Top 6 America’s Great Indian Nations – America’s Original Founding Fathers

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Wed, March 12, 2014
Subject: America's Great Indian Nations 

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America's Great Indian Nations – Full Documentary  


This documentary profiles six of the major Native American tribes that were
defeated and subdued as part of the settling of the United States. With
reenactments, clarifying maps, artwork, and landscape scenery, this program
features the Iroquois, a confederacy comprised of several Indian tribes:
the Seminoles in Florida, who welcomed escaped slaves and fought three
major wars with the United States before meeting their ultimate defeat; the
Shawnee, fierce Ohio Algonquians who allied with the French against the
British; the Navajo, a farming people who today are the largest remaining
Native American tribe; the Cheyenne, a nomadic Plains Indian tribe that
depended on the American bison for sustenance; and the Lakota Sioux, the
dominant Sioux tribe comprised of the bands called Oglala, Brule, Hunkpapa,
and Minneconjou. (From IMDB)


 Native Americans Seek Economic Freedom With Own
MazaCoin> Kevin Samson

Digital currencies – or cryptocurrencies as they are also called – have
been on a tumultuous path since their inception. While Bitcoin has taken
center stage with its wild fluctuations, scandals, and equal parts
zealotry, there are a range of alternative currencies attempting to offer a
decentralized solution to dependence upon governmental monetary systems.

The concept has drawn the attention of a 7-tribe cooperative of the
Traditional Lakota Nation. The currency is called MazaCoin, a product of an
anonymous developer, and now being championed by programmer and Native
American activist, Payu Harris.

Native American Tribal Leaders Vow To Stop The Keystone XL Pipeline
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