused its authority and hurt this
To hear Justina say she feels like a prisoner and wants to return home
with her parents is heartbreaking.
Please, pray for the outcome of this court appearance on the 17th – and
please do consider a special gift to support Liberty Counsel's efforts
on the Pelletier case and the others we are currently engaged in.



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  1. Katherine Hine March 17, 2014 at 8:48 AM

    Children are always easy marks, as government increasingly targets its population for financial exploitation and increasing forms of imprisonment. As Justina herself has said, she feels like a prisoner. Because she is one. But the exploitation, imprisonment, and -dare we name it – the state-sponsored terrorism – has become a North American epidemic that enslaves us all. How is this being achieved? Who are the agencies of this oppression? Repeatedly we see the same players – the court system and the psychiatric “profession” and its handmaidens. We used to have a Constitution that courts actually employed, to stop the government from taking a person’s liberty without due process of law. What happened to those courts? If you look at these cases where the government and the psychiatrist are locking away the vulnerable like Justina from their families, you invariably see courts that are ignoring due process of law, which is a natural and constitutional right we all have. Instead, we are seeing “hearings” behind closed doors, when we have the right to public trials, we are seeing “hearings” that are “off-the-record”, we are seeing court-appointed attorneys and guardians who sell out their vulnerable clients, we are seeing courts threaten zealous attorneys and conscientious physicians, we are seeing courts that don’t allow witnesses to testify, and it goes on. In more recent years, we are seeing courts handing over the rights of citizens, to state-paid psychiatrists, now taken over by the big drug manufacturers, and we see legislatures enacting statutes that sabotage due process while promoting the marketing agendas of organized psychiatry in its bid for greater control over our lives.

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